Worth Watching - Feb 6: Giant Bug Movie Infestation Trailer

February 6, 2009

Infestation Trailer

Now this is what Stephen King's The Mist should've been like! Thanks to our friends at JoBlo, we've got the first trailer for the giant bug movie Infestation. This stars Fanboys actor Chris Marquette as a white collar office worker who must battle a sudden outbreak of giant killer alien insects. It's part horror and it's part comedy and overall it actually looks pretty awesome! I love that our technology has come so far that movies like this can be made on low budgets and still look great. This is the first time I've ever heard of Infestation, but I'm now glad to feature this trailer, because I've got a feeling it could quickly become a cult hit.

Watch the trailer for Infestation:

[flv: 598 336]

For more info, head over to the official website:

Infestation is both written and directed by up-and-coming filmmaker and Project Greenlight member Kyle Rankin, of a few sci-fi shorts and the film The Battle of Shaker Heights previously. This project was produced by Mel Gibson's Icon Entertainment and is looking for a distributor at the European Film Market at the moment. Expect to see Infestation at a film festival or in limited theaters sometime later in 2009!

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Woah! That's pretty impressive, for a low-budget. Looks hilarious, too. Count me in!

DogChasingCars on Feb 6, 2009


I liked it at first, but then the CGI and acting started getting worse and worse as the trailer progressed and reminded me of those horrible tv movies that the SciFi channel is constantly churning out. And then the Fallujah joke turned me off - it was very distasteful. I'll see it when it goes to television and I have nothing better to do.

Zso on Feb 6, 2009


Looks fun. Count me in too! 🙂

Darius6 on Feb 6, 2009


yes...that's actually worth watching.

Matt Suhu on Feb 6, 2009


the mist was a great movie! This trailer pretty stupid!

avi on Feb 6, 2009


Looks like a Rehashed Eight Legged Freaks, but not as good. The Mist was fantastic and I hope you were joking in that refrance because that is the way Stephen King Books are wrote and should be made. Its not about the Monsters being the Main enemy but ourselfs. If you did not get this then you might need to change your view on how you judge moives.

Ripper00 on Feb 6, 2009


#6 - I completely get that about Stephen King and that wasn't my point... In The Mist they had some terrible, stupid creatures that weren't scary in the least and were just a pain to look at. That movie had so much more potential. So my reference was mainly in regards to the creature design...

Alex Billington on Feb 6, 2009


Gonna agree with number 2, if this is a movie people are looking forward to then that's pretty sad. Of course "Snakes on a Plane" did well so who knows anymore in Hollywood. I'm calling it now and saying this is going to be as bad as "Dragon Wars" maybe even worse.

Curtis G on Feb 6, 2009


Can you say "Arachnophobia"?

Jason on Feb 6, 2009


Come on Alex, the creature design in Mist was a lot better than in that trailer. A lot. Also yes, this is Eight Legged Freaks meets Slither meets Shaun of the Dead meets i've seen this before but better. Is it just me or did the cg in Eight Legged Freaks look better too?

Calum on Feb 6, 2009


Is this suppose to be funny or for real or what? I dont get it.

Bronco Billy on Feb 6, 2009


Lol that looks great!!! And Im so tired of everybody on here putting so much freaking thought into these movies! I mean come on man...what happened to just having a good time when you go to the theater...not every single movie that comes out has to be Oscar worthy!!! I mean think out it this way Eight Legged Freaks was a fun movie that went back to those cheesy 50's invasion movies and this is taking that same concept and just reimagining it....Oh and by the way The Mist was absolutely terrible... I made it through the first half and skipped all the way to the end where the best part happened and they all died! I mean for a Stephen King movie, I was more scared of "Rose Red" and that was made for ABC lmao

Primo! on Feb 6, 2009


Yeah thanks for spoiling the movie for people who havent seen it #12. I dont see how recognising that the concept of the movie is unoriginal and that the effects are dated is "putting so much freaking thought" into it.

Calum on Feb 6, 2009


#12 what movie concept is original these days? Please tell me that one...Would it be all the comic book adaptations coming out...or all the sequels coming out? Or how about all the remakes? Im sorry to let you in on a lil but Hollywood hasnt been original for years. And honestly how can you say ANY movie is original because its all either based on something or is part of a GENRE so it may just be a new look at it but definitely isnt original. And sorry for ruining the movie for you but it wasnt worth the watch anyways

Primo! on Feb 6, 2009


um...thanks but no thanks...

????? on Feb 6, 2009


it looks a bit poo.

Smiffy1 on Feb 6, 2009


Agree with Alex on the mist totally! The monsters were done with such a low budget and with one hand. This doesnt really strike me as that interesting.. Bit similar than Eight Legged Freaks :/ But theres the Devil from Reaper! Hes funny!

max on Feb 6, 2009


The creature design for the Mist was, imho, pretty original, here that's just giant bugs and not very well done. booh. no thanks. i want more Mist! 🙂

Fabulations on Feb 6, 2009


more pointless news

Cody on Feb 6, 2009


Ray Wise is awesome. That other dude looks like Owen Wilson.

Brian Ricci on Feb 6, 2009


-Alex So what is it about these giant bugs that are easier to look at then the creatures in The Mist? In fact in the Mist you only see a handful of creatures....the tentacles, the mosquitoes, the horse spider and then the giant stuff in the end. Am I forgetting something. Because honestly the bugs in this movie don't look amazing. Please elaborate how the Mist had so much more potential. Have you even read the story? Probably one of the more faithful adaptations of a Stephen King story.

Nick on Feb 6, 2009


ummmmmm.... Scary Movie, Date Movie, etc., but with bugs.... hmmmm... although, I did find myself laughing, but probably more because I love the casting they selected.

Dusty on Feb 6, 2009


That looks like a lot of fun! I'd pay to see it. chuck on Feb 6, 2009


its just like eight legged freaks but thank hollywood for actually trying to make something original.

darrin on Feb 6, 2009


The Mist was good.

Itri on Feb 6, 2009


The Mist was a really bad movie, really bad. Being a huge fan of the book and saying it was adapted perfectly doesn't make it a good movie. Great books don't always make great movies, they are completely different art forms. This movie looks entertaining, and they probably made it for very little, which I applaud them for.

tterb on Feb 6, 2009


Darn right #10. These creatures are horrible. Talk about low budget. Looks like a mix between Eight Legged Freaks (which looks way better) and Evolution which was actually funny with decent graphics. Crap crap crap. Some movies should skip DVD and go to HBO first.

Emma Watson is so f***able on Feb 6, 2009


This looks silly, but funny enough. Effects don't look that bad really.

Crapola on Feb 6, 2009


Sigh, so tired of horror comedies.

MonkeyMan on Feb 6, 2009


This honestly seems like a spoof of the Mist. Count me out. The creature design in this movie better then the Mist? No. These creatures are said in the trailer, what if normal bug were bigger. That's all it is, a regular bettle, worm, mosquito, etc. big. Wherein the Mist has the parralel versions of the creatures, showing them in an altered alienated way. So how is the design better? I'm tired of spoof movies.

Dyi on Feb 6, 2009


wtf?! that all i was thinking during the trailer. probably something i'll catch later on like o dvd or something.

craziemutant on Feb 6, 2009


looks like the bugs are full of marshmellows.

L on Feb 6, 2009


I'd rather watch Land Of The Lost. Yknow, that movie that'll "just be a bunch of CGI nonsense thrown together with some stupid humor."

Fuelbot on Feb 6, 2009


Haha man this looks awesome. I think everyone here needs to calm the hell down.. it looks like a fun movie to watch with a bunch of your friends when your drunk at like 2 in the morning. And the Mist was terrible.. like seriosuly.. terrible.

CSpuppydog on Feb 6, 2009


well that sucked

RoarSaysAlex on Feb 6, 2009


Six-Legged Freaks anyone? lol

Lauren on Feb 6, 2009


looks like a comedy, looks really corny on Feb 6, 2009


The Mist is a great movie but movie eaters do not look anymore at what they ingest.

Mikee on Feb 7, 2009


I can't wait to see this one! Keep in mind that the visual effects in the trailer are not always the finished product. It looks like and "eight-legged freaks" movie but funnier. I got bored with the spiders. With this movie you get giant crawlies and giant no-see' Yes, "The Mist" could have been better. The giant "Disney" tenticles sucked. The scene near the end when the giant creatures came out of the mist and walked by the truck...that was cool. Remember, those creatures came from another demension so who knows what they were supposed to look like. Oh, and the drug store scene...when they found the soldier still alive...great stuff. People take movies too seriously. This ain't Shakespeare. That's why you eat popcorn while you watch it!

Defeatedfrog on Feb 7, 2009


"I'll tase his ass!" -Ray Wise.

Roy on Feb 11, 2009


When will you knuckleheads get it through your thick skull that the Mist had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BUGS!!!!

Jason on Feb 14, 2009


Just saw it at Maine Intnl Film Fest and it was awesome!!!!!! If you dont get the trailer you dont get Bruce Campbell satire like flicks. Must see it again!

Brewster on Jul 13, 2009


just saw this on tv but what the hell happened at the end? they said whoa look at that and it ended. never showed what they were looking at

pooch on Aug 8, 2009


Yeah, WTF ending?

pissed on Aug 8, 2009


I actually enjoyed the movie of SyFy...It was entertaining and funny. I agree with "pissed" above. What's up with the ending? I don't like being hung unless a sequel is palnned.

Another pissed on Sep 3, 2009


I thought this was a great movie. Sure, it was a bit (ok ok a LOT ) special effects challenged,the bugs were fake looking some of the writing was pretty bad and acting lame but I saw it on SCI-FI and I expect B movies from them. (I didn't realize it was made for the big screen until now glad I didn't pay to watch it) But really, I liked it. And in answer to the two WTF's above the deraf guy was playing Coopers "made you look game" !!!! I was annoyed for about 5 seconds and then it clicked. Look!!!! Nothing there. I guess it was done that way to make us look too!!!

Dawn on Oct 13, 2010


No, the deaf guy was not playing the game. The rules of the game is that you call someone's name and then you pretend to have not called him. First of all, he didn't call their names, he just said "Look." Second of all, he had been looking at whatever is off camera before he said it. And there was a reaction from both people after they looked in that direction. Clearly something was there in the distance. We just don't know if it was good or bad. Was it insects from a different nest? Was it a group of survivors? Was it giant anteaters that came from the planet anteater looking for their favorite meal of alien bugs? We don't know.

Cybele on Jan 26, 2011


Plus Sarah and Hugo didnt know about the game... the only time Cooper explains it is when he, his father, and hugo are riding bikes after sarah was taken to the hive... and after hugo lost his hearing aids... plus when Coopers father gets cooper with it (the time cooper is actually caught) Hugo and Sarah had already run off. Unless Hugo and sarah are psychic this wouldnt be a logical ending. Plus their reactions are far too dramatic and prolonged. as cybele stated. Cooper was trying way too hard to look at whatever was out there.

Arden03 on Mar 6, 2011

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