Worth Watching - July 5: Insane RoboGeisha Trailer

July 5, 2009
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RoboGeisha Trailer

Geisha Missile… Geisha Dance… Geisha Army! We're a bit late on getting this up, because it did hit earlier in the week, but I thought it'd still be worthwhile to feature the RoboGeisha trailer on a lazy Sunday like this. RoboGeisha is the latest collaboration between director Noboru Iguchi (Machine Girl) and special effects maestro Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) that features everything you'd normally expect from those two: outrageous special effects, grotesquely hilarious gore, and weapons coming from every part of the body. I'm not really a fan of this madness, but I can appreciate it. The war of the Geisha begins!

Watch the trailer for Noboru Iguchi's RoboGeisha:

For more info on this crazy film, check out the official website:

RoboGeisha is both written and directed by crazy Japanese filmmaker Noboru Iguchi, of A Larva to Love, The Harlequin Girl, Sukeban Boy, Cat-Eyed Boy, and Machine Girl previously. The effects were created by Yoshihiro Nishimura, who previously brought us Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. This is already set to hit theaters in Japan later this year, but it doesn't have a US distributor yet. I'm sure we can expect it to show at Fantastic Fest and arrive on DVD sometime next year at the very least.

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Reader Feedback - 65 Comments


A film so violent... even the buildings bleed.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jul 5, 2009


Wow. That looked completely stupid.

KenDoll on Jul 5, 2009


The voice over is just ridiculous. Also for all that blood and violence it was one of the most boring trailers I've ever seen.

Dan W on Jul 5, 2009


ROFLMFAO, funniest trailer i've seen in some time. GEISHA MISSLE, GEISHA DANCE, GEISHA ARMY.....GEISHA CHAINSAW........GEISHA TRANSFORM(that was awesome). FWIED SHRIMP!!! too many... ya. and that voice

lego on Jul 5, 2009


I'm sold.

Zega on Jul 5, 2009


OMFG that trailer is stupid :S

7#3 #4%02 on Jul 5, 2009


no thanks im good

rob on Jul 5, 2009


horrible /fail

SkyNet on Jul 5, 2009



danielvutran on Jul 5, 2009


lol i lost the little respect i had left for firstshowing. maybe its time to move on ... na jst kidding, bt seriously , stop devaluing this awesome site with those crappy twisted horrible poony Shizz

PinkSushi on Jul 5, 2009


@ PinkSushi, It's a Sunday with not much to update the site as he said. I've checked it a few times today hoping for an update. Even if it is one as horrible (yet funny and entertaining to watch the trailer for) it is still an update. I doubt he is devaluing the site by posting something like this, he is just keeping us busy! Thanks for the post and all of the information you bring to us, I love this site! Best,

Anonymous on Jul 5, 2009


And just to add to the lunacy of that trailer, was that a candyass version of "Live and Let Die" playing?

jasonmd2020 on Jul 5, 2009


that is the worst piece of crap ever....i cant believe i just watched that whole trailer. i feel like someone just robbed me. i want restitution

nocsyn on Jul 5, 2009


WOW worth watching?!? i saw the first 20 seconds and turned it off!

tankmaster on Jul 5, 2009


ROFLMAO!!! That was awesome! Thanks #12!! I was trying to figure out what that was. Man, we never get the good stuff here. lol Yeah, this is a very very very very slow weekend. This was worth it for as a last laugh of the weekend. Now work starts, ugh.

w00t!!! on Jul 5, 2009


Best movie ever!

toonfed on Jul 5, 2009


Is this for real? .... I feel stupider just from watching that

Annonymous on Jul 5, 2009


That was the dumbest, most idiotic trailer I think I've ever seen But it STILL has to be better than Krull and Megaforce combined.

zibo fricka on Jul 5, 2009


i think i'd rather see garbage ass 'twighlight' or that piece of shit 'airbender.' WTH was this?

JL on Jul 5, 2009


Geisha Transform...

maximize on Jul 5, 2009


Fuuhhurrried duh-uh Shrimpuh! What the fuck was that, Man that was hillarious!

Marqwest on Jul 5, 2009


It looks like something a couple of Media students put together in their second year of college.

Crazysteve on Jul 5, 2009


seriously! such a stupid trailer i've ever seen! i coludn't even sit for the whole trailer.

bala on Jul 5, 2009


That was hilarious. I love that the narrator talks like Strongbad. Could have lived without the anal bleeding scene though.

Kevin on Jul 5, 2009


i don't even know what to say...

Eric on Jul 5, 2009


hahaha that was funny as hell!!! FRIED SHRIMP lol

c good on Jul 5, 2009


This was my face this entire time I watched this: o.o I felt like I should of laughed...but it was just too stupid.

Sabes on Jul 5, 2009


That was a bit amateur for this site Alex. I come here everyday, this is the first time I've seen something this big a waste 🙁 Love the site, please no more of this bud!

Mark on Jul 5, 2009


Holy shit that is the best trailer I've ever seen.

dd1 on Jul 5, 2009


Epic Fail

Samantha on Jul 5, 2009


ROFLMAO!!!! .... fried shrimp. hahahah this is totallly worth watching. it looks beyond ridiculous and completely stupid. and serves no purpose. its great.

mrmr on Jul 5, 2009


that was the funniest thing ive seen in a long ass time

Brian Barajas on Jul 5, 2009


WTF@that voice...crazy ass japanese. i'll prob watch it but i have no doubt it'll bore and annoy me halfway through because of its ridiculousness

Kenji on Jul 5, 2009


this trailer is way to long. You had me at "Geisha is... Japanese Girl"

Mario on Jul 5, 2009



erik on Jul 5, 2009


I watched Tokyo Gore Police. Was such a waste of time. The movies they make are rediculously stupid and the stories so terrible. Wish i hadnt wasted 2 minutes watching this trailler.

Heckle on Jul 5, 2009


the commenters on this site are bunch of miserable imagination lacking bores! now this was a waaay enlightened trailer, looks incredible! handicap gun??? if u can't discern "stupid" from "transcendent", i pity u... this is dada at it's finest. can't wait!

bluff on Jul 5, 2009


If I may quote my man Sam Jackson as Jules Winfield... "Man, that is some fucked up repugnant shit" But yeah, they're vibrating on a whole other frequency in the land of the Rising Sun. I too could have spent the rest of my life without having to see the anal bleeding scene, but everything else was bizarre and strangely mesmerizing. Loooooooving the voiceover. He must get more ass than a toilet seat with that Barry White Sushi Style.

DLM Entertainment on Jul 5, 2009


What the fuck.. I thought this was done as a spoof to mock "Memoirs Of A Geisha" I didn't actually think this was a real movie..

nem on Jul 6, 2009

40 thing about that trailer is you don't have to wait for your drug dealer to start tripping balls. "handicapped gun" indeed.

Tether on Jul 6, 2009


I don't know what I just watched, but I do know that the awesomeness just melted my eyeballs.

lolwut on Jul 6, 2009


i really really really really really hope that you know this is fake/a joke for the sake of everyone's credibility on the site, i mean come on how fucking dumb are you to think this is real? *tsk tsk*

tyler on Jul 6, 2009


the movie's real, the trailer is a mockery of the movie

tyler on Jul 6, 2009


I like the mock version of Live and Let die...lolol. This is true cult like Tetsuo the Iron Man. I will see this probably sooner than later given my connects at this Japanese company I work for. I'll let you know how it is.

esophus on Jul 6, 2009


They even misspelt Assassin. This must be the lamest movie ever.

Chem on Jul 6, 2009


the person talking through the trailer is the director Noguchi

REAL6 on Jul 6, 2009


Looks better than Transformers, at least it's meant to be funny.

Crapola on Jul 6, 2009


That's gotta be the creepiest voice I have ever heard.

captain subtext on Jul 6, 2009



Cold Cut Combo on Jul 6, 2009


Wow! That looks fucking great! Sign me up!

Syphous on Jul 6, 2009


Wow, that was awesome. Might even top Tokyo Gore Police. Here's hoping that voice over makes an appearance as a narrator in the actual film. GEISHA IS...ROBOT!

Couch on Jul 6, 2009


That looks so awesomely BAD!

Brian on Jul 6, 2009


Somebody please tell me this is a joke......I don´t know if I should see the movie or puke

Godiman99 on Jul 6, 2009


looking at the comments here it's obvious that people don't understand the point of these films.

Ska on Jul 6, 2009


Saw this on 2 weeks ago....................stupid then, stupid now

SHANEDAV on Jul 6, 2009


WTF movie. Well , I finaly find movie whih I can mark by 0/10 star. And I was thinking it will never happend ...

Andrew on Jul 6, 2009


Ha, love it...

Big John on Jul 7, 2009


Eat your heart out Michael Bay!! He wishes he could make entertainment like this! aaahahahahahaha!!!

Jack on Jul 7, 2009


One of the funniest things I've seen. Come on people, can't you appreciate a good comedy gore fest when you see one? I miss the Evil Dead days...

Ocil on Jul 7, 2009


fucking funny,lots of blood,lots of violence. those fucked up japanese directors are going to have a massive hit, maybe only japan it will go straight to dvd everywwhere else.

zetsu on Jul 7, 2009


the part of me that enjoys movies that makes you ponder deeper things thinks "wow, so stupid. *sigh*" the part that loves movies for just the pure amusement of them things "wow, so stupid... it's awesome! XD " you guys that are disparaging this sort of film or even this sort of trailer need to chill. like ocil (comment #59) said, think evil dead: low budget, straightforward silliness that doesn't take itself seriously. if you aren't into that sort of thing, don't waste the time to call it stupid. it's redundant. of course it's stupid. it's meant to be. this is movies at it's most pure: escapism. now... the question is: as something of that sort, is this worth watching in it's own right. well, the trailer is decent enough, so i'm willing to give it a chance if i ever get my hands on it. though, i do have to agree, the anal bleeding is a bit over the top (then again, the infamous 'my anus is bleeding' vid wasn't funny to me till i told someone else about it's stupidity... somehow that was when the absurdity made it funny. just apply that same logic here)

DiEnd on Jul 7, 2009


I'd say it looks Cheesy as hell, but that would be an understatement.

Tom on Jul 8, 2009


There will always be films that require the viewer to "medicate" oneself in order to partake of the full phantasmagorical experience. Virtually impossible to watch any other way. This one definitely falls under that category. Might want to start at least two days ahead of time for this one...

Phillipa on Jul 8, 2009


how is this any different than the giant ball of crap that was Transformers ROTF(L)?!?!?!?!

lando on Jul 8, 2009


is this a joke???

neonblue120 on Jul 8, 2009

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