Worth Watching - July 7: Marcus Dunstan's The Collector Trailer

July 7, 2009
Source: IGN

The Collector Trailer

It was only just last week when we brought you the very first poster and an informal introduction to The Collector from writer-turned-director Marcus Dunstan. Now IGN has debuted a fairly short red band teaser trailer for the film for your viewing enjoyment. It's a bit bloody and a bit horrific, but it actually looks somewhat interesting. There's two very distinct stories in this and it also has some Saw-like traps of sorts (as far as I can tell). There's only one shot where you'll say "holy sh*t that CGI looks terrible" (it's with the ambulance) but besides that, this looks like it could be great indie horror. Check out the trailer below!

Watch the red band trailer for The Collector:

[flv: 598 254]

The Collector, directed by Feast, Saw IV and Saw V writer Marcus Dunstan, follows the story of handyman and ex-con Arkin (Josh Stewart), who aims to repay a debt to his ex-wife (Daniella Alonso) by robbing his new employer's country home. Unfortunately for Arkin, a far worse enemy has already laid claim to the property – and the family. As the seconds tick down to midnight, Arkin becomes a reluctant hero trapped by a masked "Collector" in a maze of lethal invention – the Spanish Inquisition as imagined by Rube Goldberg – while trying to rescue the very family he came to rob. The Collector hits limited theaters on July 31st.

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"a bit horrific" A critic comment for the movie poster, that one! 😀

Digital Metaphor on Jul 7, 2009


I'm not even sure that was CGI. Looked more like my kid pushing one of his toy ambulances off of an ant hill. On the story, looks like an interesting premise that maybe fell under the direction of a one trick pony.

Dan on Jul 7, 2009


Was that really worthy of a red band?

Syphous on Jul 7, 2009


Reminds me of how much I hated The Strangers

Antioch on Jul 7, 2009


20$ says bad guy wins

DoomCanoe on Jul 7, 2009


Ooooooooooh twisteeeeed. I feel like some psychopath wearing a gimp mask gouged out my eyeballs and started fucking the empty sockets with their razor dick. How do these serial killers find the time to plan out their meticulous slaughter? That was nearly as bad as watching Michael Jackson's funeral concert tonight. Nearly. And they showed a clip of the guy falling on the bear traps, surely he'd die if that happened?

Crapola on Jul 7, 2009


Is it just me or does the line "Tonight, Survival is Earned" sound familiar? #6 You'd be suprised how much spare time a serial killer has. Oh and naaaaa, falling on multiple bear traps is not lethal, it just stings abit.

Felix on Jul 7, 2009


Not a bad concept! Looks pretty good.

tankmaster on Jul 7, 2009


Looks good.

Kevin on Jul 7, 2009


how is this red band worthy material? That ambulance scene does look like a toy i must admit.

LC on Jul 7, 2009



Dan W on Jul 7, 2009


I love the idea.

Corey on Jul 7, 2009


see thats how all trailers should be, not some fucking two minute movie.

Xerxex on Jul 7, 2009


Bad guy wins... then comes the sequel then another then another....

miracle disease on Jul 7, 2009


jigsaw is back as ray mysterio... 😛

miracle disease on Jul 7, 2009


looks better than 'dead girl.'

JL on Jul 7, 2009


#5 which bad guy, the bad guy, or the bad bad guy?

Dean on Jul 7, 2009


This has got B-movie written all over it. But this looks really cheap. even for horror flicks.

Conrad on Jul 7, 2009


amazing idea. holy shit i want to see it. crappy cgi, but thats forgiven if everything else rocks (unlike certain Hollywood films *cough wolverine cough*)

dave13 on Jul 7, 2009


the music doesn't fit the trailer.

Matt Suhu on Jul 7, 2009


Tarson Meads also posted it.

Rage_Bot 3.0 on Jul 7, 2009


ha clever question #17! I didn't even think about that well the bad bad guy =D

DoomCanoe on Jul 7, 2009


Looks good. Reminds me a The Panic Room and The Strangers had an incest baby who went to Yale, not Harvard, but Yale.

d on Jul 8, 2009


The ambulance looks like a PS2 intro for a car race game...

Fercho on Jul 8, 2009


Not really my kind of movie. The concept's great, though!

Robbie on Jul 8, 2009


It's 'The Ref' vs. 'Saw' in a no-holds-barred match-up.

LW on Jul 8, 2009


of course it deserves to be a red band trailer to all the people who question if it should be...wud u really like a young kid or ur child to watch that? cause it is a horror movie in fairness and not really for kids.

geneguru on Jul 8, 2009


I saw a movie years ago, quite similar. Can't find the title online. Wife has her husband killed, but he survives. He rigs her house into a maze when she awakes. The rooms keep getting smaller, and smaller, until she has to crawl through a small box, and she gets trapped in it. The husband removes the box, and buries her in it.

M on Jul 8, 2009


Just more of the same old rubbish we have been getting in recent years.

Marty on Jul 9, 2009


Crap Crap and more Crap!!!

K on Jul 9, 2009


@ #28. I don't remember the name of that movie either, but I know what you're talking either. Looks interesting though. If that thief survives in the movie, I'm sure he'll never want to try and rob another house again. xD

Sabes on Jul 9, 2009


*about...not either. >.< Dumb typos.

Sabes on Jul 9, 2009


Saw a screening of this movie and WOW!!! THIS IS ONE SCARY MOVIE....a must see!!

josh werner on Jul 10, 2009


the bad guy is justin pearson

ryan on Jul 15, 2009


just saw it... Awesome!!

Bill on Jul 31, 2009


I just saw it. It was amazingly scary. Loved it.

Notex on Jul 12, 2010

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