Worth Watching - June 20: B-Boy Doc 'Turn It Loose' Trailer

June 20, 2009
Source: MTV

Turn It Loose

We've seen plenty of breakdancing and b-boys in movies and even a few b-boy documentaries before (like Planet B-Boy and Inside the Circle), but we haven't ever seen anything like this. Turn It Loose is a new documentary about the world’s greatest breakdancing b-boys. It follows six international b-boys as they compete at an old power station in the heart of South Africa. As the director explains: "I tried to make it really about what’s going on right now, make it as it is today around the world, and leave the preconceptions that people have about breakdancing out of the film." This looks like it could be great, so give it a shot!

Watch the trailer for Alastair Siddons' Turn It Loose:

As seen at the end, they used a Matrix-like rig for a 25 second time slide shot during the competition.

Back in 2007, 16 of the world's best b-boys battled in a disused power station in the heart of Soweto, South Africa, to determine who would be the next world champion. Turn It Loose is about this competition.

Turn It Loose is directed by first-time filmmaker Alastair Siddons, who has been directing music videos up until this point, including The Streets video for MTV. The film is premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival and also played at the Istanbul and Dublin Film Festivals. Turn It Loose is currently looking for a film distributor in the US. Alastair hopes it will be in theaters by the end of this year. Stay tuned for updates!

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yeah, this is important.

juicy j on Jun 20, 2009


I used to breakdance. That was until I broke my arm doing a head flip.

Fingo on Jun 20, 2009


Some of that shit is crazy, I wonder how they keep up their momentum when doing head spins like that?

jman571 on Jun 20, 2009


wow .

led panel on Jun 21, 2009


I wish all of these dancing movies would just end.

Chris on Jun 21, 2009


this looks dope for sure. outta sight

Dave on Jun 21, 2009


Wild wild, wicky wicky, wild wild........ west :o) Aint got shit on Beat Street!!

LV 426 on Jun 21, 2009


@5 Please read the fine print. In all technicality it's a documentary as Alex stated.

Ken Masters on Jun 21, 2009


Damn...I've been a fan of Lilou ever since I saw the Red Bull world championships

Jaf on Jun 21, 2009


I was waiting for the shouting announcer from AndOne basketball. This has to be the dumbest subject for a documentary. It's really sad to see the stupidest parts of American culture exported to other countries, especially Japan. If someone wants to do a documentary about young artists, do one about young brass instrument players in drum and bugle corps or an orchestra.

Phil on Jun 21, 2009


You got F'ed in the A

Roberto Dinamite on Jun 21, 2009


#10. What do you know about this art? You think these guys have their folks buy them athletic classes from old ladies who teach them to read notes from a book and blow into a brass pipes after school? Bboys dont get school funded, they dont get to dance in school for credit or get paid to perform! Im not a dancer but have a daughter who is (ballet, tap, modern, etc) and I know what traditional dancers go through, these non-traditional dancers (bboys)are like the meta-athletes of the dance world! They have to train more than most athletes and create moves not just copy notes from books! I understand some people might have a bias against hip hop and see this as only connected to that, but this predates all the radio crap out there, this has roots in the 60's as underground dance and even further back into martial arts! Can any of you guys read? This isnt a dance movie, its not step up or footloose its a DOCUMENT of the REALITY these guys live, not your mtv 20 second attention span crap. These are real people doing real things unlike you sitting home getting fat on your xbox360 listening to fake punk like good charlette and watching the hills... i'll watch this!

IndysCGIhat on Jun 22, 2009


#12 is on point! #10 you are an ignorant fool!

JussHaten on Jun 22, 2009


I used to be a B-Boy when breakdancing was fresh... ...until I found out that people were cheering only because they wanted more of my spastic homo display to laugh about... ...maybe I was lucky though, because a friend ended up opening and closing car-doors at automobile-exhibitions to kraftwerks' we are the robots... it's a 3rd world sport. We moved on...

b-boy on Jun 22, 2009


#14 must have sucked.... ...what did you move on to?... sales?... ...keep the dream alive...!

chewie on Jun 22, 2009


WHy do those damn blacks always ruin movies with their stupid dancin. At least Transformers 2 got it right with Mudflap. One of our synonyms for a colored lover.

David Duke III on Jun 27, 2009


Okay, #16. Dancing doesn't ruin movies, and also, why do you think its only blacks? I hate stereotypical morons like yourself, hell, I live in a hick town where I get laughed at for breakdancing or doing any kind of hip hop dancing because of views like that. Freaking dumbass...not that you aren't entitled to your own opinion, but I just don't agree with said opinion.

Will on Oct 4, 2009

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