Worth Watching - June 27: Russian Forbidden Reality Trailer

June 27, 2009
Source: Quiet Earth

Russian Forbidden Reality Trailer

As always, I love featuring new trailers for movies no one has ever heard of on the weekend. Today I've got a great new trailer for a Russian film called Forbidden Reality from our friends at Quiet Earth. In addition to Forbidden Reality, this has also gone by the names Smersh XXI and The Interceptor as well. The trailer is in Russian, unfortunately, but there's still a lot of action and a lot of badass visuals that make it worth watching anyway. I don't really know much about the story and its from a first time director, but it's a sci-fi action film that just looks awesome. With that said, I highly suggest checking this out, you might just dig it!

Watch the trailer for Forbidden Reality:

Based on the novel by popular sci-fi writer Vasiliy Golovachev, the film is about an agent who is betrayed by his partner while transporting a new psychic weapon. Believed to be dead, he escapes and takes new identity so he can live in peace. But is later forced to return to Moscow to confront a secret organization.

Forbidden Reality, aka Smersh XXI, is directed by first-time Russian filmmaker Konstantin Maximov. The screenplay was written also by first-timer Vasiliy Golovachev. This has a Russian distributor and will hit theaters there later this year, but we don't know when it'll show up anywhere else. We'll keep you updated!

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Action actually looks pretty awesome with a touch of wanted it seems, but yeah really need some subtitles to know what the fuck is going on.

Cody on Jun 27, 2009


Yeah some subs would be nice. Otherwise looks pretty good.

Syphous on Jun 27, 2009


looks like a video game, sweet.

Darrin on Jun 27, 2009


#1,2,3 jst Shut up... wot a big pile of rubbish... why would u even put this on here,(or How Much) u simply just devalued the site. bah

PinkSushi on Jun 27, 2009



Andrius on Jun 27, 2009


Hmmmm.... Looks like an interesting movie to say the least. But the trailer could have been done better. Wow #4 must really have something stuck up his/her ass.

Janika on Jun 27, 2009


Looks frigin sweet

Hmm on Jun 27, 2009


#4 #4 #4...this site it's about movies (in general) mkay? so take your rant elsewhere or don't comment at all. "devalued the site" he's an anti comunist fella :))) and a nutter on top. on the trailer: looks sweet, i hope it's not like Nightwatch/Daywatch...sweet visuals but crappy story/plot/acting. I am going to see this, and hopefully it will be pleasant to watch, unlike the 2 movies i mentioned above.

adi on Jun 28, 2009


I'd have to agree with #4, the Russian language is one ugly shit, no offence to its people, but man is it ugly to hear and to look at.

nem on Jun 28, 2009


holy shit, your right #7.

Eric on Jun 28, 2009


Looks bazooooonus! Didn't have a clue what was going on.

Crapola on Jun 28, 2009


English language is actually shitter to my Slavic ears than Russian, relatively, but both are rather nice, absolutely. I guess some lame people here would rather watch the trailer and movie dubbed, right? You're not serious.

Bo on Jun 28, 2009


It's amazing how people who don't know anything about Russia and all their lives they saw maybe two Russian movies, and probably never read a book by Russian author, are judging Russian language like they are freaking experts. And watching Night Watch/Day Watch doesn't give you expertise in Russian cinema. If you have no idea what you are talking about it's better to shut da fuk up.

2+2=4 on Jun 28, 2009


The moron says what?

nem on Jun 28, 2009


well that looked fucking cool,cool special effects,cool fight scenes & fucking sexy russian woman.

zetsu on Jun 28, 2009


#13 i DIDN'T like Nochnoy dozor and Dnevnoy dozor how it was on film. I read the novel written by Lukyanenko, i liked it very much, that's why i saw these 2 movies AND looking forward to see the rest if they will continue filming. I said, i loved the effects in Nightwatch/Daywatch movies BUT i didn't like the acting, their interpretation of the book. I ain't an expert in russian cinematography, why should i be? You have better writers than actors/directors :)) oh..and good porn. great porn. If i like strawberries, i don't have to justify why i don't like strawberry shake. Take it easy, i would want to see more russian movies, i ain't saying i don't like your language. If i gave you a movie in romanian without subtitles you will say "WTF". So..chill. And i ain't an expert in movies, but i've seen many. Far too many >< And i'm a collector. My personal cinemateque.

adi on Jun 28, 2009


#9 - the Russian language is one of THE sexiest ones on earth. Would you honestly rather have it dubbed or are you just anti-anything Russian?

Janika on Jun 28, 2009


hell yeah im totally watching this. why do people always get all bitchy about other languages...? stop talking shit about other peoples language people it just turns into the stupidest discussion. and for you people defending your language... get the fuck over it no one likes mine and I'm not crying about it. Christ talk about the trailer/movie please

DoomCanoe on Jun 28, 2009


ok this i gotta see looks real sweet another promising hit from russia following temur's footsteps 😀

burak "Daequitas" on Jun 28, 2009


#18: Russian isn't my language. And guess what? I'm not crying about anything. I'm merely just asking "nem" a question. I already made my statement about the trailer. No one likes your language and you're "not crying about it," eh? The fact that you made that statement makes it sound like you're not actually "over it" and that you're trying to express the fact that you've got emotional pain deep inside. Maybe you need a shrink?

Janika on Jun 28, 2009


Stylish as hell.............looks really nice link to the trailer say it's invalid for me so I toobed it up in case it's broken for anyone else and not just on my silly laptop

God on Jun 28, 2009


it has that matrix concept behind it..the protagonist did some sick things in this trailers almost like what neo would do.

pero on Jun 29, 2009


Um, yes...Matirx came to my mind.

tzarinna on Jun 29, 2009


this looks interesting! interesting use of effects..

lando on Jun 30, 2009


Pretty crazy and badass - no doubt I'm interested!

Nick Sears on Jul 7, 2009


This is an interesting movie indeed, but would pay to know what's going at least a French, Spanish or English caption would help....And to all the haters about Russian language, get a grip...I think that Russian is a beautiful language, you dumb morrons....right now I am working on my 5th language (Polish) soon I want to learn Russian.

Mike on Feb 28, 2010

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