Worth Watching - June 7: Accidents Happen Teaser Trailer

June 7, 2009
Source: Quiet Earth

Accidents Happen Teaser Trailer

I don't really know much about this film, but this teaser looks incredible. That's all you need to know at the start. Another great discovery by Quiet Earth, this teaser is for a film called Accidents Happen, about a dysfunctional family in 1980's New England. Their youngest son Billy has been a witness to a series of tragic accidents, including one that fractured his whole family. The ensuing collision of guilt, truth and self discovery may be just what his family needs to move on. Geena Davis stars as the mom in this. Other than that, just fire this up, because I honestly don't even know where this fits in, but it at least looks great.

Watch the teaser for Andrew Lancaster's Accidents Happen:

[flv: 480 264]

For more info on the film, check out the official website:

Accidents Happen is directed by Andrew Lancaster, an up-and-coming Australian filmmaker who previously worked on Alex Proyas' Garage Days and directed a few shorts as well. The screenplay was written by newcomer Brian Carbee, who also wrote on of Lancaster's shorts. This film first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this year and is also playing at the Sydney Film Festival. As far as we know, this doesn't have a distributor yet, but stay tuned as it's likely it will find one by the end of the year. We'll keep you updated.

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I get a Donnie Darko feel from this...though I know nothing about the plot or characters I'm strangely intrigued...

peloquin on Jun 7, 2009


the screen cap made me think freddy krueger

christopher on Jun 7, 2009


Very interesting. Loved the music and the way it was shot. I'll have to keep an eye out for this one.

Tunker on Jun 7, 2009


FIRE, FIRE, FIRE...........FIRE!!!!!!!!........oh, oh,yea.........that teaser RULED!

dan on Jun 7, 2009


anyone know the tune ?

Dr.Duvel on Jun 7, 2009


Oh wow. That um...was like watching anything on youtube with idiots except a decent camera was involved and skill in using it. w00t. Heck, I'm calling Fandango now son!

LSP on Jun 7, 2009


more like a music video from MGMT

PinkSushi on Jun 7, 2009


The fire effect was very well done; but nothing about this trailer says "80's" to me. I, also, don't get any sense of what is supposed to be going on, with the story, from that clip. It may end up being an interesting film; but the trailer alone, without the write up, from Alex doesn't do the job.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jun 7, 2009


That wasn't an accident...that was just stupid....well Ignorance kills after all.

Andrius on Jun 7, 2009


@ Dave, I don't think you understand what the concept of a teaser trailer. Point of it is to send the message "Hey this movie is coming out around this time". Trailers on the other hand send the message "Hey this movie is coming out around this time and it's about this and that".

KenDoll on Jun 7, 2009


I totally get a Donnie Darko vibe from this! Way to go old man lets traumatize the little kid! nothing like a little guy on fire running at you and attempting to put flames out on a sprinkler! that kid won't sleep for a week!

xerxex on Jun 7, 2009


FIRE! Oh it burns so bad!

cheater on Jun 7, 2009


I like how despite telling us nothing about the movie, I really, really want to see this video now. Also, I think this best "dude on fire" video since the video for "Southern California" by Wax.

Oncomouse on Jun 7, 2009



DoomCanoe on Jun 7, 2009


@ #5 its a song, Blood, by a band called The Middle East.

achilles21 on Jun 7, 2009


Now thats a great TEASER. Im excited for this either way....and cant wait to see Geena Davis, its been a very long time since i last seen her (Stuart Little doesnt count!)

Nikhil Hariharan on Jun 7, 2009


BBQ fail

LW on Jun 7, 2009


thought the kid was running to turn the water off now that would have been a trailer : P

neonblue120 on Jun 7, 2009


I don't get it... am I supposed to care about this?

Syphous on Jun 8, 2009


hahaa #16... he may have been.. but that damned pole got in the way... Dong

Dusty on Jun 8, 2009



K on Jun 8, 2009


Well, that was interesting...o.0

Lauren on Jun 8, 2009


@10: I understand perfectly the purpose of a teaser trailer. This one is nothing more than a very good effects shot, with a close up of Geena Davis reacting. It's a well composed shot no doubt; but it does nothing to raise my interest, in going out to see it. It, also, fails to make me care if I ever hear, about the project again. In short, it missed the mark; judging by some of the other responses I'm not alone. Enjoy the film if/when you see it.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jun 8, 2009


" this up.." Well played, Mr. Billington. Well played.

Derek on Jun 8, 2009


Ok, where the hell does one get Donnie Darko out of that LOL

Jason on Jun 8, 2009


Haha. That was pretty funny and, as far as I could tell, composed really well. This did what it intended and I'm interested.

Reneil on Jun 8, 2009


Looks like Spike Jonze's video for Wax's Southern California.

normf on Jun 9, 2009


definitely intrigued... very interesting trailer... will keep an eye on this one.

miracle disease on Jun 9, 2009


I dunno I really enjoyed watching this trailer. I thought the old man was trying to kill himself, pouring excessive amounts of gasoline into the grill, but then starts running towards the sprinklers. It would have been funny if after the kid hit his head and his mother reacts, she goes to help him while the guy roles around, still on fire

Marmalade on Jun 10, 2009

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