Worth Watching - Mar 7: Blood: The Last Vampire Trailer

March 7, 2009

Blood: The Last Vampire Trailer

There's a trend of turning anime into live-action that's currently brewing in Hollywood (e.g. Akira, Ghost in the Shell). One of the first to arrive is Blood: The Last Vampire, an adaptation of anime from 2000 about a vampire who hunts demons with some samurai swords. I know what everyone's initial reaction to this is right now - but save it, you need to watch this trailer first. If you're not more impressed than you were before watching it, then you're more than welcome to say whatever you want, but I'm certain most of you might actually think this looks pretty good. That is, only if you like sword fighting and demon hunting!

Thanks to reader Christopher M. for sending this over, or else we might've missed some awesome sword fighting goodness! I just hope it actually turns out as good as it looks in this trailer, because that's rare.

Watch the international trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire:

[flv: 480 270]

A vampire named Saya, who is part of covert government agency that hunts and destroys demons in a post-WWII Japan, is inserted in a military school to discover which one of her classmates is a demon.

Blood: The Last Vampire is directed by French filmmaker Chris Nahon, of Kiss of the Dragon and Empire of the Wolves previously. The adaptation was written by Chris Chow and the screenplay was written by Kenji Kamiyama (original Blood: The Last Vampire anime, Ghost in the Shell) and Ronny Yu (The Bride with White Hair, The Phantom Lover). Blood: The Last Vampire was originally an anime first released in 2000. Universal is distributing this in the US, although they have not announced a release date just yet.

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I'm very excited this is actually being released even if it's not North America yet....because it's a great testing ground for Akira, Ghost In The Shell and Ninja Scroll...It's a hard R as you can see in the trailer theres a lot of I hope this in part with Watchmen will make sure these anime properties are made accordingly to the source material rather than a PG-13 co-out to gain limited profits by sacrificing quality

Christopher M on Mar 7, 2009


also I'm a big fan of French director Chris Nahon who I have complete faith in...and if this is successful we'll be hearing a lot more from him....

Christopher M on Mar 7, 2009


i am so going to see this. this looks freaking awesome

Darrin on Mar 7, 2009


BEHEADING A PLENTY!!! This looks badass, blood looks cheesy and fake but still...looks mad. love animes and am patiently waiting for them to get it right....verdict is still out on this one but it looks good so far

C Dot on Mar 7, 2009


I've been looking forward to this for a long time. I do not think it will be as good as the anime though.

Film-Book dot Com on Mar 7, 2009


@5 the anime was only 48mins, I'm sure there are many things that can be improved upon

Christopher M on Mar 7, 2009



jh on Mar 7, 2009


Ok then

NeoSlyfer on Mar 7, 2009


Haven't seen the anime to be honest but the movie looks great.

Fisherr on Mar 7, 2009


It's Blade minus the penis...looks sweet though.

peloquin on Mar 7, 2009


I'm really tired of vampires. I hope this really is the last one. The Bleeding (2009) The Coffin (2009) Cirque du Freak (2009) Daybreakers (2009) The Dead Matter (2009) Hello Darkness (2009) High Midnight (2009) The Informers (2009) Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009) Live Girls (2009) PCP... A VanGuard Chronicle (2009) Priest (2009) The Revenant (2009) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead (2009) Sodium Babies (2009) Suck (2009) Twilight Watch (2009) Vampire in Vegas (2009) Virulents (2009) Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire (2010) The Historian (2010) The Knights Templar (2010) Last Blood (2010) Let the Right One In (U.S. Remake) (2010) New Moon (2010) The Un-Dead (2010) Castlevania (2011) Bubba Nosferatu and the Curse of the She-Vampires (2011) Dark Shadows (2011) Eclipse (2012) Blood Brothers (date TBA) Pangs (date TBA) Damn, damn, DAMN! Actually, I don't care what people make for movies, but we are getting pretty saturated with vampires whether they're original stories or based on other media. I'm not sure about werewolves. I'd like to see some new inventive monsters for humans to become. As far as this movie is concerned, I like the violence style but the whole flying martial arts thing made popular by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is just stupid to me.

Zso on Mar 7, 2009


At #5, me either but at least it should be longer!

Kaiser on Mar 7, 2009


ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THIS. WHAT TOOK SO LONG?! Anyway I loved the anime movie and series, Blood+, which I recommend to everyone here.

Morbius on Mar 7, 2009


if no one else will say it i guess I have to...but that looks like a bloody good time.(pun intended.)

Chris on Mar 7, 2009


this looks great thank god Hollywood did not get involved in this movie and dumb it down

filmkid on Mar 7, 2009


Wow I'm a big fan of the anime and this looks like it can hold up to it. I'm just a little curious how the new stuff will work and the wire fighting. I don't think i remember any wire fighting in the anime. personally i find floating in the air a bit over the top but i can get past it if it works well.

Taylor on Mar 7, 2009


o-o hmm... i love the anime, but im not sure about this.

Yamika on Mar 7, 2009


besides the sequel/prequel to Bubba Ho-tep i agree with #10 enough with the vampires

Josh on Mar 7, 2009


# 10 yer a fruit cake! vampires are the shit and always will be, the more the better! should have stayed true to the anime but what the hell it still looks real tight!

s on Mar 7, 2009


This does not look anything like the anime. They took the idea from the anime and are probably going to make a new story. I am not a fan of live action anime. Never turns out as good.

600RR on Mar 7, 2009


Now where's the Evangelion Live Action?!

Morbius on Mar 7, 2009


Where have I heard that trailer music before? Oh yeah, Ironman!!

Woo-ish on Mar 7, 2009


For Blood+ fans: Could the vampire in the white kimono possibly be the character Diva?

Woo-ish on Mar 7, 2009


The Anime film was brilliant. Besides all the demon hacking this looks like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2. I will see it though and hopefully it will be great.

Jamie on Mar 7, 2009


Yeehoo. Good anime, seems a bit more silly than that but I don't care, vampires samurai swords and explosions too.

Crapola on Mar 7, 2009


@10 im more tried of Zombie movies also im surprise an Asian girl is the lead i thought when they do anime movies the lead would be white lol

Taz on Mar 7, 2009


@ 10 you know your vampire shit,i'm impressed.i loved the original anime,i haven't seen the t.v series yet hasn't reached uk shores yet.but i thought the trailer looked promising can't wait to see this one.

zetsu on Mar 7, 2009


Wow that looks even worse than those japanese flicks Ive been seing here on NHK TV for the past 2 years. At least those guys do not pretend being american.

Shige on Mar 7, 2009


#23 - I was wondering if anything from Blood+ would be included in this film, myself...

RPD on Mar 8, 2009


@29 Yeah, I've got a feeling we'll see a nod here or there, but it looks like they've just gone their own way. Maybe we'll see something more in a sequel if it does well. I personally thought that the Saya/Diva relationship was something incredible, like a Greek mythological drama. I'd love to see it developed in a film.

Woo-ish on Mar 8, 2009


that cgi blood sucks.

rocken on Mar 8, 2009


i liked this anime, it was fairly enjoyable. but i still have one question.........WHY THE HELL HASNT AN OUTLAW STAR MOVIE BEEN MADE. outlaw star was kickass, come on, or a live action pokemon. now hear me out, pokemon died like 8 years ago, but still, the possibilities. imagine a live action garados or a freakin charizard! epic wants more.

Epic on Mar 8, 2009


meh. Looks OK and I'll probably check it out, but I'm left with one question/complaint. Where the hell did all these super-powerful day-walking "half-blood" vampires come from? John Connor seriously needs to send someone back in time to find the first guy who came up with that crap and talk him out of it. Or kill him one. Either way.

kevjohn on Mar 8, 2009


#32, your pleas for a pokemon movie, with the names of a couple of them included, make me hate you very much.

Syphous on Mar 8, 2009


this would be a lot cooler if it didn't involve vampires. I'm so sick of movies about vampires. It's so old and every idea has already been done.

Dan W on Mar 8, 2009


well first off .. the 1st incarnation of blood sucked massive elephant balls (didn't watch Blood+ because of it) ... it was a contrived but well animated piece of drivel ... this movie despite the many flaws it will have, can blow it away with ease ... and im quite ashamed to be an anime fan knowing that they're gonna destroy a classic like akira ... i bleed a little internally everytime i think about it .... ghost in the shell will be hard to mess up, same with ninja scroll, although if it goes within a 110 sq/km radius of hollywood it'll be worse than dolph lundgren in the punisher (circa 1980 who cares)

Silence on Mar 8, 2009


well first of all, flying kung-fu has been a trademark of chineese film industry way before than CTHD hit the theatres 😀 and i really dont mind Vampire flicks swarming the theatres close to us as long as they are at least decent ones 😀 of the list Zso has provided for us (thnx btw Zso nice job, much appreciated) there are a couple that i am actually looking forward to the ones such as the last installment in the "..... Watch" triology, Castlevania, Dark Shadows (a brilliant vampire themed TV series) etc etc i just hope this live action take does as intended, stays true to the source, delivers just as action and blood with visually beautiful scenes so that we may see Vampire Hunter D (actualy we have seen this one in the second installment of Blade Triology :P), Ninja Scroll annnndddddd my long awaited one BLADE of the IMMORTAL. i will have to wait for the trailer till i get back at home so i still have about 5 more hours 😀 cheers

burak "daequitas" on Mar 9, 2009


no credit to BLADE? *sigh*

miracle disease on Mar 9, 2009


Yeah...lame...but what is this you say about Ghost in the Shell? Akira? How about Ninja scroll, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop? Most movies based on Anime Fist of the North Star, Dragonball (it's gonna suck), the Guyver (haha) has been able to bridge the gap yet between Anime and live action...that Russian guy (Timur Bekmambetov) has come close though...see Day Watch, Night Watch, Wanted...

Google The Oct8pus on Mar 9, 2009



werdnafaz on Mar 9, 2009


It will never be suck as DragonBall, nuff said.

Cindarr on Mar 9, 2009


syphous lacks an immagination, there are endless possibilities for many animes and there are many more that are out there better than this one, a gundam movie, howls moving castle would be good, they have already ruined cowboy beebop with keanu reeves.

Epic on Mar 10, 2009


@42 there no plausible way to do a good gundam movie after something like transformers, and to be honest, the gundams themselves wouldn't look anyways decent unless they did the original series, and we all know the only GOOD gundam series was gundam wing!!! and @41 you just cursed every anime movie to come ..

Silence on Mar 12, 2009


Bite Me! I almost forgot this was coming out. It is on my must see list.

doteman92 on Mar 16, 2009


It might make a good rental. At least the Anime was waesome, if you haven't seen that check it out. Its on my top 3 all time Anime list. Behind Ninja Scroll and Street Fighter 2 Alpha

Dave on Mar 17, 2009


i wonder what they will do with the lesbian scene? i hope it to be hot.

yggdrasil on May 10, 2009

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