Worth Watching: Michelle Monaghan in the Trucker Trailer

August 24, 2009

Trucker Trailer

I got an email tonight with that photo above and a press release for a film called Trucker. I remembered hearing about it and even found a trailer, since it premiered at Tribeca last year. Trucker stars Michelle Monaghan in an apparently Oscar worthy role as a trucker, alongside of Benjamin Bratt, Nathan Fillion, and Jimmy Bennett, who played the young James T. Kirk in Star Trek. It actually looks pretty good, but I'm ost intrigued by Kris Tapley's post at In Contention addressing the possibility that Monaghan is a strong Oscar contender because there are no other great Lead Actresses in the running. I'll be rooting for her!

Watch the trailer for Michelle Monaghan's Trucker:

Trucker tells the story of Diane Ford (Michelle Monaghan), a vivacious young truck driver, who leads a carefree life of long-haul trucking, one night stands and all-night drinking until the evening her estranged 11-year-old son shows up at her door. "I tried to make Trucker for a few years… One problem I was always faced with was finding a lead actress that really spoke to me on a gut level. I looked for a long time," says Mottern. "Then I saw Michelle Monaghan in North Country. Her performance in that film is outstanding."

Trucker is both written and directed by first-time filmmaker James Mottern, a former TV ariter. This first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival back in 2008 and didn't get picked up until this year. Monterey Media is finally bringing Trucker to very limited theaters starting on October 9th this fall. Interested?

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bad music placement for this trailer. looks like your everyday bullshit movie to me.

DoomCanoe on Aug 24, 2009


I like Michelle and I'm looking forward to seeing this movie.

Perrin Aybara on Aug 24, 2009


Looks like a bad forced drama about a trucker that it?

ADM86 on Aug 24, 2009


Ugh. Looks like the usual Oscar bait (dreck?) - where they try and overemphasise "drama"

TTEX on Aug 24, 2009


Aaaaaaand that's a big pass. Stopped halfway through

Rorschach90 on Aug 24, 2009


women drivers, not intersted

real talk on Aug 24, 2009


Looks kindo lonely and boring

Crapola on Aug 24, 2009


looks pretty lame, even looking for the good, but then i saw nathan fillion, and i will now probably be seeing it

Brian Barajas on Aug 24, 2009


The boy steals the show in that trailer!

dom on Aug 25, 2009



th3thirdman on Aug 25, 2009


"Okay, sorry about that, the trailer is edited together pretty poorly, but just look for the good in it!" The good in it is seeing Michelle Monaghan in the nude shower scene. Everythign else looks generic and somethign that would be on the Lifetime channel.

T-Man on Aug 25, 2009


im sold everytime i see nathan fillion, he is just such a great actor that i will watch this movie...

yojoe on Aug 25, 2009


it looks SHIT. horrible soundtrack . terrible acting. wtf was that. the fight scene looks so fake ass.

PinkSushi on Aug 25, 2009


Oh Fillion - you were the best part of that trailer.

Korm on Aug 25, 2009


What has nathan fillion done that warrants so much cock sucking?! Buffy? Firefly? The guy seems ok but he's not that great. In fact, to say he's not that great gives him too much credit. He sucks, just like this movie.

In_rainbows on Aug 25, 2009


Look's bad, but a lot of good people in it.

That Awesome Norwegian Guy on Aug 25, 2009


#15, methinks you're trying too hard to be contrary. Anyone who expends effort trying to knock down Nathan Fillion needs some bigger fish to fry. The man is hardly a success story in Hollywood's eyes. The fanboy/fangirl love he gets is warranted, because it's all he's got, really. But he deserves more. I hope he gets his big break, and soon.

equustel on Aug 25, 2009


Michelle Monaghan in a Lifetime original movie, "The Trucker".

Antioch on Aug 25, 2009


#18 ha, that's exactly it. Oscar-worthy? Please.

Jamdolin on Aug 25, 2009


Looks like oscar bait that doesnt realize it doesnt have any chances at all, although it has Nathan Fillion so it could be the greatest thing ever.

Derek on Aug 25, 2009


Boring...we've seen this story too many times. Are we suposed to feel different because it's a woman this time?...I'll pass.

Defeatedfrog on Aug 25, 2009


Anyone knows who's playing the kid? Think I've seen him before but cant place the face.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 25, 2009


Sounds boring to be honest! Omg, its the young James Tiberius Kirk in a drama.

coswell on Aug 25, 2009


Hey #15 In_rainbows its Nathan fucking Fillion, he's like fBruce fucking Campbell, we don't know why we love 'em, we just do. Oh yeah the trailer, love Michelle Monaghan, thought she was great in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang...but if this is oscar worthy then I have no faith in the Academy anymore, they already screw up enough. i don't know could be good, trailer instill's no hope in the actual movie.

Xerxex on Aug 25, 2009


"They say never hit a man with a closed fist. Though it is on occasion hilarious." - Malcolm Reynolds What more does one need to love and praise Nathan Fillion?!

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 25, 2009


Wow, that is one horrible trailer. If only they had managed to squeese in two or three more of those cheesy popsongs to go with all the cliches, I might've been convinced

shubidu on Aug 25, 2009


Ben Pratt?.......PASS! The best thing was the Snow Patrol tune at the first frame.

Clover on Aug 25, 2009


Thanks #23. That's where I saw the little bastard!

jasonmd2020 on Aug 25, 2009


Straight Dookla.

Scagginsvolley on Aug 25, 2009


It obvious that it attempts to break stereotypes---but just not very convincing casting and the fact trailer highlights the trite melodrama makes it even less inviting. C-

dougo162 on Aug 26, 2009


Nathan Fillion is in it, i'll watch it - maybe firefly's coming around:-)

Peter on Aug 31, 2009


lol, 31. One can hope! I almost went "Meh, not interested." I'll see it cause Nathan's in it. Might like it for other reasons, but *shrug* The trailer makes it look like some TV movie.

Lar on Sep 3, 2009


Looks like crap. The acting is very wooden. Oscar worthy my ass.

qg on Sep 10, 2009


you all sux this movie fuhhkn rocks. wahts the song called in scene three??? when his dad dies?

ttori on Nov 5, 2010

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