Worth Watching: Full Teaser Trailer for The Descent: Part 2

August 28, 2009
Source: IGN

The Descent: Part 2 Teaser

We haven't heard much about The Descent: Part 2 in a while, even though I know it was shown during Cannes as a marketplace screening. However, IGN has debuted the official teaser trailer for the film today and it looks pretty damn good. I'm not sure if that Warner Brothers logo at the beginning means this was picked up or if they're just putting it out in the UK or what (it's labeled as an "international trailer" anyway). We previously featured a longer promo trailer for The Descent: Part 2 back in February. This is a shorter version with less footage, but we still suggest you check it out. It doesn't actually look that bad, does it?

Watch the first teaser trailer for The Descent: Part 2 from YouTube:

Distraught, confused, and half-wild with fear, Sarah Carter emerges alone from the cave system where she encountered unspeakable terrors. Unable to explain to authorities what happened - or why she's covered in blood - Sarah is forced back to the subterranean depths to help locate her missing friends.

The Descent 2 is directed by Jon Harris, who is making his directorial debut after working for over 10 years as an editor. The screenplay was co-written by newcomer James McCarthy and James Watkins, who also wrote and directed Eden Lake. The Descent 2 doesn't have a US distributor yet, although we might as well expect that Lionsgate, who distributed the original Descent, will release this sometime in 2009 or 2010.

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First one was amazing..really made you feel claustrophobic...not a fan of sequels, but am willing to give it a shot.

CDill on Aug 28, 2009


not bad...but wont be as good as the original

Jake on Aug 28, 2009


HELL YES. Loved the first one.

Ripper on Aug 28, 2009


Won't say the first one was amazing... honestly they could have summed up the first 45 minutes of the movie into about 15 mins and that would have made it less slow. Once they got into the monster stuff, it was pretty rad. Great idea, bad director - so I hope the 2nd one makes up for it.

Antioch on Aug 28, 2009


First one was great..was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time, beautifully done, I actually felt claustrophobic. I just hope this one isn't just a rehash of the first and hope it goes into more detail where the creatures came from and their history...

Jeff on Aug 28, 2009


now as as huge fan of the original, the British version, not the American (still good though), doesn't a sequel completely contradict what the director was going for in the first movie? if you watch the audio commentary or any special features, or even the alternate ending, you'll learn that there were no monsters, rather Sarah had snapped and killed each of the friends, there are several hints to this in the movie as well, however the director changed the ending because he felt the American audience wouldn't understand it. This still looks decent, but I just wanted to throw this out there!

bo on Aug 28, 2009


watched part 2 last tuesday at a special screaning. I liked it. Had some good scares and some good laughs and suprises. Watchable Movie for sure. Supposedly cost way more than the first one but I couldnt make out where they spend that extra Budget. Kinda weird.

Calibretto on Aug 28, 2009


Is that the sequel of that 2005 movie with people trapped in a cave? Or that other 2005 movie with people trapped in a cave? Or the _other_ movie from 2005 about people trapped in a cave? All kidding aside, I think this was the only movie of those 3 to deserve a sequel.

Luis M on Aug 28, 2009


looks like the same movie.

josh on Aug 28, 2009



SUPER X II on Aug 28, 2009


Ha! Luis M (#8) nailed it.

Syphous on Aug 28, 2009


***VAGUE SPOILERS**** But aren't they sidestepping the final scene of the first movie?

Brian on Aug 28, 2009


The first movie was amazingly creepy and claustrophobic. Especially the scene where they had to creep through that reeeeally narrow tunnel. >.< This looks pretty much like the same movie with a few new faces. (Not that I actually remember the old ones) It will still be kinda spooky, and most likely as gory. But I think it loses a lot of it's spark now that you know what is lurking in the dark. Plus, I am a sucker for movies without happy endings. And I interpreted the ending of the first one as the lead actress dying, too. I'm kinda bummed now, lol. =(

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 28, 2009


lol...Ill go see it...anybody seen Final Destination yet??

Trey on Aug 28, 2009


I've been reading your post about the Outlander movie and I just have one question. After almost 500 comments did you actually read the book? My guess is if you did you are convented and ready to eat your hat.

Krista on Aug 28, 2009


it looks like a good movie i will c it only cuz i saw the 1st 1.

quez on Aug 28, 2009

17 need to be down with your sedimentary rock formations yo. Oh Shit!!! CAAAAVVVVEE CRREEEEATURES!!! You know what we have to do...we gotta dance it out yo.

JEFFREY on Aug 28, 2009


It's gonna suck...

google the Oct8pus on Aug 28, 2009


I loved part 1, but again some chicks going on cave safari? They should send in some marine squad to check that shit out! cuz one chick did come out alive.. didnt she?

malax on Aug 28, 2009


PLEASE RELEASE IN THE U.S.! I loved the first one and it's one of my favorite horror movies. In fact, it's one of the few horror movies that actually scares me. I'm not sure if this movie makes any sense because there are two endings to the first one, I guess the chose the American version. That should make British audiences angry. Anyway, at first, when I heard they were making a sequel, I wasn't excited, but now I am!

Alex on Aug 28, 2009


Ok, I didnt see the first one but I saw the description below the vid...she knows whats down there and brings a new team...AND DIDNT BRING ANY GUNS!?!??!?! That right there ruins the whole reality and plot for me. Maybe Im missing something cause then again I didnt see the first one but man I wouldnt of stepped in the elevator without a shotgun if I was that bitch.

Cody on Aug 28, 2009


first one was my favorite horror movies of the last 10 or so years. different director has me nervous, but ill see it regardless

Brian Barajas on Aug 28, 2009


looks like a scary fun movie. but its dumb because why did they ever return.

mike on Aug 29, 2009


this looks like its just another round of exactly the same thing - so i have to ask, why?

dom on Aug 29, 2009


Sarah Carter died in my version of The Descent 🙂

David Banner on Aug 29, 2009


bring guns into a cave threatening to collapse at any second?

silver on Aug 29, 2009


......ok so why the fuck would you go down there in the first place anyway. Its going to collapse and she knows theres some freaky shit..just made it look even more dumb.

Cody on Aug 29, 2009


WEAK.. same shit different day

TRUTH on Aug 29, 2009


it never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to sell the same sh*t twice to the movie going public...I need to get a piece of this actio...its just too easy...

moldybread on Aug 29, 2009


The fact that anyone calls this horror needs to go get a psych eval. This shit is so weak. The Notebook was a better watch than this. My word...Part 2, how weak can they be? How was this good or are people just the scared? And how the hell does Alex hate Halloween but this is like the MOna Lisa. Both stupid, non-scary "horro" kill'em films with little plot.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 29, 2009


i liked the first will probably see the second but don't really feel it needed to be made... SO IM NOT PAYING!

DoomCanoe on Aug 29, 2009


i have to agree with #31...........i liked the first, but there is no reason for another movie just like it to be made. i'll pass. and #30: i agree with your assessment that too many "horror" films are just gore with no plot. but, i hope you're talking about the rob zombies pitiful remake of halloween? because the original was classic horror with a great plot.

beavis4play on Aug 30, 2009


#30 Tra la la la la di da I've read some of your previous comments on this site and you seem to be very pretentiously in choosing your films (that's a good thing) so I'm just curious to know some of your favourite movies you've seen. If you would want to tell. Anyway, I didn't saw The Descent yet (I will see it ) but I'm not sure that a sequel is needed.

me on Aug 30, 2009


I feel like the only one who didn't enjoy the film, and I consider myself a horror buff. I actually fell asleep in the theater I was so bored with this, and I think this just looks like a carbon-copy. Again, that's me, but we all have our own tastes.

Eric on Aug 30, 2009


#6 Seriously? What were the hints to your claim that Sarah killed all the friends?

AprilCoolsDay on Aug 30, 2009


I have to say I'm about as bad as Quentin in that my favorite movies are odd and sometimes make no sense. They really need to be categorized though but no, I was not referring to classic Halloween. Don't get me wrong, The Decent wasn't bad. It just wasn't scary and I hate when they play shit up like it's horrifying, "scariest thing since Alien"!?! Come on...what about the other movies that critics have said was the scariest since Alien? Here's the thing, my opinion can almost be muted because I like the Final Destination series. I just see movies for what they are and can ignore a lot. My friend and I are like that, in that we can just see it for what it is. It's the claims that get annoying. Avatar would be good if they didn't over hyped. It still may be good, but it's far from great, and far from anything new and spectacular unless we need special 3D projectors as well. It's just people keep making excuses that, you have to see it in 3D, or Imax, etc etc. Well I did and I'm still not overly impressed. Not to mention FD4 killed my eyes after 1.5hrs, what about 3!?! But yeah, I've actually went down AFI's 100 movies and seen them all and I use Netflix like a private movie library watching anything and everything. Surprisingly I have a job, work out, and not some couch junkie. I'm not an elitist, but I call it like it is. Chris's on here, for example is excellent. Alex just LIKES anything, which is fine, but like and LIKE are two different areas.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 30, 2009


If i was that girl and saw what she saw in the first movie, if they gave me a million bucks i won't go back there.

Fisherr on Aug 30, 2009


OK, #36, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

me on Aug 31, 2009


Only Jesus Christ himself could make me go back down that hole. And even then, He'll have to go with me!

Papichulo on Aug 31, 2009


It looks like a re run of past horror movies, having said that i liked the first movie

tshirt-printing on Sep 4, 2009

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