Worth Watching: Sandra Bullock's The Blind Side Trailer

August 4, 2009
Source: Yahoo

The Blind Side Trailer

You threaten my son, you threaten me! A trailer for an upcoming drama called The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw debuted on Yahoo recently. Here's the thing - it's a great story about giving this kid another chance, and I should be praising it for that alone. However, Sandra Bullock was the wrong choice for this. Any other actress would've done a much better job, but that's almost besides the point. This is actually a movie about football and how he becomes a integral part of the team, but the trailer barely even shows that until the end. Even though I've got some gripes, I'll still say I think it looks good.

Watch the official trailer for The Blind Side:

[flv: 596 322]

You can also watch the trailer for The Blind Side in High Definition on Yahoo

A poor, oversized and under-educated teenager is recruited by a major college football program where he is groomed into an athletically and academically successful NFL prospect. Based on Michael Lewis' book.

The Blind Side is both written and directed by Texan filmmaker John Lee Hancock, of Hard Time Romance, The Rookie, and The Alamo previously. This is based on Michael Lewis' book "The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game." Warner Brothers is bringing The Blind Side to theaters everywhere on November 20th this fall.

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I HIGHLY doubt this is based on a true story. HIGHLY. Need proof.

nem on Aug 5, 2009



MotherBoy69 on Aug 5, 2009


just let it take you in my little movie snobs.

chanklas on Aug 5, 2009


This looks perfectly decent to me.

Derek on Aug 5, 2009


Can't believe it but this looks like a great movie.

moviemike on Aug 5, 2009


It is a true story, he was picked in the first round of the draft by the Ravens this past year. Check it.

RJ on Aug 5, 2009


I am with #1

Andrius on Aug 5, 2009


The book is much better. This trailer is needlessly cheesy. Watching his draft day interview brings out more emotion.

James on Aug 5, 2009


Looks like at DVD rental movie

CatieLee on Aug 5, 2009


What's wrong with Sandra Bullock? The more of your opinions I read, the more I'm starting to realize you don't really know what you're talking about. You've obviously never seen what a typical southern debutante grows up to look like or act like. Bullock pulls it off perfectly.

In_rainbows on Aug 5, 2009


I wish Sandra Bullock would take me home. Too much terrorist hand pumps for me. Just joking looks like a well produced Hallmark Channel movie, if only the husband was an alcoholic then it would rule.

Crapola on Aug 5, 2009


No. 5 posted a link confirming the story is true... not sure why there are still doubters. Nonetheless, here is another link... Btw, google hisname for more info... Michael Oher

Jeremy on Aug 5, 2009


Verdamnt! I'm crying like a baby seeing that trailer. ME! And it isn't the fact that Max Tucker has made me watch his fucked up movie of his 1,000,000 times since he got here, and is only serving me Meisterbrau.

Hitler, Sharing a Brewski with Max Tucker, In Hell on Aug 5, 2009


Go Sandra! This looks good. I hope it's Bullock's "break-away" (from cheesy rom-coms) movie!

kitano0 on Aug 5, 2009


man...i shed a tear watching this.

Matt Suhu on Aug 5, 2009


I remember reading about this kid in ESPN magazine.

GK on Aug 5, 2009


i think it looks great! i agree that sandra bullock isn't the first choice that would have come to my mind. i thought it was going to be a comedy.

giraffic on Aug 5, 2009


This was soooo cheesy and it basically already told the entire story. They even showed him holding up the football trophy!

Bernhard on Aug 5, 2009


its irrelevant if its based on a true story it has a what look like a decent story based with good moral and an interesting character. Looking forward to it.

splinter on Aug 5, 2009


Aww this trailer makes me all emotional. Damn you Sandra and your chick flicks that somehow pull me in! Yes Sandra Bullock is always doing chick flicks, but they are usually better than average chick flicks. For example, I had no desire to see that last Cameron Diaz weeper or that Heigl movie, which looks frankly repulsive, but I'll probably see this movie. So score one for you, Sandra, and your dark chick flick powers.

Flu season on Aug 5, 2009


The Ravens thought so much of Mike Oher, they traded up with New Engand to make him a first rounders from Ol' Miss. I am suprised this movie was made so fast, but it's "feel good" material and should be a sleeper hit with a wide selection of movie goers going to see this film. Bullock fans, football fans, mature as well as the teenager film fan. ( and Jessie fans now see everything his wife is in) This should have a lot of zeros behind the box office numbers. The casting is striking and it looks like the kid playing Oher can act. Sandra is hot as a blonde. This is a good role for her.

Clover on Aug 6, 2009


this is about Michael Oher, the left tackle who was first team all SEC, and all-america. he helped lead the Ole Miss Rebels to a 9-4 season and and deliver a devastating loss to the Texas Tech Red Raiders in the Cotton Bowl, as-well-as, handing Florida the #1 ranked team their only loss of the season. he was picked by the Ravens as 23rd pick in the first round of the '09 NFL draft. Super nice guy to, by the way. Have a real goo story on him but it is perhaps to racey to tell LOL.

Fubar on Aug 6, 2009


I read the book the movie is based on - definitely worth picking up. As for the trailer, I think it makes it look like they cut the heart out of the football story and concentrated on the human drama aspect. Which is fine, I suppose, but there was some great stuff in there about the evolution of the left tackle position and how it benefited Oher. I wonder if perhaps they are cutting a "chick flick" version of the trailer (this one above) and a "sports guy" version of the trailer that focuses more on the football.

IA on Aug 6, 2009


This looks great. I'm liking that Sandra Bullock is doing more movies. The Proposal was excellent. I'm very happy to watch hot blonde Bullock on screen for 2 hours - no problem. I think Alex has something against Bullock, and it's completely unfounded - she is a long lasting talent in Hollywood. Go Bullock!

Luke on Aug 6, 2009


Bullock is so hot as a blonde!

Tom on Aug 6, 2009


Sandra Bullock is one of only a few actresses in Hollywood that can still bring in the box office. She is a long lasting talent in Hollywood and box office draw.

Luke on Aug 6, 2009


It looks like it's based on the episode where Homer met Michael Jackson in the Mental Hospital!

Markmos on Aug 6, 2009


off course the big dumb black guy, who cant read is always amazing, always being for years in movies how fucking sad......

john on Aug 7, 2009


How do you not know the story of Mike Oher? He played at ole miss and now is in the NFL great story.

jake on Aug 8, 2009


i agree with jake on #29

Justin on Aug 10, 2009


Nuked the fridge? not so much I'll rent it, Lookingto cry at a movie, any suggestions? I'm in need of a good cry to film!

Xerxex on Aug 13, 2009


This is the lamest sort of PC drivel. It would be more reality based if the nog turned on and raped, robbed and murdered that liberal fool woman.

SpareMe on Sep 27, 2009


I read parts of this book (the ones about Oher, not all the technical football stuff) and absolutely loved it. I really hope that this movie stays true to the original story, because this is one true story that needs no Hollywood embellishments to bring tears to even the most uptight's just so life-affirming. I've been waiting for this movie for awhile, but only just now saw the trailer and that is getting me even more excited. I also thought it was cool that they used a snippet of the song "Kill the Messenger" by Jack's Mannequin in the 2nd trailer (about 45 seconds in), because the singer also has an inspirational personal story as a cancer survivor...hope to hear more Jack's Mannequin music in the movie.

darci on Oct 6, 2009


Yea, it may be a true, heart warming story but Sandra Bullock is just cheesy. I feel like i'm watching re-made and meshed up versions of 'Speed' and 'While you were sleeping'. She needs to hang em' up. (retire)

beeks on Nov 8, 2009



ARNIE on Nov 29, 2009

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