Worth Watching: Ti West's 'The House of the Devil' Red Band Trailer

August 26, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

The House of the Devil Trailer

Speaking of gorgeous posters, I wouldn't have even noticed this trailer today if it weren't for its amazingly beautiful poster as well. It seems a bit off to describe a creepy poster for a horror movie as "beautiful," but there is really no better word. The House of the Devil is a new 80's horror film written and directed by Ti West, the guy responsible for The Roost and Trigger Man previously. The trailer really isn't the greatest quality, which is actually what I think they were going for (kind of in a Grindhouse way). However, I already made my decision to go see this after stumbling upon its badass poster. Oh and it's red band, so watch out!

Watch the official red band trailer for The House of the Devil from YouTube:

If you enjoyed this trailer at all, do yourself a very big favor and check out the poster for it as well.

Set in the 1980s, college student Samantha Hughes (Jocelin Donahue) takes a strange babysitting job that coincides with a full lunar eclipse. She slowly realizes her clients plan on using her in a satanic ritual.

The House of the Devil is both written and directed by American filmmaker Ti West, of the horror films The Roost and Trigger Man previously. This was produced independently and played at few film festivals earlier this year before being picked up by Magnolia Pictures. Magnolia's genre arm, Magnet, will be bringing The House of the Devil to limited theaters starting on October 30th (and also on VOD starting on October 1st).

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I'll pass :[ House Of The Devil pssstttt!! More like House of the Garbage

agentX on Aug 26, 2009


The are trying to shoot it like a 80's Film. I love that he is shooting it like that. No longer LIKE an 80's movie it IS an 80's movie. I will definitely be in theaters for this, just looks fun.

Ripper on Aug 26, 2009


this looks sick!!

DoomCanoe on Aug 26, 2009


Beautiful? The poster looks like some cheap, garbage, nondescript 80's VHS cover you certainly wouldn't rent. Was that the idea? Hardly enticing.

Sleepykid on Aug 26, 2009


Halloween meets Rosemary's Baby packaged in a retro Hammer Horror aesthetic. Indie film trying to capture over 30's audience with post modern wink. Obviously trying to be smarter than what the trailer proposes. C+

dougo162 on Aug 26, 2009


I'm getting kind of tired of the nostalgia factor in the film industry. How about moving forward. Satanic ritual, real original. Send this on staright to Beta-Max with the soundtrack coming soon, in glorious 8-track!!!

Big Red Moose on Aug 26, 2009


Lewis from The Signal is in this. Fuck yeah!

StabmasterArson on Aug 26, 2009


Red band trailer!? There was nothing in that preview that was graphic or adult content.

Film Fan on Aug 26, 2009


oh hay the amityville horror i thought they already made that movie?

:) on Aug 26, 2009


Looks fantastic and I hate horror movies.

Brandon on Aug 26, 2009


It's incredible how 80s it looks. Like they even shot it on the old film stock.

Fuelbot on Aug 26, 2009


Wow this looks better than I thought it was going to be, it truly dose look like it was shot in the 80's and I adore that! And at #4 I think the best part of the poster is that it looks so old school like something you would come across in a old video store in the 80's. I mean if they purposely tried to make it look older in the trailer then they most likely want to do the in the poster. And Alex it's not werid at all to say to say a horror movie poster looks beautiful, have you ever see Susperia?

Caitie on Aug 26, 2009


lolz, just the scene when they're driving to the house makes it a mumble-core horror film. I like Greta Gerwig though, so i guess ill see this if i have the chance.

erik on Aug 26, 2009


Wow...redband? For what? How horrible it was? Maybe an alright B-rated horror film but nothing great. The poster...beautiful? Seriously Alex, expand your horizons. Go outside and watch a sunset. The poster is trash...something I could make in photoshop late late late at night exhausted. *yawn*

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 26, 2009


Awesome poster!

RandyG on Aug 26, 2009


Um... nothing about this looks good. Not even it's "beautiful poster" that looks like shit. However, they did a good job accomplishing it's 80's look, I will give them that.

Syphous on Aug 26, 2009


meh............nothing to get excited about. it did capture the "look" of the 80's. and there did appear to be some decent suspense; but this looks like a "pass".

beavis4play on Aug 26, 2009


Looks pretty darn awesome.

Kevin on Aug 26, 2009


Looks campy and stupid. You cant even make an intellectual comment about this film. Stupid film industry, why do you keep trying to remake classics or use the old vibe/nostalgia factor nowadays for your horror films. Either his is gonna please the B-movie nerds, and maybe a cult classic? Who knows....oh well let those people enjoy it

Nikhil Hariharan on Aug 26, 2009


How does this guy still get funding to make movies? He's a terrible film maker. Terrible. This looks like even worse dreck than his previous attempts.

TTEX on Aug 26, 2009


I.... See.... Dumb.... People.... They're all over in this trailer... But they don't know that they're dumb...

Frank N. Stein on Aug 26, 2009


I completely agree with #11 about how 80s it looks, but I think the plotline is a little bit too familiar and i think it actually sounds like that movie in 70s or 80s where the priest sacrifices his daughter for devil in a ritiual (i don't know what it is called) ... and the creature-thing that flashes for a second or two looks like the faun in the Pan's Labyrinth

F.C. on Aug 27, 2009


not working anymore?

Nate on Aug 27, 2009


got it!, sorry for the dumb comments

Nate on Aug 27, 2009


Looks cool. Brings back great memories!

Fed Up With Hollywood on Aug 27, 2009


Looks like it promising, unlike the usual so called horror trash.

DiR3ct on Aug 29, 2009

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