Would You See a Danny Boyle Directed James Bond Movie?

March 3, 2009

Would You See a Danny Boyle Directed James Bond Movie?

That's exactly what The Sun is reporting - that Danny Boyle is being pursued by EON Productions for the upcoming Bond 23. But considering we all know The Sun is a hack newspaper full of bullshit reports, we can't trust them at all. That said, why not entertain the idea anyway? I mean, Boyle did just win an Oscar and got Slumdog Millionaire seven more, so he's probably being hunted down by every last producer in the world anyway. Boyle does also have a relationship with Callum McDougall, which means he has an inside track. "The EON team love his vision and think that it would work perfectly for the new look of Bond."

Obviously the bigger question is whether or not a Danny Boyle directed James Bond movie would be any good? I personally love Danny Boyle and thought he was/is an amazing director before he went on to become the awards season sensation, but his movies have a very intimate and energetic style that, oddly enough, just doesn't feel very James Bond to me. Even though he is British, I've just never thought of him as a possibility for Bond, maybe because I don't see him as a very action-oriented director. Obviously he has a very wide range, but again, Boyle directing Bond just really doesn't seem like a match made in heaven.

There's probably no truth to this rumor, but it's worth discussing. Would you want to see Danny Boyle direct Bond 23? Would his style and sensibilities result in a better Bond than before?

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I think he could make a great bond film. Could. Who knows what will actually happen.

nick on Mar 3, 2009


I'd see anything Danny Boyle makes. The one thing that connects most of his films is that he always chooses great music for his films. From 28 Days Later, to Sunshine, to Slumdog. I've always enjoyed listening to his films.

Matt Suhu on Mar 3, 2009


It's a nice rumour, and I think he'd do a decent Bond movie. But the Sun also reported this after 'Trainspotting'.

John Madden on Mar 3, 2009


Absolutly!!! I just watch Solace last night and was blown away. I know a lot of before who say they prefer the first one but not me. Yes the story is a little weak but it's non stop action. Now that's the type of Bond I've always wanted to see. Not all this seducing and banging chicks and all the ridiculous gadgets. He was down and dirty and kick ass. Loved it! I think Boyle would create something different that the first two but something amazing.

K on Mar 3, 2009


yea i could see. but my choice for a good director would be ang lee.

Darrin on Mar 3, 2009


As much as I love Danny, I don't think it would be good idea. I don't think producers would give him enough creative power, and if he had, the the film would be too much away from other Bond movies. But that's good thing to discuss anyway. Please bring more stuff from Sun or other trash newspapers like that!

richkaj on Mar 3, 2009


he would have to do a better job than the last guy...what a chopped up mess that was

darthwhitey on Mar 3, 2009


QoS was essentially an action art house film. I feel like Danny Boyle can provide a perfect blend between the artistic, stylish and dramatic elements that are beginning to make up the new language of Bond. From an action standpoint, I feel that if he pushes the style too far, like in Sunshine, it could become somewhat incoherent. But maybe we don't necessarily need a Bond film that is also an action film? Am I alone in thinking this? I mean you could still have brutal sequences of gunplay, sniping, fighting and spying and still make a compelling character drama. It may not be the Bond everyone wants, but it may be what we need after the last Bond film was pure action and little surface substance.

LINKFX on Mar 3, 2009


"But considering we all know The Sun is a hack newspaper full of bullshit reports, we can't trust them at all" Daaaayum, somebody didn't get an invite to the XMas party this year... Just kidding, Alex! I'd give Danny Boyle the same amount of trust as I'd give any award winning director - you never know what anyone is truly capable of in this industry. If you had told me 5 years ago that Jon Favreau would direct a phenomenal adaptation of Iron Man, I would have laughed in your face. On the same note, if someone had told me what Spielburg and Lucas would eventually do to Indy... well, you get the idea. I tend to give every director the benefit of the doubt until they either completely screw something up, or consistantly make bland movies.

Pete the Geek on Mar 3, 2009


I just wanted to note also I don't think that'll happen, no way in hell would anyone make Bond a character drama that's lite on action. It ain't going to happen. But I will still wish for it anyways. It would be nice in a perfect world. Also, did anyone else see striking similarities between QoS and the samurai film Sword of Doom? Was I the only one who saw this?

LINKFX on Mar 3, 2009


Consistently make bland movies? hahaha, you wouldn't be talking about Ridley Scott, would you?

LINKFX on Mar 3, 2009


good choice darrin, ang lee, i would watch it

Drake on Mar 3, 2009


Ang Lee is a terrific director but I think he's better off staying within his own narratives.

LINKFX on Mar 3, 2009


Danny Boyle, Ang Lee, it doesn't matter. I just hope they've had learned from their mistakes from Quantum of Solace, mainly the action scenes. I mean, fuck all this Jason Bourne style of shooting. I couldn't see what the fuck was going on. And lighten up on the CGI. That plane scene was horrible. In my own personal opinion, I would like to see John Woo take over a Bond film. Not "Paycheck" Woo, but "Hard-boiled" & "The Killer" Woo.

PEDRO on Mar 3, 2009


Danny Boyle would rock the next Bond. His use of color and camera techniques - it would be a great watch. However, one person I would really wish would direct Bond is Christopher Nolan. I have been a big Nolan fan since his Memento days.

Ryan on Mar 3, 2009


Danny Boyle would be great for a Bond film! We've all seen 28 Days Later, we know he can direct action/adventure. I would die to see a Boyle-helmed Bond flick.

Keith on Mar 3, 2009


danny boy should do 1 film first and thats 28 months later. big fan of the previous 2 and really want the final prt of this trilogy, come on danny!!

cregso on Mar 3, 2009


ha. 'hack newspaper'. i guess there was no transformers news today?

Zach on Mar 3, 2009


Alex I agree with you. However, I think if this turns out to be true, Danny Boyle might surprise us.

????? on Mar 3, 2009


I would like to see a Ridley Scott directed Bond.

????? on Mar 3, 2009


Ridley Scott needs to prove himself with a worthy project on his own first. A Good Year, American Gangster, Body of Lies...need I say more?

LINKFX on Mar 3, 2009


Christopher Nolan would probably make the ultimate Bond film that would make every other Bond film meaningless, so I'd say, leave him to his own, better works.

LINKFX on Mar 3, 2009


I don't think Danny Boyle would be a good choice at all. I really dont care for his movies. Actually no I do like his movies but his directing is horrible. For example. Sunshine could of been an awsome movie, except the editing was just awful. By the third act where all the climax was I could barely watch it. Same with slumdog, the editing was not all that great, either was the story- it could of been so much better!

The_Phantom on Mar 3, 2009


hell no, dont get me wrong, danny boyle is a good director but not to -make bond films. . his editing is all over the place. maybe its not him editing but whoever he is using he needs to fire.

rick on Mar 3, 2009


No, Mr. Boyle, I expect you to die!

Goldfinger on Mar 3, 2009


Boyle MIGHT fit as a director for Bond.

Fisherr on Mar 3, 2009


Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but on, Boyle's already been quoted that he will not like to direct a Bond movie. So the rumor was true, he was offered, but has turned it down.

Conrad on Mar 3, 2009


It's also denied by hime here:

Scienide on Mar 4, 2009


#28: Thanks for the report. It would be interesting to see if it were the case that hes directing, i mean each one of his movies are very unique and contain great cinematography.

Nikhil Hariharan on Mar 4, 2009


I never relly sat down and watched Bond. Always meant to, it's just never happened. But hell yes, Danny Boyle is fantastic. He can make any ol' film completely kickanus. I'd have far more incentive and motivation to actually go see a Bond film were he to make it. It could work. He's hopped from kid movies to movies about angry semi-zombies. I'm sure a spy film would be just as good under his rule. Bring it on! Though, I'm fairly sure it'd be full of trains.

Rosy on Apr 2, 2009

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