Writer Promises Stephen King's It Remake Will Be R-Rated

April 6, 2009
Source: Dread Central

Stephen King's It - Pennywise

A few weeks ago we reported that Warner Brothers was going to remake Stephen King's It, or better put, re-adapt it for the big screen. The news garnered quite a response in the comments, most of which supported the idea, some of which didn't. Although the original 1990 version of It was creepy as hell, it was still a made-for-TV film, and therefore edited for content. But if one thing is for certain, this time around, It will be as R-rated as "it" can get (pun intended). The horror site Dread Central got a note from screenwriter David Kajganich, briefly explaining his plans to adapt the 1104-page novel into one feature film.

"The remake will be set in the mid-1980s and in the present almost equally -- mirroring the twenty-odd-year gap King uses in the book -- and with a *great* deal of care and attention paid to the backstories of all the characters," Kajganich told Dread Central. "I think the real twist here is that my pitch to WB -- which they've assured me they're on board for -- is that this will not be PG-13. This will be R. Which means we can really honor the book and engage with the traumas (both the paranormal ones and those they deal with at home and school) that these character endure."

Kajganich goes on to say that he plans "to be very protective of the book" and that, despite the novel's immense length, Warner Brothers still wants to make this as a single film. "You have my promise, though, that I will do this with the utmost humility and respect for King's work. He's the King, after all, and I intend to continue to pledge to him my allegiance." Sounds like they really couldn't have hired a better writer for this. Although I'm not too familiar with his past work, I'm confident that Kajganich will do a good job. Now they just need to find the right director. Might I suggest Trick 'r Treat's Mike Dougherty?

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Yessss! this better be good

Tom W on Apr 6, 2009


Ahh, Pennywise my old friend, we welcome you back!

Jack on Apr 6, 2009


1104 pages brought down to just about 2 hours.... good luck with that...

Daedalus 4 on Apr 6, 2009


im with #3. Good luck with that. Unless you do something like the matrix and do a sequel, or even trilogy to continue the story.

LC on Apr 6, 2009


#4 ...despite the novel's immense length, Warner Brothers still wants to make this as a single film... Suggests no sequels/splitting

Big John on Apr 6, 2009


ironically, I just finished reading this book (awesome btw), and while I am excited that WB is bringing this to the screen (in 'R' fashion) you simply cannot "honor" the book with a single 2+ hr film ...ideally the best format would have been an HBO series.

hintos on Apr 6, 2009


I was originally excited by this idea, because It is one of my favorite books. But having the story set in the mid-1980s and present-day instead of the late 1950s and the mid-1980s will COMPLETELY change the feel of the movie, no matter how "protective" the screenwriter claims he is going to be. I'll reserve complete judgement until I see the finished product, but this isn't a good start.

Andy on Apr 6, 2009


i think that the setting will make it even scarier considering its closer to our time

Gregorydw11 on Apr 9, 2011


There was only one good thing in the original TV version of IT, and that was Tim Curry's stunning performance as Pennywise. That movie didn't go anywhere until Tim was on the screen. Only then did you start to feel the shivers. Tim WAS Pennywise. I'd love to see Curry unleashed in a big screen R rated adaptation of King's novel (imagine Pennywise in Imax 3D? Hully Freakin' Shit!). Tim is still young enough to pull it off and I think he would be Awesome!

Feo Amante on Apr 6, 2009


how in THEE hell can they delve into all the backstories in 2 hrs. Give it a 3hr 10min creep fest time limit

wm on Apr 6, 2009


Its possible. People act like having a certain number of pages makes it impossible to be narrowed down. You have to realize what those pages contain to understand how it can be adapted. Think about how much of that is description because you need something to visualize what's written. I was impressed with how Watchmen was done and we have an idea how long it would be as a movie. 6hrs thanks to the DVD so they cut it in half and it was fine since they left out what technically wasn't needed. I have faith in WB and actually look forward to this remake.

Hey Ya on Apr 6, 2009


I would love to see a remake for the movie but the thing that always gets in my mind is: Will it be awesome as the old movie?

Fisherr on Apr 6, 2009


I have a lot of faith in the folks over at WB. When it comes to genre film making, they know their marks. I'm still rooting for Tim Curry to reprise his role as Pennywise. Does anyone else feel the same?

Feo Amante on Apr 6, 2009


Tim Curry is and always will be Pennywise, noone else can be Pennywise, they need to have him reprise this role otherwise I don't know how they would pull it off.

Henu682002 on Jun 30, 2011


Personally, I liked the TV version, or at least the first half. The second half was definitely a letdown, but the first half was excellent. A lot of that is due to Tim Curry. He just nailed that role perfectly and tapped into more than a few people's latent fear of clowns. Ironically, by forcing myself to watch the TV version, I overcame my fear of clowns (which was largely due to "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"). A 3D version of Pennywise? As cool as that sounds, it would probably be 1) too expensive and 2) too traumatizing for the audience. If they did do it though, they should warn those with heart conditions or fear of clowns.

elessar on Apr 6, 2009


I should also add that Tim Curry should absolutely reprise his role on the big screen. He's still around and, I presume, in good health.

elessar on Apr 6, 2009


did he mean the "childhood" scenes will take place in the mid 80's as apposed to the mid-late 50's? how is that being protective of the book, it's backwards. why does everything have to be modernized.

The Delightful Deviant on Apr 6, 2009


NoOOOOooooOooo!!!! This movie gave me Clown-o-phobia!! No IT remakes PLEASE!! For the love of God!!

vanagwathiel on Apr 6, 2009


Then don't watch it... Believe me, it's for your own good.

Airs on Feb 3, 2011


Now they just need to make a Duma Key (one of Stephen's best novels) and I'll be happy.

MonkeyMowse on Apr 7, 2009


I agree with #7. I think the original was pretty creepy, but the climax was incredibly fake and lame (don't want to give it away, but it involved live-action combined with bad stop-motion animation). They could definitely improve that in the movie.

scm1000 on Apr 7, 2009


whatever he does, I hope he can actuall make this the big screen horror film it should have been originally...the tv version was just too watered down..."IT" was meant to scare the sh*t out of let it happen this hold barred...

moldybread on Apr 7, 2009


This is one of my first horror movies I have ever saw (to the best of my memory) and really do not think it needs to be remade. It is well-done (again, to the best of my memory) and still do not think that it is yet outdated.

Ryan on Apr 8, 2009


There is a lot of potential here. I hope that they don't twist the story around. I mean, sequencing is one thing. I just hope they don't make up characters and leave others out and make up events in the story. I have to say that this story is hollywood's to mess up. For all of the Tim Curry fans out there. We all feel you, but the story is what is really captivating and the characters. Try not to get so hung up. All in all: an excellent story and the movie version has lots to put in that was left out in the 90s version. For instance, the turle, why a spider, the club that gets burned down and spawns the awakening again, the stories of Derry's past (by the way this should be interesting to all King fans as so many of his stories take place in Derry), the hobo, etc. Also, an R film will allow them to talk the way they are supposed to talk. And finally, film graphics are so much better than what was available for tv in the 90s they probably shouldn't even be compared. Overall, great idea, don't mess it up.

Movie of the year? on Apr 8, 2009


So, it has come to this so far. Definately happy its being remade. Should Tim Curry be back? I would have no problems with that because he was such a creepy clown. If not there are some big shoes to fill for the next person. I'm mostly interested in the fact that it will be set in modern times. I'm not really feeling that because now Henry Bowers will be like what?? I guess he'll be wearing jam pants or something.. No thats the nineties. Either way, I am a little dissapointed in that idea because the 50s were a time when people had really strong core moral sets still and the towns were small and isolated, you know. I would see this movie regardless, and it is possible to make it good still and scary, I am just a little let down by this particular point. It seems like the modernization of it is being put in to appeal to the young kids of today, but what happened to the days when people were supposed to know about how their parents and grandparents grew up? All in all I will see this no matter what but we are talking quality and accuracy here. Still very happy its being done.

Hotelier on Apr 21, 2009


Agreed with 23 and 17 Duma Key would be amazing and I hope they can get Curry back...but I agree, those are some huge clown shoes to fill modernizing it might draw from the story a lil too much but long as the 27 year gap is there it should be..........decent to have it set to 50's then 80's would be TRUE to the novel as this prick says he's being

Andrew M on May 19, 2009


This story rocks.

Yeah! on May 19, 2009


If theyre gunna do a good remake get some decent actors Like for example Edward Norton would be an amazing older Bill or someone like Josh Brolin or Robert Downey Jr. as older Ben Throw Johnny Depp in there somewhere haha how about this time, try and focus more on good adult actors instead of kids, theyre kids we dont expect them to be spectacular! But adults should know better HAHA!!

Adam C on Jun 25, 2009


I agree with you.. about johnny depp, he could be beep-beep richie 🙂 I love Ben's character in the book and movie, esp. the young Ben. Bev Marsh/Rogan can be Jennifer Garner with all that fiery red hair!!! I can't wait to see the remake but I hope they make it longer this time or if not, it would be better if they could just make it a 2 or 3 part movie. Or much better, an series in HBO would do. See you in my dreams, Bob Gray!!!!

Airs on Feb 3, 2011


I am soo nervous about this remake. I loved the novel, the miniseries was decent (but of course, missed tons of plotline from the novel). 80's is way too far, at least stick loyal to the 50's as it should be, THEN move on to the 80's for the adults. There are alot of posts I can agree with on this list, Tim Curry did an amazing job in the miniseries, wouldn't have been good without him. I'd love to see him back as Pennywise (I know the appearance wasn't completely one with the book's description, but I liked his style better haha). Then again think about it, I've seen this mentioned in other forums and such and it's true, there's a chance he wouldn't be fulfilling the role again or they may not even ask him. Goddamn, they should though! The only thing I want done with Pennywise is to have the same appearance he did in the miniseries, I could never get the right picture when it came to the book's version with the two orange tuffets, silvery suit, electric blue tie and pom pom buttons? etc. And be sure to add the best parts from the novel! Especially the gore, and of course all the detail of IT (spider) and Maturin (turtle). I always thought a few movies were in order, sort of how Lord of the Rings was seperated into three different films. I know it was a book for each, but IT is a massive one and lots of detail should be added.

Kate on Jun 29, 2009


I'll be very happy as long as Tim Curry and whoever did the original score are involved. I don't particulary like the 80-present thing and I don't know how they'll cram all the good stuff in in under 4 hours without it feeling rushed but I genuinly think of all the movies out there IT is the one in need of a remake!

TheOmniscient on Jul 2, 2009


so, when is the movie coming out? what ever they do to the film, will never make it the same as Time Currys great performance 🙂

James on Jul 10, 2009


I don't like the idea of Beverly as the main character. But I hope Tim Curry returns and they keep a few quotes like "I am eternal child, etc"

Luke on Jul 20, 2009


AWESOME!! I hope it turns out well and isn't gonna be worse like what might happen with Death Note

Sammy on Jul 25, 2009


im actually reading the book now, and i heard the remake will be epic!!! cant wait and hope its not a disappointment, i saw the old movie and i thought it was genious tim currys acting: AMAZING!! anyways, yea hope that it wont be as long as the curious case of benjamin button, only if its worth it

Jacky on Jul 26, 2009


W a i t i n g . . . . . . . . . . . .

Eric on Aug 10, 2009


I loved the novel, but the biggest let-down of the miniseries to me was definately the ending, as previously stated by a few others. The "Void" was probably my fave part of the novel, and, like in all King novels, it was the "final showdown" between good and evil and should have been done justice. Instead of a play-dough Pennywise that just shank into a whole in the floor.

Griffo on Aug 19, 2009


What a terrible idea! Why would you change the time period? It is so essential to the feel of the novel. And as far as making a quality 2-3 hour movie? Fuckin' fuggetaboudit! The intro, the interludes, it would take at least 2 parts, maybe even a trilogy. Whatever. Way to fuck up a movie twice, asshead!

ShitStorm McGee on Aug 26, 2009


Just watced to tv version again.....can't get over some of the dumb changes. Namely, why is eddy spaghetti a virgin??? What is the point of that change? In the novel he is married to a woman like his mother. Were they making the tv series and like, we need to appeal to all the virgins out we will change it. I don't know. I also think that, as memorable as curry was, they could make the clown a lot scarier. The seies was great for the first few times I saw it. Now, I am ready for new life to be breathed back into the story. I don't know why they are changing the decades either.

Eric on Aug 30, 2009


I don't understand why people are complaining about the length, it was never mentioned in the article. I think 2 hours is too short as well, but he never said it would be that short. Just wait and see for god sake, for all we know it could be 4 hours long. Well, enough of that, I like the idea. Except the part about it being set in 1980's. Is long as they have Tim Curry do Pennywise, I'll be happy! "It", definitely needs to be R-Rated to be done right.

Kratos87Fan19 on Sep 8, 2009


i agree how can you in one sentence say you are going to be respectful to the work and in another say that you are changing the time period of the book? that changes Mikes whole reason for being a member of The Losers Club?! He was an outcast for being an African American kid in a basically all white town. this is one of Kings best books in my opinion and it doesnt need to be changed. i mean im not kidding myself that it would ever be done exactly as written but tell me why the time period needs changed? it doesnt. I have been praying for a remake to this for years. i love the mini series i loved the entire cast but i want to see what could be done with todays technology in film making. i do agree it would be better served as an HBO show or as a 2 part movie a la Harry Potter 7. god i pray this ends well. shannon

shannon on Sep 13, 2009


I wish i could remake it - word for word; it would be in 2 parts and be frankly amazing! I hope they do the book proud!

Alan Deal on Sep 14, 2009


I watched the movie when I was nine, and even at that early age, eagerly devoured the book within days of seeing the movie. To date I've reread the book a dozen times atleast. I've been wishing for YEARS for a remake that added in things that were skipped in the movie. Alot of people have named things missing, but one thing that hasn't been named yet I always felt the movie lost out on was the house on Neibolt street. Then I find this site and see they're changing the frigging decades? WTH man!? As so many people have pointed out, changing decades will naturally have to change the way alot of characters act and think. The music of the 50's was a major 'side' effect in the book; and I just do not think you can create the same atmosphere with 80's music. Still, I know I'm going to be holding my breath until 2011 just because I've been waiting for this for so long, I'll still go see it even if they do screw it up.

David on Sep 22, 2009


Something about the childhood scenes being set in the 80's brings ridiculous imagery to my head. The 80's was a ridiculously retarded looking time period and the only time its awesome when we bring it to the big screen is when we make fun of it (i.e. The wedding singer..) Something about a little Georgey wearing a Beat It jacket getting his arm ripped off seems more hilarious than scary.. Nevertheless MAYBE just maybe this one will not be a WTF to those that read the book.

A guy on Sep 22, 2009


Its gunna be jam pants and huge head phones I just KNOW it! No, it can't be that bad can it??? The producers are probably reading these posts and saying, Why on earth do we want it to be in the 80s? and present. I don't like the 80s in movies unless we are talking Rocky, Rambo, Stripes, that type of thing, where pop culture has no place in the film. I sure hope it isn't the 3 NINJAS vs Pennywise the hip hop clown or something. Maybe they will fight him with skate boards with one bent end or something. Think the worst, but hope for the best.

ERIC on Oct 16, 2009


man...the 80's fucking sucked!!! The setting of It in the 50's is one of the things I liked so much about the book/movie. I dont wanna watch a bunch of yuppie scum fuckin kids in the 80's, shit....

dave on Oct 17, 2009


Word, Hamma Time Dun dunna du du du du du

Eric on Oct 25, 2009


when will his movie come out? :DD

Joker on Oct 30, 2009

49 what is the worse that could happen if it is set in the 80's? The clothes, music, culture... I have read the book several times and I am reading it to my family right now. I think that they are using the 80's because it would be easier to like kids in the 80's then yuppies. Plus, if you are posting your opinions then most of you are 80's children as am I. I am just excited folks...really excited about this. I mean I loved the movie for what it was but if we are true to ourselves then we know that the first time we saw it after reading the book we were pissed. They excluded so many crucial moments. Granted they could not possibly have dealt into incest (bev and her dad) at the time, the loser's club gang bang, or how they all got really high....remember that. I just want this remake to make me feel the way I felt when I read the book at 14 and I regressed to needing a night light. I could not be alone in the house when I read it and I had to jump onto my bed from 5 feet away so nothing could grab my ankles on the way. Do it to me one more time!..LOL How about Seth Green plays Richie Tozier the adult?

Alex on Nov 10, 2009


Alex, you are definately right about how they left out stuff. I don't like for the whole sex thing to be in movies or tv at all when it involves young ones. That, to me, is just a horrible way to entertain. NOBODY CARES about seeing kids in those situation, you know. Nobody WANTS to see that. It gets old, especially in this day and age with 100 plus BS channels on tv and what not. That said, I think they could just give subtle hints to those parts of the book, kind of like hidden things that some would know and others maybe not. The part about them getting high is not a big deal to me because that is on a whole different level of wrong. Less wrong, I mean. Seth Green as an adult, yeah I could see that, as long as he could really get into the scaryness of the character again. He would have to portray more of a middle aged type of guy, though, right? As far as the 80s theme goes, it just doesn't seem like a King movie like that......I dunno. We have to trade greasers for jocks or something I don't know. We will just have to wait and see I suppose.

Eric on Nov 10, 2009


I think that Bev getting hit by her dad could be there if carefully done but the kids having sex is something that can easily be left out and i dont think will be missed by many people. and while i am a HUGE Seth Green fan (he is the reason i got into Buffy the Vampire Slayer) he still looks like a 20 something and is just so short i dont think he could play adult Richie. knowing my luck they will cast Seth Rogan since he seems to be in EVERYTHING lately. and either Terrance Howard or Tyler Perry will be Mike. (ideas i DONT approve of)

shannon on Nov 11, 2009


I think the miniseries on television was very creepy; I also liked the way Tim Curry potrayed Pennywise as terrifying yet hilarious...much like Freddy Krueger. And for all the people talking about how hard it will be to make a 2 hour movie out of 1,000 pages...OK you don' t see people complaining about how Breaking Dawn (the 4th installment in the Twilight Series) is 800 pages long and has to fit into a 2 hour movie. Besides, whilst there is more than 1,000 pages...think about how books differ from films: In the book it might say: "Shannon angrily picked up the ax with her face growing pale and eyes darkening. She swung the axe at Richard's scrawny neck and watched it fall to the floor with pride." But when it comes to films, directors have the power of MULTITASKING. Her eyes are already growing dark and her face is already pale, and we can already see that the guy's neck is scrawny and when she's done the deed we can see the look of pride on her face. So a seemingly 5 minute scene can become 1 1/2 minutes with the power of MULTITASKING. I personally think that as long as the ending of this remake doesn't suck, I wouldn't mind seeing it (:

MegMeg on Nov 14, 2009


As #3 said 'good luck with that'. But dude #3 its not 1104 pages, its like 1090 pages man. (Not quite as bad at least) Im readin' "It" right now im only on page 312 man. Dude.

Hello Everybody on Dec 10, 2009


P.S im totally for a remake of It. DO IT, DO IT, DO IT. Man.

Hello Everybody on Dec 10, 2009


and no i'm not a hippie i'm just making fun of hippies 'cause i'm fu*ked up that way! HA HA!

Hello Everybody on Dec 10, 2009


I believe it may be better to have 2 parts, Part 1: Past, Part 2: Present

Hello Everybody on Dec 13, 2009


The first thing is that thousands of many fans like me agree about the plan to remake the movie "IT" from the S.K's masterpiece, this means money for the production. At this point we can say Kajganich knows it and this work must go on. Someone before me wrote correctly we are on 2010 and different points of view instead 20 years ago, same about reference points and awesome actor performances; but as i remember, old movie was a "try" as old director admited: can't hold enough movie lenght for more than 1 thousand pages of the romance. (a special content found on dvd of the first version). So lets start stopping any scepticism : we have a second try now! Did you ever make difference between what you felt reading the book and than watch the movie instead look it on the tv-screen only? Well guys our parents said us when we were young "if you are scared to stay alone in the dark its because your coscence is dirty!" ..and then i say you guys.."no no no!..i did shat in my pants 'cos i cant forget that fukkin clown, the nightmare of my youth!" What i ment is that, on the movie, most of us gave most importance to an "image" like the last actor performance, that is the most commercial thing you can see and dream.. ..but if Kajganich said he will respects the work of S.K (that is on the book), the really scary thing must be the atmosphere behind the story, a job for one who directs sounds and scenes, the priority!..then you will wait to see when pennywise appears (and most of you know when it will comes), and that commercial satisfaction will be filled apparently. Because you know IT meaning was nothing else that our subcoscence fears, today this movie must show more and more the anxious and the pain, working the most of this opera on our imagination like the rule wants and, this time always, show 1 or 2 times on the movie what IT does to his victims (like the omosex child on the bridge) cos this BEAT the handicap through 20 years of movie differences!! Since i hope that will be GODLY done, i do not expect any error cos we have to be freeze there and not just disgusted. (that would not to be IT then). Otherwise if nothing of what i wrote will be..i just hope they will find someone who can beats not just an epic performance from Tim Curry but the scary image we have printed on our mind. Let's hope it will be a success.

Alby on Jan 3, 2010


1) Tim Curry back is a must. 2) Same backgrond theme music and feel. 3) Time scale needs to be in keeping with the 1st film, agreed as above. 4) Same place of shooting as the 1st FILM, down by that creepy lake, in the woods. 5) Dont mondernize it too much 6) Tim Curry back is a must and ermmmm yes 7) Tim Curry back is a must

IT is nothing with out TIM CURRY on Jan 7, 2010


I agree... but have you seen Tim Curry lately... come on guys, he isnt no Rocky Horror Picture Show... or Pennywise no more... its time to let the legend go... But i'm a little sadden to this and for me saying that... but i really want him in there as well... even as a side character... a teacher.. the man on the street... drug-store clerk, person sitting in library.... but he isnt as bounce back as pennywise was back then... 🙁 Now mind you, i dont want this MODERNIZED at all... we remember the first "IT" and it should almost be the same... i so agree w/ the creek and woods.. THE MUSIC DEF KEEP THE SAME... THATS WHAT MADE THIS MOVIE KEEP THE EFFIN MUSIC... but also... as a tribute to Stephen King.. he mostly base his novel upon Maine.. soo... why not shoot this in the actual BARONS! IN MAINE!! now that would be awesome... dontcha think?!

Mii Babii on Apr 3, 2011


This movie is gonna be crap (unless James Cameron decides to direct it). How are they gonna explain the ritual of Chud, show the darkness beyond the universe that IT came from, how are they gonna explain the symbolism of the Turtle. This is Hollywood, they are not gonna bother with that. Clown is important but Clown is not IT, how are they gonna show that It is everything that we fear the most...ehh. Plus directors these days have an extreme talent to screw up every remake. Just think about Freddie Kruger. Anyways, just wanted to say that movie might be good for people who never read the book and the only thing they remember is the 80's series (which I have nothing against, it was 80's -they are forgiven), but for people who love the book...I doubt it .

Katherine on Feb 8, 2010


Actually the TV mini series was in early 90's not 80's.

dj komputer on Feb 18, 2010


You must be really stupid.

Unclemuscles on Apr 4, 2011


I don't the sound of this at all. I mean yes.. I do love the ideal that they're bringing "IT" back; but come on. This whole time period thing will ruin it greatly. Sure, I guess it does depend on the actual story and how well it is being done; but this is off. The events of the novel were made for that time period. Redoing that would be like rewritting it. -- Regardless I will see it either way, as stated before. -- I just wish they wish they would consider the time period. -- To make it fit with the younger audience now there's going to be bad music, bad clothing, and bad hair styles. Some of which just will not be appealing. As mentioned before I'm curious to how Bowers will turn out. Will he now just be a sadist/racist? The gap in time periods will suggest they will have to add something in. Being that most of the negative events were associated with "IT". -- Oh well.. I hope they really get to work on this thing. I can't wait to see a trailer! -- Or at least some production stills. -- Get a director!

It Fan. on Feb 26, 2010


if this movie sucks im going to kill somebody... if you disgrace this movie as you did nightmare on elm street and other remakes then you are truly the worst.

leonard on Mar 3, 2010


Oh yay Pennywise my old friend and Stephen King the things that gave me my fear of clowns and love for horror i can not wait it will be great they just remade Children of the Corn and are also remaking Pet Cemetery yay Stephen King

Catrina on Mar 10, 2010


unless Tim Curry is playing Pennywise, then they're just wasting their time

Eric on Mar 22, 2010


I agree with lots of you on this - the 50s are essential to King's story. In the 80s, would Mike really be that bullied? What about the music of the 50s, the language used in the book? And of course, the thrill of going to see a Monster Movie, and the fear of the Werewolf, the Mummy, etc... I worry about this remake. Sometimes I worry a lot... 🙂

Angie on Mar 28, 2010


Best bet would be to turn this 1100 page horror novel into an HBO TV series. I think hbo would redeem itself with this. Or SHOWtime, Starz, etc.. Anyway, the story is very long and is amazing. There are a bunch of other side stories that all intersect with the evil presence living in the derry sewers. The options could be, each season shown through 2 characters perspective. The other option could be just take it from the book directly. Starting with the first death, all the way to the last interlude (i believe thats last?). I havent seen an honestly scary TV series in a long while. In fact i cant honestly recall there ever really being one. Please if anybody in "HOLLYWOOD" is reading these comments for ideas or just a critical review of the idea, please go with this. I GUARANTEE the people would be pleased! possible Actors to portray Pennywise ( they have alot to live up to, since the great Tim Curry) -Brendan Fraser - 6'3" white brendan fraser with his big bug eyes and facial expressions for every Possible feeling out there -Ricky Gervais - Short pudgy english razor teeth Ricky Gervais with his chubby cheeks and little round nose -Willem Dafoe- Skinny Lanky beat up looking face with big bug eyes as well. (not my number one pic but my be good) -Stephen King - Now i know what alot of you are saying, but man HE WROTE THE CHARACTER he knows the mannerisms and everything! I would be scared shitless, but i doubt it would ever come down to Mr. King!

Russell on Apr 16, 2010


yes i agree with comment number 63 they need to make it into a tv series you can't cram a 1200 page book into 2 hours of film, unless it was filmed in super speed lol 😛 but i also agree that if tim curry didn't reprise his role as pennywise theres no sense in remaking this classic, although ill still watch it because im a serious fan of mr.kings brilliant work 😛 tim curry isn't that old he could still do it and i bet you he would be delighted to, but you never no we will see hopefully he does take it (cross your fingers)

Mike-a serious fan on Apr 25, 2010


The movie will only come out sometime 2011, the script havent been approved yet, so something is not going the right way for this movie (can't remember where I heard it). The old movie was so scary, that I want to scream right now. Pennywise is the scariest monster that I have ever seen in a movie and usually I can see horror movies and yawn, but this one here. Just whisper the name Pennywise into my ear and I will be screaming. hmm why do Pennywise and Ronald McDonald look alike and why is he aways sitting on that bench with that creepy smile on is face?

Jane on May 3, 2010


ya that movie is scary i admit

Really big IT fan on May 29, 2011


I think it's an amazing idea to remake this movie. I do agree with the people who say that a mini series on HBO would be able to follow the book more closely - but at the same time, I think they could do a lot of good things with a movie as well. For those of us who have read any of Mr. King's work, a lot of the bulk of his stories comes from descrpition, in a movie - that's obviously not necessary, so it may be easier than we think. I'm very excited about this- but I agree with pretty much everyone else when I say that Tim Curry was born to play Pennywise the Dancing Clown. I don't think I could ever fully accept another. Even when I read the book, Tim Curry is my brain's Pennywise.

Ellie on May 4, 2010


yes i'm really look forward to the remake..honestly the first one wasn't even scary

ciana on Jun 8, 2010


it sucks who cares about a remake? watch in the mouth of madness if you want to check out a cool movie.

Joe Vela on Jun 10, 2010



IRIS on Jul 8, 2010


Almost 2000 pages (1190 to be exact) and made into a movie! BS.

BOB JOE on Jul 20, 2010


All of this "1190 into a 2hr movie"...... is everyone forgetting that there already is a Stephen King's IT movie (2 thumbs up)! Not to mention with a film like this you can expect a possible solid 2hr 30min. flick (similar to the first movie. If anything people should be worried about the story and previous movie being disgraced by just a plain old terrible remake. I dont think this will be the case and reguardless of the reviews and bad mouthing (mostly by remake haters in general), I will be first in line!

Horror Film Remake Supporter on Jul 20, 2010


I've been waiting for this day for a long, long time. IT is the reason I have Coulrophobia. I snuck out of bed one night when my mom and sister were watching the movie, and hid behind the couch. It was the part where Bev went back to her old childhood home, and "Ms. Kersh" was living there. At the exact moment she looked up, with the face of the old crone, my life was forever changed. I'm currently reading the book for the fifth time, and I agree, there is no possible way they can make the time setting in the 80s. Richie wouldn't be made fun of for glasses, Mike for being black, Stan for being on and so forth. And like so many other people have said, there are so many other elements to the story that coincide with the time period. Henry is a "greaser". The movies at the Aladdin are typical 1950's horror movies. Richie's fears are The Eye and the werewolf. How would that happen in the 1980s? In the 1950s, nobody batted an eye when parents hit their kids. It clearly states that Beverly often had visible bruises on her. In the 1980s, that would've been reported before you can say "Pennywise". And we all know that Georgie was murdered after Bill made him a paper boat. Did any kid in the 80s know how to make a paper boat, let alone want to play with one? As you can tell, I've read the book many a time. Tim Curry would be great as Pennywise, but I think Johnny Depp would be a great addition and a fresh face to the movie. If anyone has seen him in the new Willy Wonka movie, and the new Alice in Wonderland, you know that he is well versed in playing many roles. The main problem I have with this idea is the fact that they're changing the entire time period, which is essentially changing the entire first half of the book. A kid in the 80s is not going to want to play outside all day; they're going to want to play with electronics, or go to the mall, or whatever kids did in the 80s (I can't judge-I was born in '88). The length of the book isn't a problem as to how long the movie is. They never said it would be 2 hours long. I'm kind of afraid of a lot of important parts being left out, as many people have mentioned. I was an avid fan of the Harry Potter books, and all of the movies sucked balls. There was so many major details and scenes left out. Then again, Harry Potter wasn't an R rated movie. I'm hoping and praying that this will be what I've been anticipating for years now. The original was probably scary when it came out, but watching it now is just cheesy. The only thing that remains that is absolutely terrifying is Tim Curry's performance, which was almost the only good thing in that movie.

H-Bomb on Jul 22, 2010


OMG i totally agree... i saw this movie when i was 5yrs old... noo sheeeeit! i've been watching nothing but horror flicks since i was 3... and imma fan %100 of stephen king... and IT is the reason I have Coulrophobia... i cannot go anywhere w/o almost gasping for breath.. if i see one... i recently watched that "GACY" movie... and omg... he was the real pennywise to me lmao... like real life shit lol i freeeaked!! they have this CRIMINALS HALL OF FAME in NIAGARA FALLS CANADA and he was a wax figure in there i clung to my husband bcauz eff clowns.. i looove horror movies and i'll watch IT again and again.. but im making it worse... but it is worth it lmao...

Mii Babii on Apr 3, 2011


Can't wait for this, too bad tim curry won't be back as it. I hope seth green comes back

Martin on Jul 24, 2010


Always gotta go changing stuff!!!Follow the book,Do not change the time period!!!If this is done the right way,it could be one of the best horror movies ever.Tim Curry was great bring him back!If they make it a 2 hour film people [once again] will not understand just how horrible Pennywise is.63 that is a great idea making into a HBO or Showtime series!!!That way the whole story could be told!!!Well if the movie sucks,we still have the book.And from what i am hearing about the movie i will stick to it!!!

Dana on Jul 25, 2010


if they put patrick hockstetter(flying leeches),the scene with the leopard, and also the scene with the creature from the lagoon then this movie will be awesome

Paul on Sep 4, 2010


Fantastic news. I love Stephen Kings IT and really hope this remake will give the story justice. Please make it good. Pennywise character is key to the movies success.

Deepak Sahota on Sep 8, 2010


I'd just like to point out that I'm in my early twenties and all throughout my childhood I was bullied for my glasses and I have black friends who still get racist comments thrown at them, so in that regard it doesn't matter what time period you set it in. Also for the question of who would replace the greasers, my best guess would either be metal heads or skin heads. I've never read the book, I've only seen the mini series but as someone who believes remakes are incredibly stupid I do think It does need an update.

TobeyG on Oct 5, 2010


I wonder how this is going to turn out.... the first was was good but i really hated to ending ( don't get me wrong i LOVE the book and the first half with the kids was really good) but the ending with the spider... it really didn't make it home with me =/ i DO hope Tim is recast as pennywise once again he was born to play that role the role of a evil clown hell bent on eating children xD a couple things i would really want 1. more gore 2. better adult actors ( this doesn't include pennywise) 3. detailed traumas of the kids child hood

Jason on Oct 18, 2010


They better get Tim Curry on board there is no Pennywise without him. Those are big clown shoes I don't see anyone else filling better than him.

Raiden2Ace on Oct 30, 2010


Alright now i may only be 14 years old but i am a big fan of the stephen king series of books, ive started collecting em myself and my dad has already gotten most of the books stephen has written so in a way im following in his footsteps but either way, back to the main thing, the remake. As a fan of stephen king, the first book and movie of his that i was introduced too, was of course IT. The book loved it very much. and the movie was great, a bit cheesy now that you look at it but very very good. Tim Curry just captured the role so well, the look was bit different but the way that he was seen in the movie was just great, and the way he was in the movie was perfect. Whether it be the menacing laugh, the most loved lines of "They all float downhill, and you will too!" or "Do you want it?!", or just the most loved way that he acted as being creepy but entertaining. The first half wa particularly my favorite though, the older actors werent as good, which is a downside but livable i guess. Tom Curry Brought it all together with the great actor that he was and i would love to see him come back as IT in the remake. But aside from the fact that most people would like to see Tom Curry again, the remake should stick more to the original novel if thats wat he really wants to do, it just wont be as good if he takes the times and puts it in a different period. it wont be the same. even though its not as important it just wont feel right in a way. He should portray the movie in 1950 still and have the adulthood be in 1980 like the book has it. I mean wat kid is gonna want to play with a paper boat in the 1980's? not to be mean but i dnt think thats wat the big toy was then. so why change teh time? I Love the fact that he wants to Modernize it like many movies have done and succeeded with sometimes but i just think it'd b better in the real time it was written in. As for the rated-R movie rating. Id have to hitch a ride with my dad but hey, if its to se IT, id do it anyways. The fact that its in R would be much better because the characters can take on a much more natural role when there is more gore and cussing and things like that. it would be better and make the movie better id think, eally get to you and help the movie F*ck your mind up and freak you out haha. So is a remake good, H*ll Yeah! I cant wait, to see how they take a pg-13 pennywise and turn it into a rated R pennywise. and to see Tom Curry would be great so Cant wait for the movie whenever it may come out lol. Just try to put some more detail into the movie, and dont just keep it at one time slot, be a bit flexible on the option that maybe a sequel would be good. So Come On with the remake, Im waiting HAHAHA "The all float....They always float... and you will TOO! Haha

Christian on Jan 1, 2011


First of all, It's "They all float DOWN HERE." Not downhill. Second of all, I played with stick boats in the rain when I was little, and that was in the mid-90's. I could see a problem if their childhoods were being based in the 2000's, where children only play with video games and never go outside, but as a child in the 90's, my life revolved around the outdoors and I played with tons of handmade crafts in the rain, so I'm assuming plenty of kids did in the 80's as well. The book was written in that time era, which is why the "current" happenings in the book were based in the 80's. It was supposed to be what was happening in that day's current time frame. If Stephen King were to write the book this year, the book would be taking place in 2011, and the children would be growing up in the 80's. There wasn't anything ridiculously significant to the time frame that will just ruin the entire story. So why nit pick at something so insignificant as a time frame? This writer is handling this movie very well from what I can see, and I'm looking forward to it.

Hanna Indoccio on Feb 6, 2011


-------------------^ mind the fact that it is now 4:12 am so sorry bout the Tom Curry lol, cu i know its really TIM

Christian on Jan 1, 2011


i agree with the number 7 comment - if they are changing the era's they are changing the story. why cant they just do a decent version of this? i hated the miniseries with a passion and the disloyalty the film-makers are already showing to something as basic as the era means i'm gunna hate this one too. such a wonderful book! such a shame...

sue on Jan 1, 2011


As long as Tim curry is playing pennywise I'll watch it

Cjg293 on Feb 3, 2011


I love the book... After I read it, I got so sad it made me want to watch the movie again. I hate clowns and this movie started it all for me. But Tim's performance is superb. He should have won an award during the 90's. And i love Ben's character (esp. the younger one). "IT" is a classic one!!!

Airs on Feb 3, 2011


All of you bickering about them adapting this into a two hour movie aren't really thinking things out. The book was long, yes, but King uses a lot of fluff in his writing. He's extremely descriptive of scenes. Things that he takes pages to write can easily be SEEN in a single glance. *SPOILER* The scene where Bev's boyfriend is beating the crap out of her lasts for pages, but on the big screen will only last a minimum of five minutes. This is just one example of many instances throughout the book. *END SPOILER* Another thing to look at is other movie adaptations of long books. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was 807 pages long, and was managed to be crammed into a whopping 137 minutes of runtime. I own every Stephen King book, IT is by far my favorite, and I have full trust that this movie will be good. Can't know for sure, though. We'll just have to wait and see. I'd also like to add that I like the idea of adapting it to the 80's - modern day. I don't think it will change the feel very much, just make the film more relatable to a modern audience. I personally think it would be weird to go to a movie a see a cast in the same clothing and hairstyles that were in the original Mini series.

Hanna Indoccio on Feb 5, 2011


Gay oral sex will be in this movie.

anon on Feb 24, 2011


i think they should make this as long as TITANIC... if they are gonna take this novel and turn it into the masterpiece it was you HAVE to.. stick to the novel... mind you, im not all a %100 on board of Stephen King remakes... like you said "after all he is the king" and indeed, one of thee best HORROR novelists ever... so i only hope that this FOLLOWS the novel.. and I wouldn't mind seeing THE ORIGINAL "TIM CURRY" the one and only "PENNYWISE" in here as a side character... someone who gets hacked up lol like he could even play "the drug-store clerk" lol... but you hafta show the orignal Pennywise... that should be a given... Like in all honesty... the new "NIGHTMARE ON ELM" sucked ass... bcauz no1 was ready to get rid of Robert Englund... and i aint ready to get rid of the orignal penny... so just add'em in for a side guy! (: that is all!!... and as for Anon... "gay oral sex will be in this movie" it was a quote from the novel... of him being teased about it.. and if there is deal with it... i support the gay community and they should be able to see that on movies nowadays... should be more open!! (: they're good ppl... but plus it is in the novel babe... so i really hope this sticks to the book.. and this clown... isnt gonna be some stupid ass looking person... im talking "killer klowns" DO NOT DO THAT TO HIM!!! PLEASE1!!!!!

Mii Babii on Apr 3, 2011


I'm in full agreement. They should just use Tim Curry as Pennywise! About the gay oral sex, that's not the biggest problem. How about the part where the 7 are lost in the tunnels after their first battle? All the boys have consentual sex with one girl. Without that scene showing how. Beverly grounded & knit them back together a lot will be lost. Don't u think?

Supplemel on Jul 1, 2011


I don't believe that they r really gonna remake this movie they been saying that for years so why now?

Texasplaya109 on Apr 13, 2011


I'm so excited for this, but I really hope they don't turn it into some hollywood crock of shit like they do with most remakes.

Stan on May 25, 2011


i cant wait for the IT remake too come out i have the original IT and the book i have all stephen king books and movies the old IT scared me when i was young it still scares me welcome back pennywise

Jodi Mcclelland on May 29, 2011


i am exited but somtimes remakes are not scary and thrilling like the old ones somtimes they dont have the same actors like with the freddy remake if pennywise dosent look the same or act the same or tlak the same its nowere as good as the old old one

Jodi Mcclelland on May 29, 2011


As an Uber King fan I appreciate the solemn swear to keep to the book true form. However since the timeline will be changed my question then is, How is that true to the book? Also, will the scene of the kids lost in the tunnels after the first bout with IT be in the remake? Since it deals with underage sex & 6 boys having sex with one girl I am curious how u will do that? Well I guess we'll see won't we? Faithfully your's Mr. King..Melissa Supple

Supplemel on Jul 1, 2011


It better be a man in a costume and not some chucky puppet that would ruin IT, You need the orginal pennywise back or it will be a failure, he was special, im sure he would come back and do it for the fans who love this classic.

The Original IT on Jul 5, 2011

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