X-Men Origins: Wolverine Will Have Multiple Secret Endings!

April 24, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

I just stepped out of a screening of X-Men Origins: Wolverine on the Fox lot in Los Angeles and before it started, director Gavin Hood stopped by to introduce the film. He spent most of the time thanking us for coming to this screening and seeing Wolverine the way it should be seen, in theaters, and talked about how many difference there were between the final cut and the early leaked version. He then mentioned that Marvel has a tradition of hiding easter eggs in their films, and it's no exception for Wolverine. They've hidden multiple secret endings on different prints and theaters will be showing different versions.

Fox is a bit desperate to try and get people in theaters on May 1st for the opening and this definitely seems like a very unique decision to try and bring people in. While we've seen plenty of easter egg endings, like in Iron Man last year, we haven't seen multiple endings like this in a long time. Hood didn't say how many different endings there would be. As for the other differences between the leaked version and the final cut, Hood explained that there were 400 unfinished visual effects shots and that there was no score, unfinished sound mixing, and unfinished coloring. However, he didn't mention anything about differences in footage.

I will say, quickly, that I enjoyed Wolverine and wouldn't call it great, but liked it a lot more than I was expecting. I think my expectations had been brought down considerably because of all the negative buzz from the leak. However, seeing a finished and polished version was what made all the difference (I never saw the leaked version anyway). As for the secret ending we saw tonight, I'll only say that it featured Deadpool, but I won't say anything more, as I don't want to spoil the ending. We'll let you know when we hear any more about the secret endings in Wolverine, including how many there are and what they are.

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Man, talk about a money grab gimmick. Well its FOX, and thats what there best at. I hope Star Trek stomps the shit out of it the following weekend.

JackGi on Apr 24, 2009


In the wise words of Eric Cartman, LAAAAMEEE...

Gopher on Apr 24, 2009


i know of 2 of them one is lame and 1 could set up Wolverine Japan Storyline

nelson on Apr 24, 2009


uncool, damn them and their need for our money!

xerxex on Apr 24, 2009


I think this is the dumbest thing I've heard in recent movie news. And yeah, of course it would be FOX to do something like this, but I'm confused, I've seen the leaked version, and Deadpool is ruined, and I'm not talking just a little ruined, I mean "Deliverance" raped, and any form of redemption could be in this secret ending, but I might not even get to see it, instead I could witness some lame other ending? WTF??????

Bo on Apr 24, 2009


Also, this will only encourage more people to pirate online, because they wont want to see it in theaters over and over when they could just watch it online again for free.

Bo on Apr 24, 2009


This is lame. Seems like they are desperately trying to make people see it more than it should be viewed. It will def encourage people to view it online. Shame on them.

DS on Apr 24, 2009


This is incredibly stupid. You have to go to different theaters to see them and on top of that you don't know how many endings to be looking out for? This is BEGGING to be downloaded via bitTorrent. Who the hell is going to pay to see this piece of shit movie multiple times just to see a different ending???!!!! I saw the leaked version and the movie really is garbage. The way they made the Blob, he seemed so campy. Awful work.

Conrad on Apr 24, 2009


Lol, they are desperate, aren't they? Many people have said the final print is exactly like the leaked version minus the terrible effects, and this might be Fox's attempt to reel in people to see this, after the leaked film pretty much created a lot of backlash. Very, very sad that they couldn't make a good quality Wolverine film.

Daniel on Apr 24, 2009


I saw the leak and it was pretty terrible, but watchable. I'm still going to see it in theaters just to see the differences between the final cut and the work print, if there are even any.

Farris on Apr 24, 2009


as predicted this will be the years turkey for many different reasons, now the different ending story only confirms how deep in the water fox are. thanks fox youve done it again

bassbin on Apr 24, 2009


sounds like clue

maxxx on Apr 24, 2009


*Sigh* How typical of FOX, as other commenters have noted. FOX needs to learn that it's 2009 and The Dark Knight and Watchmen are behind us - if you're not bringing something up to snuff with those two heavy-hitting comic book films... then why bother? Fans are tired of lackluster, half-assed films designed to get fast cash from comic book fans. As much as I love Hugh Jackman, the man was born to play Wolverine, I've got to say this film does not interest me at all. I shudder at the thought of what the X-Men franchise could have been if the people at Fox would have treated it with a little respect and not mined it for box office returns.

Adam Frazier on Apr 24, 2009


so fox expects me to sit through multiple viewings of a 90 minute film just to MAYBE see a 1 minute ending that i havent seen before? i call that 'wait for the dvd'.

faye on Apr 24, 2009


Regardless of everything, I will watch this movie in the theatre on the first day & that too, first show. Why these stupid 'different ending' gimmicks? Quoting the great Cartman again "I mean, seriously, What the F*** dude! What the F***!"

Deepak T on Apr 25, 2009


In one way or another i am still excited about the movie and i'll go watch the movie.I got really hyped about the movie,Alex. You got me more excited about it and i love alternative ending style movies and if you said Deadpool that means something,we might see him in the future in a Spin-Off or something which is fine by me.

Fisherr on Apr 25, 2009


The problem with the whole film, if you've seen the leak which seems to be the final version as well, is that it's in direct conflict with the first two X-Men films, in terms of details about the origin. Seriously, how could they screw that up?! I mean, for me, it's heavily implied in X2 that the procedure caused the memory loss. Not in this film. Those flashbacks, especially in X2, pretty much gave you foundation. Follow that by crafting a character story around those moments and you're set. As it stands, too many little details are in direct conflict to what Singer had in mind. It's just really hard to watch this film and then go start into X-Men and X2.

Cory on Apr 25, 2009


ill wait for the dvd, unless each dvd will have a different ending and not bonus features. fuck their gimmicks

harrison on Apr 25, 2009


This movie was sooooooooooo horrible!!! Fox needs to fire all the people in charge and hire new faces to run the company. The only thing FOX has good for them is Avatar and its because James GOD Cameron OWNS THEIR MONKEY ASSES!!!

REAL6 on Apr 25, 2009


Wow, ive never heard so many babies in my life. I think it is a great idea. Of course, i would only probably watch it once and then buy the DVD, but still. You'd think that this kind of drama would start by getting slighted on the ? Dum-Dum sucker as a kid. This is speaking on the basis of the multiple endings only. The movie being crap or not, I don't know as I haven't seen it.

L on Apr 25, 2009


This is the same company that give us the Simpson & Family Guy....right....hummmmm......I guess we're back in the late 90's when movie gimmicks were in and movies were souless pieces of money cows...

Lazarus on Apr 25, 2009


I really hope this will make a lot of money so people stop bitching about how internet piracy is killing Hollywood. A leak would have been great for Fox if the movie was any good so it sucks that this whole legal battle is bringing so much negative buzz to the "illegal" downloading forefront. It's not the leaks fault that this movie will flop, it's the fact that it was a bad film. Kevin Smith once said that the money on a film is not made in the theater, and it's initial release represents the "promo" for the film. The real money is made on dvd sales in the long run and that's due to positive buzz being garnered after a successful opening. Word of mouth is everything because people know that marketing lies (hence why we ask our friends who have seen the film or rely on critics). When this was happening for the music industry the people who complained and filed lawsuits were the same people who ruined their reputation and hurt their sales even more (i.e. Metallica). Now the smart ones (i.e. Radiohead) have found new and more creative ways to draw profits (itunes, Guitar Hero, etc) which is what evolving to offer a better service is all about. This may not be the form of capitalist competition the industry is used to, but it's still competetion and throwing lawsuits at it isn't going to change the norm. Hollywood either needs to evolve a new standard of media format that is worth going to see (like James Cameron is doing) or offer the films to download for very cheap at fast speeds (movieflix, hulu, etc).

peloquin on Apr 25, 2009


TERRIBLE IDEA. "The Wolverine I saw was good." "Well the one I saw wasn't very good." It's like different movies, but it's the same movie. SO STUPID.

CJ on Apr 25, 2009


Lousy idea.

WEAPON X on Apr 25, 2009


No guys, its fine, they are just gonna jack up them dvd price and include all the multiple endings, of course that will be the X Men Origins Wolverine "Special Edition", first they will come out with a regular dvd.

movie buff on Apr 25, 2009


Seems like nobody likes that idea. Honestly, with all the leaks and copies running around, I don't know why people are complaining and not understanding that since all this underground talk of it being a lame movie, maybe this will keep some of the movies integrity / fanboys from spoiling the end, then sure, I'm down. Sooner or later we're gonna see all of the alternate endings. As long as they're all equally badass.

Nick Sears on Apr 25, 2009


come on dude i dont wanna know anything about the ending at least give a spoiler alert alex

jh on Apr 25, 2009


Peeps just need to stop the usual bitching! It's all marketing and the same peeps bitchin' are the same ones that will line up for the midnite showing before May 1. I hope this movie breaks box office records!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Silver on Apr 25, 2009


The way I've heard it these aren't alternate endings but alternate easter eggs. The ending is the same, they just added different post credit bonus scenes, which doesn't seem like much of an incentive to see this movie more than once. Having seen the leaked movie I'd say it's not worth seeing even once.

ebbie on Apr 25, 2009


hahaha this is such a gimmick. I'll be seeing it anyway just to support Deadpool getting a movie.

Motu on Apr 25, 2009


Damn! This movie is gonna suck! I actually WANT to see it, but from what i have heard, its not even worth it. I think ill check it anyway. I think everyone goes through spending money on a movie that turned out to be garbage. Ill take this risk, i think its a good idea for FOX to make their money. I think its a bad idea for all the consumers though.

big r on Apr 25, 2009


FRAK! You didn't warn about spoilers in your article, man. NOT COOL!

R. on Apr 25, 2009


Fox please stop

The Magic on Apr 25, 2009


They'll be on youtube by the end of the weekend so I really dont see how they win here....

Josh on Apr 25, 2009


I just watched it and glad that I saved some $

crabby on Apr 25, 2009


Well... I had been inclined to go shell out eight bucks to see this... But now, I think I'll save my money for Star Trek on May 8th, and get this bad boy from NetFlix in a couple of months.

Dark Helmet on Apr 25, 2009


Fox really messed up this movie...Im very dissapointed

Trey on Apr 25, 2009


It's one thing to have a movie leaked onto the internet, but to have a movie that is just plan bad is another. I know the film was not complete. But from what I saw of it, the whole thing is a mess. I may as well go and rent Elektra and i'd be almost watching the same movie. Fox should hand over all rights to Marvel right now. They have no idea what the hell they are doing. I for one will not be watching this film at the cinema. I won't even be renting it on dvd.

Bizzaro on Apr 25, 2009


This is a horrible idea

Dan W on Apr 25, 2009


all these 'secret endings' are are just small scenes which get played in between the credits after the movie has finished, like you've seen in ironman and hulk.. imo all it does is show people how bad the movie is that they have to use this as a selling point.. and really, it is BAD

rhsy on Apr 26, 2009


Can someone on here with a brain of his/her own tell me why this is typical of Fox, or is everyone here a bunch of lemmings who have never heard of Time Warner?

whatever on Apr 26, 2009


Hugh jackman should be hanged for this deformity as he had director and script control. jackamn is either plain stupid or he just couldnt give a damn. From a feral, angry, uncontrollable killer, Logan has morphed into a tough guy with a soft interior, sensitive new age 'killer'. Can u imagine a romantic shots with his girl, talking about the moon n all? Logan in some truly 'unfunny' comedic moments; and this takes the cake - towards the end, logan carries silverfox away in his arms against the setting sunset like this scene straight out of "Gone with the wind". Gimme a break! Jackman should stick to dancing n singing roles. He screwed up Van Helsing; and now he's done the same to Wolverine. He may be a nice guy, but that dont cut it when you're just a no talent hack with a nice smile. Wolverine/Logan deserves more, much more.

ccdev on Apr 26, 2009


that sucks! sounds like someone liked the old "clue" movie too much and decided to rip off movie goers on this film too! lame lame ending in theaters and if there are alternates then put them on the DVD

thejugfather on Apr 26, 2009


Wow, lots of negativity out there. I need to share my prozac. Whats the deal? Fox spends money on a film which gets leaked so they come up with an idea to stir a buzz to make money off a product they are selling. Exactly what I would do. I'm going Friday. I like the X films, and been waiting for the Wolverine film for 20 years since first coming across the comic. With Jackman it is even icing on the cake, an amazing talent. Oh and I have the download. Big deal, not the same as theatre. Just added bonus. To question Jackman's talent is probably the funniest thing I heard in awhile. I am concerned that they are trying to cover too much in this movie. I'll find out on Friday. Hopefully Logan won't be a pussy either.

Joe on Apr 26, 2009


@whatever The reason fanboys call out Fox more than other studios is because of Fox's horrible record of handling anything related to comics. Just look at the mess they made of the previous X Men movies, particularly the third one. Even worse is the abortion that they delivered in the guise of the Fantastic Four series and the less said about Daredevil and Elektra the better. Pretty much, the worst of the high-profile Marvel films have all been produced by Fox. Then, of course, there's the Watchmen incident. Fox has shown nothing but contempt for comic book properties and fans. The studio has a reputation for meddling in these films and forcing changes upon the directors that they hired to make the films. Not to mention a trail of horrible decisions that were clearly made with an eye towards making a cheap buck, rather than a quality film (Wolverine was supposed to be a much darker movie, something that makes more sense for the character, but Fox overruled the director because they wanted something more "kid friendly"; ie. would sell more toys.) Fox News may be "Fair and Balanced", but 20th Century Fox is "Campy and Craptastic."

KllrDave on Apr 26, 2009


FOX/Marvel will never get another dime of my money.

sean on Apr 26, 2009


I'm amazed that in a supposedly creative town this throwback solution is all their money driven minds could conjure up. I've stop watching new movies with any kind of frequency(particularly anything that is a part 2 etc), turned to black and white when they actually completed a story arc. And to Mr.Hoods comments re: "He spent most of the time thanking us for coming to this screening and seeing Wolverine the way it should be seen, in theaters". What?? Aren't you a millionaire? I have a system setup that provides a movie experience that isn't that far off physically going to a movie theater though it is minus the punks, 20 bucks in snacks, crying children, attitude from the ignorant talking fuckers in the 3rd row. His comments may have been true when he was a kid and went to the old movie houses which were the standard. It was an experience. Now it's yet another venture into a building build to sell me more more more. Mooo Moooo (thats me being a piece of their cash cow. The whole movie industry has become a joke. Tell a story and tell it well. The 400 missing effects likely just made it easier to identify this as another shitty xmen movie. Pffft!

Flipper on Apr 26, 2009


Fox blows shit.

Jimmy on Apr 26, 2009


I just downloaded all the different endings.

ed otto on Apr 26, 2009


Did I watch a different leaked version?? I'm big X-Men fan and I thought the movie's storyline was good and I can't wait to see the final product. Why is everyone hating on this? If your a deadpool fan, I can understand the disappointment, but seriously overall the movie is good. Much, much better then that horrible X3 movie that shouldn't have been made.

WTF? on Apr 26, 2009


what could the fucking secret endings be ?1.gambit meeting up with mr sinister.2.wolverine goes to japan.3.deadpool putting on a mask.4.nick fury.5.80's tv show dallas dream ending,what you just watched never really happened it was all a dream the real wolverine movie comes out next year & actually does the charactor see deadpool get hired by the comic fans, put his mask on & goes on a murderous rampage & kills the fox excecutives all over a fucking mask.there is only one fox i want to get fucked by and that's megan,so fuck off fox you ruin comic book movies.

zetsu on Apr 26, 2009


Ya can't polish a turd......I mean you can but it will still be a turd. I think thats the case here. Fox and Gavin Hood already butchered what was a initially cool looking movie. They bastardized Deadpool and they flash forward through the importance of Logans life to the point that his past becomes an afterthought.-At least thats what I read and thats why this movie will bomb with fans and people in general. I know it will have initial strong sales but as a fan of the character, I won't participate.

Josh on Apr 26, 2009


Not sure why you guys are so upset, 1 or 5 endings, why would you think you need to spend the money to see all of them when you can wait for the DVD to show them in one setting? Don't a lot people go see a movie then buy the DVD months later and doesn't that DVD have a crap load of extras?

JJ81 on Apr 26, 2009


Complete Fail !!!

Froto on Apr 26, 2009


"You have to go to different theaters...." Not necessarily. My wife is asst. manager at a 14 plex and they are getting three prints-all with presumably different endings. She didn't know about the multiple endings until I told her about it, but she *could* be getting three different ones, now that you think about it. CAS

CS on Apr 26, 2009


this is crap. the movie was crap. all the multiple ending the world cant save this piece of shit movie from itself. GIVE UP HOLLYWOOD DOUCHEBAGS you've ruined another cool concept with over the top CGI and super corn-dog lines once again. fucking assholes are seriously retarded sometime.

Nick S. on Apr 26, 2009



Rob on Apr 26, 2009


Let me tell you a secret, Deadpool was in the ending of the leaked version. OMG!!!!

Wolverine on Apr 26, 2009


I want to see this movie, and I want to see a lot more of these movies. Everybody whining about how lame this is, here's a clue: Do us all a favor and don't go see it, but meanwhile, shut the fuck up. It's a movie. If you think you can do better, scrape together a couple hundred million dollars and do your own damned movie. I'm going to go see it, and I'm probably going to enjoy it a LOT. In large part because I don't start with that whiny juvenile "Eww, but mommy I don't LIKE broccoli!" attitude. Sounds to me like a lot of you are talking to hear your own pompous little voices. News Flash: Nothing is perfect, and nothing is GOING TO BE perfect. Get over it. I haven't liked everything about every movie I ever saw. But, as a for-instance, even if I'd hated everything else about the first Narnia movie, I'd have gone to see it for the beavers alone. For this audience member, I'm in for the ride, and whatever good stuff I can get from it. Sure there will be flaws, but I'll bet there will be parts of it, maybe even a lot of it, that will majorly rock.

Hank Fox on Apr 26, 2009


No, Hank. YOU majorly rock.

Rob on Apr 26, 2009


im just going to see the movie for the previews including transformers 2,when its finished am running out before the 20th century fox logo pops up

Spider94 on Apr 26, 2009


I bet if Michael bay did the would have been good and never even leaked.....Im really upset about the way this movie turned had so much potential

Trey on Apr 26, 2009


It's a real shame Wolverine got leaked... It'll still top the box office on release, but the sequel with Wolverine in Japan will only get made if this is a major success... One thing is certain: Deadpool won't be wasted as he was in the unfinished version. Changes to the ending were already underway before the leak, to set-up a possible Deadpool spin-off...

Wolverine : X-Men Origins on Apr 26, 2009


fuck fox they deserve to take a huge wash on this after what they did to WB with the watchmen.

joe on Apr 26, 2009


They had better the retcon the everliving f*ck out of Dudepeel in one of the secret endings. I want a scarred, hilarious, mask-wearing, insane DEADPOOL. GOT THAT?

Anonymous on Apr 26, 2009


This is crazy...I'll just wait for Star Trek. Looks better anyways.

Chris on Apr 26, 2009


Lol...LAME. If I had any interest left in seeing this movie, the "multiple different endings" just killed it.

Bruce on Apr 26, 2009


Gavin Hood is just yanking all your chains because like me he likes to see whiney ass pussy fanboys cry like little babies.

LMAO on Apr 27, 2009


I guess if I don't get the deadpool ending in my theater, I can always watch it on youtube or something before they take it down.

Ben on Apr 27, 2009


its amzing to see how much desprate these geeks and assholes are to bash fox and questioning hugh jack man is a joke this movie will be different and will make more money than anyone ou there expectes the movie is about wolverine not toher poeople and i compeltely agree with # 61 these all moma's boys and whining as holes

alan on Apr 27, 2009


I saw the leaked version, and I liked it. A lot. Of course, I wish some characters had more screen time, like Gambit for example. But, the movie is called "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and not "X-Men Origins: Gambit/Deadpool/whateverelse" But all in all I had an entertaining 1 1/2 hours with lots of 'splosions and even some "woah!" moments. I will definitely see it again when it hits the movies, just to see people fly through the air without strings attached. 😉 I don't even care about a different ending. It's not an amazing movie, but it is far from horrible. There is one thing that pisses me off and annoys me more than anything, tho. It's the people who won't fucking stop bitching about Deadpool being ruined. Well, boo-fucking-hoo guys. Apparently you didn't catch the part where it's explained that there IS not actual Deadpool in this movie. There is only Wade Wilson and the first raw version of what will be Deadpool later. He was still "in the making" when they sent him after Wolverine. So all you panicky fanboys, wash the sad out of your vaginas and chill out.

SuicidalOptimist on Apr 27, 2009


It is getting ugly - they have a turd on their hands As Aint It Cool News reported today: “Having seen the finished film, the mystery is solved: The workprint version is, in fact, identical to the release print, sans effects and some audio work. It’s obvious that Fox is trying their darndest to keep this news from getting out, because it will eliminate most of the motivation for people who have seen the workprint to pay for a ticket.” To add insult to injury, the AICN review says the film, while fun, has lackluster visual effects, along with a “nonexisting story, horrible dialogue and criminally underdeveloped characters.” Ouch!

The Truth on Apr 27, 2009



hearsjohnny on Apr 27, 2009


If you boycott this movie we will continue to have to fight off bandwidth caps, downloading limits, and other tactics the bureacrats use to hinder piracy. Piracy only hurts a bad movie, it helps gain buzz for the good ones. Please go see this so we don't have to worry about the federal government getting involved.

peloquin on Apr 27, 2009


Wow, FOX is super lame. I'm sorry, I wanted to like this movie but it's a horror show and not in a good way. They raped the character and allowed the movie to come off like some sixteen year old's idea of a good movie. Sorry, but it was retardedly dumbed down and insulting to fans of Wolverine and the Marvel Universe. I think Marvel needs to buy back their stuff asap. Considering Jackman's pull in this movie, he should feel ashamed. Australia was pushing it, this takes the cake.

Johnny Neat on Apr 27, 2009


P.s. I couldn't tell half the time if the movie was winking or making a fool of itself. Deadpool is an insult to his fans, finished or not. The Marvel universe is used as sneezing rag. Gambit fans are insulted to in how retarded the character is. I mean he gets knocked out for a second by Wolverine backhand fist that will make a lot of fans laugh in a not so good way. Oh how this movie slides around in its own excrement.

Johnny Neat on Apr 27, 2009


You kids need to shut your mouth... no ones telling you to see it multiple times in fact no ones telling you to see it period... grow a pair and stop whining, losers cant wait the extra month and see the leaked... your all jokes

brian on Apr 27, 2009


To everyone that said that the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine is in conflict with X-Men and X2 are forgeting one major point. X-Men, X2 and X3 are not in the Marvel or X-Men Universe. If you watch any of those 3 movies you will notice that the Marvel comic flip book effect at the beginning of each movie does not exist. Stan Lee also has some sort of role in each Marvel comic book movie but has not appeared in any of those three movies. He doesn't own the rights to the movies.

Glenn on Apr 27, 2009


How dare fryckin FOX. Trying to make money off of such a film. God makes me so angry grr!!!!! You all sound like retards.

cloyd on Apr 28, 2009


fuck the feds, boycott the fuck out of this money just to give fox the v sign

hearsjohnny on Apr 28, 2009


I dont care how this movie has been rated... Im gonna go see it. I will see it once then if it isn't a peice of crap then i will buy the dvd when it comes out. I hope its not as screwed up as some of you guys are saying..

Ashes on Apr 28, 2009


Warning - This may contain spoiler for those who haven't seen the movie. I've confused. I didn't see the leak, purposely didn't download it, but what exactly was everyone expecting!? I went to see the movie last night and thought it was great! I've followed Xmen since the original animation in the early-mid 90's, and bought the comics etc etc.. I've read alt reality stories based around Wolverine, I've even watched Xmen Evolution and the newer Wolverine and the Xmen... I obviously have the movies. I've even seen the more recent Wolverine V's Hulk. Now I'm 30 and so; I suppose you cculd say that I've seen many variations of each character throughout my Xmen life. The movie pretty much followed Wolverine's story as far as I'm concerned. I wasn't sure about Gambit, he didn't quite do it for me, wasn't quite right, but the early bond between the two characters was there. I think there could have been more 'animal' rage / confusion from Login, after the Weapon X procedure, he did seem to run off a little too merrily...I felt he should have been confused and have temporally in a sort of Neanderthal stage...just slice and dice everything; almost without conscience, but ok, didn't happen...but he hadn’t lost his memory at this stage as I was expecting…so he knew what was going on. When he reached the barn to hide he seemed a little too happy considering his partner had only been murdered a day or so ago, he'd been experimented on (although he agreed to it) and also had been betrayed by Striker...he should have been very pissed in my opinion, though ok, he made up for it when the chopper came… So yeah, maybe a bit more rage, but I think for a 12A (or PG13) it was great - I mean finally - blood and carnage!! I think Xmen movies have finally 'grown up' with Wolverine. Looking forward to seeing it again!

MasterCookieman on Apr 29, 2009


ACTUAL INFORMATION!!! I don't know if anyone will read this down here at the bottom of the comments, but I know that there is at least two versions of the film. Of three different prints one was labeled X Men Origins: Wolverine and the other two were X Men Origins: Wolverine Ending B (though not in same text as normal films are) These were like this on the tails of reel 6 (I don't know about the heads since it came tails out). Just thought I'd let everyone know.

Projectionist on Apr 30, 2009


Just watched it in the theater. Good movie. 3 outta 4 stars. The "secret ending" on this print was like fox saying "hey you just sat through five minutes of credits... how about a nice plate of fuck you?" totally pointless.

that guy again on Apr 30, 2009


You can't qualify 'unique'. Something is either unique or it isn't.

Theo on Apr 30, 2009


My cinema had the Japan ending that was on the workprint so I was not impressed. The movie is average, not a train wreck nor a bar setter like X2. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars. It was similar in style and storytelling as X3, more of an explotion movie. As a fanboy, I would have been far more critical of the film becuase so much is changed from the comics, but hey, so are the X-Men movies. Although those changes in the earlier films really worked well whereas the ones in this film were weaker than in the comics. I have checked other comments to find out the third unseen secret ending and ******************SPOILER************************************ apparently it had Deadpool appearing on screen (don't know if he is scarred or not at that point) and picking up Weapon XI's head. It is made to appear that Weapon XI's body was cloned from Wade, which is an ok explantion but it really sounds like this was Fox trying desperatly to save the character in order to make a Deadpool spin-off once the workprint was released. Unfortunately this revelation does not take away from how 1 dimentional the 'big bad' of the movie was, or how repetitive Logan and Victor's fights were by the third time.

John on Apr 30, 2009


I'll wait to see the new secret endings on the DVD. However, this was the best X-Men movie to date. I hope the ones to come will live up to the Wolverine movie.

Stephen of Michigan on May 1, 2009


I saw a secret ending that doesnt include deadpool i feel like i got ripped off now.

Mike on May 1, 2009


I've never been to this website. Most you the people on this post should stop crying. Weapon XI is not a clone. It is deadpool, but he lives. Read the comics. He dies all the time. Whoever said the deadpool ending was garbage and the Wolverine ending was interesting you are indead a F***ing moron.

Kyle on May 2, 2009


I love these legions of fanboys crying. They probably yelled at the screen because it wasn't a direct copy of a panel for panel issue of Wolverine. Get out of the basement. Fox gave you a Wolverine movie and a couple of endings, including something Deadpool ACTUALLY DID IN THE COMICS. Ryan Renolds has previously talked about doing a Deadpool movie and we might get it now. Whether it sucks or not, at least they're actually trying to put it out. I love the moron saying that they made the Blob "comical." It's the Blob you dense idiot.

dood on May 2, 2009


I just saw the movie today and I really liked it! (Granted, they hardly introduced Team X, then threw names around with dramatic implications.... I am not good with names. And Gambit was weak. But if another movie is made, it comes with a second chance for him!) X-Men Origins: Wolverine IS GOOD AS A STAND-ALONE MOVIE. Who cares if it doesn't perfectly fit with the next 3? It's not like those are gospel doctrine. (I think they screwed the pooch with their take on Phoenix. And the fights in the statue of Liberty? Weak sauce.) It's all entertaining anyway. Just breath into a little baggy and hope for Riff Trax to work their magic, if you think it's so horrible. I have no buyer's remorse for spending money on this film. And that says volumes.

Shannen on May 2, 2009


Bruce Lee would kick Logans ass.

Tommy on May 3, 2009


First of Glen Said This To everyone that said that the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine is in conflict with X-Men and X2 are forgeting one major point. X-Men, X2 and X3 are not in the Marvel or X-Men Universe. If you watch any of those 3 movies you will notice that the Marvel comic flip book effect at the beginning of each movie does not exist. Stan Lee also has some sort of role in each Marvel comic book movie but has not appeared in any of those three movies. He doesn't own the rights to the movies. Glenn on Apr 27, 2009 Well Glen I really didn't notice the Marvel Comic Flip Book Effect for the first three X-MEN movie so you may be correct on that point but As for Stan Lee not appearing in any of the three X-MEN is totally incorrect He does appear in the X-MEN 3 (The Last Stand). If you don't believe me watch the movie again the scene is when Magneto and Professor X go to see a young Jean Grey. She is using her powers to like lift cars and all at this time Stan Lee is watering is garden and the water from the hose is apparently defying the laws of gravity and instead of flowing down it is flowing up courtesy of Jeans use of her powers. What is the big deal about bashing this movie. If you haven't seen the movie go see it for yourselves and then decide don't take the words of others what one may like the other may dislike it thats what is known as Freedom of Choice and Free Will. If you don't like that tough. Let me tell you guys something I have already seen this movie once and if it was in my power or I had free money I would see this movie as many times as I could. Ok maybe this is me just being Biased since I would do the same for all Marvel and Star Trek movies. lol 🙂 Many people that I have discussed this movie with had different opinions some considered that this movie was a bit fast paced while others have either said that this movie was great and some of them have said that it was total crap. See different opinion and thats up to them. Sure all these movies do major change to characters and their history for example in Spider-man 1. Mary Jane is thrown of the bridge by the Green Goblin instead of Gwen Stacy and she survived the fall unlike Gwen who sadly perished in it. Spidey had Organic Webbings in it unlike the comics where he has mechanical web shooters. In the X-MEN movie they turned the Phoenix Force into a Split Personality which I found stupid but could sort of understand. I mean The list can go on take this movie Emma Frost is the Sister of Silverfox and she already had her diamond transformation in this movie when did this happen? Enjoy the movie or not that is your choice and yours alone but let others make their own choice before being confused by other peoples decisions. Sure if there is something to discuss like multiple endings be my guest talk about them or if you have a particular point in the movie by all means say so but dont say that this was a crappy movie or was the bomb or was great leave that to the professionals. Did I enjoy this movie : Yes I did but this doesn't mean that you should also. Did I feel that this movie had Flaws : Yes again but then which movie is perfect for example I really like the Alien VS Predator comic but the movie was no way even near the comic but I enjoyed it for what it was. Did I think that this movie could have done better : Perhaps it might have been better but I know for a fact that I couldn't have done it. If any of you guys think that You could have done a better job then let me tell you something write a script or something and sell it to Hollywood of the Fox people and see where you get. WHen something you submit actually is accepted then tell me or someone else how the movie is till then just be quiet and let others enjoy or hate it. Till next time Live Long and Prosper

Trekkie on May 3, 2009


Regarding comment 94. Where did that come from!? Kind of random! LOL!

MasterCookieman on May 3, 2009


I don't see why people are complaining, I personally loved the movie. I never saw the leaked version, but the final one was sick. Unfortunately I was stuck with the lame Japanese ending, but I'll be seeing it again for the other ending, even though I work at a movie theatre and could just stop in and see it. Worth seeing a second time.

Budders on May 4, 2009


i just finished watchin the movie and i got to tell you - it was badass - i loved the deadpool secret ending - really gets your head turnin - im sooo glad he didnt die - definetly my favorite character of the whole movie -- i do got to admit though, it sucked seeing so many great mutants die like that -- such a shame

Mastermind on May 5, 2009


Cant wait until the movie of "X-Men Origins: Magneto" to come out

Mastermind on May 5, 2009


I saw Wolverine last night and loved it. It showed Wolverine's secret past, Finally!! Hugh Jackman is a fantastic actor and it really showed in this movie. This is an all around great movie. Definitely worth the money!

Virgina Ryder on May 6, 2009


Get the F@#* over it you die hard comicbook readers. All the marvel movies had good story lines to them and were made to entertain, not to please all those who don't have an open mind to be pleased in the slightest. Not every movie is going to have the original full story jam packed in a few movies. I grew up watching the cartoons and I am just pleased that they managed to match some of the characters pretty close. The story is different but interesting all the same. These movie producers have had a few duds but they are learning. I am just amazed that some of my female friends who are not even comic book readers nor seen the cartoons, but actually thoroughly enjoyed the movie, because of its story. If this movie can actually do that to a group of girls, I say great. The movie was awesome and I want to go see it again if I can.

Hil on May 7, 2009


Honestly, FAUX has over saturated the market with X-Men, as well as the "lets make some more money on X-Men" X3. It seems there tends to be a curse or a degree of a hex in movies made from marvel comics as sources. 1. anything more than two movies about x-men ends up nothing more as a vehicle for 1 character to steal the show. 2. Any x-men movie that gives a character its own movie is going to tend to be over the top in certain aspects. 3. Spiderman 3 was like watching a comic book on screen rather than a movie. Subsequent movies will feature less characters. 4. Hulk proves if it was not done right once, you can only remake it once to fix that. 5. Ironman was the only good movie from the marvel universe. 6. The Deadpool movie will have to be rated R to be any good, and if rated PG-13, it will be like watching deadpool: digest edition. 7. Fox needs to stop making, or at least only distribute, Marvel Movies.

Geass on May 7, 2009


I can wait for DVD for the alternate endings. It sparks an interesting conversation though to know about the other endings from people in other locations who have seen it. I, like most, saw the DeadPool head grab ending. Just my little 2 cents about prequels, sequels and special interest topic movies... I think prequels and sequels are hard to make in general. Some ideas are stupid like Dumb and Dumber-er. Fortunately, Bat Man Begins and Star Trek (2009) were excellent prequels. X-Men 2 was good, not as good as the first, but that is usually how things go. SpiderMan is in that same direction too (3 needed more Venum). Two of the only movies that I believe the 2nd and even 3rd movie is about equally matched with the original is The Borne Series and The Dark Knight. But there are some movies where they just over milk it. Terminator is that way. 1 and 2 were wonderful, 3 failed miserably, and now Salvation is about to be released. Honestly, I think the movies should have stopped at 2. There is a lot of hype over Salvation, and I must make it clear that I DO NOT support Christian Bale's anger problems, but I will probably see Salvation because the trailers do make it somewhat interesting. With sequels and prequels, the timing is also important. If it has been 10 years since the original came out, the sequel/prequel better be damn good. Indian Jones 4 FAILED EPICLY. However, Live Free Die Hard is a well done sequel and succeeded. Star Trek is awesome and won the award for best prequel in my book. StarWar is a mixed bag because the original 70's movies were great and the sequels were good. The 1st prequel Phantom Menace was well done, but the sequel/prequels to it again followed that downward spiral. It is also another example of a movie being over milked. X-men is now getting into that over milked category. Each movie is steadily going down hill. Yes, it may be due to the change of directors, but in the words of a good friend of mine, "Bryan Singer should have stayed on and made X-men 3 instead of Super Man Returns. We could have had one awesome movie that summer, but instead we got 2 really lousy movies." I will agree that special interest movies (comic/manga/game) are incredibly hard to make. There are those who are die hard fans and want to see it as they see it in the medium they enjoy, and if there is anything different, they become enraged. There are others who think, "As long as the movie has a good plot, special effects, a fun ride, etc... yeah I'll enjoy it even if it doesn't follow the story exactly." I second that IronMan is THE BEST Marvel movie produced to date followed closely by Hulk (2008). The worst I believe is Electra and Dare Devil. Some movies I hear the title and think, "Oh no. They are not making that into a movie! Its gunna be horrible!" For example: GI JOE, Dragon Ball (which was bad), and the Chung Lee movie (also a disappointment). But I was very happy with Transformers. Again, another movie where die hard fans may be disappointment, but the movie was excellent and I am looking forward to the sequel. All in all, as long as there is a fan base and there is $$$ to be made, it will happen for better or for worse. All we can do is become directors and producers and make the movies the way we want them.

Stariandolphin on May 10, 2009


I did like the movie all in all but i hate what they did to Deadpool like they destroyed him they better fix him in the sequel or i'll be pissed

DeadPool on May 13, 2009


The leaked version was largely unfinished.

ppc keyword tool on May 13, 2009


In the secret ending, Deadpool & Wolverine have to team up to fight Van Helsing and the Hulk.

Niche Review Sites on May 14, 2009


I was about to mention Clue. I love that movie.

yacht club on May 14, 2009


You guys whine more than my 3 year old. It's a movie, that's it....just a movie. You go to the theater (or download it), you watch it and 1 of 2 things happen. You either like it and refer a friend or you don't like it and never talk about it again. Some of you take it so personal, like FOX did this stuff specifically to irritate you. FYI: Weapon XI is NOT Deadpool! See below SPOILER ALERT: Basically they zoom in on the rubble of the destroyed nuclear plant. We see Deadpool’s hand out of the rumble and then we see his head on the floor. We then see a guy in a long black over coat with his hood up, kneel down and pick up the head. We then hear dialogue as the camera pans around, ” who the hell are you supposed to be?” and as it pans around we see its Wade Wilson. (Ryan Reynolds). then the screen fades to black. BTW its after the credits. so Wade is alive and well… Weapon XI was a Wade Clone…. DEADPOOL lives.

Ladron on May 16, 2009


You guys never stop complaining. The above guy talking about a "wade clone" ending is full of it. Thats just a fanboy 'net rumor stop spreading it. All of you trying to defend illegal dl and the leak are just glorafied theives. Pay money for a move or gtfo. Lastly, the movie was cool nothing more. What do you expect.

holden on May 18, 2009


the deadpool character sucked in this movie anyways thanks to mr ryan reynolds (aka Green latern) which he's gonna also ruin. thanks mr funny guy

chad on Jul 13, 2009


did the special effects forget to put wolverines body caption over the sfx during the scene when his brother throws him at the logging truck and he rolls through because all I saw was the sfx frame rollling not wofy baby it killed the scene

robert on Aug 8, 2009


Whinge whinge whinge...112 comments! I thought Ryan Reynolds was alright!

Melbourne Cup on Aug 19, 2009


Most of you people complaining about this movie are pretty much clueless. This movie was pretty awesome. Especially how they set up Deadpool.

Chudd on Oct 24, 2009


Jeez, it's just a movie. Get a life. Make you're own, see if you can do better. Negative Nancy will never be happy, Positive Paul is content with all.

nigs on Dec 19, 2009


x men first clas was origins magneto blah , and prof x

Rwg45612 on Jun 3, 2012

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