Zac Efron Sort Of Confirms His Involvement in Jonny Quest

March 17, 2009
Source: Moviehole

Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson in Jonny Quest

Back in February we reported a rumor that Zac Efron was being considered for the live-action Jonny Quest movie in development at Warner Brothers. It was a solid rumor coming from legit sources, but the problem is that he is just too old. In the actual cartoon, Jonny is only 11, but Efron is 21 years old, meaning he'd be much too old for the character. Moviehole talked with Efron yesterday and got confirmation that's interested in the role, but not much more than that. "Yea, yea… It's a great idea. It'd be very fun," Efron said. That's enough for us, because we probably won't get official confirmation for at least a few months.

Efron didn't like talking about the project much, saying, "It's so hard when people start leaking titbits. They're very, very early on [with it] - not that it won't happen happen, it's just early." So if he won't talk, why not go to Dwayne Johnson, who is rumored as Race Bannon? MTV caught up with Johnson recently and got a bit more out of him about Efron's character, oddly, but nothing about his involvement as Bannon. "From what I know they're going to go in a different direction," Johnson told MTV. "Other than that I'm not quite sure what the details are just in terms of the creative." Of course, another dead end!

But what does he mean about the "different direction"? Well, it ties back to the age of Efron versus the age of Jonny. "It's important to be authentic," he said. "If you're going to do that, Jonny can't be in his 20's." That makes sense. "He could be [Jonny Quest] if he was younger," Johnson continued. "That's what I'm talking about - taking it in a different direction - and having it not be Jonny Quest. That's possibly the idea." Wait, that can't be right! What I think he's trying to say is that they'll re-write it so that Jonny is older but it won't be the same as the cartoon - maybe a re-imagining of sort? Is this an idea we can live with?

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What a stupid idea.

BlanchoDelquax on Mar 17, 2009



WB EXEC on Mar 17, 2009


And once again, Hollywood lures my childhood memories into a dark alley and touches them inappropriately.

Joel on Mar 17, 2009


Who cares? If Zack Effron is in it, I wont see it.

Matt on Mar 17, 2009


Why does everyone hate Zac Efron? Unlike Miley Cyrus, he can actually act, dance, and sing. Plus, he's good looking. Oh, right. That's it. He's good looking.

AbercrombieAndBitch on Mar 17, 2009


wooohoo, consider my day made...this is the best news since Macgyver:The Musical was announced. Actually I think Zac Effron is in that too.

melvis316 on Mar 17, 2009


zac efron? NO WAY! i would only watch this rubbish if a certain mr t hanks was starring!

hey on Mar 17, 2009


I would rather they just made a live action Venture Bros. Screw Johnny Quest

Raymond on Mar 17, 2009


Sounds like development hell.

Mr j Money on Mar 17, 2009


@ #5- i was thinking that too! i mean, the "why does everyone hate zac efron?" I don't know a lot about Johnny Quest, so I can't talk about that. but on the subject of Efron, I agree with everything you said. He was great in hairspray and he looks very funny in 17 again. He's not like some kid actor who only has fame to his name and no talent. The only reason I can think of for people disliking him so, is that they might be annoyed at all the crazy popularity of High School Musical stuff, mostly among teens and young kids. That is understandable. But do people really dislike his face and acting *that* much?

Susana on Mar 17, 2009


i want to add that i was only talking about zac efron.. if i was a fan of this show, i'd be unhappy if they messed w/ johnny's age as well!

Susana on Mar 17, 2009


they just lost a fan

hbn on Mar 17, 2009


#3 lol. i couldn't have said it better myself.

dave13 on Mar 17, 2009


Haha yea #3, kudos.

peloquin on Mar 17, 2009


if Jonny Quest is older most likely they making the movie like The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest. Jonny Quest was much more older

movieboy1 on Mar 17, 2009


# 3 wins.

Richard on Mar 17, 2009


In the real adventures of Johnny Quest, Johnny's sixteenish. Zac could play a sixteen year old. I don't understand why you guys are so upset by the fact that he could play Johnny, I'd think it's pretty cool. He's a good actor and he looks the part. What you should be worried about and what I am worried about is the writers. There haven't been many good remakes in awhile.

itsme on Mar 26, 2009


i'm actually glad they're making Jonny older. i really think it'll be a little more adultish if he wasn't 11 years old. i just hope they do this movie RIGHT. i'd be okay with them changing some stuff, as long as they keep the same vibe and attitude of the show (i like the Real Adventures better than the Originals, personally). Zac would be great for the role, and Dwayne would make a good Race muscle-wise. =)

ang3l on Aug 3, 2009


This is official in Ndovu's Last Journey, in the real adventures of jonny quest, jonny is older. Dr. Quest: Saving a elephant is no mission for a 13 year-old, let along mine.

Fish on Oct 5, 2009


Screw that, move to the Venture Brothers.

mandarin on Jan 28, 2010


It might actually work if they made this of an older, post high school Jonny. Dev Patel might work as Hadji, if Last Airbender III wraps up before this goes to shooting. The role of Dr Quest seems made for Robert Downey Jr

vondervon on Mar 20, 2010

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