Zack Snyder's Latest Updates on Frank Miller's 300 Sequel

June 25, 2009
Source: ComingSoon


Like it or not, it looks like the sequel to 300 might actually be coming together fairly quickly. We last heard about it back in October of last year, when director Zack Snyder revealed that Frank Miller was actually writing an entirely new graphic novel that he would then adapt once it was finished. In a new update over on ComingSoon, Snyder says that "I know for a fact that Frank [Miller] is writing right now." Maybe all that negativity towards The Spirit finally made him realize he's best at writing comics. "[He's] drawing away and seems to be knee-deep in it. I think he's going to head back to Greece again and do another reconnaissance."

So we know what the story will be about (see below for more details), but what about the style? If Zack does decide to direct this sequel again, will he use the same green screen visual style as he did in the original?

"I think we would use the same technology… I don't want it to look too Star Wars-ian… Just from what [Miller] told me, it would be bigger as far as landscape and terrain. We're going to see Athens and the Aegean and other places. There would be an opportunity for bigger visions, though I'd hope for the same aesthetic. The tech we used for 300 was not a revolution. It's basically what the weatherman has. Look, instead of Accuweather it's Sparta… It's going to be the same way, but on crazier steroids."

Snyder explained last year that this sequel would take place between the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Plataea (that was seen at the very end of 300). So it's actually not really a sequel or a prequel, but a combination that would seemingly be focused on the character of Dilios, played by David Wenham in 300. To be honest, I'm actually kind of excited for this, and have a desire to now watch 300 again to be reminded of how awesome that was. And even if Zack does decide to direct the sequel, oh well, maybe he'll try to just up the scale but keep the same style. There's no harm in that right? Or does he need to try something new?

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This needs to be stopped before it is allowed to start.

Corey on Jun 25, 2009


Corey...stfu. Many of us want a sequel or a new movie made in the same style.

adi on Jun 25, 2009


I LOVED 300 so bring it on!

Kaiser on Jun 25, 2009


I definitely want a sequel, but without Gerald Butler...this movie will fail.

Matt Suhu on Jun 25, 2009


sequel!!!!!!bring it!

zach on Jun 25, 2009


Sequel, dump it

L on Jun 25, 2009


wow great news loved the first movie... sequel should be calles 300³

Greek God on Jun 25, 2009


Bring it on. Both times I saw 300 at the cinema I came out wanting to be a Spartan and just slay chavs in the street. Sadly I couldnt hold up the Spartan side of it. I'm all up for the sequel. Seeing Athens in the art style would be fantastic. I guess it would be like looking at Rome in Gladiator. Food for the eyes.

Marcus on Jun 25, 2009


this is retarded the story was about the 300 that DIED! where are you going to continue from?

bleh on Jun 25, 2009


I enjoyed 300, but isn't one movie enough ? I would rather now see a more realistic film about Thermopylae; perhaps based on Pressfields' Gates of Fire...

George V. on Jun 25, 2009


Nice! I loved 300! Yes it was a very simple plot but I thought the story, acting and effects were excellent. It has to be Zach directing, this is his baby. Umh #9... perhaps before posting a silly comment, read what was posted. Geez!

K on Jun 25, 2009


What idiot says there should be a sequel? It makes no sense as #9 said and somehow Alex is psychic and knows what it'll be about. I can guess, but why are we calling it 300 then? They'd have to give it some guy title like, Battle For Greece or something which after 300, Nat Geo was showing tons of stuff on it and kinda made 300 look like crap if you visualized what happened during the actual war.

w00t!!! on Jun 25, 2009


While I had a few complaints about 300, overall I thoroughly enjoyed the heck out of it. It was a great ride, fun to watch, with several powerful rises and falls. For a sequel/prequel, as long as Frank Miller and Zack Snyder are behind it, I'm on board. I'll miss Gerard Butler in this next installment, but keep in mind, he was largely unknown before 300 came out. I think FM and ZS will pick other great actors to fill out the cast. I've liked David Wenham since I first saw him as Faramir in LOTR and I would love to see this next film focusing more on his character. Hopefully we'll also get to see more of Lena Headey as Queen Gorga, I loved her in 300 and I've really enjoyed her take on Sarah Connor. Finally, I'd really love to see more of the locations in the sequel/prequel. I loved the scenes in Sparta - the marketplace, the senate floor, the sparring square in the house. I can't wait to see bits of the rest of the region's cities. One ticket please!

Jertown on Jun 25, 2009


300 was amazing, but I think one movie is enough.

Robbie on Jun 25, 2009


Wait - I thought Frank Miller HATED the film version of 300, and the director? Am I missing something? (I personally loved it. My only issue was that even with all blood splattering around during the fight sequences, when the action stopped - no one ever had a drop of blood on them if it wasn't coming from their own [minimal] wounds.) And, people shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the premise of this sequel. Who knows, it could be a prequel, another story told by Dilios' about their great King Leonidas. That would keep Gerard Butler in the mix, and even though I'm pretty sure his return would guarantee the film a success, I can't think of many people that saw it solely for him, or loved the movie only because of his character. It could totally work - just like almost anything else from Frank Miller's mind. I'm excited about the possibility on one hand, but I also say it wouldn't hurt to leave well enough alone and do something different.

Maria on Jun 25, 2009


Gah - got my authors mixed up, that was Alan Moore, not Frank Miller that hated 300. 🙂

Maria on Jun 25, 2009


i would like 2 c a sequel it was a great movie 2 watch wit my friends and the gore was awsome sooo i would be excited if there was a sequel

quez on Jun 25, 2009


Snyder is a talented director, but the key to this whole thing will be whether Frank Miller can write a strong story for it or not. As much as I love Miller's work, he'd have to completely knock people's socks off with a new story set in that time period for it to warrant becoming a sequel. Then, whoever was in charge of adapting it for the screen would have to be brilliant as well - as we saw with Watchmen, even the best stories can drop the ball when they get adapted. I think 300 was a rare one-of-a-kind thing where all the puzzle pieces locked into place. Re-creating that a second time would be harder than most people realize.

Pete the Geek on Jun 25, 2009


alan moore had a reason to hate the film version of watchmen - it was rubbish and i started questioning Zack Snyder's credentials after that... i absolutely loved 300 own it on BluRay and trust me that is how the movie was meant to be... though Zack contends that the technology he used wasnt revolutionary ( modest much?) but i 'd say the treatment rendered to the movie was unparalleled and i would totally be on board if this movie does not depart stylistically from 300 watchmen CGI were so 80s, 300 was light years ahead of it ( even though it came out before)

viral on Jun 25, 2009


Keep it in line with the first one - dark and violent!

Cat on Jun 25, 2009


Yeah you right Pete the Geek. The hardets part will be to crack the story of the sequel. There is a lot of source material to mine from, but the question is what will Miller choose? The epic conflict that followed after Thermopylae had greeks and spartans uniting against a common enemy. There was the huge naval battle of Salamis that decided the war. Greeks fought that battle. Then there was a land battle which the spartans fought, the same that was mentioned at the end of 300 with the lotr character of faramir leading the troops. That battle, although it sealed the fate of the persians and they left greek wasn´t the real epic battle imo. the persians had been almost defeated already, xerxes had left and a subcommander was in charge. So mighty xerxed left in time so to speak, he propbably knew he would be beaten. That´s why i think there is almost too much material to choose from. It will be the wisdom of the choice that makes or breaks a sequel story.

Martin on Jun 25, 2009


Looking forward to the new comic. I thought the movie adaptation was okay, but not this fantastic event that it was hyped up to be. If you want to be wowed, go to the source material. Same is true of every single graphic novel that has been adapted to film. I liked Watchmen, although it was certainly not perfect, it did capture the tone of the GN very well. Same is true of 300, let's hope Miller doesn't botch it like he did with DK2.

Scott Reed on Jun 25, 2009


I was wrong about that final battle of Plataea, not only spartans fought but also greeks and defeated the persians.

Martin on Jun 25, 2009


Yes , But this time it must be bigger , Stronger ! Not 300 but 3000 the title And of course Gerard Butler died in my opinion they can bring Brat Pitt to this one ( He was good as Achilles in Troy 2004 ) or maybe Sylvester Stallone or Sam Worthington who is the new face for such action characters ( Clash of the Titans - Avatar - Terminator Salvation ).

Oliver on Jun 25, 2009


Please god no more sodomy in this one.

kdiddy on Jun 25, 2009


300 was the worst of the Snyders. It was good for what it was but doesnt come close to Dawn of The Dead or Watchmen.

Al on Jun 25, 2009


I love David Wenham so if the story is going to take place around his character then I give Synder the chance he deserves to bring us another 300!

xerxex on Jun 25, 2009


#26 are you serious? you actually like the dawn of the dead remake? you have lost your right to speak

Caleb on Jun 25, 2009


#28 Dawn of the dead remake was very good, and The Watchmen was 100% crap. 300 - the best of his movies.

Dim_one on Jun 25, 2009


I'll rate his movies in order. 1.) Watchmen (Incredible) 2.) 300 (Awesome) 3.) Dawn of the Dead (Cool)

xerxex on Jun 25, 2009


Ok, this is my top: 1. 300 (9/10) 2. Dawn of the Dead (8/10) 3. Watchmen (0/10)

Kadawai on Jun 25, 2009


Well I am not interested one bit but i hope for David Wenham that he gets a good part.

d1rEct on Jun 25, 2009



danielvutran on Jun 25, 2009


I wasn't excited until you said it would focus on that particular character its just perfect for another one, especially in the same style. I get the feeling it wont be nearly as much of a hit as the first but still the same quality.

Cody on Jun 25, 2009


The character of focus is a great actor and we already have enough back story on him and his experience with the rest of the 300 to have invested interest in the character. Having said that... to end the movie at Plataea is absurd. I hope that's just a suggestion floating around. In actual history the Greeks not only kick the Persians off their territory, but actually follows the Persian army into Persia... kicking their asses all over their own empire. I remember awhile back when 300 came out that there was speculation that a sequel could be produced that shows the opposite perspective, one from a Persian viewpoint. If the movie follows the Greek counter-invasion into Persia then the display of the Persian viewpoint of a Greek invasion is very plausible. If this is the case, I can't wait for the movie. However, if it really does end at Plataea... I'm still going to see it. 300 was a badass movie. One of those primal manly gore-fest movies that are rarely seen these days.

Chris H. on Jun 25, 2009


As Alan Moore said, regarding 300: "FOR GOD'S SAKE. READ A BOOK!"

Django on Jun 26, 2009


Zack Snyder should try to make Jonathan Hickman's "The Nightly News" into a movie, if he wants to get both his directorial AND comic book cred back. That would be savage. Hickman has easily assumed the throne of writer/artist, in a way that Frank Miller lost the potential to approach long ago. THE NIGHTLY NEWS. Look it up. Then he followed up with "Pax Romana", which would be an opportunity to revisit the 300 aesthetic, except far flung in the future.

Django on Jun 26, 2009


The sequel is going to be called 30,000 because if you watch the end of 300 the guy says there are 10,000 Spartans commanding a total of 30,000 free Greeks going to fight against the remainder of Xerxes horde. Xerxes has started retreating his horde and has left behind 90,000 soldiers to fight off the Greeks. This movie will contain the battle of Plataea, where even as the Greeks were outnumbered 3 to 1(in reality the Greeks and the Persians had a much similar sized army) they still managed to kill the remainder of Xerxes soldiers. I am also pretty sure it will contain the battle of Salamis where the Athenian naval fleets, led by Themistocles defeated the Persians at sea.

cole on Jul 4, 2009


I loved the movie 300 and would love a Sequel to come out. I really liked the battle scences and thought it was BRILLIANT. Good job on that movie. Cole is right on what he said and i think that but if u think bout it their was 300 Spartans in the first movie, But their were also a fair few greek's at the begining aswell. I would love for a sequel to come out as it Would be an epic battle and Movie. But also it would need to have the Same kind of reputation 300 got which means it would have to be really good

Bobman on Nov 7, 2009

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