2010 Academy Awards Winners - The Hurt Locker Wins Six

March 7, 2010

The Oscars

The 82nd Academy Awards have finally arrived and it's now time to announce the winners of the most prestigious award in Hollywood. The ceremony is being shown live from the Kodak Theatre where hosts Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will be reminding us that laughter always makes the Oscar ceremony so much more entertaining. This should be a very exciting and quite interesting year at the Academy Awards, considering this is the first year (since 1943) that we've had 10 nominees for Best Picture. The complete list of nominees below will be updated with winners marked as they're announced live on the show tonight.

The Hurt Locker
The Hurt Locker
Kathryn Bigelow
Kathryn Bigelow - The Hurt Locker
Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges - Crazy Heart
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock - The Blind Side

Read on for the complete list of nominees and winners and to let us know what you think of the results!

This will be updated throughout the night to reflect the winners. Additionally, I occasionally might add a small bit of editorial commentary beneath each category. Winners are highlighted in BOLD below.

The Blind Side
District 9
An Education
Winner! The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
A Serious Man
Pixar's Up
Up in the Air

Thoughts: After seeing all of the awards it won earlier in the show, I expected this to win. It was certainly the big year for The Hurt Locker and after a very long journey, it finally takes home the Oscar. I'm satisfied. It is a great movie and I'm glad to see it win the big one. Congratulationss to all of this year's nominees!

James Cameron - Avatar
Winner! Kathryn Bigelow - The Hurt Locker
Quentin Tarantino - Inglourious Basterds
Lee Daniels - Precious
Jason Reitman - Up in the Air

Thoughts: Fine by me. I'm very happy to see Bigelow become the first female director to win. Everyone nominated this year deserved it, but I think Bigelow a bit more than the others (except for maybe James Cameron?).

Winner! Jeff Bridges - Crazy Heart
George Clooney - Up in the Air
Colin Firth - A Single Man
Morgan Freeman - Invictus
Jeremy Renner - The Hurt Locker

Thoughts: Perfect. I don't think I need to say anything else. The Dude finally won an Oscar, hell yes!

Winner! Sandra Bullock - The Blind Side
Helen Mirren - The Last Station
Carey Mulligan - An Education
Gabourey Sidibe - Precious
Meryl Streep - Julie & Julia

Thoughts: You've got to be kidding me. What the hell? She should NOT have won. This is ridiculous. Bullock just robbed the Oscar straight out from under both Carey Mulligan and Gabourey Sidibe. What a bad choice!

Matt Damon - Invictus
Woody Harrelson - The Messenger
Christopher Plummer - The Last Station
Stanley Tucci - The Lovely Bones
Winner! Christoph Waltz - Inglourious Basterds

Thoughts: I expected him to win, but he certainly deserves it, too. His road to the Oscars started in Cannes last May and finally ends here with the win that we all predicted he should get from the start. Congrats!

Penélope Cruz - Nine
Vera Farmiga - Up in the Air
Maggie Gyllenhaal - Crazy Heart
Anna Kendrick - Up in the Air
Winner! Mo'Nique - Precious

Thoughts: I would've liked to see someone else, but this was expected. She is really damn good in Precious.

Winner! Mark Boal - The Hurt Locker
Quentin Tarantino - Inglourious Basterds
Alessandro Camon & Oren Moverman - The Messenger
Joel Coen & Ethan Coen - A Serious Man
Bob Peterson & Pete Docter - Pixar's Up

Thoughts: I would've preferred if Inglourious Basterds or A Serious Man took this, but I think this is The Hurt Locker's year the Oscars, so why not let it win as many as it can.

Neill Blomkamp & Terri Tatchell - District 9
Nick Hornby - An Education
Armando Iannucci & Simon Blackwell - In the Loop
Winner! Geoffrey Fletcher - Precious
Jason Reitman & Sheldon Turner - Up in the Air

Thoughts: Come on, why Precious over District 9 and Up in the Air and In the Loop and everything? Not who I wanted to see win. I loved Precious, but it's not this year's best screenplay.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Princess and the Frog
The Secret of Kells
Winner! Pixar's Up

Thoughts: Another expected win, but a big congrats to Pixar for winning another Oscar (now their 7th)!

Ajami (Israel)
Winner! El Secreto de Sus Ojos (Argentina)
The Milk of Sorrow (Peru)
Un Prophète (France)
The White Ribbon (Germany)

Thoughts: I was rooting for Un Prophete, which hands down should have won this, especially over The White Ribbon. I'd call this one huge upset because NO ONE was expecting this film to win at all!

Winner! Avatar
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Sherlock Holmes
The Young Victoria

Winner! Mauro Fiore - Avatar
Bruno Delbonnel - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Barry Ackroyd - The Hurt Locker
Robert Richardson - Inglourious Basterds
Christian Berger - The White Ribbon

Burma VJ
Winner! The Cove
Food, Inc.
The Most Dangerous Man in America
Which Way Home

China's Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province
The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner
The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant
Winner! Music by Prudence
Rabbit à la Berlin

French Roast
Granny O'Grimm's Sleeping Beauty
The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte)
Winner! Logorama
A Matter of Loaf and Death

The Door
Instead of Abracadabra
Miracle Fish
Winner! The New Tenants

Winner! Avatar
District 9
Star Trek

Bright Star
Coco Before Chanel
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Winner! The Young Victoria

Il Divo
Winner! Star Trek
The Young Victoria

Thoughts: Yes! I'm so happy that Star Trek got at least one Oscar! Congrats Trekkies - you finally got one!

District 9
Winner! The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds

Winner! The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
Star Trek
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Winner! The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
Star Trek
Pixar's Up

Thoughts: Why didn't Avatar win these technical awards? Definitely a big upset, but as I said above, this is The Hurt Locker's night and it's going to be taking home a lot of awards - apparently these two as well.

James Horner - Avatar
Alexandre Desplat - Fantastic Mr. Fox
Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders - The Hurt Locker
Hans Zimmer - Sherlock Holmes
Winner! Michael Giacchino - Pixar's Up

Thoughts: Exactly what I wanted. I'm so extremely happy that Giacchino finally won an Oscar - congrats!

"Almost There" from The Princess and the Frog
"Down in New Orleans" from The Princess and the Frog
"Loin de Paname" from Paris 36
"Take It All" from Nine
Winner! "The Weary Kind" from Crazy Heart

Chime in below as we update this list live and let us know if you're happy with these winners (so far) and what your thoughts were on the brand new ceremony this year and hosts Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. And of course, a big congratulations to all of this year's winners & nominees! Your thoughts so far?

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is there a stream of this online Anywhere anyone please :(! that or decent text commentary!?

Alex on Mar 7, 2010


Like to see Imaginarium win in two categorys it's in.

People's Champ on Mar 7, 2010


Sooo excited!!!

TomV on Mar 7, 2010


"Why does Harold call Kumar when he scores dope?" Neil Patrick Harris is a great way to kick off the show. "Alec is on loan from NBC!"

Scott on Mar 7, 2010


Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Christoph Waltz !!!!!!! I knew it

godius333 on Mar 7, 2010


Christoph Waltz FTW!

Ian Kuah on Mar 7, 2010


T Bone, the winner for Original Song, was HUGE lol

TomV on Mar 7, 2010


missed the first hour due to corporate greed, now trying to catch up...screw you cablevision!

midnightlight on Mar 7, 2010


Nice John Hughes tribute

trailerguy on Mar 7, 2010


They really need to learn when Pixar is not the most deserving, Up had NOTHING on Mr. Fox, Seriously Oscar people, you might as well give an oscar to Cars 2 at this point, GAH so stupid. Also I've already loaded my gun in preparation for killing myself if Avatar wins ANY awards. because it deserves none. Thats right NONE, not even special effects, DISTRICT 9 ALL THE FUCKING WAY. Most seamless use of CGI in a live action film EVER, hands down. I mean Avatar was all special effects, which weren't nearly as innovative or interesting as all the stuff going on in D9. no way.

everyman on Mar 7, 2010


Ben Stiller is funny as hell!

People's Champ on Mar 7, 2010


Ben Stiller so crazy. 😛

Daniel felts on Mar 7, 2010


What was the deal with that crazy chick interrupting dude from Prudence? What a nutcase!

TooIndulgent on Mar 7, 2010


That dress that chick from Avatar had on was hideous. Hughes tribute was cool, damn Judd Nelson looked pretty rough. Waltz winning was awesome. Also T-bone winning was cool. I really really hope Hurt Locker doesnt win everything it's up for. (guess I dont have to worry about Renner winning) Go Jeff Bridges!!!

People's Champ on Mar 7, 2010


Yay Precious! Liked District 9 too but yay Precious!

The Sheriff of Nottingham on Mar 7, 2010


Monique y'all!

The Sheriff of Nottingham on Mar 7, 2010


Mo'nique just pretty much guaranteed she'll never be nominated again.... I think that's what Sam Jack was thinkin'.....

Duane on Mar 7, 2010


Maggie Gyllenhaal was pretty good in Crazy Heart, but Mo'Nique was great in Precious. Surprised Precious won in the A.Screenplay category, figured it would've been Up in the Air. But I'm cool with that. What! Avatar winning Art Direction? Who would've thought.

People's Champ on Mar 7, 2010


Erg, precious did not deserve screenplay over D9, Monique deserves it but screen play come on!....I am very glad to see Waltz get the credit he deserves though. I always feel like the oscar deciding people go with what seems most politically correct and mainstream over actual talent and effort....and as much as I thought Avatar was incredibly overrated and the story sucked I feel like Cameron should get it just because of the pure time and dedication, I mean 10 years is a big chunk of a persons life and he deserves to be honored for it.

Cody w on Mar 7, 2010


@20 it doesn't matter how long it took to make it. It matters if it was good. Which it wasn't. Congrats on the Young Victoria. But Avatar didn't deserve that award. Compared to all the othe nominees.

The Sheriff of Nottingham on Mar 7, 2010


Nice horror tribute. Though there hasn't been a good horror movie in ages.

Daniel Felts on Mar 7, 2010


@22 Agreed, great tribute!

Scott on Mar 7, 2010


Beautiful James Taylor, just beautiful.

Daniel Felts on Mar 7, 2010


@22 Agreed about the tribute, but Drag Me to Hell was awesome.

Ian Kuah on Mar 7, 2010


@25 Thanks, but God no. How dare you compare Drag me to Hell to those great horror movies? No right man, no right!

Daniel Felts on Mar 7, 2010


I wish 28 Days Later was in there 🙁

TomV on Mar 7, 2010


@26 You said "good horror movie." in no way was i trying to compare it to those from the tribute. I didn't even say it should've been in there, because it shouldn't have. I was just saying that, in my opinion, it was an awesome film.

Ian Kuah on Mar 7, 2010


@28 Ya I know. I get it. I just really didn't like the movie. I apologize.

Daniel Felts on Mar 7, 2010


Did I miss something or were patrick swayze and farrah fawcett missing from the "those who died" tribute?

trat on Mar 7, 2010


Or Chris Farley for that matter.

Daniel Felts on Mar 7, 2010


Did anyone else notice that there was a New Moon clip in the Horror montage?

FancyMonocle on Mar 7, 2010


@32 Oh yeah. Slipped my mind. Unbelievable.

Daniel Felts on Mar 7, 2010


Oh and Yay Jeff Bridges!!

Daniel Felts on Mar 7, 2010


Oh and no Heath Ledger in the montage either? They missed a lot of people. Bernie Mac, Paul Newman, Patrick Swayze. Did I miss any?

Daniel Felts on Mar 7, 2010


I am happy for Jeff Bridges' win. Way to go, Jeff!

Mega Jet Jaguar on Mar 7, 2010


Katheryn Bigelow deserves it. 80% of it. 20% to Tarantino. But good for her.

Daniel Felts on Mar 7, 2010


@35: Uh, Heath got a tribute last year. But yeah, Patrick Swayze and Farrah Fawcett were forgotten, but MJ got one. WTF Hollywood?

geetard on Mar 7, 2010


Katheryn Bigelow deserves it. 80% of it. 20% to Tarantino. But good for her. Yay Hurt Locker!!

Daniel Felts on Mar 7, 2010


Bullock did not deserve that Oscar, wtf.

Daniel on Mar 7, 2010


@35 & 38, you weren't paying attention. Swayze was the first one in the montage. Bernie Mac and Paul Newman were last year also. Must have not payed attention last year either.

Bryanmakeup on Mar 7, 2010


Hurt Locker is like Slumdog last year, didnt suck, But I really didnt care for it at all. Doesnt deserve all the acclaim. In a way I'm happy, Avatar didnt win much. Cameron doesnt have another Oscar to stroke his ego. I thought Carey Mulligan should've won! Martin and Baldwin did a okay job.

People's Champ on Mar 7, 2010


@ 35 Ledger, Mac and Newman all died 2008. Ledger was mentioned at the 80th Academy Awards (not last year @ 38). Mac and Newman at the 81th Academy Awards, last year. Swayze was the first one in the montage of this year.

Me on Mar 7, 2010


"Exciting and quite interesting" my ass. This was probably the most boring Academy Awards I've ever seen. I feel like that entire time was a complete waste. Bland, boring, and uninteresting only begin to describe the night.

deltavoyage on Mar 7, 2010


that was a beautiful speech by sandra bullock =] and in my opinion Avatar should have won best was the best movie this year and not only that but it was an experience. The audience was completely immersed into the movie. Idk, i believe that Hurt Locker was a good movie but still i think Avatar should have won.

ben chacko on Mar 7, 2010


Bigelow and The Hurt Locker!!! LOVE IT!!!

d on Mar 7, 2010


I agree with the winners, even Avatars, I happy The Hurt Locker took Best Screenplay, Best Film, and Bigelow winning best director. Jeff Bridges long time waiting and well deserved! My one complaint is the best supporting actor category, I'm glad Waltz one he deserved it, but why wasn't Anthony Mackie in the nominees? He gave a hell of a performance in The Hurt Locker. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were funny, Jackman set the bar high, the two fell short...just barley. Did anyone else see the 3-D TV Promo? IT WAS AWFULLY STUPID! Who wants to year 3-D glasses while watching TV? I agree with TomV 28 Days Later not in the horror montage? WTF. Oh and Ben Stiller was hilarious!

Xerxex on Mar 7, 2010


imo Cameron should have won Best Director. The way he made this movie was unlike any other. Think about making it. Basically a bunch of actors in these goofy outfits in giant green rooms for the entire movie! The fact that he made an amazing movie with believable performances from that is outstanding. Avatar was a wonderful movie and it really was Cameron's movie and it was upsetting not seeing him get the credit (even though it won several other awards) That being said, making the most money any film has ever made is a great consolation prize and I think it will forever be remembered for what it did and what HE did....cant say the same about Hurt Locker, though it was great as well Also this was one of the WORST Academy Awards I have seen. The last four awards were great (though they usually are) and compared to last year's fantastic production, this was a yawner. I don't know what the producers were thinking. That bit with the strange hip-hop/break dancing to the musical scores was awkward and weird. They didnt even perform any best song nominees? Where were musical performances? Where was the show? Lame Martin and Baldwin were funny whenever they were on, but they were never there...I'd much rather a show like last year that was really a SHOW, a glamorous, musical, exciting one at that

Joey on Mar 7, 2010


I liked The Hurt Locker, but how in the hell did it beat out Transformers 2, Star Trek, Avatar and the Basterds for Sound? Damn liberal Hollywood always screwin' over Prime.

CLZ on Mar 7, 2010


I think the winners were mostly good decisions, I agreed with almost all the major awards. This year had more bullshit nominations than any year in recent memory.

DiR3cT on Mar 7, 2010


im just happy that avatar didnt win best picture or director

jebstuart on Mar 7, 2010


"Thoughts: I was rooting for Un Prophete, which hands down should have won this, especially over The White Ribbon. I'd call this one huge upset because NO ONE was expecting this to win at all." F*** you Alex, this is bulsh*t, im from Argentina and the movie is excelent. Watch it and then talk, dumbass Q LA SIGAN CHUPANDO!!!!!!!!!!

Marshmalou on Mar 7, 2010


Precious for adapted screenplay... made me cringe

yo on Mar 7, 2010


ditto #52

filmfan111 on Mar 7, 2010


I feel good about the way this went down. Just glad I didn't have to hear James Cameron ramble on about how great he is. Cheers to the winners!

germs on Mar 7, 2010


Good decisions. Avatar did not deserve best picture. I'm happy for Kathryn Bigelow.

Jimd on Mar 7, 2010


Also, how many people do you think Bullock had to blow to win?

yo on Mar 7, 2010


Carey Mulligan was robbed.

arnique on Mar 7, 2010


The show wasn't the best I've seen to be honest. Steve and Alec were pretty funny, but i thought we didn't get to see them that much... The stupid dance part was idiotic. I cant believe they'd rather show that then the best songs! They totally seemed to ran out of time at the end, which was just sad for a big show like the Oscars! For me at least the biggest awards are the last two (directing and best picture), seeing them slowing down pace in the best actor/actress category was kinda odd, cos i was watching the clock at the same time.. Around 20 mins for those two categories and then about 5-10 minutes for the directing and best picture was just sad. I love the way how their "co-workers" introduce the nominees in the best actors/actresses category, but i don't get why they didn't do that with the directors like last year. Was great seeing the old legends introducing last years nominees. And the way the best picture was announced... "And here is Sean Penn to announce the best picture of the year! - - - And the winner is..." (OK i get that the movies were shown throughout the gala.) Damn you sandy bulldog!! Would have loved to see Gabby or Carey take the trophy. Hurt Locker deserved it.. Kinda. Not my favorite movie from the top 10 (or the top 5), but didn't want Avatar to take it so im glad. I was kinda rooting for Colin Firth, even if Jeff Bridges did do an amazing job playing Bad. Now off to uni.. Gonna be a great and probably very fulfilling day, 100% sure (if i don't fall asleep in the middle of it ha ha). Good night America, good morning Europe!

coswell on Mar 7, 2010


I don't know but I think Avatar was massively robbed. I watched The Hurt Locker and Avatar both in theaters, and the reaction from the crowd was a big difference. I like everyone else was blown away while watching Avatar. The Hurt Locker not so much. Also how did Avatar's Original Score lose to "Up"? Like seriously? Another bummer was that Zoe Saldana didn't even get nominated for her performance. People fail to realize that the acting was 100% they're own. She was the best female performance of the year, without any doubt. The scene when the tree burned down. Like seriously. Last and not least, I can imaging Cameron directing The Hurt Locker - because he's obviously capable - Kathryn directing Avatar? I don't think so.

Clarice on Mar 7, 2010


AND WHY DIDNT UN PROPHETE WIN. I hate their take on "foreign" movies.. Last year and this year theyve chosen a movie which i have never heard of and is impossible to see in Finland at least.

coswell on Mar 7, 2010


49 CLZ Did you see Hurt Locker in theaters?!?!?!? I'm just going to assume you didn't or you wouldn't have posted that,no one did, not really your fault, but had you seen it in theaters you would have been completely blown away by it's sound. I have never felt so immersed in a battle and explosions and felt so tense because of sound effects ever, I was numb from the crazy noise, similar to the theatrical experience of Black Hawk Down(which I think was nominated or won at it's time as well). The Hurt Locker had hands down the best sound of the year, I saw all the films nominated, it was definitely the best...although all of those were really good, too.

LINKFX on Mar 7, 2010


Avatar ripped a bunch of Jurassic Park Dinosaur sounds for its creatures... that's why they didn't get Sound Mixing.

SAJohnson on Mar 7, 2010


What was the point of the Horror tribute? Because not enough young people watched the Oscars last years so that put that in to make them stay glued instead of texting? How did Avatar win best cinematography, there was hardly any real cameras used, it was mostly 0 and 1's/pixels. Ben Stiller is fucking somebody to be part of the show every year, or mommy and daddy are in charge of everything, and sonny gets to do his lame shtick every year. What's with the music, when Charlize Theron came out on stage the E.T. theme played, they probably thought she was Drew Barrymore. There was a moment where they played the Avatar music on the exit of another movie winning. The John Hughes tribute is ridiculous when so many other people died this year, where were their special tributes as well, I guess if your friends run things when you die, they give you a special tribute. I wonder if Avatar lost votes because of the Hurt Locker producer was swaying votes to their little indie film, which cost him seat at the Oscars.

Dan on Mar 7, 2010


I CANT BELIEVE Avatar won cinematography...really? Bastards should have won that all the way.

Joel on Mar 7, 2010


Ditto #52 and #55 thats all I can say besides the fact that I didnt see Swayze in the tribute yet I saw a Dancing screaming pedophile get one.... I am so fucking sick of hollywood. If he was in there someone correct me cause I didnt see him.

Cody w on Mar 7, 2010


#65, stop wondering and stop asking questions. it makes you look ignorant

Colt on Mar 7, 2010


Colt, not asking questions and wondering about things makes YOU ignorant!

Dan on Mar 8, 2010


AVATAR has been making movie history since the day it was released (and even before that) The fact that the Academy Awards haven't acknowledged that is a BIG SHAME!!! All major directors are now stepping into 3D/CGI territory James Cameron has made possible. And the Oscars just missed the opportunity to award that leap in the industry on the moment it is/was happening.

Roel Faulhaber on Mar 8, 2010


#70 effects wise it is making head-way, a lush beautiful world? Yes, memorable special effects? yes, memorable characters? not really. Original story? no. Did I enjoy it? Pretty Much, but I've seen better films. 3-D will break down soon enough, 3-D TV's are a joke, no one wants to wear glasses just to watch TV, people with bad eye sight are fucked. Besides I think most of us get annoyed with CGI orgies in film, Transformers 2 anyone? 3-D is not the way to go, it may sound cool and exciting but its a cheap trick that leave's some like myself unimpressed. I think 3-D has a place in film, but it does not need to replace conventional 2-D films, 3-D conversion can exist, but things should stay the same. P.S. the 3-D glasses suck, uncomfortable and a downright pain to wear for two hours.

Xerxex on Mar 8, 2010


I don't think people are giving Inglorious Bastards enough props. That movie was Perfect from start to finish. The master work of one of the best directors ever. The whole argument was between Avatar or Hurt Locker....i didn't want either of em to win. Avatar will be historically speaking one of the most pivotal movies ever made. That being said the story was a bit of a let down i loved the acting and the script but the story was lacking for me. I don't think it needed to be some original shocking storyline its just not that kinda movie but i still don't think it should have won best picture. The Hurt Locker is the most overrated piece of trash movie i have ever seen. It won for one single reason the strange anti-Avatar vote. what was so great about the hurt locker? The realism ok sure it was a nice break from RA RA go get em kill em up pro war action movies but really District 9 was just as gritty and felt more real than The Hurt locker and it was about aliens being in South Africa. The acting was ok but not amazing the direction was again ok but not excellent the story was again ok but BEST movie of the year come on.The hurt locker is like so many movies that win best picture. There good but easily forgotten. 5 or 10 years down the road you know what three movies people will remember Avatar, District 9 and Inglorious Bastards.

steve on Mar 8, 2010


This is history. On the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, a woman named Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscar for Best Director, first woman to do so in the Oscars 82year run. Well done Kathryn Bigelow, well done 🙂

David Banner on Mar 8, 2010


I should also add if you ever get mad about anything the academy does remember there the same organization that didn't think Citizen Kane was worthy of being the best picture of the year.

steve on Mar 8, 2010


Every year the Oscars try to compensate for some previous mistake, but in the process, they just make another (e.g., Penn over Rourke to make up for that turd Crash over Brokeback). And this year is no different. Voters look back on Titanic and see it was an overhyped cornfest. So what happens: the crowning achievement of Cameron's career gets slighted for an above average, but ultimately forgettable, war drama. Though not surprised, I'm really disappointed. I know now and then the Academy all of a sudden decides to pretend it cares about artistry, rather than Hollywood glitz, but, seriously, this was probably the one fucking year that was a really bad idea, because the big Hollywood glitz (Avatar) was a watershed, while all the "artistry" was totally underwhelming. There really were no deserving conventional dramas this year to rival Avatar. This wasn't like two years ago when you had No Country, There Will be Blood, Juno, even Atonement. Acting as though The Hurt Locker is a really amazing picture feels incredibly forced; it was totally propped up, just because the Academy just didn't want to award Avatar. The one year when they really could justify awarding Best Picture to a big budget giant, they totally fuck up. I don't think Lost in Translation (or Sofia Coppola) should have lost to the final installment of Lord of Rings; I also don't think LA Confidential should have lost to Titanic; but there is no fucking way that Avatar (or Cameron) should've lost to anyone tonight, much less the fucking Hurt Locker. Why can't these assholes ever just get it right the first time around? Is it really that hard to see that, for its genre, Avatar is a masterpiece, while, for their respective genres, virtually all the other nominees are totally forgettable? Also, get some new producers; enough bad jokes, bad dance numbers, musical interludes, and for chrissakes, what the fuck is up with those weird tribute speeches to best actor nominees. Meryl Streep is not that fuckin important. I don't need to hear some moron gushing over her for two minutes. Yuck!

whatever on Mar 8, 2010


I know I play bad, but you can learn from me as a person who is not into a do, let's join the clan did not just want to make progress together DOTA do, are filled with love for the game of DOTA, right? I would like to, and we called him a good friend

Stonehoof on Mar 8, 2010


#63-saw it in the theatre, in fact, probably way before you did (in vancouver last summer). not blown away by the sound. not at all.

whatever on Mar 8, 2010


This old Academy Idiots are making me sick. The Hurt locker might be a good Movie but its far away from Avatar! Bigelow is a Women...Thats it! Thats the Reason for the Price.A shame that the Peoples choice wasnt heard again. In 10 Years People will talk about Avatar , but no one remembers "The Hurt Locker" These old Men in theAcademy Jury should go into Cinemas and looking at the Peoples Reaction .

sammy68305 on Mar 8, 2010


#79 Are you serious? Avatar was good, but best picture? really? As mentioned in other posts, it is basically a plot ripped off from Ferngully, Dances with Wolves, etc, etc, etc, etc. Keep the People's choice to the People's Choice Awards. Hurt Locker was intense, artisitic, and induring. I'm no pro, but damn...

L on Mar 8, 2010


totally agree with #66 Inglorious Basterds should have won best cinematography. And I think the art direction on The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus is far better than avatar's.

Christ on Mar 8, 2010


I actually think the Academy got it mostly right this year apart from Sandra Bullock. The dance routine was total garbage plus the fact half the dancers couldn't even dance. The ending awards are very rushed but thats what happens when you fill the show with crap.

Anti-Fox on Mar 8, 2010


I respect everyone's opinion, but I really don't understand what's this hate for The Hurt Locker. Forgettable? NO! The first scene, the desert scene, in fact all missions were amazing. I saw this movie in December 2009 and only once (plus many other movies since then) and I remember those sequences very well and I will probably won't forget them. The acting was great, the directing, everything. It deserves Best Picture, especially if we look at the other nominees. Avatar? I think I don't have to say (that it's just special effects and nothing else) because almost everyone else said it. Inglourious Basterds: I had high expectations about this one but it was a let-down. I expected more from it. It wasn't a bad movie, don't get me wrong, but something didn't work for me. District 9 is my runner-up. Congratulations to all the winners. Peace!

me on Mar 8, 2010


I was very surprised to see Hurt Locker won, I didn't even like it but absolutely loved? AVATAR just as most people did. This is movie politics guys. Maybe because AVATAR had such a political statement behind it? Who judges the Oscars? hmm

George on Mar 8, 2010


Other than the intro and Stiller who was just awful....this was a great show. I am so glad the Academy sent Cameron a message......While the tech was awesome, you cannot let an actor slip into his accent 7 times, and your story needs to be something other than John Smith and a Native American Princess. I really thought D-9 had a chance in the screenplay as the UK showed us 2 weeks ago. Bullock and Bridges deserved the awards. Glad to see Star Trek win something....the audio track of this film is amazing and I had hoped it would win for mixing at least. The Hurt Locker was such an intense film, maybe the post Bush era voters is trying to send a message as well.

Clover on Mar 8, 2010


hahahah fuck you avatar. the movie sucked.

davey into savory on Mar 8, 2010


67 I don't know how you missed it but Patrick Swayze was the first one in the montage of those we have lost, I think Heath Ledger wasn't in it because he got his own tribute last year. And also while a part of me always had the feeling Avatar would not win Best Picture, I think it was a good movie, its visual effects were so amazing, that even when the credits were playing and they were showing a rear shot of Pandora, I couldn't leave, I was so memorized, I found it quite dramatic, I actually cried when the land was destroyed, and I enjoyed Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana's performances and was suprised that not even Zoe was nominated, I guess there was no room for her, its just the story wasn't that good, but all in all, a good movie, it won the Golden Globe for Best Director and Best Picture- Drama anyway, and 2 Oscars for Visual Effects and Art Design, so it got something. And I think the only reason Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscar for Best Director was because it makes her the first female to do so, I thought James Cameron would've been the best director, he did such a terrific job, and the night was filled with first timers, I lost track of how many times I heard " This is the first Academy Award and nomination for ( Insert name) By the way, does anyone else think James Cameron is bitter now because he lost to his ex wife

Skath on Mar 8, 2010


I called El Secreto de Sus Ojos to win the foreign language award

Martin on Mar 8, 2010


@85 u suck u idiot, go and watch ur stupid War Movie ..........

sammy68305 on Mar 8, 2010


I don't think The Hurt Locker was the best picture. That should have gone to Inglorious Basterds IMO. There are two reasons the Hurt Locker shouldn't have won. One, it is a movie that is presented to us in a very documentary style and feels like it's going to stay gritty and realistic kind of Black Hawk Downish. I know its fiction but then it really branches off when you see the lead start doing all these heroic and risky maneuvers with little to no reprimanding. SPOILER ALERT: Then when he goes after that boy, it transitions to pure fiction, especially when he attempts to get back on the base and such. I have no problems with a war movie being fiction, but don't present it to me as not and then transition to it in the third act. Second, the movie is all character driven. I love that idea. However, apart from the first defuse, when I didn't know the characters, the tension was lost in every other defuse. Don't get me wrong, the movie was tense. But if you understand plot at all, you knew that the lead would be in no true danger, except for maybe the end of the film. Because if he dies early, guess what you don't have a movie lol. For a character driven movie, I would have liked to see the supporting cast enter a lot more dangerous situations focused on them. That way you could fear for them and how their outcome of the situations would affect our lead character. At no point, until the end of the film did I fear for our lead. Great movie, but I think their were alternative motives for its win for both Best Director and Picture. (First female director and the fact that this is a war movie, done well, that doesn't choose a side. Therefore the politics of right wing/left wing didn't apply. People could enjoy a good war movie without the director or writer leaning one way or another.)

Jason McGuire on Mar 8, 2010


I mean, if its Fiction, at very least have him get injured pretty badly in the middle of the film and show him still going out to do his work. This would have emphasized more about the central them of the movie. (War is a drug)

Jason McGuire on Mar 8, 2010


imaginarium of doctor parnasus should have won art direction. avatar should have won best picture. the hurt locker won a bit too much! who agrees?

yumyumfish on Mar 8, 2010


I didn't mind Hurt Locker getting the best pic award, but Best Director should have gone to Cameroon. Creating and Directing a monster of a movie like Avatar, only a few can do. Not that I liked Avatar better than Hurt Locker or anything. Just for the effort he should have got it. That's all.

Ad on Mar 8, 2010


Hurt Locker was *Not* a good war movie, and it was actually worse for how close it got. They spent so much effort to get the visual details right and then proceed to slowly divorce every character in it from any kind of reality. The very fact that every bit of battle rattle the soldiers wear and every foot of trash strewn street looks so real makes it jarring for anyone who's been there when they take it into the realm of pure hollywood fantasy, and did it in ways that weren't even necessary to get the point of the movie across. The Hurt Locker, Keeping It Real Fake.

kreg on Mar 8, 2010


bullcock - Carey Mulligan should have won.

crumb on Mar 8, 2010


#79-if plot originality is the overriding measure of a film's quality (which would be funny, considering that it's a fucking visual medium), I guess All About Steve should've beaten The Hurt Locker, because failed attempts at realistic-day-in-the-life-of-a-soldier have been done countless times, whereas there's only one film about a stalker that writes crossword puzzles.

whatever on Mar 8, 2010


I enjoyed Hurt Locker and Avatar very much, but Hurt Locker did not deserve all the those awards.

SillySil on Mar 8, 2010


There is no way Hurt Locker should of won best picture. It was a good movie dont get me wrong but best way. Every scene was just a guy diffusing a bomb with nothing else really happening in the movie. Not to mention the ending seemed hurried and badly edited. The guy was home for a total of 2 minutes of screen time before he wants to go back. They could of lengthened the ending and showed more of the emotions of why he wanted to go back. I would of really liked to seen District 9 or Prescious win but being realistic Avatar should of won. I dont care if the story was ripped off. 99% of movies are ripped off of some other form of medium. I guess Saving Private Ryan is just another war movie and Schindlers List is just another Nazi movie...give me a break. Hurt Locker is very forgettable As for director James Cameron should of won. Im sorry but if you created camera technology to shoot your film as a director and now ALL of hollywood wants to use then you should win hands down. Not to mention he had to see everything visually in his head while filming. Love Sandra but yeah she didnt deserve that. I really didnt think she deserved the nomination.

Hale18 on Mar 8, 2010


#97-Well put.

whatever on Mar 8, 2010


Ok #86 thank you cause yeah somehow I missed it...Sigh of relief there.

Cody w on Mar 8, 2010


The basterds got snubbed and up in the air as well and as for sandra bullock winning its a damn shame The hurt locker wasnt deserving of best picture ,although i am glad that kat got best director i guess it all comes down to politics in everyway thats pretty much why the hurt locker won for best picture otherwise it would have been down to pure sheer entertainment Inglorious basterds or up in the air Those are the true best pics.

Barbosa on Mar 8, 2010


#97 hit the nail square on the head. While I won't waste my breathtrying to convnce people that Avatar should've won, I don't think that you can fault a movie for "not being original". After close to 100 years of film, plus the millennia of general storytelling on top of that, no one can be truly original anymore. You can always simplify a movie, and then find 2 or 3 movies to combine and say that nothing's new. Watch the "Simpson's Did It!" episode of South Park

Buzz on Mar 8, 2010


LINKFX- I actually did see it in theaters. Transformers 2 and Star Trek just had so much more to do than Hurt Locker. I do agree that it was a good movie all around but I highly doubt it took half the time and preparation to create the sound that Trans.2 and Star Trek took.

CLZ on Mar 8, 2010


ROTF should have gotten BEST SOUND

Lincoln on Mar 8, 2010


It is amazing that The Hurt Locker is a huge flop earning only 21,000,000 worldwide yet it wins the Best picture oscar It is an average film at best. But in my opinion 2009 was a poor year for film. Pleased to see Jeff Bridges finally get recognised as he deserves it.

macatae on Mar 8, 2010


#69, not when you're doing it just to whine. which you are.

Colt on Mar 8, 2010


To all you avatar fanboys harping on about originality not mattering and everything has been done before, thats not why we reference the other films, because if avatar had done any of these things in a fresh interesting way or even just to a better standard it would have recieved better recognition. And whereas everyone else mentions that films like phocohantas and dances with wolves are better because of their attributes films with simmilar messages earn decent respect because of how they presennt their features, for example people can throw the last samurai simmilar insults but they dont because it has enough substance to be considered uniqlue and worthwhile experience. Ask the people if they remember scenes from these films from an age ago they can describe you them, ask many people about avatar the general response is, oo it was very good special effects, and i liked the battle, and tbh ifi your big battle sequence is that short its not much to lean on. ps i know no punctuation but its late and i cba

Matt on Mar 8, 2010


#106-the ironic thing is dink, Avatar actually does use the structure of a classic story in a fresh way. that's why most of its fans think it's moronic to say it's bad simply because it superficially resembles some other films. it had a lot of nice, interesting, absorbing details. my guess is either you're a moron that assumes simply being a conventional drama or having a small budget is itself an aesthetic merit, and apparently assumes overwhelming paramount importance (in which case I'll admit it's probably pointless addressing you, because people like this lack the self-awareness to realize what drives their taste) or one those annoying dorks that use Avatar to feign some sort of elevated refinement. i understand the temptation to oppose mass taste. however, that's only because the masses often exhibit bad taste. i think Nickelback sucks, not because the masses happen like them, but just because they happen to suck. and i indict normal people for loving them. however, hating Avatar is just such a pathetic instance of misplaced frustration with commercially successful movies. this is one rare instance where a giant film with mass appeal truly was spectacular. minor defects, like a few rather artless imitations of native culture or cringeworthy pieces of dialogue, hardly detracted from the film on whole (and it seems rather ridiculous to act otherwise, especially because virtually every film suffers from minor defects, and even the ones that don't generally aren't uniquely outstanding in the multiple ways that Avatar is). the majority of this film was a totally engrossing, and many scenes were simply beautiful. and i say that as someone that really has no interest is most big budget pieces, including even the "good" ones. i thought the Dark Knight was boring after 45 minutes, and i could care less about the Lord of the Rings series. needless to say, i'm uninterested in yearly drek like Transformers 2, as well. in any case, if someone doesn't see that Avatar was better than The Hurt Locker, i just have to wonder: what the fuck is wrong with them. check back with the site ten years from now. then we'll see how well you really think the Hurt Locker stood the test of time.

whatever on Mar 8, 2010


Serious debate...I enjoyed all the films nominated...what's done is done...not too many people were happy to see anyone from Precious win...not too surprised either.

Dude on Mar 8, 2010


What happened to Farrah Fawcett? Ricardo Montalban? Henry Gibson?

twittwit on Mar 8, 2010


i think to qualify for best movie you should have a storyline. hurtlocker didn't have one.

josh on Mar 8, 2010


!!!#77. I saw it last summer on my birthday actually before it's initial run here at the wonderful Arclight theater in Hollywood...a theater with one of the best sound systems in the world. In fact, I see all my movies here. The sound was amazing. I'm not saying the other movies sound wasn't great, but in a film with the budget of "Hurt Locker" the sound means everything to the experience, it was was solidified the entire film together...which I'm sure was incredibly difficult again considering the limited resources. Don't be so quick to judge.

LINKFX on Mar 8, 2010


CLZ I'm glad you saw it in theaters...see my comment above for why I thought it was amazing. Also note, I saw it in a non-chain theater with a really superb sound system, where I see all most films. Arclight is amazing, if you live in LA and really love cinema, you need to check it out, either that or the Director's Halls at the Bridge cinema de lux.

LINKFX on Mar 8, 2010


Tarantino was robbed

bubba b on Mar 8, 2010


rebuttle ok you mention that you believe nickelback sucks because you believe it sucks is that any different to me being entirely underwhelmed by a film that will be forgotten when the next big cg masterpiece totters along, note i dont once say its bad, infact i reccomend any person to w atch it once for technical brilliance and to see the world, but the way the story flowed would have worked better in a scenario where you can go over what you have just seen by looking and turning (i.e a videogame of crysis graphic specs) i felt cameron just dawdled around showing you his world and really lacked on the narrative. p.s its somewhere like 6-7 /10 for me so again not bad not best picture worthy (best picture imo is a toss up between district 9 and basterds )

Matt on Mar 9, 2010


Sandra Bullock over Gabourey Sidibe? Really? I love Sandy as much as the next person but she was the absolute last of all those women that I would have chosen to win. How awesome would it have been to see Gabourey walk away with a statue? In my mind this is just as bad as Marissa Tomei winning for My Cousin Vinny. Shame on the Academy!

Telugu Cinema on Mar 9, 2010



George on Mar 10, 2010


it deserves every Oscar... it was the best movie

business benchmarking on Jun 16, 2010


frankly speaking I was a bit surprised when Avatar didn't get the award for the best movie... but many men many minds, besides The Hurt Locker is really a very good film. all the rest wasn't a surprise to me. I like sandra Bullok very much, but maybe somehow this film wasn't so impressive... i mean she deserves Oscar 1-00% sure, but not for this part. no offence, just my personal opinion.

Torrent Basket on Jun 22, 2010


LOVED The Blindside! Awesome movie. Way to go, Sandra Bullock!

3d prototyping on Jun 22, 2010


Jeff Bridges won an Oscar for the first time after five nominations include dates back to 1971. Actress Kate Winslett last year presented the award to Bridges, who compared the prize as well be for his parents who were actors.A radiant Sandra Bullock won the Best Actress Oscar and highlighted each of his fellow nominees individually. He thanked Leigh Anne Tuohy, who was portrayed in the film The Blind Side. Then he choked as she thanked her mother.

Anime on Jun 22, 2010


The Hurt Looker was my favorite. It won many Oscar prizes.

Signs Austin on Jun 26, 2010


it was my favorite... I really like it.. it deserves every prize. Maybe this year we will see another good movie, like The Hurt Looker

Ecommerce website development on Jun 27, 2010


I was pleased that Precious film also received award.

Tom on Jul 7, 2010


I couldn't believe that the hurt locker beat out avatar for movie of the year. I can't help but wonder if the fix was in this year. Avatar set the record for biggest grossing movie of all time and was AWESOME. 20 years from now people will remember this movie as the one that changed 3-D forever. The hurt locker on the other hand, I don't think I would rent this one on DVD. In my opinion it wasn't even in the top 3 this year. I've heard that there are a lot of people in the biz who don't like James Cameron. I wonder if they didn't give the award to his ex-wife as a slap in the face.

The Woodlands Appraiser on Jul 11, 2010


I didn't really like UP. I must've missed something.

Articles on education on Jul 30, 2010


in my opinion they deserve it. THe Hurl Looker was an excellent movie

fitness tips on Aug 8, 2010


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Hi. Nice horror tribute. Though there hasn't been a good horror movie in ages.

divx movies on Sep 14, 2010


Hurt locker is awesome, very different from what I'm used to seeing. I loved Sandra in the blind side and jeff in crazy heart. Crazy heart is one of my favorite movies, very inspiring touching film and perfect acting.

pewter figurines on Sep 23, 2010


Just came up to find your blog. Man, this is a great one. You have wonderful deign layout and for the award winners I think Sandra deserves that. I love every movie of hers. Others are good too! I hope to get some more refreshing news here.

Tina on Sep 24, 2010


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Motivational Strategies on Sep 30, 2010


shut the fuck up

Delirious1000 on Jan 24, 2011


the hurt locker deserve every award, its a great show.

austin auto service on Oct 3, 2010


hi,thanks for sharing news about movies i really like dude i want to come here again again for new gossip,i want to told every one that avatar is a great 3d technology movie that is only a movie who makes with 3D tech.i have seen many times,you should watch this movie thanks keep it up cna certification

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Penelope Cruz, oh well, she is classic beauty. Very adorable ,'~

Dress Pants %0A on Dec 2, 2010

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