82nd Academy Awards Nominees Are Officially Announced

February 2, 2010

Oscar Statues

The complete list of nominees for the 82nd Academy Awards, the most prestigious award in Hollywood, have been announced today (via The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed the nominees this morning live from the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. No need to spend any more time introducing this, let's just get right down to it! This is the first year that 10 movies are nominated for Best Picture (since 1943) and the 10 they chose are exciting, including Pixar's Up and District 9! But there are more surprises hidden within, so without further ado, take a look at the full list of nominees below.

The 82nd Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, March 7th at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood with a live telecast airing on ABC starting at 8PM (EST) / 5PM (PST). Read on for the full list of 2010 nominees.

The Blind Side
District 9
An Education
The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire
A Serious Man
Up in the Air

James Cameron - Avatar
Kathryn Bigelow - The Hurt Locker
Quentin Tarantino - Inglourious Basterds
Lee Daniels - Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire
Jason Reitman - Up in the Air

Jeff Bridges - Crazy Heart
George Clooney - Up in the Air
Colin Firth - A Single Man
Morgan Freeman - Invictus
Jeremy Renner - The Hurt Locker

Sandra Bullock - The Blind Side
Helen Mirren - The Last Station
Carey Mulligan - An Education
Gabourey Sidibe - Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire
Meryl Streep - Julie & Julia

Matt Damon - Invictus
Woody Harrelson - The Messenger
Christopher Plummer - The Last Station
Stanley Tucci - The Lovely Bones
Christoph Waltz - Inglourious Basterds

Penélope Cruz - Nine
Vera Farmiga - Up in the Air
Maggie Gyllenhaal - Crazy Heart
Anna Kendrick - Up in the Air
Mo’Nique - Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire

Mark Boal - The Hurt Locker
Quentin Tarantino - Inglourious Basterds
Alessandro Camon & Oren Moverman - The Messenger
Joel Coen & Ethan Coen - A Serious Man
Bob Peterson, Pete Docter - Up

Neill Blomkamp & Terri Tatchell - District 9
Nick Hornby - An Education
Jesse Armstrong, Simon Blackwell, Armando Iannucci, Tony Roche - In the Loop
Geoffrey Fletcher - Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire
Jason Reitman & Sheldon Turner - Up in the Air

Fantastic Mr. Fox
The Princess and the Frog
The Secret of Kells

Ajami (Israel)
El Secreto de Sus Ojos (Argentina)
The Milk of Sorrow (Peru)
Un Prophète (France)
The White Ribbon (Germany)

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
Sherlock Holmes
The Young Victoria

Mauro Fiore - Avatar
Bruno Delbonnel - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Barry Ackroyd - The Hurt Locker
Robert Richardson - Inglourious Basterds
Christian Berger - The White Ribbon

Burma VJ
The Cove
Food, Inc.
The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers
Which Way Home

China’s Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province
The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner
The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant
Music by Prudence
Rabbit à la Berlin

French Roast
Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty
The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte)
A Matter of Loaf and Death

The Door
Instead of Abracadabra
Miracle Fish
The New Tenants

District 9
Star Trek

Bright Star
Coco Before Chanel
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
The Young Victoria

Il Divo
Star Trek
The Young Victoria

District 9
The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire

The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
Star Trek
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
Star Trek

James Horner - Avatar
Alexandre Desplat - Fantastic Mr. Fox
Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders - The Hurt Locker
Hans Zimmer - Sherlock Holmes
Michael Giacchino - Up

"Almost There" from The Princess and the Frog
"Down in New Orleans" from The Princess and the Frog
"Loin de Paname" from Paris 36
"Take It All" from Nine
"The Weary Kind" from Crazy Heart

I've got to say, I'm quite satisfied with this year's nominees, at least more than the Golden Globes. But I do think there are some big noms missing, like Shane Acker's 9 and Sam Rockwell for Moon. However, I'm still excited to see who ends up winning on March 7th. Are you satisfied with the 2010 Oscar nominees?

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Good nominations, but you're right, Sam Rockwell gave one of the year's absolute best performances and he's nowhere to be found. And what in the name of God is "The Blind Side" doing on there? I thought opening the list up to 10 nominations would mean they'd nominate good blockbusters, like they did with Up and District 9, not crappy, watered-down sports dramas.

DinoChow on Feb 2, 2010


How the hell is blind side nominated for anything are they serious. how many members of the academy did Sandra bullock have to blow to make this happen

Alex on Feb 2, 2010


Good nominations but... the oscars is turning out to be the peoples choice awards, only 3 films from the 10 Best Picture nominees have any real chance at winning it.

D on Feb 2, 2010


I know it had mixed reviews, and it was kind of a long while ago it seems, but I kinda wish WATCHMEN had gotten something. Like Cinemtagraphy, Adapted screenplay, Art Direction, or Visual affects. I mean, the movie kind of polarized fans, but it's craftsmanship was really superb.

DRM on Feb 2, 2010


I am really happy to see District 9 crack 4 Academy nods 🙂 I don't, however, see it taking home any but still it renews my faith in the rather stilted Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences of late. My predictions for the top five are :- BEST FILM - The Hurt Locker (I think an upset is going to happen here, sorry Avatar lovers) BEST ACTOR - Jeff Bridges (Haven't seen it yet but I hear its a phenomenal performance) BEST ACTRESS - Sandra Bullock (lets face it she is the definite shoo-in plus the fact she's never been nominated before and the Academy loves this kind of performance - think Julia Roberts Erin Brokovich plus 2009 really has been the year of Sandra Bullock) BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - Christopher Waltz - Another great performance from 2009 BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS - Mo'Nique - who should deservedly win

Stefarooh on Feb 2, 2010


It's surprising that "Where the Wild Things Are" didn't get any technical award nominations. Not to mention that out-of-nowhere nomination for "The Secret of Kells" in Best Animated Feature. I expected it to be either "Ponyo" or "Cloudy...Meatballs" with a slight chance of "Mary and Max" pulling an upset. "Up" still pretty much has the award in the bag, but this is still an interesting development.

James on Feb 2, 2010


I agree Sam Rockwell should be up there,i am dissappointed about that.Glad Christopher waltz got the nod,, he deserves it.

Mikey on Feb 2, 2010


oops...forgot the best director bit.... that has got to go to self proclaimed King of the World....................... James Cameron

Stefarooh on Feb 2, 2010



scotty on Feb 2, 2010


Great to see A Serious Man get a couple nods.

Shane on Feb 2, 2010


blind side or sandra bullock don't deserve crap,but putting her name in baits in discussion and a wider audience,i doubt she'll actually win-the meryl streep & carey mulligan double block should be quite sufficient. the only thing worth noting is up's nom in the top category,that film was beyond joyful.

twispious on Feb 2, 2010


If Katheryn and hurt locker don't win every award over avatar there are big problems with the world.

Linkfx on Feb 2, 2010


Looks like Avatar and The Hurt Locker will take home the awards. Each of them have 9 nominations and in a category where is absent one of them, the award would go to the other (when both of them are in the same category it will be a hell of a decision). Inglourious Basterds is the 3rd with 8 nominations (that's very close) and it will win where both Avatar and The Hurt Locker are absent. These are not rules, they're just speculations and I know I'm not right in every aspect, but I'm not too far. I hope The Hurt Locker wins most of them. Great film.

me on Feb 2, 2010


"This is the first year that 10 movies are nominated for Best Picture..." Quick history lesson. The last time 10 films were nominated for Best Picture was 1943.

Travis on Feb 2, 2010


Avatar being nominated for art direction and cinematography makes me sad...

SasQ on Feb 2, 2010


El Secreto de sus Ojos will win the foreign language award!

Martin on Feb 2, 2010


#15 - Why? If anything, those were the best parts of Avatar, or at leas the parts that unquestionably deserved Oscar nominations. But it didn't get any noms for acting or writing unfortunately.

Alex Billington on Feb 2, 2010


DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: Burma VJ First norwegian produced docu nominated since Kon-Tiki(1950) 🙂 Abit odd that Watchmen got nothing? Nothing on editing, cinematography, or adapted screenplay???

David Banner on Feb 2, 2010


This is Defiantly Avatar year here’s my predictions for the Oscars Best film Avatar, The hurt locker, Inglorious Bastard’s Best Director James Cameron, Kathleen Bigelow, Quentin Tarantino Best Actress Sandra Bullock The Blind Side Best Actor Jeff Bridges Crazy Hart Best supporting Actor Woody Haroldson for the messenger, I would have like to have seen him up for Zombieland. Best supporting Actress Mo Nique for Precious Best Foreign film Un Prophete Best music score James Horner Avatar Best SFX Avatar

Cineprog on Feb 2, 2010


#4 I full heartily agree with you. I know it would have been a long shot for Jackie Earle Haley to be nominated for for best actor or supporting and Snyder isn't getting a directors nod for quite some time. But the set pieces and costumes and the visual effects where top notch above other films and it's sad that they didn't get recognized for any of their work. And not just the Oscars but in all the award shows. I love Watchmen and have it at my #1 list of 2009.

KingThor on Feb 2, 2010


#17 - Writing and acting?...seriously?...take off the 3-D goggles. The show was fun but the writing was laughable (laughing at not with) and the acting was serviceable at best.

klausey on Feb 2, 2010


#15 I partly agree with you. Art Direction I can sort of see because it's not a huge stretch, though some of the concepts and plant life on Pandora were very similar to that in The Dark Crystal. Just done with CGI. Pop in a DVD of this movie and you'll understand. Even the concept that the main female character can communicate with all living things is similar. But regarding Cinematography you're so right. Cinematography of what, a blue or green screen!!! Cinematography of CGI?! I do think that visually, the CGI and special effects crew should win some of the awards for Avatar, but definitely not Cinematography.

Tony on Feb 2, 2010


ha ha ha avatar didn't get nominated for writing

taylor on Feb 2, 2010


I know, but to even mention it was fanatical

klausey on Feb 2, 2010


"the white ribbon" has vanished from the list of nominees in the "foreign language" category. does anyone know what's up with that?

Denis on Feb 2, 2010


Christoph Waltz has to win - when you steal the show like he did, you deserve it. It'll be fun to see how his career ascends. (Did I hear Green Hornet?) Jeff Bridges seems to be cleaning up with the CrazyHeart performance - I'm not a big fan of the Country music ..or the other kind - Western. Which means it'll stay off my personal radar, but apparently it's good, so we can expect he'll pick that one up. Avatar is a SuperMegaBlockbuster, I loved it, but the story was predictable and weak - the visuals were the thing here. Cameron does deserve recognition, to me the shame is Kathryn Bigelow will lose and it's unfair - there is no second place. If I had my say, Bigelow would get the Oscar and Cameron can have a nice day. He's got 2Billion dollars to spend, let Hurt Locker have the damn award! Mr Tarantino - we the people love you. Yet, methinks the Academy may snub you. Thats what you get for speaking your mind and making rot that people love to watch. You started indie - apparently your still indie. Damn, I hate the way that is, but it is... This guy is a star maker and a star rejuvenator, he makes things happen at such a fundamental level, I think he's destined for one of those lifetime acheivements at age 77. I wish I was giving awards, I'd make stuff up just to give to Quentin. That's all I got.

imaclatchie on Feb 2, 2010


BEST FILM district 9 (haven't seen avatar,must be the only person who hasn't.)BEST DIRECTOR quentin tarantino(but cameron will get it.)BEST ACTOR anyone of them haven't seen any of them films.BEST ACTRESS same as previous comment.SURPPORTING ACTOR chris waltz.SURPPORTING ACTRESS same comment as actor & actress.ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY inglorious basterds.ADAPTED SCREENPLAY district 9 ANIMATED FEATURE coraline.FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM haven't seen any of them(where is the nomination for let the right one in.)ART DIRECTION avatar.CINEMATOGRAPHY avatar or inglorious basterds.DOCUMENTRY the cove.SHORT DOCUMENTRY china's unatural disaster.ANIMATED SHORT not seen any of these.LIVE ACTION SHORT same as last comment.VISUAL EFFECTS any of these they're all fucking great.COSTUME DESIGN the imaginarium of doctor parnassus. MAKE UP star trek.FILM EDITING district 9.SOUND MIXING avatar,star trek or transformers 2(all very good in the sound department.)SOUND EDITING avatar or star trek.ORIGINAL SCORE avatar.ORIGINAL SONG can't comment haven't heard any of them.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Feb 2, 2010


Where is (500) Days of Summer for anything!??!?!? Moon once again gets zero credit.

Stan on Feb 2, 2010


So glad District 9 got some love.'s only real shot is screenplay.

Clover on Feb 2, 2010


District 9 getting some respect, love it! 2nd fav movie right after avatar this past year

ray on Feb 2, 2010


It's a popularity contest most of the time anyway. I mean Avatar is nominated for 9 different awards? (I still can't get over Unobtainium). For Editing where is (500) Days of Summer or Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, they used the editing to take the movies up and beyond. Definitely Rockwell for Best Actor. I'm saddened to see no love for The Brothers Bloom either. And Watchmen for some visual award, that movie did a lot of things right and especially art direction. Cool to see an animated feature even nominated for best picture and glad to see District 9 getting attention especially since it was more original and interesting than Avatar.

John I.G> on Feb 2, 2010


Tom Hardy for Best Actor in Bronson. Hands Down.

Adam on Feb 2, 2010


#22 For at least the flight scenes, James Cameron walked around a virtual world filming the shots he wanted with a virtual camera. The whole Avatar world was rendered, and then shots were found. This technique is much different than storyboarding and just rendering the shots a director wants. It does deserve a nomination for the groundbreaking technique. I won't be surprised if Avatar wins visual effects and film editing. I will be disappointed if it wins anything else. IMHO Avatar is not science fiction. I think of science fiction as grabbing hold of a technological idea, extrapolating the effects of it on the culture, and then writing a story about a person's struggles living in the new culture. Avatar was a war movie about a spy realizing that the grass is greener on the other side.

josef on Feb 2, 2010


yet again the Academy all up on George Clooney which I dont see what he did so good that he got a nod and not sam rockwell or viggo who were the best actor of 09 and for THE ROAD NOT ONE NOM WHY is that The ROAD and MOON shoud have got some nom I happy to see Christoph Waltz getting nom hope he wins fuck the Academy they dont see what you can call a good film but they see what is making money and who is big.

sarahn76 on Feb 2, 2010


#31 You're so right! We still laugh about it at home. Cameron stated that he had been working on Avatar for over 14 years, and yet the only name he could come up with for the mineral was Unobtanium!!! LOL! Yikes!

tony on Feb 2, 2010


i wanna see Tarantino win, but i think Kathryn will win the best director ( well deserved), hurt locker will also win best picture , Up will win best animated feature hands down. Christopher Waltz is the man !!! happy to see district 9 up there too, tho i have to say its sad to not see Moon got any nods at all.

andrew on Feb 2, 2010


FIRST TIME SINCE ''STAR WARS'' AND ''CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND'' THAT TWO SF MOVIES ARE NOMINATED!!! ''AVATAR'' & ''DISTRICT 9'' Also, make up nom. for ''Star Trek'' and NO michael bay!!! This is history.

m4st4 on Feb 2, 2010


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Up will will Best Animated Picture.

Nada Nuff on Feb 2, 2010


Moon is great science fiction and a great movie. I would think that it would get a nomination for original screenplay, but it did not. I see that Duncan Jones came up with story and Nathan Parker wrote the screenplay. I guess the film can only be written as a screenplay. From Duncan Jones' wiki page, it looks like there are two more films planned.

josef on Feb 2, 2010


Sam rockwell deservs to be on the best actors list more than colin fith in my opinion. Rockwell was amaing in moon. It should also have gotten a best pic nom over the blind side. It might be a stretch to say duncan jones should be a best director nom but it wouldnt of been suprised to see it.

laker on Feb 2, 2010


Fantastic Mr. Fox should win for best animated feature...which means there is no way that it will. All in all it was a really strong year for animation.

klausey on Feb 2, 2010


#33 True. The movie felt like a compilation of some of his old stuff mixed with other people's. It was one part Aliens(including a latin female soldier), one part Ferngully, one part Dances with Wolves(or Pocahantas your choice). Also as I mentioned earlier, some elements of The Dark Crystal, at least for the forest and talking to living things concept. There was nothing original here. I give Cameron credit for looking into the enhancement of 3D and his work with the camera. He is a mastercraftsman, an amazing filmmaker. But it doesn't change the fact that if it wasn't for the 3D and the visual magic(for which none of it would be possible if it wasn't for Peter Jackson and his Weta team) this movie would not even be considered for as many awards as it's been nominated for. I'm so glad that you saw the movie for what it really is and were not taken in by all it's visual gimmicks. Let's hope the Academy does the same.

Tony on Feb 2, 2010


Josef: I agree with your HO. It had potential to push science fiction concepts on transhumanism, but it turned into a big sappy fairytale.

Prestron on Feb 2, 2010


I called all of the Best Picture nominees, except of course, The Blind Side. It wasn't even a major critical darling.

Al on Feb 2, 2010


Yeah...kinda surprised to see Moon completely snubbed. Also, I would've liked to see The Hangover and (500) Days of Summer nominated for something atleast...maybe best picture for both. But all-in-all, I'm very glad to see Avatar, The Hurt Locker, and District 9 well represented with all of their nominations.

Zac on Feb 2, 2010


Avatar does not deserve Best Director or Film, art direction yeah but the movie is somewhat forgetful, I have a feeling that this years oscar ceremony is gonna suck.

Xerxex on Feb 2, 2010


Inglourious Basterds and A Serious Man were my favorite films of the year because of the great acting, originality, and of course the phenomenal directing, but I realize neither will win best picture. I also vote Mr. Fox for best animated film and Waltz for supporting actor.

Slurry on Feb 2, 2010


WTF!!?? No love for the score of A Single Man, seriously?? This was such an amazing score!!!!!!

Tomi Lahdesmaki on Feb 2, 2010


Screw it, just give every award to Avatar!

Elija on Feb 2, 2010


Avatar was a good movie but for me District 9 is the must win movie here. I am dissapointed to see 'Partly Cloudy' missing under the short animated movie award. I loved it.

Link1983 on Feb 2, 2010


Best Picture: Hurt Locker Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow - The Hurt Locker Best Actor: Jeremy Renner - The Hurt Locker (Should be Sam Rockwell for Moon) Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz - Inglourious Basterds Original Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino - Inglourious Basterds Adapted Screenplay: Neill Blomkamp & Terri Tatchell - District 9 Animated Feature: Up (I cried in the first few minutes, give it to them) Cinematography: Robert Richardson - Inglourious Basterds Visual Effects: District 9 The reason I think District 9's f/x were better than Avatar's f/x were because they seemed more realistic and believable to me. Avatar had a $500 million budget and District 9 only had $30 million. I takes an amazing team to do what they did on that budget. Heck, anyone could make a moving full of crazy effects with $500 million. While Avatar might have developed new technology, I felt like that's all it was about was just experimenting and shoving as much effects in your face as possible. District 9 was more about telling a story, a really unique one, and using the effects as a tool to tell the story. The aliens looked more like aliens instead of cat people and stuff looked gritty and real instead of the "everything is beautiful" look of Avatar. That's the reason the effects in Star Wars and Aliens worked so well was because stuff looked dirty and used. Avatar looked too clean cut to me. When it comes down to it, I think visual effects should be more about quality than quantity and I think District 9 just did a better job.

Brad on Feb 2, 2010


# 27 tobi,leader of the akatsuki Let the Right One In was released in the States in 24 October 2008 so it can't be nominated this year.

me on Feb 2, 2010


I watched Moon last week and was totally surprised. I did not know what to expect since I didn't see the trailer, just heard from other people that it was good. I am now thinking it may be better than District 9. I'll have to rewatch it. District 9 was good, had more action obviously, but Moon had a more personal feeling to it. And you gotta love the robot.

notalent on Feb 2, 2010


How is Star Trek not nominated for Best Picture?

Quicksand on Feb 2, 2010


Hurt Locker is going to win it all. - Jake Yenor

Jake Yenor on Feb 2, 2010


Maggie Gyllenhaal finally got some love! But Penelope Cruz over Julianne Moore? That's kind-of rediculous.

Nick on Feb 2, 2010


#50 I have not seen 'Partly Cloudy,' but I do remember the book from 'Reading Rainbow.' I was wondering how the source material translated. It looked like the movie did not copy the art style, or the story. To you, what made it stand out?

josef on Feb 2, 2010


where is watchmen?

sna on Feb 2, 2010


The surprise inclusion of D9 is getting people too hopeful. Its a race between Hurt Locker, Basterds, Avatar, and Up In The Air. The reason why the 10 failed is because its not really a race between 10. No oscar PUNDIT or watcher really expects it to go to anyone else (maybe Precious). Personally I am thinking more and more Hurt Locker and less and less Basterds. yes Basterds has the supporting of the oscars biggest field (actors) but HL has more technical categories than I expected. Avatar doesn't seem to be hurt or helped by todays announcement, as every pundit saw this coming.

Al on Feb 2, 2010


and where is where the wild things are, at leat best song...and where is 500 days of summer?

paulina on Feb 2, 2010


FUCK THE AVATAR!!! OMG whay do u people like this shit anyway it was like a kids movie and it was just all about CGI and it has very classic and simple scenario! Fuck this oscar is going to suck!

osmn on Feb 2, 2010


I can live with all the nominations Avatar got (so glad it's not nominated for best script), with the exception of best score. The first time I saw that film I found myself frustrated that James Horner was ripping off so many of his previous films. The scene that stood out to me the most: Knocking down that huge tree, using motifs from A Beautiful Mind. It was James Horner, and he's hit and miss at best, but when he blatantly rips himself off, it's like he's not even trying. Hopefully Michael Giacchino takes the award. He's so much more versatile. And Sam Rockwell should've got a nomination for best actor, but do I even need to say that?

Mark on Feb 2, 2010


(500) Days of Summer should have received a Best Picture nom.

Golgo 13 on Feb 2, 2010


#31 Actually, unobtanium was a pre-existing concept before Avatar. Still, bad name.

Mark on Feb 2, 2010


My predictions. I love a good shocker, but I really doubt they'll be too many this year.

Pale Paul on Feb 2, 2010


Alex, are you serious about the not getting writing nominations comment? Avatar was good, but the dialogue was just awful at times. The story was a cliche of many other westerns (Um...Dances with Wolves? Hellooooooo?). My challenge to you in 2010 is get tough on these blockbusters Alex. We should expect more from someone like Cameron. Don't get me wrong, Avatar was incredibly entertaining (I even saw it twice), but that doesn't make it a Best Picture.

Quanah on Feb 2, 2010


I agree with #4 and #6: WATCHMEN was highly underrated and overly criticized when to date, it is by far one of the most faithful adaptations to the source material. It had its flaws but most films do. It should have at least gotten a nod in the Technical, Sound and Costume Design. Same goes for WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.

twittwit on Feb 2, 2010


No Hangover?

jeffrey on Feb 2, 2010


I agree with twittwit, Watchmen was highly underrated and is deserving of oscar buzz. I would love to see Jackie Earle Haley take one for best performance.

Xerxex on Feb 2, 2010


#18 Burma VJ is a DANISH film!!!

martin lind on Feb 2, 2010


Who is this Oscar guy?

Felix on Feb 2, 2010


Saying that ten films are nominated is equally useful as saying that 30 films or 100 films are nominated... we can say that only three or four movies have a real chance of winning the Oscar (and only one or two deserves it). - Avatar (it's gonna win, but leaving aside the fact that it is a technical marvel... it has all the elements to be rewarded as the best picture of the whole year?) - The Blind Side (don't like football, haha, but anyway, I can't say this has a real chance) - District 9 (it's a great movie, but the best? don't think so) - An Education (beautiful movie, but that's it) - The Hurt Locker (is the Iraq theme oscar worthy? we are talking about a very specific subject, we cannot say it will work in a global market) - Inglourious Basterds (changing history deserves an oscar??) - Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire (actor oriented, great film, but not the best film) - A Serious Man (rarely a comedy is the best movie of the year, i just can remember Annie Hall, but that's it...) - Up (everyone loves Pixar [I don't], so, maybe Up can make it) - Up in the Air (a highly overrated movie. Don't know why is even here, but people just love it, so, it could be...)

leinergroove on Feb 2, 2010


Guys, because there doesn't seem to be an obvious lock for best picture, this could be the year the academy hands it to Quentin Tarantino after snubbing him for Pulp Fiction. Just please, no Avatar/District 9/ or (wtf?) Blindside. While the first two were entertaining they were hardly oscar contenders in anything but special effects. The third, dear God, I don't know why its there.

Taylor on Feb 2, 2010


where is "the road" in all this?

shocked? on Feb 2, 2010


I'm willing to go out on a limb and say its Basterds or Hurt Locker.

Al on Feb 2, 2010


Hurt Locker all the way and I'd love to see Jeremy Renner win for best actor, Bridges is always great but it would be cool to see Renner's career explode and put him high on the A-list as one of the top actors in Hollywood.

CLAW on Feb 2, 2010


Avatar getting best orginal score would be a travesty. It is an average score at best. Giachinno should win that for Up.

DMan on Feb 2, 2010


To anyone questioning "The Hangover" not getting a Best Picture nomination......seriously!? Personally, I thought the movie sucked. Look, I loved "Anchorman". But that didn't deserve a Best Picture nomination either IMO. Time to get real here.

Film Fan on Feb 2, 2010


I have a problem with The Blind Side being in Best Picture, and I haven't even seen the movie, so my complaint has nothing to do with that. How can a movie get a Best Picture nomination with only one other nomination in all those categories? Best Picture means it's one of the very best, yet according to the academy, The Blind Side only stood out for one performance. They didn't even count it in the top 5 of any other categories. It seems impossible that something can get a Best Picture nomination with only one other nomination in the whole show. As for Avatar, I have to agree with everyone else. The 2 categories it absolutely DOES NOT deserve nominations for are screenplay or acting. Those were the weakest areas. I won't even complain about art direction, but seriously, you think it had award worthy acting and writing? And yet again to agree with everyone else, shocked that 500 Days of Summer and Moon didn't get a single nomination. The Blind Side is a best picture contender based on one performance, but they couldn't give a single nod to Moon or 500 Days. I'm completely shocked.

Colca on Feb 2, 2010


sandra bullock's butt needs a nomination! it looked terrific in that white skirt! just kidding folks! sam rockwell should have been nominated for a superb performance in moon. it has been awhile since a movie touched my black heart. and why wasn't watchmen nominated for anything? or where the wild things are?

nacho on Feb 2, 2010


#77 Travesty is certainly the right word.

Mark on Feb 2, 2010


District 9 and The Blind Side for Best Picture? Was the year really that weak? I guess this 10 nominations thing wasn't such a good idea.

SlashBeast on Feb 3, 2010


I dont know why Tranformers 2 was not nominated for best visual effects..i was not nominated for Best sound editing either...

Chaitanya on Feb 3, 2010


really best picture THE BLIND SIDE. Best Picture nod should have been moon and The road there were my 09 best film and I know they were not big a the boxoffice like the blind side. fuck this years Academy Awards they never get it right like Brokeback Mountain should have won best picture and Heath Ledger for best Actor in the movie playing Ennis Del Mar

jean on Feb 3, 2010


the academy awards are a joke now

no on Feb 3, 2010


the academy awards are a joke. I loved Avatar but if it beats The Hurt Locker or even Basterds for best picture then ill probably stop paying attention to there dumb award show.

D on Feb 3, 2010


Alex, I don't know if it's me studying in visual arts or me just being color blind and stupid, but I found huge flaws in Avatar's art direction. Often, everything would be overcharged with items and movement, leaving an uncomfortable vision to the audience. At other moment, also often, the colors would simply not match, make bad contrast and give a bad visual appeal to the scenes. True, the fluorescent plant scene was nice, but it was on one of the rare occasions... As for cinematography, it was just completely average, with nothing special, nothing spectacular and nothing nice or fancy. Far from doing a bad job, it doesn't deserve a nomination.

SasQ on Feb 3, 2010


Cameron is making a huge stink about the performances actually being 100% by the actors. I guess it never occurred to him that 1) Actors already know that, and just didn't find the acting that amazing 2) They are afraid what further advancements in this tech can do to their careers, watch the actors roundtable in Newsweek.

Al on Feb 3, 2010


#72 youre a fool. Maybe if you were just stating ur opinion I'd be ok with it but your acting as if you know what your talking about. Saying Inglourious Basterds shouldn't win because it changed history? You probably have no idea what the movie is trying to get across. Inglourious and Up in the Air are not getting nearly enough respect...for they are the 2 best of the year. So how can you say Up in the Air is overrated when Avatar (which relies on special effects is being predicted to win by everyone) and the Hurt Locker, which is good but way overrated by every critic. Sorry to only pick one you though because more than half of these posts are ridiculous.

JD on Feb 3, 2010


Best movie AVATAR!! and total winner of the rest of the categories, Cameron will repeat the history like 12 years ago with Titanic!

George on Feb 4, 2010


Moon not being on this list is an insult to quality filmmaking and acting. Sandra Bullock deserves a win in general, but the Blind Side is getting way too much love.

dave13 on Feb 4, 2010


Its all a promotional event, that explains the stupid nominations.

d1rEct on Feb 4, 2010


where was moon??? but glad un prophet was on there

sanjay on Feb 6, 2010


Anyone who has seen Moon would tell you that Sam Rockwell, or even Clint Mansell not getting a nod is the worst decision the Academy has made in a while especially when you have The Blind Side being considered for Best Picture. It is absolutely depressing and a sham, what is Hollywood coming too? Moon should have even been more eligible for Best Picture over The Blind Side, absolute crap of a choice. I may just boycott the awards this year and personally refuse to watch them. Where is Ponyo for best animated? Where is Antichrist for best cinematography? A lot of poor decisions this year. Boo to you Acadamy, boo.

Lurker on Feb 7, 2010


i donno why 'I see you' by leona lewis was not nominated for best original song......its a beautiful song just like 'my heart will go on' from titanic........This year is one of most indecisive thing for the oscar jury...transformers 2 rotf had a lot of complicated special effects stuff which atleast deserves a nomination for best visual effects...i am very dishearted for the year for 80th oscar and 82nd oscar for not giving award to Transformers and transformers 2 in the category of best visual effects.

Chaitanya on Feb 7, 2010


Blind side.. give me a break... after school special up for award.. what a joke District 9 being up for some is nice to see.. Supporting cat is easy.. Waltz is a lock as well as MoNique

Adam on Feb 8, 2010


I'm upset with the Academy this year. Why in hell didn't Watchmen get anything?! It deserved best Cinematography, Costume, Art Direction, or at the very least, Best Adapted Screenplay. Same thing with Where the Wild Things Are and (500) Days of Summer (not to mention Ponyo, or even 9). It does indeed seem as if the Academy has become self-conscious in it's voting as to not cause an upset with fans.... I can't believe Avatar got nominated for anything more than its visual effects. Yes, they were amazing, but THAT'S IT. I wish there could be a do-over for nominations based on technical merit and technical merit ALONE. A lot of good movies are getting neglected for... I don't even know what reason. But whatever the reason, it's not good enough. Yeah, I'm pretty upset with them and probably always will be for their Watchmen snub.

Raychul on Feb 10, 2010


#73 i agree with with you. I think Quentin deserves it

nate on Feb 16, 2010


James Horner has GOT to win for his Original Score that helps create the awesome film experience, not just enhance it.

Tim on Feb 19, 2010


Who cares about what they say, if the academy had any clue, Dark Knight would've won last year but that's just me.

max s. on Feb 22, 2010


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Moncler on Aug 20, 2010

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