Abrams Says (Again) That They're Working on Cloverfield 2

January 16, 2010
Source: MTV


This isn't as big of a news story as you might be expecting, but it is interesting nonetheless. J.J. Abrams appeared on the National Board of Review red carpet earlier this week where MTV talked with him briefly. Abrams mainly joked about how the next Star Trek will be "all about the Gorn," but he also made one very interesting statement regarding Cloverfield 2. It wasn't much, but here's what he said: "We're working on something right now with that and again, you know, it's early stages." It's interesting news because this is one of the first times recently that J.J. Abrams has mentioned that they've actually got something going.

Our last update on Cloverfield 2 was published last March, and we asked if J.J. Abrams had even made any progress on the sequel? But back then he said "we're actually working on an idea right now" anyway, but I guess it's good to know it's still moving along. Like I said, not much, but Cloverfield fanatics may jump at this opportunity to start discussing the sequel again. And I should point out a mysterious comment (#17) left on our post about the other secret Abrams project mentioning that a VFX company he had worked for had already started bidding on a Cloverfield sequel. Could we see something happen with this soon?

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Reader Feedback - 45 Comments


Hell yes! I'm soooo freakin' pumped!

CSpuppydog on Jan 16, 2010


Bring out the noise...bring out the funk....The Cloverfield monster is ready to stomp!

Lazarus from Sparta!!! on Jan 16, 2010


Woah, cool post, bro. Whoever is married to the aforementioned anonymous fanatic that called you 5 minutes ago to discuss this is pretty boss. Just sayin'... lol. Love yooooooooooooooou!

ParisHatesAlex on Jan 16, 2010


I'm stoked!

Eric on Jan 16, 2010


Cloverfield 2 in 3D?

Phillip Gibb on Jan 16, 2010


Oh HELL YES this just made my day.

JimD on Jan 16, 2010


nice hope it gets done

Madnezz344 on Jan 16, 2010



Hattori Hanzo on Jan 16, 2010


yo man...this is HUGE news!

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA! on Jan 16, 2010


No 3-d crap.

Jake on Jan 16, 2010


i would love to experience the viral campaign for cloverfield again. that was viral marketing at its best.

g-unit on Jan 16, 2010


Cloverfield sucked balls, the monster was cool but the characters were annoying and dumb. Who can forget the scene where they pull the gf off of a piece of rebar thats sticking a foot out of her body AND THEN in the next scene she's running her damn ass off like its the olympics, wtf? Seriously, the first thirty minutes is of the party then there's probably only 10 good minutes featuring the monster. Once again, monster was awesome but they should have made it the focus of the movie and not those pathetic characters.

whatever on Jan 16, 2010


@ #12: I couldn't agree more. The monster scenes were great, but there were too few of them; and the actors were oh so very annoying.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jan 16, 2010


I agree with you guys that the actors were crazy annoying and they didn't show the monster nearly enough. Abrams went the cheap way with no-name actors and hardly any special effects.

Jake the snake on Jan 16, 2010


Same #11 same, I lost count of how many nights I would get sucked into the blogs and from that viral campaign. Good to hear this, And I do agree the actors were annoying they just need a better group of friends or maybe a news crew or something like that and focus more on the monster and not character development.

Cody on Jan 16, 2010



ray on Jan 16, 2010


How about a movie entirely form the monster's POV!

movie mike on Jan 16, 2010


This is just to keep people interested if there is going to be a Cloverfield 2 or not. They still have to get funding for the project Enough Said. 😉

Cineprog on Jan 16, 2010


Cloverfield was great and it gave us Americans a monster to call are own and I stoaked for another one, oh and the viral campaign was amazing and would love to see more!

Xerxex on Jan 16, 2010


No. Please no.

Quanah on Jan 16, 2010


yeah i thought cloverfield was cool,is a sequel what we need,only if it has a good enough story if it ain't don't bother.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 16, 2010


It's a character piece. The movie isn't about the monster, it's about the characters. If you want omniscient films about giants terrorizing the world, watch Godzilla. If you want to experience what it would be like to end up stuck in NYC while under siege by a never-before-seen or studied monster, then watch Cloverfield. I'm sick of hearing people say that there was no skill in making this movie. The sheer amount of shots and compositing exhibited in this film surpass pretty much every other film out in 2008. As for the sequel, I just hope it's a solid concept. Like, not the same events from a different camera.

IK! on Jan 16, 2010


It could be the same attack, just in another city, country or something with more Fu@ked up monsters or just more than one.

People's Champ on Jan 16, 2010


I liked the concept of Rec2, where the camera was a head-mounted device on some sort of SWAT/Police unit. The big problem with Cloverfield was: why was this guy taking the camera everywhere? Why didn't he turn it off? I enjoyed the movie and the whole journey they took, but it kind of takes you out of it. Every 20 minutes. In The Blair Witch Project, they kind of made it one of the heroine's character flaws. You'd think that the first topic on the drawing board would be how to shoot it outside of the traditional guy-with-handicam format.

DCompose on Jan 16, 2010


DCompose there is a scene in the movie where Rob asks Hud "Hud are you still recording?" and Hud says "Yeah, people need to know." And I think Hud was just so scared/pumped to be in a situation where a Monster was attacking New York that recording was the only thing he could think off. And we as the audience are watching the recording much later, I would assume months after the attack, and it was damaged, the camera was digital (I think) so it played everything that was on the camera, the party, Coney Island, etc.

Xerxex on Jan 16, 2010


Yes, I understand that, and I think we can all agree that it's a lazy cover. Here's how I would "let people know:" film key events. Don't record while I am running away from shit or walking through a sewer, bantering with my friends. Hey, record while being in the helicopter. Or record the part where they're in that infirmary place with people exploding. If I were to film something for expository purposes, I'd save the fi;m for the useful stuff. But that's just me. Call me crazy. I think the purpose of these movies is to put you in that person's shoes. And the whole time, probably 80% of viewers are saying "I wouldn't be fucking filming this part," or if they were so pumped up on adrenaline, they might still discard the god damned camera so they could keep up with their friends and be useful in the event of an attack. Also, just a side note, if New York city was being attacked by a giant goddamn monster, I would assume people would "know" what was going on.

DCompose on Jan 16, 2010



Cody on Jan 16, 2010


this really needs to be said again so here it is..."YOU CANT MAKE A PIECE OF SHIT LOOK BETTER BY PILING ANOTHER PIECE OF SHIT ON TOP OF IT..." 'nuff said...

madman jenkins on Jan 16, 2010


This shouldn't be a surprise. I was in England when Cloverfield was released and he was quoted in the press over there saying that it would likely be a trilogy; the same sory told from three different points of vew. #2 would be from the montser's perspective from the moment it comes ashore until the end of the first movie. Part 3 would be from the military's viewpoint that would end in the montster's death.

Hattori Hanzo on Jan 16, 2010


yeah people would know whats going on, but a first hand account is what the story called for, and Hud wanted to record what was happening.

Xerxex on Jan 16, 2010


Hud was not a real person. Hud was a character in a movie. He will like, dislike, do, or do not whatever the writer wants. As I said, the Blair Witch Project provided a reason, and that reason was with the character. "People need to know" is a cheap reason. To have a movie like this - a movie that wants to be realistic in execution - you need to have a believable format or a believable excuse for unreasonable behevior. Which is why I cite Rec 2. They look to have done it well; a unique SPIN, if you will. And I don't think having a unique spin is something unthinkable. Why can't that be expected?

DCompose on Jan 16, 2010


Well, since the first film failed horribly at establishing it's monster as anything near iconic, they're going to have to work at it with another film.

SlashBeast on Jan 16, 2010



geezer on Jan 16, 2010


Cloverfield 2 IS 500 RADS!

500rads-C2 on Jan 17, 2010


Well judging off of the comments Ive heard since the first one came out, its the ultimate love/hate franchise.

Cody on Jan 17, 2010


hahahah @ #2 comment

lol on Jan 17, 2010


Loved the first one. Looking forward for more monster action.

Ambient on Jan 17, 2010


Fool me once...shame on you...fool me twice...shame on me....

NJPfox on Jan 17, 2010


I'll watch it.

Nada Nuff on Jan 18, 2010


just watched star trek on blu-ray last night,if only star trek was more like this any way i say bring on cloverfield 2. j.j abrams is genius what with the tv show lost,cloverfield & now star trek.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 18, 2010


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!! "You can't drink just six" I have always said, if you did not like it, you just don't get it. JJ and Reeves were brilliant as was the viral. What's more amazing is the viewers who did not like District 9 were the same that did not care for, OR SEE Cloverfield!!!! FY-LG!

Clover on Jan 18, 2010


I would believe anything until i see that things are in work.

Fisherr on Jan 19, 2010


i loved cloverfield! and a sequel is very necessary IMO! yes more monster would be awesome and yes the characters were annoying as all hell BUT when the action popped it was on! i'm all there for the sequel but i needs to be from the military view or a third person POV going over the who what and why aspect that the original film left out and maybe more info on the creature

thejugfather on Jan 19, 2010


I hope he was talking about the Dark Tower. Cloverfield was awesome but the suspense is killing me!

LO on Jan 23, 2010


CLOVERFIELD in black and white....Lazy script, camera work, cheap and nasty....GENIUS, budget $100million, $10 million into marketing and $87million into Jar Jar Abrams bank account.

I_hate_JJAbrams on Nov 18, 2010

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