Adam Berg to Make Feature Directorial Debut with Deadpool?

October 27, 2010
Source: 24 Frames


Apparently scheduling conflicts might prevent Robert Rodriguez from directing the big screen adaptation of Marvel comics' anti-hero Deadpool. While you might expect another big name director to fill the void left by Rodriguez, apparently an unlikely name has surfaced as a potential candidate. Though he's never directed a feature length film, 24 Frames says Swedish commercials and video director Adam Berg is their current top choice. Apparently the producers and Ryan Reynolds were impressed enough by Berg's style and resume to make him a top contender. Though you may not know Berg by name yet, you should recognize his work.

The filmmaker garnered plenty of acclaim and fame on the Internet when his stylistic short Carousel (made for a Philips TV contest) won the Cannes Lions International Advertising prize. The simultaneously simple and yet complicated short uses a seemingly seamless single-shot freeze frame following one single moment of a bank heist that gives us action, stunning visuals and a twisted story in just over two minutes. The short itself is reason enough to get excited about this guy stepping up to direct Deadpool, so I'll just let the man's work (embedded below) speak for itself. You think this guy has what it takes to get Deadpool right?

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I'm glad Rodriguez is out. He makes dumb movies. Look at Predators... It was just plain dumb and it failed at the box office. I know he didn't direct it but his prints are all over that film.

6dra6on6 on Oct 27, 2010


Get on with it...

RPD on Oct 27, 2010


Lets give the boy a chance !

Kevin on Oct 27, 2010


He will probably use music made by his brothers band "Kent" that would be fun

loser on Oct 27, 2010


His short was pretty cool. I think he deserves a chance because of it.

Justin on Oct 27, 2010


... While his Commercials are pretty impressive, I'd still rather have Rodriguez... But maybe Berg will breakout like Blomkamp did with District 9 Who Knows I guess... I just want this movie to get made! ...

Mondo Jay on Oct 27, 2010


I'm in.

Xerxex on Oct 27, 2010


i just kicked myself. i was going to give reasons for him not to do it until i just saw the video.......

Jericho on Oct 27, 2010


The style of Bergs commercial is entertaining, sure, but by no means a new concept or visual style. Swordfish, matrix, etc. Great, so it ended how it began. Its hard to absorb such a small clip and foresee a full-length feature being made by the same man. That said, give the man a shot, Blomkamp this movie. Personally, I havent been all too impressed with Rodriguez lately, pass the dutchie, cool.

Voice of Reason on Oct 27, 2010


I agree 100% with #9. The clip was nothing new or innovative, but why not give him a shot?

Blake on Oct 27, 2010


anyone who has read the script knows the opening to deadpool is very reminiscent of his Short

nelson on Oct 27, 2010


Rodriguez is a hack among hacks at this point.

LINKFX on Oct 27, 2010


After what they did to wolverine in the orgins movie, whats the harm in allowing someone fresh with alot of potential direct this movie. It can't be any worse than orgins...i just hope they reboot the character and ignore the wolverine movie completely.

cmo on Oct 27, 2010


No No No, I can already tell he's all style and no substance

movie mike on Oct 27, 2010


The short was cool, but I need to see more in order to be happy about this choice.

movie mike on Oct 27, 2010


I think that having a fresh director will help Marvel to break out of it's streak of mediocre films and the style of filming will help to keep the screen action similar to the comics. The style of filming is similar to that of Watchmen, in the sense that it will freeze a shot or slow it down and this could help to make some of the actions more understandable as some of the moves Deadpool pulls off are just to complicated to understand at normal speed.

Sonixx on Oct 28, 2010


Calm down, kiddos. Nobody's been chosen yet. He's merely a candidate.

Shouty D on Oct 28, 2010


Well the short was interesting but like everyone else I need to see more to make a sure judgement call. Looks promising though. I hope they stay the hell away from origins as well. That movie was a revolting train wreck.

Saint on Oct 28, 2010


I am ready to give the man a chance, glad that Ryan is still attached to the character.Hopefully we will see the movie soon. Oh boy, i can't wait.

Fisherr on Oct 29, 2010

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