Adam Green's Hatchet II Pulled from US & Canadian Theaters

October 4, 2010

Hatchet II

More trouble for the horror genre. After playing for one weekend, AMC has decided to pull Adam Green's Hatchet II from its theaters, following a Canadian pull as well. It was announced a few months ago that an unrated version of Green's sequel would play in about 60 AMC theaters starting on October 1st. The news is coming from a few sources, including STYD, and has been confirmed by Adam Green via Twitter, where he stated simply: "To those asking: Yes, Hatchet II UNRATED has been pulled from US theaters. Press release coming tomorrow when we have the full details." So what happened? Bad box office? Or other problems?

As far as we know, there is no officially confirmed reason why this happened, but a statement from AMC published at seems to indicate they wanted to test the release this weekend, as unrated (basically NC-17) movies are rarely shown in theaters; this was the widest unrated opening in 25 years. Apparently Hatchet II's mediocre box office (~$50,000) played into it quite a bit, but I also assume there were probably a lot of complains, as that's all it takes to push over a theater chain these days (just complain - that's how the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer got pulled). That seems to be all we know about why this happened for now.

The MPAA initially refused to give Hatchet II an R-rating, so AMC agreed to run the unrated version. In the original announcmeent, AMC's VP said: "Bringing a story like Hatchet II to our guests is a natural fit during this time of year and we're excited to share the filmmakers' vision on-screen in its intended state." It's very interesting to see them overturn this so quickly. Anchor Bay Films is planning to release the I Spit on Your Grave remake in theaters unrated later this year. Mixed reviews of the film from Fantastic Fest: Gordon and the Whale, Twitch, Film School Rejects. Will unrated/NC-17 movies ever play well in theaters? Thoughts?

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My girlfriend and I almost saw this two days ago, but we saw Catfish instead because its show time fit our schedule better (loved it, by the way. Thank you for pushing it so hard). We planned on seeing Hatchet II in a few days. I'm so bummed that I'll have to wait for the dvd to catch it. I'll definitely be purchasing the dvd to support. Dick move, AMC.

Garrett on Oct 4, 2010


I got to see this Saturday night [with a bonus of the director and a handful of cast members in the theatre] and was shocked at how many people actually showed up. Almost a full house! This movie was brilliant and is really what horror should be and it pisses me off that it got pulled.

Alecks on Oct 4, 2010


Got to love the conflict of morals, hypocrisy, and the double-standards in America. It's one of the most violent countries in the world, where just about every kid carries a hand gun to school, and most kids can just download this shit off the internet anyway. It's like the old news footage scenario where they showed a murder victim in Chicago on the six O-clock news. They blacked out her breasts, but showed her slit throat. Does anyone see what's wrong with this picture? This is an adult horror film. It's rated R. It's not for kids. Why pull it from cinemas?Your censorship laws are so fucking stupid. Why does the MPAA bow down to all these parental groups and right wing Neocons.

Jazzed on Oct 4, 2010


Interesting. I guess its a mix of both. It didnt make the top 50.

Jason on Oct 4, 2010


@3 really, "one of the most violent countries in the world", definitely violent but not one of the most. I'd say a good 20 beat us at it. Although we are the worst when it comes to glorifying it through the media. But what really bugged me was the line "where just about every kid carries a hand gun to school". I personally never seen or met anyone who packed heat, heard of maybe a knife or two. The dumb base stereotypes are really old. That said I do agree with everything else you've said. If we have to live in a word where American Idol is in every country, and I have to live in a country that has 20 Law and Order and NCIS shows... I believe we can have our "evil" unrated movies in theaters. I won't ever start on how Hollywood is allowed to put out PG rated dog*#)@ in theaters. Or allow a 3-month old in a stroller attend an R-rated movie. Or rekindle the obvious money-making schemes like Avatar Directors cut. Or the 1-ticket price regardless of the movie's budget. Price gouging at consession stands I blame/allow on theater vendors.

Akirakorn on Oct 5, 2010


outside of art house theaters, I doubt it.

Weird-Coma on Oct 5, 2010


#3 Exaggerating a little bit aren't we? You're about as dumb as the type of person you're trying to so hard to insult, lol.

danielvutran on Oct 5, 2010


@2 - i don't think horror should be about how much blood and gore is in a movie. i don't have a problem with it and don't think it should be removed from a theatre for that reason........but good horror isn't only about the graphic content.

beavis on Oct 5, 2010


Too bad. Even though I wasn't a fan of the first one and I bet this sucks too. But Green seems to be a cool guy.

ryderup on Oct 5, 2010


Bible belt and too rich to work soccer Mom parts of America, parental groups and MPAA are funny in how hypocritical and ignorant they are to realty. Hey don't use Christ's name in vain but sure go kill in the name of country without questioning motive, hey don't watch sexual situations but sure go kill something and curse up a storm on a video game out of the Nanny's view and sure we can set a harder rating of NC17 but we'll just make it near impossible for it to be seen in theaters anyhow so what's the point. Fucking stupid. Where is accountability? Where is common sense? Long gone apparently.

Johnny Neat on Oct 5, 2010


I'm boycotting AMC Theaters until they bring this movie back. Everyone else should too.

Brian Ricci on Oct 5, 2010


At least you got it for a while. Here in Sweden we were close to bot getting The Expendables and Scott Pilghrim.

ryderup on Oct 5, 2010


@#3 boy you're a ignorant ass. Go ahead, stereotype a WHOLE country just because some piece of shit slasher flick, that was probably gonna bomb anyway, was pulled from theaters. It's funny that you and country don't have a problem paying money to watch movies from a country that's " of the most violent countries in the world" and "where just about every kid carries a hand gun to school...". Buy the the way, just for the record, what films does your country make again?

John Doe on Oct 5, 2010


*...and your country...* *Buy the way...* LOL

John Doe on Oct 5, 2010


pulling it will probably help its dvd sales a lot for atleast a couple weeks, itll probably come back in a week or 2 for a limited time and small theatres might have NC17 occasionally but most big chains wont run the risk of alienating all of these people that get offended for no reason and complain to anyone who will listen

harrison on Oct 5, 2010


Awwww too bad. I hear Hatchet II is the Citizen Kane of the horror genre. Genius is so unappreciated these days.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Oct 5, 2010

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