Adam Sandler's New Romantic Comedy 'Just Go with It' Trailer

November 4, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Just Go with It Trailer

Oh great, another new trailer for a mediocre romantic comedy showing just how screwed up relationships are in our modern world (the other one is No Strings Attached, in case you didn't see that one, too). Sony has premiered the trailer for yet another rom-com called Just Go with It starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, as well as Nicole Kidman, Heidi Montag, Brooklyn Decker, Bailee Madison and Nick Swardson. Does anyone else think Jennifer Aniston is no longer a celebrity to care about, or is it just me? Come on, she's not all that anymore. This isn't my kind of flick, so I'll leave other opinions up to you guys.

Watch the first official trailer for Dennis Dugan's Just Go with It from YouTube:

You can also watch the Just Go with It trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

A lonely man (Adam Sandler) enlists the help of a woman and her kids to land the woman of his dreams.

Just Go with It is directed by comedy veteran Dennis Dugan, of Sandler classics like Happy Gilmore and Big Daddy, also of Beverly Hills Ninja, Saving Silverman, Chuck & Larry, Don't Mess with the Zohan and last year's Grown Ups. The screenplay was written by Timothy Dowling (Role Models), Tim Herlihy (Mr. Deeds, Bedtime Stories), Allan Loeb (21, Wall Street 2, The Switch) and Adam Sandler. Sony Pictures will open Just Go with It in theaters everywhere on February 11th, 2011 early next year, in the dumping zone.

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Ugh. So, so.

ModernAmericanMan on Nov 4, 2010


Wow, they really must still have that awesome-O robot from South Park coming up with movie ideas for him.

Shikaka on Nov 4, 2010

3 you think he will realize that his true love has been there......ALL ALONG!

movie mike on Nov 4, 2010


honestly i lost interest in the rest of his movies and i think he has too......

Jericho on Nov 4, 2010


nicole kidman?

snitch robinson on Nov 4, 2010


who is brooklyn decker? that's the blonde throughout the trailer or the one in the bikini or those are the same girl? it's hard to tell. or maybe I'm drunk.

Brian Ricci on Nov 4, 2010


Did the hand that script in and say 'Just go with it!', no changes or anything, fuck it it's not like we care or that, it's only a film, we don't even want people to watch it.

Crapola on Nov 4, 2010


Disregard. I figured it out.

Brian Ricci on Nov 4, 2010


Heidi Montag...really, Jennifer Aniston will always play Rachel Green & who the HELL made Adam Sandler do this movie?

Caroline on Nov 4, 2010


Adam Sandler needs to follow suit of Funny People which was fantastic. You cant go from that movie to this.

bubba b on Nov 4, 2010


i never thought she was a celebrity to care about. why aren't there more Kurt Russell movies being made ?

Astroboy3000 on Nov 5, 2010


As soon as I saw the Happy Madison logo I gave up.

Rops on Nov 5, 2010


Another movie that looks terrible, but will make an obscene profit.

First World Problem on Nov 5, 2010


i swear...people creating crap like this just for $$ i boycott all these types of movies...enough already!

TRiP on Nov 5, 2010


When will they learn that Jennifer Aniston destroys any movie she is in. She makes even makes her co-stars less funny. She has never made a good movie. I liked her alright in Friends, but she was the least funny there as well. Adam could do much better.

The Kidd on Nov 5, 2010


@Brian Ricci This is Brooklyn Decker: Yes, that's the blonde throughout the trailer.

ProMovieBlogger on Nov 5, 2010


Damn, lol It seems like everyone who has commented had just gotten pissed on lol. If you do not know who Brooklyn Decker is then there truly isn't that much hope for you. All jokes aside, why all the hate for Sandler. The movie seems funny, the kid running into him was hilarious.

blueorangeny on Nov 5, 2010


I definitely loved the part with the kids at the end, when the little girl says under her breath, "ooooh kay, he's losin' it."

boriskat on Nov 5, 2010


this is a rip off of an indian movie released in 2005. check the link

yousuf on Nov 5, 2010


Guy falls for girl then finds hes in love with his best friend. Never seen that movie before. Oh look his best friend is Jennifer Aniston, who would've thought.

True Story on Nov 5, 2010


this is gonna be awesome cant wait

A5J4DX on Nov 5, 2010


the trailer looks pretty darn good,screw you haters.

jk44 on Nov 5, 2010


the trailer looks good.

aok on Nov 5, 2010


This site has the biggest losers I have ever seen in my life...I thought was bad but man like every person that posted are like losers...seriously I mean why do you kids gotta complain about every movie that's not based off a comic book or novel? I rarely see complaining about any movie related to them...Seriously GROW UP!!! Nothing wrong with every movie having be similar to others and/or have the stupid funny...If you don't like it then why post? Again you gotta be a fraking loser to be a critic on every movie. Losers, gtfo.

Kris on Nov 6, 2010


reply to comment 19: about this movie being an Indian remake, it is definitely a remake but also not originally Indian because the Indian one was also a remake. I know that because there is a 1969 Egyptian movie with the same story line titled, "نص ساعة جواز" which translates into "half-an-hour of marriage" and that movie was also a remake. Though I couldn't seem to figure out where it originated from, my parents told me it has something to do with the story of the "Narcissus flower"

Sherif on Nov 11, 2010

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