Adrien Brody on His Recent Roles & Why He Took on Predators

July 7, 2010

Adrien Brody in Predators

Last week I attended a press conference for Robert Rodriguez' Predators and asked actor Adrien Brody about the odd roles he's been taking recently. In addition to starring in the "Arnold Schwarzenegger role" in the new Predators, Brody also appeared in the genre thriller Splice as a nerdy geneticist and as a wacky pot dealing kingpin in the stoner comedy High School, both of which premiered at Sundance. It seems as if he's been actively taking on more diverse roles recently and I'm glad to see that. I'm not concerned, but grateful, that he's decided to experiment with such unique roles, which is why I asked him about his recent choices.

At first, Brody seemed taken back or confused by my question, but went on to explain why: "It's surprising to me sometimes when people are surprised at my choices… And it seems that they're more surprised as of late, but as an actor I've made a conscious decision to do my best and not repeat myself, so that I keep it interesting - the process - for myself and for the people that have seen my work." Seems reasonable. Brody then goes on to talk about why he ended up in Predators specifically and why it's so important to him:

"I've looked long and hard for an opportunity like this, it's not something that I just decided upon lately. It's a challenge, I think, when you establish yourself as a certain type of actor, or an actor that has not had an opportunity to be seen in a physical role like this or an action film, to win the endorsement of a studio, which I understand is making practical business decisions, as well. I'm grateful that I had the support of Robert [Rodriguez] initially and Nimrod [Antal]… You know, there was interest in another role that didn't appeal to me. But I look at this as an opportunity to do something really special within a type of film that I love.

I feel, sometimes, historically Hollywood has had an over-reliance on physical brawn as the deciding factor, as a way to portray a strong-man, but that strength has to come from within. And I felt it was very important, especially with today's audience… that are unfortunately very familiar with what young soldiers look like, and they're not dissimilar to my build. And I think military leadership comes from tactical and technical confidence and [that] skill-set and an intellectual strength… Yes I feel I had to make a physical transformation, because I think on one level it's exciting for an audience to see that. And I like to see that - but I didn't want to rely on just that transformation for me to convey what I feel is necessary in portraying the leading man in the film."

Brody says that it was a "big deal" for him to play Royce in Predators. "I'm very protective of this material, protective because I'm a fan of the original. I'm also respectful to fans and wanted to give them what they wanted and hopefully elevate the material as well." I've seen the movie and can tell you that Brody does kick ass and it is an awesome "reboot" of the action franchise. I have no complaints about any of the recent roles Brody has taken because that means we get to see an Oscar caliber actor delivering superb performances in the strangest and/or sometimes most badass roles around. I always enjoy watching Brody act in everything.

Predators, directed by Nimrod Antal, arrives in theaters everywhere this weekend starring Adrien Brody as well as Alice Braga, Topher Grace, Walton Goggins and Laurence Fishburne. Brody also appeared in Dario Argento's Giallo, Vincenzo Natali's Splice, John Stalberg's High School & Paul Scheuring's The Experiment.

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I think that Adrien is a great actor cause he always looks for excepcional, and chllenging roles roles..and i will never be surprised if He looks like a pathetic polish pianist, a nerdy scientist, adventurous writer or a crazy pot dealer....

Sakyo on Jul 7, 2010


Lets get it on! Predators!

Motherboy69 on Jul 7, 2010


This sold me on seeing Predators in theaters. I love Brody but I'm generally not a fan of remakes. However, I was too young to see the original in theaters so this will be fun!

Traveler on Jul 7, 2010


#3 Predators isn't a remake.

Corey on Jul 7, 2010


I support him 100%. That's what actors these days SHOULD be doing. Trying something different. Making that leap even though we(the audience) are not normally used to. These 'odd' roles should be the ones we should keep a closer eye on - or at least be open to seeing what they can bring to the table. I think the film is going to be great and re-establish that FEAR we felt in the very first predator. I'm pumped. Going to see it friday.

Nick Sears on Jul 7, 2010


Brody is a promising actor, awards and all. And I promise you, HE WILL KILL IN PREDATORS.

Christopher Nolan on Jul 8, 2010


I loved Brody in "Splice", which is on my short list of favorites of the year. I'm glad that he's challenging both himself and the Hollywood system. I'll be sitting in a seat at 5pm on Friday enjoying him in Predators.

William Mize on Jul 8, 2010


Brody is amazing. Anyone who's seen The Jacket knows this. I look forward to Predators this weekend!

VOLD on Jul 8, 2010


@vold the jacket was an awesome film! 100% agreed

james on Jul 8, 2010


I think folk need to get over the bulky man-hulk heroes, steroids don't make you tough, they shrink your penis and make you into a woman. I'm sure Brody will be great.

Crapola on Jul 8, 2010


This is exactly why I love that Brody was casted in this film.

Xerxex on Jul 8, 2010


He's the reason I'm NOT seeing this movie. Terrible casting, in MY opinion.

Strange on Jul 8, 2010


@Strange Agreed. While I do agree that you don't necessarily need bulk to be tough, I still can't picture Brody as a good fit for the role. I'd sooner see Daniel Craig, Brad Pit, Christian Bale, Dwayne Johnson, and hell, even Bruce Campbell in the role before seeing Brody (Campbell would be awesome, I don't care how old he is).

Gex on Jul 8, 2010


@ Strange Your a idiot nuff said

Richard Chin on Jul 9, 2010


I can see all those guys putting up a good fight, Gex. But I think, if you're going to reboot whatever they call it, you should go back to what made these movies successful and to me, that was putting the Predator up against an Arnold or Glover even Paxton, who were believable. Not a guy who was in Disney's remake of "Angels in the Outfield," unless it was McConaughey or Glover again. I wish it had been D. Johnson. Enough said.

Strange on Jul 9, 2010


I thoroughly enjoyed Brody in Predators and I'd love to see him reprise his character in a potential sequel. He brought a lot of dedication to the role and managed to be a credible action hero. It's an inspired casting choice because it's unconventional, it's challenging and it's unexpected. Brody is a great actor and I don't think I would have enjoyed the film anywhere as much as I did if he wasn't in it.

SlashBeast on Nov 27, 2010

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