Al Pacino Replaces Robert De Niro in Thriller 'Son of No One'

February 17, 2010

Al Pacino

For some reason, despite having their own iconic roles and acting prowess, I can't help but think of Robert De Niro without also thinking of Al Pacino and vice versa. Obviously they've shared the screen before in Heat and the far less stellar Righteous Kill, in addition to having connections in The Godfather trilogy, but I can't help but think this is just a personal quirk. However, a bit of confirmation of their correlation has just manifested itself in news from THR that Pacino has taken the role left behind by De Niro in another police thriller, Son of No One, from Dito Montiel who previously directed A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

The mannequin known as Channing Tatum will likely play a young cop who is assigned to a precinct in the working class neighborhood where he grew up, with an old secret surfacing and threatening to destroy his life and family, but no official deal is in place. Tatum turned in a decent performance in Montiel's Saints so maybe he brings out the best in him. In addition, Terrence Howard, Ray Liotta and Katie Holmes are in negotiations to join the cast as well. An interesting assembly of talent in a not so interesting concept, but having enjoyed A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, it just might surprise us. What do you think?

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de niro & pacino are still the two of finest actors working today,de niro has his reasons for not doing the film,the plot isn't that great sounding or its probably the thought of working with katie holmes she is shit in everything she does.



There is someting seriously wrong with Hollywood when they cannot find a decent enough film to for Pacino and DeNiro to star in together. I have this terrible vision of them starring in a remake of Gumpy Old Men down the road.

Hattori Hanzo on Feb 17, 2010


Katie Holmes is the least of worries? Try Channing Tatum, he plays the same character with the same (I'm from the streets) attitude in every freakin movie he's in. As an actor you're suppose to be able to adapt and play different roles, not bring the same attitude to every single role you play.

The One on Feb 17, 2010


Pacino has not turned in a good performance, let alone great performance, since Any Given Sunday, he just plays the same "Heat" character with slight variations. And although I like the fact DeNiro has shown some range and done some comedies, he too hasn't been great for awhile. And Righteous Kill was the most disappointing film I've seen in my life I think.

JMoney on Feb 17, 2010


Some of you Im sure will heckle me for this...but these 2 need to retire with the record they have. There last few films have been complete disasters....I mean did anyone see 88 minutes or Righteous kill, What the hell was that? I respect these 2 acting titans, they are the best at what they do but it just seems there time is over now and they need to count there cash and be satisfied with there astounding careers. But maybe they enjoy it no matter the result and if thats the case I respect them for that too.

Cody on Feb 17, 2010


It doesn't seem like De Niro will call it quits anytime soon. It seems like he has tons of projects lined up for the future.

Ian on Feb 17, 2010


Dito Montiel last directed Fighting with Channing Tatum and Terrence Howard.

Travis on Feb 17, 2010


I agree with many of the negative comments above. Pacino and DeNiro both need to retire gracefully and write their memoirs or something. They're becoming like those dinosaur rock bands who keep having reunion concerts and tours. Surely they can't need the money anymore. But I guess as long as there is a "market" for these guys, they'll keep appearing in crummy fims till they drop dead. It's really a shame because with each new lousy movie each of them make, they further dilute (and perhaps ruin) their once-stellar legacies.

Gooch on Mar 18, 2010


I happened to actually like 88 Minutes, one of Pacino's best if you follow and see the underside to the story but then i have quite a head for forensic psychology so it appealed well to me. I also like Righteous Kill and loved seeing De Niro and Pacino together again. However I am more of a fan for Pacino thean De Niro (even though i have high respect for him) but I have to say I feel that Scarface was one of the worst films ever made but hey that's what makes us human...we are all different and like different flavours of films. As for saying these 2 should consider retirement...crikey no way...if these 2 go who the heck have we got left to take over, there are NO current young actors with an ounce of talent out there, sorry it has to be said, they all seem to be coming from the wooden acting society so much so that i wouldn't even grace them with the title actor or actress as that title needs to be earned like a badge of honour....come on take Pacino against this R-Pattz blooming contest...Pacino wins outright. These guys are some of the very few stellar actors we have left in the business...why retire...Sinatra never did...the golden oldies never did...why is everyone so keen to get rid of class before it's light has burned out....maybe I'm one of the very few that wants to hang on to these guys because to be honest I'm scared of what the future of movies will be like...especially when i look around at todays young the way if this sounds like it's coming from some old's not...I'm a 27yr old female ha ha ha ha.

Jay on Apr 6, 2010

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