Alan Tudyk Joins Transformers 3, LaBeouf Comments on TF2

May 13, 2010
Source: The Wrap

Alan Tudyk

Though there's a large majority that think Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen got a little too convoluted to be as enjoyable a blockbuster as Michael Bay's first film with the giant robots, plenty of new cast members like John Malkovich, and most recently Patrick Dempsey, have been added to Transformers 3. Now The Wrap reports Alan Tudyk (Firefly, the original Death at a Funeral) has also joined the cast. And for those worried that the third film is just going to be completely out of control, Shia LaBeouf has conceded that the second film got out of control, but his hype of Transformers 3 seems to contradict his views. Read on!

Tudyk's role in the film is being kept under wraps for now along with the sequel's plot, and sadly LaBeouf isn't dishing out any significant details. However, the young actor and star of the franchise seems to agree with audiences that Revenge of the Fallen lost some of the nice touches that made the first film so enjoyable. Here's what LaBeouf recently had to say to some press at Cannes Film Festival (via The Huffington Post):

"When I saw the second movie, I wasn't impressed with what we did. There were some really wild stunts in it, but the heart was gone. We got lost. We tried to get bigger. It's what happens to sequels. It's like, how do you top the first one? You've got to go bigger. [Michael Bay] went so big that it became too big, and I think you lost the anchor of the movie. You lost a bit of the relationships. Unless you have those relationships, then the movie doesn't matter. Then it's just a bunch of robots fighting each other."

I'd say he's right on the money there, but then in the briefest snippet of information about what we'll see in Transformers 3, he does a complete 180 degree turn: "There's going to be a lot of death, human death. This time, they're targeting humans. It's going to be the craziest action movie ever made, or we failed." So how exactly do you get back to the heart and relationships of the first film, and still somehow make the craziest action movie ever made? I guess we'll have to wait and see and hope for the best. For now, we'll be waiting to see and hear more about this sequel as time goes on. Who's excited to see Alan Tudyk joining this?

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i like tudyk, i think he should have got an oscar for his performance in dodgeball

BrentD on May 13, 2010


blah, blah, blah, epic fail, blah, blah, blah, 3D will kill cinema, blah, blah, blah, Dr sexy is overated, blah, blah, blah, stealing my childhood, blah, blah, blah, too much CGI, blah, blah, blah, M. Bay too much pigeons and bottle rockets, blah, blah, blah, Shia Labeof is a douche, blah blah blah my parents want me to pay rent. That shoud sum up everyones negative comments... But really, movies in the theatre are about a fun ride for $12, and I am actually excited to see what a quality addtion like J.M. will do for the movie. WAR Deceptacons.

Gonnarentit on May 13, 2010


Even if trans2 wasnt best sequel ever, I still enjoy it, having a snack, a bear, and watching all that action, it wasnt as good and as fresh as first one but still GOOD time in cinema. Im really happy they are making 3th one if there is gonna be action and a lot of laught (like in previous movies) then im IN and I DONT care if there are going to be twins, or whatever I simply dont care I like the whole univers that Bay made, human characters, transformers characters and that's the most important part.

gfdgd on May 13, 2010


#2 Bay Hates 3-D, perhaps we won't have to bitch about 3-D in the end.

Xerxex on May 13, 2010


On a side note, Michael Bay lied. The twins will be in the third movie unfortunately.

jake the snake on May 14, 2010


don't they get it... thats what fans want. a bunch of robots fighting each other. all those stupid human characters get in the way.

Roderick on May 14, 2010



DaftPUNKFAN on May 14, 2010


Yeah like #6 said, it was never the "heart" that we liked the movies for, it was the awesome robot fights. The "heart" was cheesy typical romance garbage, if they took Tf3 to Cybertron and lost the fucking humans Id think itd be way better because Bay cant direct actual people for his life.

Cody w on May 14, 2010


But... I don't WANT the heart. Nobody gives a shit about the heart! We WANT to see giant robots fighting! Forget the heart! I want the carburetor!

RC on May 14, 2010


Who is that actor anyway?

Lincoln on May 14, 2010



maxi on May 14, 2010


#2 please post that on every message board! all of these Bay hating posts have gotten a little ridiculous. It's obvious that none of the people on this board (myself included) will ever do anything with our lives but sit in cubicles and debate with fellow fanboys about the plotholes of iron man two, or the many reasons we hate shia labouf. The only sense of empowerment we get out of this is the illusion that we have been heard. when in reality we post criticism because our mom would rather we stay in the basement and beat off to serenity then sit in her kitchen and share our speculations about the villians for Batman three. I liked transformers @, FOR THE SAME REASON I LIKED THE FIRST ONE.... IT WAS ABOUT ROBOTS FIGHTING EACHOTHER! I wasn't offended by jar jar and mudflap. I didn't fail to understand the love story. ( SHIA'S BANGING MEGAN FOX... UNDERSTOOD) But lets not exxagerate. It wasn't EPIC! Ben hur was epic. It didn't CHANGE MY LIFE! Movies don't actually do that unless your martin scorsese and you lived in the bronx with nothing better to do. And despite all the useless criticism, If Michael Bay and the minions of Satan showed up on your door and asked you to replace shia in the third installment, you would all gladly sell your souls, and your sister to human traffickers in mexico. If you deny that, then you my friend, in all your nerdy overweight splendor have denied yourself of the peaceful bliss of self-awareness. my name is Kellen, I am a nerd, and I like michael Bay's films. ESPECIALLY THE ONES WHERE ROBOTS FIGHT!

voiceofreason on May 14, 2010


"my name is Kellen, I am a nerd, and I like michael Bay's films. ESPECIALLY THE ONES WHERE ROBOTS FIGHT!" LMFAO!

Gonnarentit on May 14, 2010


i agree on both side of the coin TF2 was not a great sequel and it was way weaker than the first TF....Check it had so much fun (yes even on the account of the stupid Twins,,i hated them the first time i saw them on screen and i still do :D) and one of the greatest robot showdown in movie history. The scene in the woods was perfect...i really enjoyed the sequence (i also had that much fun in King Kong kung-fu kicking three T-rexes' collective a$$es scene 😀 ) i am ok with TF3 cause each one brings us that much closer to a live action Robotech or Voltron or Evangelion movie but pleaseeeeeee, why 3D 🙁 ... it really sucks on fast scenes...if not shot entirely in 3D, cheap conversion reall suck 🙁 just let us enjoy the scenes..dont mess with our joy .. cheers

Burak "D'aequitas" on May 14, 2010


hahaah forgot to "Check" my comment where i agreed that it was also fun 😀 so it was a fun ride...Check 😀

Burak "D'aequitas" on May 14, 2010


Alan Tudyk is a very versatile actor, and I'm happy to see him continue to get work. Everybody has their favorite Tudyk role, from Steve the Pirate to Wash to Alpha to Wat (yes, I went there). Bay is Bay. Just enjoy the ride and hope that somewhere along the way a plot element rolls by on screen, like a tumbleweed through the desert.

GuidoSarducci on May 14, 2010


#12 Has to be the smartest post on these fanboy sites ever, and I agree 100%

WB EXEC on May 14, 2010


It's alpha!!! This project just got much better with tudyk involved. Maybe this one will at least have some decent acting.

Peloquin on May 14, 2010


Shia LaBeouf wants more heart in the next 1 because he wants more love scenes with megan fox ; )

Dave on May 14, 2010


I do wanna see the "heart" in transformers 3, squished in between megatrons fingers. or starscreams or soundwave, a soundwave with rumble and ravage and laserbeak, or maybe even at least one decepticon to be like the old show. thats always been my biggest beef with the series, they get the damn autobots at least close, but the decepticons they've butchered to the point of us saying, just who the hell is that supposed to be?

Jimmy Love on May 14, 2010


I'm hoping he's voicing a robot,maybe he'll be the voice of bumblebee.

macca on May 14, 2010


Tudyk is underrated. He voiced Sonny in I, Robot (and wore the green suit too) so it wouldn't surpirse me if he does a robot voice here again though I hope not. I prefer he play a human character. He's always good. If you haven't seen A Knight's Tale. See it just for his character. "I will fong you!!!"

jjboldt on May 14, 2010


Keep the robot's fighting, drop the horny little one with one eye, the twins and bring back Jazz.

jomba joose on May 14, 2010


thank you #17... I don't usually rant like that. But my wife gave me a canadian dime for the vending machine this morning, so when i got to work i didn't have enough change for my morning mountain dew. otherwise i wouldn't do that. but it needed to be said.......

voiceofreason on May 14, 2010


Sweet. Can't wait for the 3rd film! on May 14, 2010


If micheal bay pools of the timing and the visuals like he did in "The Island" it could be the Best transformers movie out of the franchise...The Island is his only reallly good like 9/10 good, great story, intense action, beautiful scoring, amazing visuals for example the opening credits were just gorgeous, it could be fun and playful then be dark and serious, plot twists, character development was good, great movie....If Bay brings that to the table for Transformers 3 that would be awesome...i think we all can agree "fuck the children...make a movie for adults....we grew up watching transformers. they didnt" we dont want to see little cute robots...and we dont want to watch Shia make stupid jokes...i like Shia but the corny jokes we can do without...and 3-d

Darren on May 14, 2010


It will be a bloated overblown specitcal with very annoying characters and a rotten script but I will still see it becouse no one blows sh*t up like Bay.

D on May 14, 2010


I’m willing to bet anyone’s Salary or Job for that matter that neither the ‘Dinobots’ nor ‘Unicron’ will ever be in this film (maybe even any film for that matter). ‘Unicron’ is too big of an element to be in the sequel, and the ‘Dinos’ are too irrelevant in today’s world. I’m guessing that it will be based on the mythology of “Energon” and the “Life” of any ‘Transformer’ on Earth as we know it. How will the “Transformers” continue to live on Earth without an energy source to live off of? According to Hasbro’s CEO, “You’re going to see that great core mythology brought to the fore, and Michael is hard at work at making this a reality and we’re very excited about it,” Hasbro’s head Brian Goldner also quoted Mr. Bay stating, “What we’re really doing is getting back to some of the core character development and storytelling. And I think there’s some elements of the core story that the filmmakers, Michael in particular wanted to tell…” With that said, this sequels cast includes Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, John Turturro, Patrick Dempsey, Ken Jeong, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Ramon Rodriguez, Kevin Dunn, Julie White, and now Kym Whitley and Alan Tudyk, they really are focusing on character placement and development. It seems like now every robot is getting their own human counterpart. It will be pretty difficult for Bay & Spielberg to come up with something historic as well as original. Possibly by now everyone has read the “Leaked Script” that was release immaturely late last year and everyone should know how that story was told, but everyone should also keep in mind that not everything presented from a “Leaked Script” is considered a complete fake; Nevertheless, that most of what is said is completely useless. This same leaked script does point out an issue that the humans are revolting against the same “Transformers” that have turned up here on Earth, which coincidently has been expressed and shown online with pictures depicting city walls and garbage cans spray-painted with crossed-out “Autobot” or “Decepticon” logos depicted in a circle with the words “Go Home” sprayed below. Many of you believe stories related to the comics and cartoons may seem too “Old,” while others may believe the stories that are original and/or new may not seem too “Traditional.” Either way, Hasbro, Paramount, Michael Bay, and Steven Spielberg can’t make everyone happy at once. It will take several creative ideas to come together that will touch all generations. Basicly, from everything I’ve read (real or not) and stated here, Transformers 3 will be very simple (similar to Part 1) and less complex (similar to Part 2) where the storyline will be easy to follow, more understanding, over and above with dialog between the Humans and Robots; which will return with improvements and essentially become more in depth. By just adding a few newbie’s (Autobots / Decepticons) as well as bringing back all “survivors” from the last two films, I believe this film could be more epic than the other two combined; But, I believe that it will regrettably just resemble its predecessors and fail after its first opening weekend. The Transformers 3 story will suffer from dehydration while falling victim to an aging cast that will somehow bring some type of human emotion to the forefront.

Sylentwolf on May 14, 2010


@voice of reason...applause!!! kellen my name is Dennis 🙂

jojoe on May 15, 2010


The plot was never that important for Transformers. Just throw in some robots and Megan Fox in a sexy outfit then Transformers 3 is good to go.

John Cho on May 15, 2010


No. 19 i think ur right lol

Jim Shannon on May 15, 2010


I can't wait to see more pointless dog fucking / bad "stoned mom" acting / dry-humping robots / racist ghetto-monkey robots / confusingly-designed robots that all look alike and have no personality / massive plot-holes / shitty acting and pointless scenes where a bunch of humans shoot guns at giant machines that have never - NOT ONCE EVER - been affected by gunfire. Just keep shooting at them, tho... it might work eventually, right? No. Both of those movies were terrible. The second one was hilariously bad. I might go see the third one in the theater just to laugh my ass off at the incredible stupidity on display. I would love to see Bay do a smaller movie like he said he was gonna do. The sad fact is that his movies would be obviously bad if he couldn't hide them behind big CGI action sequences. Cut out the fight sequences and over-the-top effects crap and you're left with an incredibly stupid, boring, nonsensical film.

Squiggly_P on May 17, 2010


Well I just got home after going to THE SCREAMING TIKI CON in Youngstown Ohio I have to say all in all it was not bad for a small convention DAVE PROWSE Cancelled do to health reasons and GLENN SHADIX Cancelled at the last minuet so they reduced the cost to get in by $5 I finally after 20 years added JOHN WESTLY SHIPP to my collection and was able to have a great conversation with ANTHONY FOREST I also talked with MICHAEL BELL and asked was going to play the voice of an of the characters in the New TRANSFORMERS 3 movie For those of you who are not familiar with his history with the TRANSFORMERS he played the voice of PROWL, RAMJET, SWOOP, and SLAG, and according to rumors all of these Robots will be in the new movie. He informed me that he had auditioned for the parts he had played and was told HE WAS TOO OLD. Ladies and Gentlemen: THIS CAN NOT STAND! Mr. BELL in one of the reasons that THE TRANSFORMERS are the Icon they are today so I have decided to start a letter writing campaign to get MICHAEL BELL at least one out of these three parts. Below you will find the address to witch you can send a letter telling the production studio TO GIVE MR. BELL THE PART HE DESERVES I thank you in this and I know we as a group can make this right for such a fantastically famous actor DreamWorks Studios. ... Address: 100 Universal City Plaza Dr., Bldg. 5121. Universal City, CA 91608. Phone: 818-733-9300

carl on Jun 14, 2010


Give me a break, how long are they gonne stretch and drain this. I hope this is the last movie they make.

Transformers Fan on Mar 10, 2011


Anyone else get to this article under the disillusion that Shia LaBeouf was going to talk about Team Fortress 2? (TF2)

DropkickOctopus on Jul 12, 2012

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