Alice in Wonderland is the Most Anticipated 3D Film of 2010?

January 20, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

The latest MovieTickets.com Weekly Poll (we feature these occasionally) asked ticket buyers which 3D film they're anticipating the most in 2010. MovieTickets claims there are only 14 3D films currently scheduled for this year (although I'm sure that number will go up) and listed the top five results. In the #1 spot is Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which is actually surprising to me because I thought no one like the second trailer. As always, we have to be weary of these polls because it's not a true representation of what the public thinks, but it is interesting to see the results, especially in the wake of Avatar and the rise of 3D.

Which 3D film are you most anticipating in 2010:
1. Alice in Wonderland (39%)
2. Toy Story 3 (33%)
3. Shrek Forever After (15%)
4. Friday the 13th Part 2 (10%)
5. Rapunzel (3%)

I didn't even realize the Friday the 13th sequel was confirmed as 3D (only rumored)? And I thought no one knew about Rapunzel. Always surprised by these results, which is why I like featuring them for everyone to discuss. With Avatar already past $500 million at the box office (and still accounting for 72% of sales on MovieTickets.com), I think the US population now has a taste for 3D. I'll be curious to see what happens with these other big 3D movies through 2010 though, since the quality of the 3D in Avatar is the best I've ever seen. Does everyone even want to see any more 3D movies? What will happen with 3D this year?

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WTF? Where is Tron?

Paul on Jan 20, 2010


Friday the 13th Part 2?.. what?

Wikus on Jan 20, 2010


I hate 3D.

Al on Jan 20, 2010


I don't hate 3-D, but it seems like a fad right now and mostly used to overcompensate for the lack of a plot and good dialogue.

Daniel on Jan 20, 2010


I think Alice in Wonderland is rightfully at 1st place--I mean, look at Avatar--I remember when the trailer for that first came out everyone thought it looked like nothing special, which have more or less been the same reaction to Alice in Wonderland up until the whole 3D thing took off. WITH 3D, the boatloads of CG are balanced out.

Will on Jan 20, 2010


I'm waiting to see all of these films, they all sound good with the exception being Friday the 13 part 2...but one there is one factor that keeps me from biting my nails in anticipation, and that factor is that they are all in 3-D.

Xerxex on Jan 20, 2010


yeah where the hell is tron? and how the _ _ _ k did shrek 4 and friday the 13 part 2 get on the list? and these ticket buyers got a little to high on extra butter popcorn 🙂

Spider94 on Jan 20, 2010


Souf West BABY! representing that dub. shout out to my HTC nig**z! i aint going to c this looks scary! im to playa to be scared

DONP on Jan 20, 2010


Toy Story 3 is the only film there which is exiting to me, right now, from the material available. Rapunzel certainly could be good, Alice seems tired and I'm not convinced there is much if any thing new there, Shrek 2 was the only halfway watchable film in the franchise, not to even mention Friday redo part 2. But more importantly, Alex, from what I have gathered from some of your earlier posts, you don't think much of 90% of 3D. So why feature this completely unscientific poll from a site whose main focus is movies which are currently in theaters? It doesn't seem relevant, much.

Mark on Jan 20, 2010


With the 3D films, I save 3 or 4 dollars and just use my imagination about where the 3D parts are. Saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on DVD, and I really enjoyed it, but 3D is just a cheap thrill. And sometimes it's damn distracting. That list makes sense to me, though. It's more of a relationship to how much promotion has gone on. Alice in Wonderland has been "whoring it up" with footage and trailers. Toy Story 3 has only given teaser trailers, and there's not a lot of wonder there. I'm kinda surprised about Shrek 4. I know Shrek 2 was very popular, but Shrek 3 was a failure, wasn't it? I know it got terrible reviews. "Rapunzel" (Pixar?) should be worried, though. I wasn't impressed with the voice cast either. I think "Tron" just wasn't one of the options.

Greedo on Jan 20, 2010


where is Iron Man2???

HellBoy on Jan 20, 2010


That is more like my 5 Least anticipated 3D films of 2010.

The Man With No Name on Jan 20, 2010


How can you be that excited about Toy Story 3? (unless your unde nine years old.) Iron Man 2 isnt in 3D. (thank god) A.I.W. is the one 3D movie I'm planning on seeing and there's 14 of those damn movies coming. (SAD!) Shrek the Third made about $800 million world wide at the box office and who knows how much more on dvd. (hardly a failure)

People's Champ on Jan 20, 2010


My two year old is excited about it, how about that.

Mark on Jan 20, 2010


I'll definitely watch AIW in 3D. But nothing else on that list except maybe toy story 3. Almost forgot, will Inception be IMAX 3D? If so, i am definitely gonna watch that.

Nithin on Jan 20, 2010


everybody is jumping on the bandwagon...this movie will be another charlie and the chocolate factory

Matthew on Jan 21, 2010


#8 hahaha

DoomCanoe on Jan 21, 2010


I am excited about Alice in Wonderland and I'm not even gonna front, I am excited about Toy Story 3.

Melody on Jan 21, 2010



Brian Ricci on Jan 21, 2010


I saw the 3D trailer for Alice in Wonderland on the Front of Avatar it was crap there was no depth to the trailer in the scene were depp as the mad hatter is walking across the table, weather some scenes work in 3D and others don't like Avatar your gess is as good as mine, I heard Burton added the 3D after he shoot the movie.

Cineprog on Jan 21, 2010


Um, I'm not really looking forward to any of these movie. Sure, I'll probably watch all of them but I wouldn't say I'm anticipating any of them

griff on Jan 21, 2010


#13 Hope so.

People's Champ on Jan 21, 2010


I don't care about 3D.

Christ on Jan 21, 2010


I wish you had recommends for comments on this site, because #1's comment of "WTF? Where is Tron?" needs to be recommended many, many, many times 😉

Jo on Jan 21, 2010


@ People's Champ how can you not be excited for Toy Stroy 3? Toy Story was one of the best animated films to ever grace the silver screen, and Toy Stroy 2 was one of the best sequels of all time, Toy Story 3 will be amazing, I grew up watch Toy Story, so I'm already a fan and I bet Alex was raised on it as well...well maybe not.

Xerxex on Jan 21, 2010


I'm blind on the left eye, don't think I'm gonna appreciate 3D

Torkel on Jan 21, 2010


@25 i totally agree with you, i think Toy Story 3 is the movie i want to see most this year, but i wish all the movies listed were not in 3D. Btw when the HELL did Friday the 13th Part 2 become 3D!?!?!? That's just BS.

guh on Jan 21, 2010


Not to mention, I guess they didn't get the memo that WB has pulled it from the schedule. Chances of it actually happening is slim. Can't believe they greenlit it after TFD last year was utter trash.

notalent on Jan 21, 2010


guh I have no idea why Friday the 13th even got a sequel.

Xerxex on Jan 21, 2010


It depends which countries were voting. In the UK there is a british dance film called Streetdance coming out in May. It is the first British film shot in 3D and also Britain's answer to the Step Up franchise. It features contestants from Britain's Got Talent, the UK's equivilant to America's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance. In the UK, because Britain's Got Talent is super big in Blighty, Streetdance is more anticipated than Tim Burton's Wonderland.

Eric on Jan 22, 2010


Friday the 13th part 2?

kayecee on Feb 22, 2010


# 32 Avatar does have a predictable storyline; It's called Dances with Wolves in Space. Screw Avatar and Screw James Cameron! I'm glad his egotistical Avatar was blown to pieces by his ex wife's Hurt Locker at Oscars. Whoever made this poll didn't count on the 3D conversion process being around with Clash of the Titans.

Jeeze on May 3, 2010


And yeah, I agree where is "TRON" in 3D. Yes I do agree with some folks posting messages. Some 3D is not great....Though if it is out there, we pay for it. I would like to see it and make my own decision if I like it or not in 3D. Coraline was alright in 3D. Though I think that "Alice" would be far better as Tim Burton keeps getting better.!!!!!!!!

IAIN on Jun 1, 2010


How about Jackass 3D? Imagine what that will show in 3D (and where).

Jezza on Oct 8, 2010

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