All of Warner Brothers' Tentpole Movies Will Be Shown in 3D

March 19, 2010

Warner Brothers in 3D!

Yesterday at the ShoWest industry convention, Warner Brothers put on quite the show with their annual presentation looking at their line-up for this year. We got to see some Clash of the Titans 3D footage (which looked pretty bad because it was converted in post) and new footage from Chris Nolan's Inception and the final two Harry Potter movies. The presentation was moderated by Warner Bros President Alan Horn, one of my favorite execs, who revealed that all of their upcoming tentpole movies would be in 3D. This isn't that surprising considering we recently learned that five of their big upcoming movies would be presented in 3D.

Horn announced that all of their tentpole movies, including upcoming DC Comics movies and big special effects films, will be released in 3D. This means we can probably expect the new Superman and Batman to be in 3D as well, as long as Chris Nolan approves of it. However, he also said that they'll look at each project individually and determine whether it's best to shoot in 3D or convert into 3D on a movie-by-movie basis. Horn did say that this is the new standard for the company and I'm sure other major studios will follow in their footsteps. In regards to recent conversion criticism, Horn said that "in our opinion, conversion to 3D doesn't lessen" the 3D experience. However, they'll let the audience truly decide (with Clash of the Titans).

Later on in the presentation, Horn also announced that they'll be focusing more on DC Comics properties to fill in for Harry Potter once that series ends in 2011 (with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II). That statement came after Horn joked about how he tried to convince J.K. Rowling to let them continue on with more movies, but she wouldn't. So with a big open spot in their budget where those movies used to be, they'll be re-focusing on DC moving forward. I really love Warner Brothers and all the decisions they make. Their team, from Alan Horn on down to their marketing and publicists, is one of the best in the biz!

I'm obviously not excited about studios going completely 3D like this, especially after being underwhelmed by the Clash of the Titans in 3D footage, but there's not much I can do. I can only suggest you see Clash in 2D in order to prove that not as many people are interested in seeing converted 3D. Either way, this trend is only going to continue, and we'll see more and more 3D movies every year. Is this good news or bad?

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One word can sum this up: Lame

Matthew on Mar 19, 2010



Al on Mar 19, 2010


There on the Bandwagon convert this convert that to 3D. The experiance will not be the same has with been shoot using 3D cameras No1 Matthew sums it up for me.

Cineprog on Mar 19, 2010


3D needs to go away, gimmick.

Adam on Mar 19, 2010


enough with the conversion already, if the film is shot in 3d then so be it. i really don't see the point of converting a genuine 2d film to 3d, let the film makers decide !!!

Andrew on Mar 19, 2010


The way of the future

Loser on Mar 19, 2010


No way Nolan shoots in 3D.

WB Exec on Mar 19, 2010


It's all about the money.

People's Champ on Mar 19, 2010


It's not about money, its about sending a message. Come on Nolan! Don't fall for the gimmick trap!

Chee on Mar 19, 2010


#9 Amazing line perfect moment too. Nolan will probably film the entire movie in IMAX over 3D.

WB Exec on Mar 19, 2010


I wasnt talking about Nolan, I'm talking about WB.

People's Champ on Mar 19, 2010


Wow I told you so! I told you so! wait...did I? probablu not, but I knew this was gonna happen! Way to fuck up Warner Brothers! Now its up to us, the fans to see every and all movie in 2-D to send a message to the dick running the show!

Xerxex on Mar 19, 2010


3D is freaking lame. No way will Nolan make a movie in 3D...he is a true Hollywood artist. This whole 3D phase needs to end soon. WB is making a big mistake going entirely 3D...waste of money. I will NOT be seeing Titans in 3D...Alice sucked (as 3D and as a movie) Avatar wasn't even that great as 3D. So disappointing.

one on Mar 19, 2010


Congrats to wb for planting their own seeds of wrath. Even if you convince someone they like the taste of shit, eventually, if you feed it to them enough, they will get sick of it.

germs on Mar 19, 2010


Does this mean we're gonna have to shell out extra $ for glasses when we Netflix the damn things later on?

jasonmd2020 on Mar 19, 2010


I really hope Nolan takes a stand against this. He's against 3D and I hope that WB doesn't force him to convert Inception to 3D or make Batman 3 in 3D.

SlashBeast on Mar 19, 2010


And this is why I build a home theatre. I will soon be waiting 90 or so days longer than everyone else but I will be seeing movies the way they are meant to be seen. 3D is fine at times but it is not needed for most movies.

John on Mar 19, 2010


It's horribly counterproductive to force filmmakers to make their movies 3D. This should NOT be a studio mandate, it should be the decision of the filmmaker to embrace 3D or not. I always respected WB more than most studios but they just lost a ton of respect from me.

1-7 on Mar 19, 2010


huh-huh huh-huh... *tent pole*... huh-huh huh-huh uhhhh I've got a "charmed long-staff"...

Dave Lister, JMC on Mar 19, 2010


Batman 3D = Epic Fail. IMAX is a true cinematic experience...not 3D stupid blue tails sticking out of the screen.

Deckter on Mar 19, 2010


The way I see it: Converting 2D movies to 3D leads to disappointment in the 3D gimmick. Disappointment in the 3D gimmick leads to lack of interest in any 3D movies. Lack of interest in any 3D movies leads to the end of the 3D movie. Studios: don't piss away this gift James Cameron's Avatar has given you. Spend money and you'll make money. Do 3D right or likely no one will get to do it at all.

Outlaw on Mar 19, 2010


I am so happy that Warner Bros will be focusing more on D.C. films once Harry Potter is out of the way. It took them long enough to do so with Marvel having hit after hit. Hopefully the list of D.C. films will go like this: 1. Green Lantern (2011) 2. The Dark Knight Returns (2012) 3. The Flash (2012) 4. Superman (2013) 5. Green Lantern 2 (2014) 6. Wonder Woman (2014) 7. JLA: Justice League of America (2015) This is just wishful thinking, but I hope that this will be the way Warner Bros will be looking at bringing these movies together.

last son on Mar 19, 2010


21: Actually Id love for this to happen. Then 3D goes into hibernation again, and I wont have to be bothered again. Even with Avatar, the effects were what was revolutionary, lets not confuse that with the just as sub par as usual 3D.

Al on Mar 19, 2010


Boy what a difference a year makes. I can remember the comments people where leaving, that didn't like 3d, when Monster Vs Aliens 3d came out a year ago. The biggest 3d release so far at that time. The annoyance with it came across but not the shear anger that I am seeing now. I guess back then it was a for sure thing that no one really liked 3d and it was going to fizzle out with in a year. The statements over and over where not enough people will support 3d, but the problem was lots of people did buy the 3d tickets. Now it is 3d itself is stupid. A different approach. The thing I am left with is the same thoughts I had a year ago. If the numbers of people continue to show up to these 3d showings, like it had been up to Monsters, what will it be like in another year now. A year ago the take was this surge in 3d we are having now was never going to happen. Now it is 3d is stupid and because of that it will fail. It will be interesting to see the comments in another year.

Tony Robertson on Mar 19, 2010


I think Nolan will film the entire movie in IMAX

BoxOfficeZ on Mar 20, 2010


its nature trail to hell in 3d

Jimmy Love on Mar 20, 2010


24: Actually its because of lack of options. A lot of theaters either dont have 2D showings for 3D films, or dont bother telling you. For example, I had to see Alice In Wonderland in 3D because there was no 2D showing. Also if you look at Avatar its attendance is actually in line with the Dark Knight in terms of attendance, its gross is just boosted by 3D prices. So I wouldn't say interest is spiked by 3D, just box office numbers.

Al on Mar 21, 2010


The main problem with boycotting a 3D screening is that theatres are probably going to have WAY more 3D screenings than 2D ones. I'm still planning to see Clash in 3D if only just to critique the results.

Sean Kelly on Mar 23, 2010


In my opinion 3D has ruined the movie experience. Face it moviemakers, no one will be able to reproduce the quality of Avatar's 3D for a while, but I even found that movie more enjoyable in 2D. If someone wants to create a great, artistic, stylized film, they need to film it for IMAX. Forget 3D. Leave that for the random kids movies that can entertain little kids by using 3D gimmicks. Create real movies to be real art. 3D is a good idea in theory, but it's just not how movies were meant to be made. (Not to mention wearing the glasses is very annoying)

RSA on Mar 24, 2010


Al number 27, you should have given us where it is that 2d is not offered. So many times people never give where these places are that 2d is not offered. I find this suspicious. Actually if you start looking on you will notice that almost most places that offer 3d offer 2d nearby somewhere. On yahoo you often get questions from people wanting to know a 3d showing that they can go to. Many times I have found they have it in 2d near by but the 3d showing is 30 to 60 minutes away. Still most people are having to drive quite a ways to see 3d. Usually only lager cities with 2 or more multiplexes have 3d.

Tony Robertson on Mar 28, 2010


^ 3D should be the exception, not the norm.

1-7 on Mar 29, 2010


Why don't the studio's digitally align some of the great 3D movies from their archives. Classics, like House of Wax, It Came From Outer Space, Dial-M For Murder, even Jaws 3D. They would be fun to watch, especially if they are in sync now. There are hundreds of old 3D movies in the studios archives. Jane Russell...Hanna Lee, etc. All fun to watch. Until better comes along.

Charles Simms on Aug 23, 2010

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