Anchor Bay Finally Picks Up 'Tekken' for Distribution in 2011

September 13, 2010
Source: ComingSoon

Kurtzman & Orci

After seeing an all-new poster back in June declaring that the adaptation of the fighting video game series Tekken would hit theaters August 5th, there seemed to be hope the film would see the light of day. But that date came and went and the film was nowhere to be seen on the big screen. But today Anchor Bay Films announced via press release that they would distribute the action-packed fighting frenzy of a film for a wide release sometime in 2011. Though no specific month or even season is mentioned as a potential release date, this is at least official confirmation that the film won't be stuck in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart (at least not for awhile).

Tekken set in a world run by all-powerful corporations, of which the mightiest  is the Tekken Corporation, headed by Heiachi Mishima. These  corporations regularly send their best fighters to challenge each other  in the ring. After running contraband outside the fortified walls of  Tekken City, Jin Kazama returns home in time to witness Tekken security  forces destroying his home and murdering his mother. In order to avenge  her, Jin enters the Iron Fist Tournament and is pitted against some of  the most brutal martial artists in the world. However, as the tournament  unfolds, he realizes that he is merely a pawn in a much bigger and  deadlier game.

While some of the fighting in the trailer that was released back in January looked pretty cool, I can't see this being any more successful, or just generally better, then previous fighting game adaptations like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. I guess I shouldn't expect much from Dwight H. Little, the director of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers, but since he's had some strong TV credits to his name recently including "Dollhouse" and "24," maybe he'll surprise us. Anyone out there still excited?

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i've seen it and the fight scenes were actually pretty good. i don't know how faithful it is to the story but kazama was pretty wack but overall a pretty good movie to watch

hearts4711 on Sep 13, 2010


I can watch some terrible films, like really bad ones, but the Tekken film was was below what I can even put up with, I watched it from start to finish and was weeping blood. The only place it should be distributed is in landfills from the back of dump trucks. Don't look at it, it will make you eyes bleed.

Crapola on Sep 13, 2010


I saw it and it wasn't very good. I know it's just a dumb video game movie, but the video game did actually have somewhat of a storyline and involved a lot of supernatural elements which were ignored for the film. I think Tekken could make a good movie someday, but this is not it. But if you've never played the video game, you might like this. As a martial arts movie, it's actually pretty good.

JP on Sep 13, 2010


I've seen the film. The fights were forgettable and the plot was obvious. The guy who played PRINCE NUADA in Hellboy II plays Steve Fox and didn't fight at all he was Jin's promoter. I don't see why this is going to be distributed.

Josef on Sep 13, 2010


thought it was a good popcorn movie..fight scenes where damn decent and Jon Foo who played jin was amazing @3 - he is a martial arts expert in many discplines..fights tony jaa in the warrior king in an amazing fight

raz on Sep 13, 2010


Hey he did "Anacondas", which wasn't too bad....hahaha who am I kidding? Anyways, I'm sure this will be a pure guilty pleasure and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

LINKFX on Sep 13, 2010


i managed to sit through this. it was not shot very well at all. coulda been some good fights, i wouldnt know. too much shitty camerawork/direction. but ya, since i did sit through the whole thing, there must of been something i liked. and since it was really forgettable, i dont remember what that was.

lego on Sep 13, 2010


The fight scenes in Tekken SUCK. Fearless, Ip Man 1 & 2, Mortal Kombat all have better fight scenes than this film. What's left in a martial arts film without the karate? The plot and the drama. In Tekken...AHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Everything is shot at night because the film is shot in a backlot. Think Johnny Mnemonic but worse. Take my word for it and take this to the bank: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is a far better and more entertaining film than this. Instead of cleavage on display they have ass crack, a novel twist but the movie was still unbelievably weak. Tekken is sub-Street Fighter (starring Van Damme). Its almost as bad a Dragonball. Yes, almost that bad. The ass crack shots buoy the film from a completely rancid rating. Tekken MOVIE REVIEW:

ProMovieBlogger on Sep 13, 2010


This is not a good thing. That is all.

JTMoney on Sep 13, 2010


Lets put it this way...the video game to movie adaption suck fest continues. Shit acting, crappy fight scenes. Straight to dvd without a trace.

vegasdanny on Sep 14, 2010


Not only were the fight scenes terribly generic they also looked sloppy. Plus the character selection SUCKED. Miguel? Dragnov? Come on I would rather have King in place of both of them.

Jacob Crim on Sep 14, 2010


Awesome! Hope they show lots of tits.

Waste of Time on Sep 14, 2010


I agree that there was no real reason for the poor character choice, but the ones they did choose were good. Take out Nina and the Jackhammers(?) and the crew were faithful to the tekken. The films story makes sense but isn't great. Overall it is a film. Not a game! It reminded me of The running man for some strange reason. Either way I liked it.

Link1983 on Sep 14, 2010


I'll let you know I just downloaded it

Jimmy Love on Sep 14, 2010


What no one is saying here, is that Tekken has been available for download online via torrent sites for a long time now. We're talking a DVD rip, not a cam copy. It sucked, and a theatrical release is going to bomb because too many people have already seen it. They should dumb this straight to DVD and move on.

TCox on Sep 14, 2010


correction "dump" to dvd....oops

TCox on Sep 14, 2010


@TCox No one would see it even if we all hadn’t downloaded. When I first saw the trailer I was laughing my ass off at how terribad it looked. I grew up on Tekken it is my favorite series, but that doesn’t mean I have to like the movie. The dialog was so comical the WHOLE damn movie "DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!?...THIS IS IRON FIST!" or even better when Jin beats that wack version of Law "Respect...DO YOU HEAR IT?" omg my ears were bleeding. The only saving grace the movie had been whoever played Christie and for some reason I liked Kazuyas role. I think they left it open for a sequel too. We do not know if Heihachi is really dead, we never saw his corpse or heard a gun fire. He has died 23047823904739 times in the games and came back...why not the movies?

Jacob Crim on Sep 14, 2010


I'd love if it if they made a game to film adaptation of Wii Bowling with lots of tits and bowling alley fight scenes.

Waste of Time on Sep 14, 2010


even though on the trailer i posted that i would be telling everyone how awesome this movie was it was fucking awful they BUTCHERED the video game by killing off soooo many of its main characters. and the best Namco/Bandi character ever Yoshimitsu was done soooooo poorly it was sad

DoomCanoe on Sep 14, 2010


Yes, the fight scenes are pretty good! and movie is worth spending time! Here you can also download it:

Rob on Mar 3, 2011

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