Angelina Jolie Picks Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity Over Wanted 2

February 25, 2010
Source: Vulture

Angelina Jolie

Interesting bit of news. NY Mag's Vulture is saying they've heard that Angelina Jolie has "pulled out of" Wanted 2 to star in a new space thriller from Children of Men director Alfonso Cuarón called Gravity. Cuarón apparently wrote the script with his 28-year-old son Jonás. Here's the best part - it was originally a Universal project (boo), but just now ended up at Warner Brothers (yay), where Legendary Pictures (of The Dark Knight, etc.) is now developing along with Harry Potter producer David Heyman. I have to say - this is just awesome. A space thriller from the Children of Men director with Angelina Jolie? Sounds great!

So this is where Cuarón's been all this time! Similar to Moon, Gravity will star Jolie pretty much by herself for most of the movie. She will play the sole surviving human member of a space mission, desperately trying to return home to Earth and her daughter. I love it. I love everything about this, it sounds absolutely perfect. In fact, I'm glad that she dumped Wanted 2 for this. It gives her the opportunity to stretch her acting chops (like so many actors have been doing recently) and progress her career further with an original project that's not a sequel (or a remake or a reboot or an adaptation). Let's get this made. I want to see it already. You?

Update: I feel the need to clarify a few details regarding the Wanted sequel and Jolie. Apparently it's pretty big news that Jolie left Wanted 2 because it was Universal's next big project and now it seems to be falling apart. Anne Thompson explains: "Once she turned the movie down, Universal killed the sequel—what could have been a valuable franchise for the studio." As for those wondering how should would even return, it was explained in this article that Jolie's character Fox would apparently be saved in the wax healing baths after being shot (supposedly). They figured out how to have her return, but not any more. She's headed to space!

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i would need to see a trailer to get excited. i love the picture you put of her Alex.

LC on Feb 25, 2010


I love and follow Cuaron works for years now with CoM as my absolute favorite movie of all time (among some other 3-4). I'm a spacenerd so, what can I say? GO ON!

reeft on Feb 25, 2010


um she go shot in the head at the end of Wanted. Jolie and Cuaron is gold, She doesn't get enough credit, Changeling was one of her best performances and Cuaron is a talented director so I'm in.

Xerxex on Feb 25, 2010


whats with the (boo) for universal

Ives on Feb 25, 2010


did'nt she shoot herself in the head lol why would she even be back for wanted 2 lol it was'nt off screen either we saw blood and everything lol

nelson on Feb 25, 2010


Gravity sounds very, very, very interesting so far. I'm a little disappointed that she won't be back for Wanted 2, but it will make more sense this way, given how the first one ended. James McAvoy is still returning, that's all that really matters.

Craig on Feb 25, 2010


Angelina Jolies hotness/very good acting paired with Cuarons amazing direction (Children of men is probably my favorite sci fi film).....Im so in. What the hell would Jolie play in Wanted 2 anyway?....a ghost assassin that comes back from the dead to warn Mcavoy hes in a shitty flick?

Cody on Feb 25, 2010


gravity sounds unoriginal...kinda like moon

jh on Feb 25, 2010


Could be great, sounds awful, especially with Angelina Jolie as the star.

carlos on Feb 25, 2010


Impossible not to be into this, impossible.

Darren Albert on Feb 25, 2010


if only Angelina Jolie still looked like she did in that picture but she is just not aging well,

TheLOLrapist on Feb 25, 2010


#11 re you insane? She's only 34 and she is still gorgeous. Also looks have nothing to do with acting.

Xerxex on Feb 25, 2010


She's toast as an actress, played out. Sci-fi could renew my interest in her.

Jake the snake on Feb 25, 2010


Oh yes she is definitely toast except for the fact that she was nominated for every acting award possible for A Mighty Heart and Changeling, her last two dramatic roles and she helped propel Wanted to box office success. She is far from toast.

janny on Feb 25, 2010


i don't care about acting awards or box office success. I care about what I think about her acting and imo she's toast. Mr. and Mrs. Smith did it for me.

mike on Feb 25, 2010


Well then your a fool to think so....She just needs to stretch her legs as an actress and this sounds like exactly that. It seems to me for the last decade shes been typecast as the femme-fatale and with changeling in mind I think she has much much more potential as an actress.

Cody on Feb 25, 2010


Cuaron is a great director. “Children of men” is one of my all time favourites. Jolie has not convinced me for her acting abilities yet...I hope she can pull it thru.

var2apo on Feb 26, 2010


Way to go David Heyman! The man is nothing but sheer class and has proven himself with the Potter films; Cuaron must have really enjoyed working with him on Azkaban to have him on board this. Can't wait!

Keith on Feb 26, 2010


Universal is run by retards. They are killing their franchises needlessly. Wanted wasn't cool because of Angelina Jolie, nobody gives a crap about her.

Darunia on Feb 26, 2010


this sounds like it could be ok; but, ANOTHER one-person movie with an isolated setting? i'll wait for a trailer before saying i'm excited for this one. and from the comments above, it shocks me as to the hard-core (borderline psychotic) fanbase jolie has..........she's a good actress but i don't think she's THAT good. and her looks that some of you seem to like? - i see her as kind of odd looking........NOT sexy, that's for sure. besides, ( for those of you who think she's attractive) a persons looks don't make a good movie. kate beckinsale is MUCH better looking but "whiteout" was one of the worst movies i've ever seen

beavis on Feb 26, 2010


I'm hoping this is based off of Tess Gerritsen's book "Gravity," which would be amazing. I read that book twice.

Nick on Feb 26, 2010


Cauron is amazing! This movie will be too! So excited, can't wait to see more news on it!

Linkfx on Feb 26, 2010


She doesn't need to tie herself down to trash like Wanted. This is a better choice.

SlashBeast on Feb 26, 2010


#21 I was about to write the same thing. Tess Gerritsen's novel would make a great space/medical thriller.

Luis M on Feb 26, 2010


I'm glad she's not playing the uber tough 97 pound assassin with knockout power... Dumb. Her hands remind me of Jack Skellington’s from The Nightmare before Christmas… Gross.

Eric B. on Feb 26, 2010


yay... now they can get Megan Fox as her unmentioned "sister." *geeze. The Fraternity is world wide and I'm sure it has vamy-tatt'd up chicks all over the place. I have confidence that they can come up with a good enough Macguffin... :B

jomba joose on Feb 26, 2010


Well, wanted was a terrible movie. Great example of style over substance but I guess so was the comic book. As far as Angelina Jolie, she's overrated. She can put in a good performance but those are by far the in minority in her career. She's pretty hit and miss, far more misses than hits and when she misses she's terrible. Just look at wanted, she acted like a cartoon character, same in Mr. and Ms. Smith, and many other movies. A Mighty Heart and Changeling where overrated performances, not bad, but not deserving all the praise she got. She's only made to where she is in her career through her looks, and all the publicity given to her personal life and scandals. Alfonso Cuaron on the other hand, is an amazing filmmaker. One of the best of our time.

anon on Feb 26, 2010


Good. Wanted was a disgrace of a movie for the most part. The only reason why I'm excited for this is the director. Children of Men was simply amazing. The description of this movie sounds like so many other space movies so that doesn't interest me. Having said that, (Larry David) I love sci fi movies and space so I guess that's a plus.

Dan W on Feb 26, 2010


#21, thanks for the heads-up on "gravity"......i'm always looking for a new book - i'll check it out.

beavis on Feb 26, 2010


Alex regarding the Update, I'm not sad that the Wanted sequel is DOA, the first was good, and it really does not need a sequel. Its better if Wanted stays the phenomenon it was and not lead down the slippery slope of subpar sequels.

Xerxex on Feb 26, 2010


too bad my dick is not in her mouth

crabby on Feb 26, 2010


Um...Didn't Jolie's character die at the end of Wanted?! Why is this such a big deal? I think James McAvoy is big enough to handle a movie like this without Jolie's additional star power, He was the main character after all! Hey Universal I will go see Wanted 2 starring James McAvoy and whoever the hell else you decide to bring on board, just make sure its a worthy sequel. You don't need Fox, she's already dead. Shot herself in the head along with every other member of the fraternity. Geeze, pull it together people!

JCal on Feb 26, 2010


nice crabby.

Xerxex on Feb 26, 2010


no. 20# or beavis, you're shocked by JOLIE'S fanbase? Have you been living under a rock? Her fanbase is NOTHING compared to the twilight's twifag fanbases. Those twitards are completely psychotic compared to Angelina Jolie's fans. At least Jolie's fans make sense, haven't you seen those comments on facebook where what the the fangirls say is just a complete string of cuss words? Oh, unless you yourself are one of those Twihards and find Kristen Stewart's one-facial-expression-acting-carreer better than Jolies acting.

Kristi on Feb 26, 2010


That is one sweet picture! I think she is a good actress, but it is hard for me to be objective...she is just so damn beautiful... However, I really think this should be said...SHE Kicks ASS! One of the best action stars in the world....Tomb Raider, M/M Smith, Wanted, and now Salt coming up...whatever you think of her acting, she is sure fun to watch in those roles, as cheesy as some of the movies were!

kitano0 on Feb 26, 2010


Good that she dropped that turd Wanted, but not for a Cuaron project! Cuaron sucks, HARD! Don't kill your career bitch!

SlashBeast on Mar 3, 2010


Not a huge fan of Angelina Jolie but I GREATLY RESPECT her decision to choose an Alfonso Cuaron film over a trashy box office popcorn franchise like Wanted!

Emma Watson fan on Nov 25, 2010

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