Another Tron Viral Site Discovered - Decipher for the Trailer?

March 8, 2010

Flynn Lives Viral

This looks very confusing. Another new viral site for Tron Legacy has popped up online as discovered via a user on the Unfiction forums. The Flynn Lives webpage, which seems to be the home for all things Tron viral, was just updated with a new post talking about the 25-city scavenger hunt event that took place a few weeks ago. Included in the post was a video recap of the event (with footage of me as Los Angeles #1) and a message at the end that says basically: "The search has just begun… The next clue might be just around the corner." Using that clue in the message, you can find a series of codes that flash in the upper right corner.

These codes are a bit hard to find. The first one pops up at about 1:07 in when the video gets glitchy (oh and that's me in the shot seen above). Once all of them are put together, it points to a new viral site located here: This is similar to the websites discovered in the discussion boards a few weeks ago that contain huge photos with lightcycle concept art and that random assortment of distorted bars. Similar look and design on this new site, but there's a lot more to "play with" this time. Glad to see them continuing on with the idea that Flynn is trying to contact us, but his messages are all distorted.

Tron Legacy Viral Site

We're not sure what to do, since the new site was only recently discovered. But I have a feeling this may lead to the reveal of the trailer online (since it also premiered in theaters in front of Alice in Wonderland over the weekend). This new viral site only has four boxes. If you click each one, the site goes even crazier with all kinds of random numbers and words in huge lists. If you click any of the boxes with a number, it just shows you various patterns of more numbers. If you click the purple RPG box, it shows a bunch of words related to scripting online. But beyond that, we're not sure how to decipher this. If you think you can figure it out, please give it a shot and let us know if you find anything new. We'll do our best to keep you updated as well!

Update: On the new site, you can find 18 underline marks for what look to be 18 characters that have yet to be identified. Maybe once we figure out all 18 it will unlock a site that will take us to the trailer? Any ideas?

Update #2: Wow, that went quick. The trailer has been unlocked at a new viral site located here: We just posted it on the FirstShowing home page. I received an email from my friend Nick of informing me that the secret trailer URL had been discovered and explanations for how the code on the site we talk above was solved. Here is the information he sent to me about the four squares:

0 is the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89

2 is just this numerical sequence: 11-647-719-991-467-211-677-127-881-281-643

3 is an old schoolyard puzzle, just starting with the 3 of the button: 13, 1113, 3113, 132113, 1113122113, 311311222113, 13211321322113, 1113122113121113222113, 31131122211311123113322113, 132113213221133112132123222113, 11131221131211132221232112111312111213322113

RPG is the level codes for the old TRON arcade: COBOL, BASIC, FORTRAN, SNOBOL, PL1, PASCAL, ALGOL, ASSEMBLY, OS, JCL, USER

Apparently most of this was solved by the Unfiction forums users, so they deserve most of the credit. I'm not exactly sure how they came up with these patterns and how they plug in to that viral site to spell "program-glitch-esc," but that's what solved this viral game. I wish we would've had a little more time to play around with and get an understanding of how it was solved before someone else just sent us a link, but virals aren't left up to only one person. You can expect plenty more complex numerical and computational sequences like this as the Tron Legacy viral continues on. Now that its been unlocked though, you best watch the trailer!

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I clicked the 0, and tried to do the best I could in following it numerically, eventually it brought me to just one purple box that read 18%

Movieraider321 on Mar 8, 2010


alex i have been tinkering and came up with this. if you click the rpg in a certain sequence it reveals percentage. (the names you have to click I believe in unison of the viral contacts, who got contacted first second and so on) i've only managed to get to about 18 percent. i'm thinking is you figure out the sequence you can get to 100% and thats when you get to see the trailer. just keep clicking the rpg.

jeffrey on Mar 8, 2010


Trailer is online:

Nick Butler @ MovieViral on Mar 8, 2010


I know the basic idea is to click one of the boxes, and guess the correct sequence until you get 100%, I've tried on multiple of the boxes to just click randomly and each time it's either a higher or lower percentage than the last. Once you figure out the code it will be easier to decipher.

Movieraider321 on Mar 8, 2010


I think it's a game and we have to figure out how to win it to unlock part of the code... Not sure how to do that, but I think that's why it keeps giving those percentages as the final score each time you click a box.

Alex Billington on Mar 8, 2010


@ Jeffrey each box has a sequence to get a percentage.

Movieraider321 on Mar 8, 2010


#6 thanks

jeffrey on Mar 8, 2010


You were right, Alex, that trailer kicked ass!!

MonsterKilledThePilot on Mar 8, 2010



jeffrey on Mar 8, 2010


Just watched the trailer for the 10th time. Mother fucker it rocks!!!!!

jeffrey on Mar 8, 2010


Dumb Question: Has anyone figured out the code?!

Bradford on Mar 8, 2010



jeffrey on Mar 8, 2010


#11 - I just updated the post above with some information about the patterns to solve all four of the squares. Not exactly sure how they all connect, so I suggest heading to Unfiction for more, but that's how it was solved. Hope that helps?

Alex Billington on Mar 8, 2010


Ha, I knew that was you in the video! That's pretty awesome. I missed it when they did NYC 2 (i was getting food....the one time I didn't check the site :-/) and it was only 15 minutes from me too. I'm really liking the viral stuff they're doing. This code thing reminds me a lot of what Portal just did with their update. You had to find the radios in the game, bring it to a location that changed the station which gave you static which then turned out to be a code for a picture that was a number and all of this crazy stuff. Much like this the people on the steam forums figured out the first day.

Jesse Gouldsbury on Mar 8, 2010

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