Antoine Fuqua's Next Project is a Biopic About Tupac Shakur

June 1, 2010
Source: Digital Spy

Tupac Shakur

It feels like we've been hearing a lot of news about director Antoine Fuqua's future projects lately. From the prison escape thriller The Tomb that would reunite him with Tears of the Sun star Bruce Willis, to that gestating adaptation of the 2005 Vince Flynn novel Consent to Kill with a variety of talent in the running for the lead role as counter-terrorism agent Mitch Rapp. But now we have word in an update from Digital Spy (via The Playlist) that Fuqua's next project is actually a biopic about the secretly alive late rapper Tupac Shakur, which just got a greenlight with a plan to start production this September. California loooooove!

Shakur was a hip-hop icon responsible for such chart-topping hits as California Love and whose life was ended tragically in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas back in 1996. Trying to make the story of the rapper's life as genuine as possible, Fuqua intends to find some new talent for not only Shakur, but for many other roles. He says: "I want to discover someone new. I want to discover a lot of new people if I can. Obviously I'm going to have to put some people in it that you know, just because actors have different skills. I want to go to the streets and find him anywhere he might be in the world." Hopefully he finds the right guy, because there are certainly be plenty of loyal Tupac fans eager to see his life portrayed accurately on the big screen.

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Ok. Any suggestions on who should play Pac?

Duane on Jun 1, 2010


Skills from One Tree Hill

JMoney on Jun 1, 2010


I'd watch!!!

Trey M on Jun 1, 2010



Dandooo on Jun 1, 2010


I work with a lot of 12-18 year old kids from housing schemes and they love Tupac, because he was a badass gangster who studied ballet and and acting. The acting helped him live out the rap gangster farce that was the end of his life, a strange fool he was. Most folk won't remember him being the comical joker in the group Digital Underground. Pour another forty out for ma dead homie maaaaaaaaaaan, I hope it's a comedy, either way it'll do better than the Biggie one, Tupacs music was much cheesier and had a greater appeal to idiots.

Crapola on Jun 1, 2010


def. agree it should be a no-name actor to play pac.

AC on Jun 1, 2010


Meh, not interested!

Patrick on Jun 1, 2010


with all due respect for Tupac and BIG (R.I.P) I really don't care for a biopic about his life, look at Notorious that movie failed on numerous levels and it was just lazy filmmaking. I really don't want to see a film taking about the whole West Coast/East Coast bullshit that ended up killing both B.I.G and Tupac, those two died for literally nothing, but it kept the farce going.

Xerxex on Jun 1, 2010


@Xerxex Tupac Shakur biopic would be good only if its been directed good if the movie only focus on West Coast/East Coast B.S. then that movie will turn people off. @Ethan Anderton you remember that in Iron Man 2 Tony Stark dance to "California love" LOL

tazz on Jun 1, 2010


I lot of biopics are total rubbish, but they have a chance to do something good with this one. I think if they take it from a different angle like they did in the Ian Curtis biopic 'Control' they might just pull it off.

Paul on Jun 1, 2010


Thug Life!!!!

Trey M on Jun 1, 2010


&Tazz I would love for this biopic to prove me wrong, I'll reserve judgement till after I see a trailer.

Xerxex on Jun 1, 2010


no one cares about rappers.

Destroyer on Jun 1, 2010


@ Everyone So basically you clicked on the article which told you nothing more than the movie will be made and you immediately disapprove, what type of shit is that? And #5 you're just a fucking idiot. He was a backup dancer for Digital Underground trying to break into the business.

............... on Jun 2, 2010


Lol Crap I hate Rap & Rappers, they kill each other over music, how sad I got the whole film for ya right here I'm high I'm nobody, I'm high I'm famous, I'm high I'm fucking dead.

Jimmy Love on Jun 2, 2010


@ Destroyer of course ! that' why you comment !! 😀 I'd love to see a really good biopic about this guy...

steeve on Jun 2, 2010


Not interested thanks.

Ambient on Jun 2, 2010


#17 a person whos not interested why comment then

tazz on Jun 2, 2010


@ ............... Honestly Tupac was rubbish, was he as good as KRS? No. Busta Rhymes? No. Big Daddy Kane? No. Masta Ace? No. Ice T? No. Biz Markie? Naaaaa. I could list numerous MC's who are and aren't dead that are a million times better than him, I'd even say Eminem was better than him. He was a ballet dancer who pretended to be a gangster, retards liked his music because they were white and thought all black people smoke weed and shoot each other. Kase2 in Style Wars is better at rapping than Tupac. Rap music dumbed itself down so much, Tupac became acceptable, I think it's a bit like how uber cheesy Puff Daddy is too. The idiots are winning. Keep it dumb, it's much more fun...

Crapola on Jun 2, 2010


D-Nice has been making some very interesting short films under the name True HipHop stories, he manages to get some great things from some people I idolised as a kid. Here's an interview he did with a homeless MC whose life story makes Tupac's sound like a day at Disneyland:

Crapola on Jun 2, 2010


Hey crapola you really seem to hate tupac with all the effort you put in to bringing him down. Seems like youre obsessed with hating him really. You got some hidden issues or something. Stop hating you dumb fuck.

rs on Jun 3, 2010


Yeah ill watch it.

Daniel Felts on Jun 4, 2010


@ Rs I don't hate Tupac, I just think there are better people out there. But each to their own, I know a lot of people that love him and think the sun shone out his ass, I just think he was a bit mediocre.

Crapola on Jun 4, 2010


Check this kid out...he can actually act!

S.E.L.F on Jun 21, 2010


I'm really hoping this turns out well and is worthy of 2Pac's legacy instead of the MTV mediocrity that most hip-hop artist biopics tend to fall into. At least they have a fairly talented director at the helm.

SlashBeast on Jun 30, 2010


Real recognize Real. People who have been through struggles identify with Tupac's lyrics and genuine appeal. People who live in the hills will never "get it". That's ok, his music isn't for them.

Cal J on Jul 18, 2010


I believe my Fiance would be the best role for Tupac. They share the same similiarities especially growing up with a single mother. The struggle of trying to overcome their past, but always being held back when youve already paid your dues back to society. In my fiances deepest and darkest hours, it was Tupacs lyrics and prophetic way of thinking that got him through. It may sound crazy, but I do believe they are connected spiritually. My fiance has had the name "Pac" since he was about 16 or 17, and unlike many... my fiance hasnt just started talking about Tupac since this movie came out into the media. Hes a TRUE fan, With a story and struggle just like Tupac. I GUARANTEE you WONT find anyone who looks closer to TUPAC than my FIANCE. THINK ITS ALL BS..... well you be the judge...... LOOK UP: or EMAIL: and let me know what you guys think.... I appreciate and REAL feedback and I do mean REAL.

Jenny Liebnitz on Sep 14, 2010


Tupac is more than just looks.... and my fiance could truly capture TUPAC...... His ways of thinking, moving, and opinions and outlooks on life is exactly why my fiance is the perfect choice. Thanks for your guys time..... If its meant to happen it will.... God already has your plan set..... whatever his plan is.... its already been made....

Jenny Liebnitz on Sep 14, 2010


Ignore Crapola, FirstShowing's resident masochist. THUG LIFE!

Governor on Oct 29, 2010


#7 - Patrick You were interested enough to comment about it. #8 - Xerxex You cared enough to comment about it. #13 - Destroyer You cared enough to comment about them. #15 - Jimmy Love Spare your seed the shame and never reproduce. #17 - Ambient You were interested enough to comment about it. And Crapola, mutilate your genitals.

Glass on Nov 22, 2010

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