Aronofsky Talks About His Interests in Directing 'The Wolverine'

November 21, 2010
Source: Movie City News, SuperHeroHype

Darren Aronofsky / Wolverine

With Black Swan arriving in theaters in a few weeks (December 3rd), and production beginning next April on The Wolverine, director Darren Aronofsky is showing up in the news a lot as he's being interviewed and asked constantly about the project. It was confirmed a few weeks ago that the title of the new Wolverine movie, with Hugh Jackman back as Logan, would be titled just The Wolverine and it isn't actually a sequel, more of a "one-off." SuperHeroHype got a few quick words out of Darren (see below), but the video segment from Dave Poland's interview on Movie City News is a must watch for those wondering why he took this on.

Darren didn't have too much to reveal because he hasn't really started working on The Wolverine since he's still finishing his promo tour for Black Swan, but he is looking forward to starting it. Even if you're already excited and confident that Aronofsky will bring us a totally kick ass action movie (his first!), there's still the big question of why he decided to direct this next instead of many other projects, including The Tiger. He answers that question beautifully in this video segment and hints at how great this movie might actually be. The video is part of a full interview on Movie City News (found via Comic Book Movie) and is a must watch.

The Wolverine will be set in Japan this time, as a solo feature, and is based on the Chris Claremeont & Frank Miller's mini-series from 1982. The screenplay, written by the very talented Christopher McQuarrie (Usual Suspects, Valkyrie), follows Logan as he falls in love with a Japanese woman who's married to another man. But to win her heart, he must battle her samurai family. Aronofsky said to SHH: "There's all the samurai elements that are really exciting. I'm a big fan of Japanese movies, we're going to try to have a good time." I certainly hope so! The more I hear him speak about this, the more confident I am that we're about to get the best movie featuring Wolverine we'll probably ever see, and I already can't wait for him to start work on it!

I'm sure we can expect to hear more from Aronofsky as more interviews go up and pre-production continues on The Wolverine. It was also officially announced last week that Darren had signed a two-year production deal with Fox, meaning he probably has more in the works, like Machine Man, but that's all a long ways out. For now, I don't think there's any better way to end this than with my favorite Darren quote from the video above: "We're definitely going to make something great, but it will be very different -- that's what I do."

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So... it sounds like all the right plays are being made to gear this into the right direction. My only question is, is the script then finished? Or is April when Aronofsky just gets going on this thing and THEN they start filming... months down the road?

Falafall on Nov 21, 2010


The film will be A OK.

Xerxex on Nov 21, 2010


Why don't they just call the movie "Wolverine"?

Lincoln on Nov 21, 2010


am.... im al for originality and what not but he cant just make it be a different universe, like, wolverines gotta be wolverine, don't be so arrogant that u think you own the character hmmm im not sure what he meant, but i hope he does'nt turn it into some sort of non superhero film, dealing with the pain and struggles of a man with metal claws here, i want WOLVERINE not logan scissor hands!

dave on Nov 21, 2010


He would be a good actor...

asdcazf on Nov 21, 2010


VERY interesting. This film will definitely be something different. it'll be like a can of air freshener after someone took a big sh!t.

David on Nov 21, 2010


parallels to Batman X-Men Origins: Wolverine.......Batman Begins The Wolverine......The Dark Knight

Jericho on Nov 21, 2010


wait even worse...Scott Pilgrim 'to win you must defeat my seven Samurai brothers'

Jericho on Nov 21, 2010


I think he's cocky. But in an endearing way. Doesn't seem pretentious.

movie mike on Nov 21, 2010


I'm quite excited about this. That scarf though... come on.

Floombaffa on Nov 21, 2010


Sounds god enough, lemme seeeeees

Crapola on Nov 21, 2010


Sorry to crash the high wave everyone here seems to be upping on. I really am not sure about Aronofsky directing the new Wolverine movie. I mean, the synopsis already sounds boring... Alberta, Canada born Logan is in Japan for some reason which I am sure will slowly be burrowed into us who wants to date a Japanese woman but her fam is not having it and he has to show how brave he is and he "may" break the claws out.....I am a huge Aronofsky fan myself and I can't wait to see "Black Swan" but I not thrilled about him directing. I mean remember when he was approached to do "Watchmen" and he said he wanted to change the political backdrop to reflect modern day history....think how awful that would've been. :-/

Conrad on Nov 21, 2010



CCavins on Nov 21, 2010


Aronofsky has the same kind of presents and interview attitude as Christian Bale, Kind of a Douche, but you can't help but like them.

CCavins on Nov 21, 2010


Hope this won't be like the 1st Wolverine movie: a descent director (Gavin Hood, who previously did Tsotsi and Rendition) takes on an action flick and ruins it. I like Aronofsky as a director so I will be interested to see what he does here.

Julian on Nov 21, 2010


Conrad the story is actually amazing its based off one of the most acclaimed Wolverine stories. You should read it then I think you'll be pumped.

ryn on Nov 21, 2010



A5J4DX on Nov 21, 2010


can take him seriously with the scarf on

MMH on Nov 21, 2010



That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Nov 21, 2010


Having read the comments before I watched the video, I was getting ready to describe Aronofsky as an arrogant cock. But while watching it, his comments seem perfectly reasonable and optimistic and enthused, rather than conceited. I'm looking forward to this.

Mathieu on Nov 21, 2010


- I love Wolverine but you know their ARE other X men characters.. why not a Cable movie??

mochonko on Nov 21, 2010


Christian Bale's long lost brother...

Cruzer on Nov 21, 2010


The real title : Son of Wolverine? 😉

Gary the Bruce on Nov 21, 2010


Set in Japan? Hell yeah, I'm in!!!

eduardite on Nov 21, 2010


Fair enough #17....I take a gander

Conrad on Nov 21, 2010


so are they going to try and make Hugh Jackman look smaller than 6Ft 2 for this one like they did in X-Men? Wolverine is meant to be about 5ft 3 which they seemed to ignore from X3 on

Ross on Nov 22, 2010


The Wolverine now? We'll see how this one turns out!

Model on Nov 22, 2010


Question: How are they going to address the issue of continuity as far as his claws are concerned. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he didn't get upgraded to adamantium claws until just after the Vietnam War. If The Wolverine is going to be set in Japan during the time of Samurai, then his claws would only be organic, and would not fair well against a Samarai sword. I like the idea of a "solo" film, but not one that completely disregards all the movies before it, without calling itself a reboot.

TCox on Nov 22, 2010


In the comics it was a samurai/ninja clan that he was fighting. its a great story. IIRC he goes to Japan chasing after the girl who had been in Canada or the US as a student or some such.

harm on Nov 22, 2010


The Wolverine in Japan mini-series is one of the greatest X-Men stories of all time. If Arranofski pulls this off, it will be huge. The X-Men Origins: Wolverine isn't even in the same sport as Batman Begins, it's down there with Elektra and Catwoman and Punisher.

green_gizmo on Nov 22, 2010


This is not gonna be good. aronofsky doing wolverine... i mean come on do we REALLY need another wolverine movie /

rick grimes on Nov 22, 2010


I think the only logical thing to do is start over, and recast Wolverine. They need to do something fresh if they don't want to be connected to the other movies. They need someone younger, and shorter. How about Scott Caan from Hawaii Five-O?

TCox on Nov 22, 2010


@8 Wait, did you just compare X-men Origins: Wolverine to Batman Begins? Batman and Robin for sure, but Begins? I think not.

Dan on Nov 22, 2010


I think the real question is "can the studio leave him the F alone to film his vision of what this should/could be?" Judging by the trouble Marvel has had in the past when it comes to the "studio knows best," I don't know that they can help themselves once the post production begins. Marvel excels at being hollywood, and their latest efforts (aside from the first Iron Man), have proved this time and time again. I hope they let him make HIS movie, but I can see Marvel going Hulk or Spiderman 3 on this.

quazzimotto on Nov 22, 2010


@33 - RECAST HUGH JACKMAN?!! That's a joke right? He was the only good thing about X3 and Orgins... Besides i'm sick of all the reboots. If the first movie doesn't go great (and tbh Begins wasn't amazing all the way through) try to do better in the second. I mean, Origins wasn't a commercial failure...

dude... on Nov 23, 2010


I own some old school Wolverine comics where he is in Japan. The setting actually matches really well with Wolverine's character. I agree though, I think they would have to re-cast Wolverine to really get a different kind of movie. Hugh is too connected to all the other movies might be hard for him to change it up.

Ocky bop on Nov 23, 2010


apparently Glenn Danzig was originally contacted to play Wolverine in the first X-men movie. I have no clue about his acting prowess, or there lack of, but he physically fits the bill to the 't' with how Wolverine is (was before Jackman took over) in the comic. Also, as much as I love Jackman as Wolvie, he's stated in several interviews (which I unfortunately cannot source) that a Wolverine movie doesn't need to be rated R. I've been reading Wolverine comics for most of my life and I respectfully disagree.

Dan on Nov 23, 2010


This is reminiscent of an exec taking a chance on George Lucas 30 plus years ago. When you add a Frank Miller/Chris Claremont story + Ã…ronsofsky + Usual Suspects/Way of the Gun writer = Awesome ass movie.

blake on Nov 23, 2010


36, Mate, if you read the Wolverine comics, you would know that Jackman was miscast by the genius, Singer...who also cast Routh as Superman. Hugh is too nice and too tall. You don't feel tense or apprehensive when you see him. My vote goes to Kiefer Sutherland. With good makeup, the guy would make a great Wolverine AND he's a much better actor than Hugh.

Have Hope on Nov 24, 2010


40 - I really wish they would have cast him (Sutherland) from the start. That would have been tits.

Ocky bop on Nov 24, 2010

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