Avatar Finally Passes Titanic as Highest Grossing Movie Ever

January 26, 2010
Source: THR


They said it would fail. They said this was impossible. They said this would never happen. But it did. James Cameron's Avatar has finally passed Titanic to become the highest grossing movie of all-time. Titanic held the record for over 12 years with a worldwide total of $1.843 billion (via Box Office Mojo). This past weekend, Avatar brought in $36 million domestically and $109 million internationally, and combined with Monday's revenues, that puts its worldwide total at $1.858 billion, just above Titanic. And the craziest part is that it's still playing very well. It's still making money and people are still seeing it. It's unstoppable!

While the total box office haul of Avatar is officially above Titanic's earnings, some may still argue that the premium prices of 3-D / IMAX tickets and inflation may prove that Avatar isn't actually as big of a success as Titanic or other movies. For example, on Box Office Mojo's all-time domestic gross chart that's adjusted for inflation, Avatar is only ranked #26 behind other films like The Lion King, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Star Wars, and Gone with the Wind (which is #1). However, I do believe this proves that Avatar is a phenomenal success. And not many other movies recently have come close to matching it (except for The Dark Knight).

I remember no more than six months ago thinking that Avatar wouldn't even be a success. I wasn't sure if anyone was even going to see it. But here we are, in January of 2010, watching James Cameron beat James Cameron's record. I never thought in a million years we'd see Avatar make this much money. Cameron, and 20th Century Fox, both deserve acclaim for helping achieve this kind of incredible success. Bravo, James.

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That is pretty insane. He broke his own record. Always gotta 1up yourself eh Cameron? Deserves it because it's an amazing film. Seen it 3 times in IMAX. All were great experiences. GO AVATAR! Bring on a GOOD sequel that doesn't RUIN the first movie.

Hedgehog on Jan 26, 2010


Great movie. I've seen it three times now and i still noticed something new each time. Even people i know who hate scifi movies have now seen this movie and enjoyed it. It deserves every penny it's made.

vold on Jan 26, 2010


I’m Glad for James Cameron, That is project Avatar has worked out for him and it has surpassed Titanic $1.843 Billion. Congrats to James Cameron and lightstorm. But I still think that the films SFX are great but the storyline isn’t up to much, I still like the Titanic storyline better than Avatar. 😀

Cineprog on Jan 26, 2010


Go Sam Worthington! You have trouble with your accent sometimes, but your still awesome!

Scott McHenry on Jan 26, 2010


Well done the big man that is Mr.Cameron, funny tho that all "not all but alot" of the kuntz on line were rippin the pish out of the movie and the EFX before it was released and now am sure that they have all sat down watched the movie and munched till there fat as fuck on a load of humble pie. Any way i could rant some more but now i have to go and club the neibours monkey cos it flip the chuntney ferrit for a sky diver!!

LV 426 on Jan 26, 2010


Avatar 2:Beyond The Sun Avatar 3:The Mystic War AVR4 Avatar 5:Part 1 Avatar 5:Part 2 Avatar 6:The Blue War Avatar:The TV Series AVR7:The Return AVR8:The Tree of Life Avat9r Avatar:The Prequel TV Series Avatar:The Rise of The One Avatar:The Animated Series AVR:The Animated Series Avatar:The Animated Movie Avatar Wars 3D Animated Movie Avatar 10:Part 1 Avatar 10:Part 2 Avatar Wars:The Live Action Series Avatar:The Final War The Return of The Navi:The All New Animated Movie 🙂 its gonns happen

Spider94 on Jan 26, 2010


hahah I love how much thought and time you spend doing that. It was worth it for me, I had a good laugh! Avatar Wars: The Live Action Series HAHA!

Hootshot on Mar 5, 2011


With Avatar in 3D...James Cameron has brought back the excitment of going to the cinema and seeing a film on the big screen. I saw Avatar on opening night at 4am on Europe's largest IMAX screen in London (after my night shift i might add!) and the place was full to bursting! The anticipation of this movie was HUGE..and it did not let me down one bit. Its a shame we cannot re-create that 3D magic in our own homes (even with our top of the range flat screens and surround sound, not to mention talk of samsung producing the worlds first 3D TV!). I for one welcome the 3D revolution, when it is truly jawdropping as it was in Avatar it deserves to bring in the money as it has done. Congrats to James Cameron...the gauntlet has been thrown down to Mr Spielberg, Mr Jackson and friends...good luck!

vegasdanny on Jan 26, 2010


Just proves that all you need are some pretty effects.

Glass on Jan 26, 2010


Congrats, now I hope he makes Battle Angel next and then maybe he can have 3 movies making over a billion. I guess Ill never doubt "The King of the World" again.

NSX on Jan 26, 2010


It's true that Avatar hasn't literally sold as many tickets as some other movies. However, it's easy to forget that the world of entertainment has really changed over the years. Probably nothing will ever beat Gone with the Wind or Star Wars, simply people don't go to the movies as much as they used to. Plenty of other options (tv, dvd, internet, etc.), alongside bloated ticket and concession prices, have conspired to reduce the number of people that actually go to the theatre. Even so, I'm sure if you dropped Avatar into a different era it would blow away the competition. Likewise, the coolest sci-fi/fantasy movie 30 years from now will probably blow away Avatar. At the end of the day, there is no real #1 movie of all time; just a bunch of great films that all become part of the medium's legacy. I think Avatar is wonderful addition. Bravo!

Petoria on Jan 26, 2010


@10 Well said even inflationary cost are respresentative of the factors involved. Minimum wage was $5.15 while now is $7.25 factor other cost like living expenses such as gas (from like .75 cents to $3), cost of milk, or whatever, while salary hasn't really changed much is just a testament of what Cameron has done. The fact is times change and it is impossible to compare movies to each other unless you can factor in every possibility. But, I believe he has single handly brought people back to the cinema.

Severence on Jan 26, 2010


Just goes to show all you need is very good effects....the story was decent at best.

Cody on Jan 26, 2010


Too bad the story sucks and people are wasting the time and money to get nothing more than a fancy cartoon version of Fern Gully meets Dances with Wolves. I fell asleep in the middle of this one. Congrats to James Cameron and all those involved, but seriously ... you didn't convince me ... or keep me awake.

LetterJ13 on Jan 26, 2010


Congrats, it might not be the best movie ever. But it still was one of the most entertaining movies of '09. Almost every aspect was great didn't have a problem with the story, dialogue, or music. But, then again im not as picky as other. There where problems here or there, but I didn't nitpick. Every movie has its problems. Well deserved.

GoFish on Jan 26, 2010


@ 13 - THATS HILARIOUS! FERN GULLY MEETS DANCES WITH WOLVES?!? How original and funny that statement is, not to mention true!!!11! Thank god for people like you "LetterJ13" who keep coming up with comedy thats so fresh and new (unlike JC movies! BAZING!). You should write a movie about how all action movies are the exact same and name it something that represents it like a....disaster! You could call it "Disaster Movie". I bet you and your friends would love to see such a ridiculous movie like that! And maybe you could poke fun of Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods AND Brittany Spears! That would be so fresh and new! Seriously, good luck on your Disaster Movie "LetterJ13". And by "good luck" I mean "go fuck yourself". Parker.

Parker on Jan 26, 2010


You can't really compare both charts. One chart is wordwide unadjusted. The other is domestic adjusted only.

John on Jan 26, 2010


This movie is rolling around here. The IMAX theater near here has been sold out every weekend since it first opened. I hadn't seen it in IMAX yet, tried Christmas weekend and it was sold out. Some friends and I were at the mall saturday, thought we'd see it and to our demise it was sold out through 1:30 Monday morning....Should really get tickets

Nick on Jan 26, 2010


@15 Nice of you allowing people to have an opinion that differs from yours... and not telling them to fuck off when they don't share yours. This movie was average in every possible way.

ryderup on Jan 26, 2010


Can someone explain, HOW THE HELL is avatar making this much money. I can't seem to understand how, why? It makes no sense to me at all. I'm not indicating this movie is terrible, but IT'S NOT SPECIAL. I mean, 5 years from now, the 3D aspect that Cameron created is most likely to be more advanced, which might make this version a gimmick, or unrealistic. The story does't hold up, as it has been done so many times. The character I find were unlikeable. I just don't fucking understand how James Cameron is able to make two mediocre movies that end up becoming the highest grossing film, domestically, and Internationally

yanua on Jan 26, 2010


It still has $150 million to go, and no, thats not adjusting for, its filtering out the 3D glasses revenue that has no right to be involved in total gross, which is only supposed to be focused on ticket sales.

Al on Jan 26, 2010


Woah never thought this would happen ever. Especially after seeing the lackluster trailer I thought it would flop. But, I guess he is truely the King of the World. He made a great movie that I enjoyed quite a bit. Saw it in IMAX and 2D worth every penny. Hopefully this goes a long way to an awesome trilogy and a Battle Angel trilogy, and not The Dive.

yohi on Jan 26, 2010


THE MOVIE IS SHIT!!! When are you people going to realize that its visual effects is the only thing it has going for it! The storyline is stolen and shitty! I hate how this is the #1 top grossing movie and it doesn't even deserve it. Avatar=Ballsuck!!!

guh on Jan 26, 2010


#15 - You go boy!

Andrew on Jan 26, 2010


#18, So the amazing visuals that, like Star Wars did before, will revolutionize movies is average at best? you're ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as your statement.

Colt on Jan 26, 2010


Sorry to read so many people didn't like the story and state it with such strong words. I see several layers of meaning in Avatar, way beyond the obvious storyline. I believe it resonates with some deep mythological need to hear stories about good and evil. Now, this one coveres important issues such as indigenous rights, biodiversity crisis, natural resources extraction and, overall, about different worldviews of nature. This explains, I think, its huge success oversea. Strong, positive and inspiring feminine caracters make it a feminist movie as well... But now, I'm sure many of you out there will find fine words to disagree with all that.

Heyo on Jan 26, 2010


#25 - VERY well put. The story line seamlessly integrates indigenous rights, ecological crisis and clashing cultures. It is a timeless and impactful story, one that will play out _many_ times in the future. I don't understand how the haters can call that "simple".

Andrew on Jan 26, 2010


Amazing movie! Great story! Groundbreaking effects! I recall when FS first started posting info and pics and a lot of people said it will fail, effects look horrible. I'm curious what all the haters are saying now? Still people are saying the story is weak. I don't get it!? Congrats Mr Cameron!!! Thanks for blowing my mind!

K on Jan 26, 2010


The fact is, EVERY story has been told. What movies do now is use story archetypes. I dare any hater out there to list a film in recent years that has been 100% original in the story. Go on, try. So if we can accept the fact that every story has been told, and that the argument is moot about whether a film has an original story or not, then all that is left is HOW ORIGINALLY you tell and present that same story. And how originally did Avatar tell and present this classic archetype we have seen in so many films before? Extremely Flippin Originally. So table your "unoriginal story" arguments. You all sound foolish talking about that, because in terms of modern cinema the argument is a moot point.

Common Sense on Jan 26, 2010


I agree with most people in that the story was lacking. BUT the eye candy! My God the glorious eye candy! Of course, this was my first 3D movie and my second time going to IMAX, so I don't think it could have failed for me. I do, however, wish the helicopter pilot was not in the film at all. -SPOILERS- Why was she so quick to help them? Why did she paint herself and her helicopter? Why did she fail as soon as she started? Really, I hated that character.

Syphous on Jan 26, 2010


don't matter if ya hate it don't matter if ya love it it still made #1 and James Cameron is sittin on the cash laughing his balls off

DoomCanoe on Jan 26, 2010


Now, what's gonna earn more money? Avatar 2 - which I'll gladly see! Congrats to J. Cameron!!

Ralph on Jan 26, 2010


#28, would Donnie Darko, Toy Story, Pan's Labyth, Memento, UP, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or District 9 qualify as "original" under your criteria? Why or why not?

S on Jan 26, 2010


Oh shit! I think #28 just got burned in the 1st degree, anyone agree? #32 You Rock!!!

guh on Jan 26, 2010


@6: Avatar XI: America's Fault Avatar XII: America's First Blue President Avatar XIII: America's Endless Apologies Avatar XIV: America's Willful Blind Eye to Canadian Director's Liberal American Bashing Diarrhea Avatar XVI: America's Acceptance of Cinematic CGI Overkill and on and on....

felix on Jan 26, 2010


oh yeah, sorry... Avatar XV: America's Lost Military Bashfest

Felix on Jan 26, 2010


I liked the movie but I think the main reason that Avatar made so much money is because 3D tickets cost around 2x the price of normal tickets.

Cindy on Jan 26, 2010


Fox will now reboot Avatar, and cash in even more than this!

Fox on Jan 26, 2010


This movie is gonna be the next citizen kane... Thats an insult because citizen kane is incredibly overrated.

GMorra on Jan 26, 2010


#10 - at the end of the day, yes there is a number one film of all time (monetary wise) and yes, that is Gone with The Wind. The fact that "media has changed" is regardless. A films gross is based upon ticket sale revenue. #15 Its pretty ironic that you are implying its unoriginal to insult the lack of originality in Avatar. We've basically reached the point where Avatar is so cliche, its become cliche just to call it that. You see, I've seen this story at least 10 times, and of course I'm willing to see it more times, just as long as it adds something new, some aspect that differentiates itself from the films that have come before it, something that gives me a reason to stay interested. Mr. Cameron choose this attribute to be effects, and it looks damn good. That may please you, however making things look pretty doesn't cover up lack of new plot lines, dynamic characters, etc. So please, just because I have different tastes than you, doesn't mean you have to disrespect my opinion. Neill Blomkamp > James Cameron, yeah, I said it.

Al on Jan 26, 2010


Awesome. I couldn't be happier that this happened. I just can't believe some people are still doing their best to try and trash this movie. And I stress the TRY. I couldn't agree more with #25 and # 28. Yeah the story followed a pretty simple outline that we've seen before, but that doesn't automatically make it a bad story. It's the kind of story that has been approved of by audiences in the past and it's obviously the kind of story that still holds up to this day. It's a timeless scenario. #32 I was about to agree with you until you included District 9 in your list of "original" stories. You really killed it for yourself when you did that because District 9 is in no way original either in its story or in any of the details it uses to tell that story. In fact District 9 generally follows the same storyline as Avatar so I don't see why you are bitching about Avatar's story. By some means a guy becomes one of the aliens( or Native Americans, ect.) he is initially there to kick around and then later he decides to switch sides. Hmmmmm sound familiar? Everything else in District 9, basically all the details, could also be found in other films. The whole transformation process in District 9 was just a complete rip off of the transformation process in David Cronenburg's The Fly. The rest of the details in the film(the guns, the gadgets, ect.) were ripoffs of stuff from video-games. So don't hate on Avatar for telling the "same" story. If people really want to bitch about stuff not being original, start complaining about the countless remakes, comic-based, video game-based, and book-based movies that are produced.

Alex T. on Jan 26, 2010


Alex, it's "its" not "it's". Fixed!

Paulo on Jan 26, 2010


#38, reverse your sentiments and now we're talking.

Al on Jan 26, 2010


This means nothing...until AVATAR has shown me that it has won every Oscar AMPA trophy in existence.

Lazarus from Sparta!!! DEATHKLOK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Jan 26, 2010


No #38 because Avatar is overhyped as hell. All those countless remakes and comic book based shit arent usually revered as a "game changer". Its a simple fact in my mind that everyone walking into the theater was expecting a masterpiece when yes it was simply dances with wolves in space...and that pisses me off it gets this much credit because a bunch of guys spent extra time at there computers to create the backbone of the movie. Its also evident that people who thought this movies story was so damn amazing probably get all of there political and ethical beliefs from mainstream media and the entertainment industry, it was a showcase of Camerons far left mindedness.

Cody on Jan 26, 2010


#40, first off, thank you for providing a detailed explenation of why D9 would not qualify as an "original" story. Secondly, can you please tell me where in my post I "bitch[ed] about Avatar's story". You may have missed the point of my post which was to challange the assertion that there are no "original" stories.

S on Jan 26, 2010

47 we won't stop hearing from this in a looooooooooooooooong while... I wish I could skip ahead my life like 5 years ...whenever another Blockbuster overtakes shitty Avatar... Idiot morons...Won't be as fun once you bring the DVD home...TDK was much better...

zeldaprimed on Jan 26, 2010


To the one who calls him self common sense, although he has no right too... It is true that there is a lot of films these days that aren't original, and that is why I am mad at those films as well. But to say all aren't 100% is blatantly false. While original films such as Pulp Fiction, or the Wicker Man (not the remake) may obviously have inspirations, they are not rip offs of archetype stories that we've seen over and over. Inspiration is one thing, but when its predictable dribble drabble where I can tell exactly where things are going, that unoriginality. Basically there are plenty of films you can go into and have absolutely no idea where the plot or characters are going to end up, and Avatar isn't one of them, far from it really.

Al on Jan 26, 2010


#32. Those are actually really good examples of original presentation and storytelling of classic archetypes, just like Avatar. Donnie Darko: Coming of age film with Time Travel. This is the only tough one on the list, but the themes and archetype is all the same. A coming of age protagonist must solve some wrongs through time travel. Examples: Back to the Future, Terminator, the Time Machine. Toy Story: An escape movie, or voyage and return archetype, told through the eyes of toys instead of living creatures. Basic story could be compared to alice in wonderland, and gullivers travels. Pan's Labrynth: Classic tragedy and overcoming the monster archetype, but told in an incredibly original way through dreams and imagination. Basic story could be compared to rapunzel, sleeping beauty, and Hansel and Gretel Memento: Detective Thriller, with the good old Amnesia theme. The protagonist must solve something that they cannot remember. Yet here again, the storytelling is the original aspect (plot told in pieces, from end to beginning). Examples: Bourne Identity, and your below example Eternal Sunshine. Up: Coming of Age Quest film. This one is creative because it's the elder protagonist who learns through his quest, whereas it is typically the younger protagonist. Although The Bucket List did this too. Basic story could be compared to Star Wars. Eternal Sunshine: Boy meets Girl, Boy loses Girl, with that age old Amnesia twist again. Again, it's the storyTELLING that is original here. Memento and Bourne for amnesia theme, for boy meets girl - choose your example, too many to list. District 9: Invasion film. Alien Nation. V. Apartheid (real life story). Like I said, you can apply the argument of "been done before" to most, if not all, of modern cinema. The argument doesn't hold any water.

Common Sense on Jan 26, 2010


It failed in that it sucked ass.

Kevin on Jan 26, 2010


In no way could you possibly put Donnie Darko in the same category as back to the future or terminator. You oversimplify it waay too much. Same goes for D9...actually now that I see it you over simplified everything and please tell me how the hell D9 is an invasion film. Memento and pans labrynth I shouldnt even have to correct on how stupid your examples were. Sleeping beauty or rapunzel wtf?!?! Not to mention Memento wasnt a detective thriller it was an ex insurance salesman...Im sorry but your argument is the only thing that doesnt hold any water. PS: Archetype doesnt make you sound smarter.

Cody on Jan 26, 2010


Yeah! What he said...!

Mega Jet Jaguar on Jan 26, 2010


#48 I guess it depends to the extent of arch type. The reason why people are complaining about Avatar being cliche isn't because it can vaguely be compared to the type of story with similar themes as films that came before it, but rather that by merely replacing characters names and locations, you have Pocahontas. The extent of Avatar's unoriginality leaves other movies in the dust. Its predictability is there. Where as, if you saw Back To The Future, you wouldn't be able to say "I Know Where This is Going" when you watch Donnie Darko. Themes and motifs are not the same thing as, an entire story repeated verbatim, which is what Avatar is.

Al on Jan 26, 2010


#45 @S. You're right I shouldn't have said that you were bitching about Avatar but I felt that your complaining was kind of implied because you were arguing against someone who was arguing on Avatar's behalf. Sorry. However, the section of my post directed towards you wasn't to focus on you "bitching" about Avatar anyways. I was just trying to prove to you that District 9 is far from original which you now seem to acknowledge anyways. Once again sorry I assumed you're position on Avatar. #41 @Paulo. I'm not sure where you were going with your comment. "It's" is the contraction for "It is", which is exactly what I meant by using it. You even used "it's" correctly at the beginning of your comment yourself. If you don't believe me look it up. I did after I read your comment just to find out whether or not I got it wrong. #44 @ Cody. First off, everything is overhyped today. Everything is overly commercialized and shoved down our throats by the media. Don't point your finger at one example of this and act like overhype is something we haven't seen before. You can't use this as an argument as to why something is bad because if you did than I guess you must hate everything that has a trailer. Second off, Avatar is a game changer. It was meant to change the way movies were made. No one said the story was going to be an outright game changer. By the way The Dark Knight was definitely revered as a game changer in the comic book movie genre. You can't tell me it wasn't. Finally, stop ruining movies for yourself by relating everything you see to politics. I consider myself a moderate and I don't let my views ruin movies or any form of escapism. You're right some shit is just too goddamn liberal. It makes me sick sometimes. But there are facts that we have to cope with as humans as well, and as much as they are associated with liberal ideology they are still facts. We are trashing the natural world, a world we need to survive. Taking advantage of native peoples for profit is unjust. Slaughtering natives is wrong.( I'm sure I'm gonna hear the "well this movie basically says the military is bad.". Please save it. The movie depicts a FICTIONAL army as evil for the actions they perform, not as evil because they simply are military personnel.) I personally don't feel anyone would disagree with any of these three statements. Maybe they would verbally just to prove a point, but on the inside I don't think they would. Sometimes people choose to disagree or agree with certain ideas based on their political association alone. This is a problem. It's the exact reason I hate politics. People need to start thinking for themselves and stop looking to their party for guidance.

Alex T. on Jan 26, 2010


as long as it doesnt win the oscar ill be happy. it was okay but not oscar worthy

jebstuart on Jan 26, 2010


I'm gonna be really happy when it wins the Oscar. The other nominees are sooooo forgettable. No one will give a shit about Up in the Air or The Hurt Locker a few years from now, not even the pretentious dorks on this site.

Petoria on Jan 26, 2010


Don't know if anyone has already read or posted this...pretty funny...

zeldaprimed on Jan 26, 2010


#20, I wouldn't worry about that $150 million. It's going to surpass it without question. Theaters, especially on the weekends, are still selling out showings for this film. SELLING OUT! I've maybe seen a couple sold out showings in my lifetime, and that's only during opening week for highly anticipated movies. I haven't seen anything like the frenzy for Avatar before. This is really something to behold in the history of cinema. And don't you for a second doubt that Avatar will make a second run at the theaters later on once the craziness subsides. Batman: Dark Knight and a few others made theatrical returns, Avatar will too.

Chris H. on Jan 26, 2010


I think it was Richard Dryfuss who once gave the inside Hollywood information of "its not how much it grosses its how many tickets did it sale". The movie grossing thing is all a big scam anyhow.

Me on Jan 26, 2010


O man, I forgot all about this movie. O yeah thats right. It's because it was overrated and forgettable. Figures...

Cory on Jan 26, 2010


# 13 I agree with you. This film was not as great as a lot are making it out to be. True the visuals were eye candy and some of the action was fantastic to watch but the story was too predictable and only sub par. The acting was not that great either. I am a huge fan of Cameron's other Sci-fi films but this film comes nowhere close to "Terminator 2". I just read that it is the 2nd highest grossing film ever. It has now grossed more than "The Dark Knight". The two highest grossing films are both not that good. The best thing about Titanic was when the ship went down. "The Dark Knight" is a fantastic film. Great action, great drama, great story and most of all great acting. F**k Avatar! It's a good animated film, but Pixar's animation leaves it for dust.

last Son on Jan 26, 2010


Do any of you go out and make films, or do you just argue on here all day? If you are going to bash Avatar, why don't you present something you have done that is better?

Clarke on Jan 26, 2010


ok i was one of those who was dissapointed with the story in avatar but i hve to give it up to the guy cause when you think about it cameron just used a familier formula to deliver a special effects extravaganza this thing was made with a wide audiance in mind

rowdy on Jan 26, 2010


Almost every person who has disliked Avatar is a pretentious movie snob. So you all be you, whine about how Avatar is a bad movie blah blah blah and I'll enjoy every minute of it. You watch your snobby high-brow indie flicks. Leave Avatar for the other 90% of the world. You pretiontious assholes are super annoying. Seriously.

NoNo on Jan 27, 2010


Wow what a mammoth task and all from the mind of a truck driver!! Inspirational, and I just can't understand how he does it!!

dom on Jan 27, 2010


3 James Cameron's Avatar will pass Titanic woody on Feb 21, 2009 4 I hope so! Though the problem is that Avatar isn't family friendly, it's futuristic sci-fi, whereas Titanic had every last family member seeing it multiple times. Alex Billington on Feb 21, 2009 There you go, one guy that knew the truth. So Alex, seems Avatar is family friendly indeed, and i came to realise that when my dad asked me about it...and he never asks me about movies. It's a huge hype around this movie, hype that comes from people you least expect. BTW, i got tickets to IMAX in London on the 10th Jan....for the 17th Feb at 14:20, on a was the first date that had 2 central-ish seats. So this will go on and on until late March. IT WILL PASS 2,5 billion $!!!

Deckter on Jan 27, 2010


how much were ticket prices back then?

don john on Jan 27, 2010



Voice of Reason on Jan 27, 2010


Is the only point of this article to kiss JC's ass? (James Cameron)

Google the Oct8pus on Jan 27, 2010


They should do a remake of Avatar that takes place in Afghanistan...I have a feeling the story wouldn't be as black and white....or blue and white...

Telltale Twin on Jan 27, 2010


@69- Thanks for the clarification, I thought you meant Jesus Christ *rolls eyes*. And to become the highest grossing movie ever, regardless of ticket inflation over time, is an impressive accomplishment. Prices might be $14 for IMAX but people are still willing to pay that amount to see JC's movie. Love it or hate it, you can't deny that this movie will change the way we look at how successful a particular movie is or isn't. All the people bashing this movie on this particular topic are in need of a life. I, for one, welcome are new James Cameron overlord.

Parker on Jan 27, 2010


Avatar sucks ass and so did Titanic. This guy is way overrated, period! And why can't I bitch about this one? It's just my opinion. Don't say crap about "can you do it better?". Hell yeah if I had $237 million bucks

cancertje on Jan 27, 2010


I honestly had my doubts, but once I saw it myself I knew it would be successful. Still I think 3D can be 'thanked' partly for the success, I just hope that the 3D fad looses steem this year.

d1rEct on Jan 27, 2010


am I the only one who thinks avatar is a shitty movie without any innovations except the technological aspect? don't answer, it's a rhetorical question. it has a stupid story, which obviously don't bother only the american viewers, fucked up character design and is fillid with cliches and, oh boy, THE ENDING!!!111 The way it turned out, sick! Did someone actually expect it? And again, do not a n s w e r.

wtffff on Jan 27, 2010


So out of all this Money that Avatar is making, How Much does James Cameron actually get of it?

darren on Jan 27, 2010


I was wondering if the race to beat Titanic is what is driving more and more people to see it. Like now we’re going to hang in there for Avatar to break 2 billion – will more people go and see it when they hear it’s close to breaking a new record? It is an amazing salute to the power of science fiction and that someone’s imagination / thoughts can make something so amazing. To those joyless souls that keep harping on the story this and the story that. The story is not important; it’s how it’s told that makes all the difference. Imagine a horror story around a camp fire in the woods at night versus the same story being told in an office block during a lunch hour. I say not important because there are only so many ‘stories’ out there and everyone keep rehashing them anyway. This includes everything from Gone with the Wind to Star Wars to Pan’s Labyrinth. They all have similar themes / ideas – boy meets girl, revenge, quest, historical, etc. Then they all go on to tell those stories in a different way.

Wondering on Jan 27, 2010


#63, This argument has always dumbfounded me. We have a right to an opinion regardless. #68 - 23 cents

Al on Jan 27, 2010


this movie was great eye candy, yes most stories have been told a million times and its all about HOW you tell it but this story was told in a most boring way! Sorry.. I LOVED the visuals but seeing this without 3D is the TRUE test of this movie and it bored the hell out of me without 3d!! IM NOT talking about story line or inventive etc, im talking about BORING! thats my opinion

ranxerox on Jan 27, 2010


I am so glad I'm not the only one who wasn't impressed by a dressed up and very predictable story line. It was good, but as good as it's being made out to be ... I'm sorry, but I just don't see it.

Chuck on Jan 27, 2010


In my humble opinion: Moon was a great film, Holmes was very good; certainly better than AVT. Book of Eli even had one hell of a twist at the end. But hey, I'm the guy who loved "Thank You For Smoking".

Chuck on Jan 27, 2010


I say they re-release "Gone With the Wind" now.......actually re-release in 3D!!! if they re-released Titanic.....I wonder what would happen......Avatar will be still in theaters (it looks like, for summer 2010)!!! 2.5B is not far fetched for this at all - what about - action figures, games, re-release of its own, kids coloring books, wallpaper (that one there is far-fetched I know)!! Jeeze, maybe JC IS Jesus Christ?? NOT - I am not into the James Cameron ball-sucking - the truth is that his best show was Piranha II - just teasing. His best story-line for me and freshest is the original Terminator without doubt followed by Aliens - but frankly people, storyline is NOT the big earner these days - its all CGI. Xerxex - where you at? I look to you for guidance and advice and support and opinions!!!

Dan the Man on Jan 27, 2010


This is the second time "Common Sense" has backed out of an argument.....i'm still waiting for your response, man. Incase you missed my post - I guess it depends to the extent of arch type. The reason why people are complaining about Avatar being cliche isn't because it can vaguely be compared to the type of story with similar themes as films that came before it, but rather that by merely replacing characters names and locations, you have Pocahontas. The extent of Avatar's unoriginality leaves other movies in the dust. Its predictability is there. Where as, if you saw Back To The Future, you wouldn't be able to say "I Know Where This is Going" when you watch Donnie Darko. Themes and motifs are not the same thing as, an entire story repeated verbatim, which is what Avatar is.

Al on Jan 27, 2010


#83 - Who's this addressed to? Alex?

Dan the Man on Jan 27, 2010


I had an idea like this for a comic back in the late 80's.. and i decided not to do it as I thought it too hoaky.. " privileged intruder goes native and leads primitive revolt against oppressive machines, initially for vengeance then discovers native plight LATER..and in his exposure to this culture inadvertently changes their destiny and ways..blah blah.. When I first heard of the premise for avatar I thought he would have come across the same problems and would come to a good solution.. 3D was that solution! In 3-D: driven with a great visual artistry, and a great conceptual desire to immerse the viewer Non-3D: cgi flat story with great ambition

name withheld on Jan 27, 2010


84 - my comment was addressed to the commenter who calls himself "common sense." He was arguing that every film follows an arch type and compared Donnie Darko to Back To The Future, so my argument was those similarities (as well with his other examples) are only themes, not major plot points. Avatar on the other hand, is cliche due to major plot points.

Al on Jan 27, 2010


After watching Avatar for the second time I felt that there is something solid in it, even if maybe is just the 'art' and editing so perfectly done... Loved it.

FlaWiio on Jan 27, 2010


Oh right Al, - it's right there in the first few words of your comment. sorry about that.

Dan the Man on Jan 27, 2010


86, no problem at all.

Al on Jan 27, 2010


Thanks Cameron for this masterpiece!!! Too bad we need to wait 12 years for another one!!! Best Movie until now!!

George on Jan 29, 2010


YEA!!!! FUCK INTELLIGENT STORY TELLING!!! Fuck having an original way to telling an old story!! People who expect to use their brains are fgs! I want to be entertained! I want to have everything handed to me! I cant use my brain you assholes! How dare you expect me to think for myself or to have to do any thinking! I want entertainment! I got my thinking from popular opinion and majority ruled by the lowest common denominator so how dare you question my allegience to hype! You are all cock teasing faggts if you expect me to express an opinion that you disagree with! I have the right to be an idiot and follow the crowd bitches!!!! JC is god! He makes lots of money!

runxerox on Feb 1, 2010


yea! Originality and plot are for whimps and whoosies! I want my mindless entertainment! I want my mtv!

lando calrizzle on Feb 1, 2010


#90 @lando. Yeah give us more star wars! Am I right?

Alex T. on Feb 1, 2010


rabble rousing he is! more star wars!

rachel replicant on Feb 1, 2010


Man, Cameron deserves this after all the time an effort he put into this movie. One of the Greatest Films Ever. Now, Let's see if the sequel will beat this

max s. on Feb 1, 2010


One More Thing, Avatar and Clash of the Titans man, Sam Worthington is starting to become one of my favorite actors

max s. on Feb 1, 2010


Here's an idea to put this into perspective.. Take the amount of time it took to make this movie, divide the box office take by that number, then do the same thing with the Dark Knight or Titanic. We'll see who comes out ahead then.

Tinman on Feb 7, 2010


It's not that the story was unoriginal, its that it was flat and predictable. Movies like the Dark Knight and The Matrix had stories which had both been done before in several different ways, but the staries had layers, and the characters were made out of something thicker than cardboard. Avatar was not a bad movie. It was just far from a great movie. The reason im a little bitter towards it is because it is so overrated. yes, the music and the visuals werew some of the best ive experienced in the cinema, but heck, the harry potter movies have deeper characters than this. I would have liked to have been pulled more than one way in a movie that is this popular. Im not expecting to have my philosophies of life changed in a James Cameron film, but i am expected to have more feelings than just "These bad guy space marines are so mean, i hope these underdog aliens can beat em!!"

Jack on Feb 13, 2010


#97 how dare you to disagree with the masses and claim that avatar isnt the best movie in the world! so you think you know more than the box office? #1 movie so it must be true and your opinion and the multitude of others that agree with you must be wrong. end of story JC is god, everything else sucks.

wooti!!!! on Feb 13, 2010


I was lucky to see Avatar at a pre-screening a few hours ago. It completely blew me and the whole room away and i dare to say it will do so to 80% of any audience anywhere. The remaining 20%, who always finds something to complain about, will whine about character development, dialog, story or the pop-corn. Well, let me tell you: they went to this movie with the wrong expectations. You have most likely met Cameron's previous work(s): Aliens, Terminator 1 & 2, The Abyss, Titanic (!), just to name a few. So WHAT should you expect from Avatar??? MORE of the same!!! More of revolutionary film-making, more of grandiose new ideas, more of never-before-seen special effects, more of 150 minutes without relapsing, more of the James Cameron genius... I am very happy that the trailers didn't give the full story away. Lots of emotions are waiting for the viewer, laughter and tears also. Cameron was very smart keeping the teasers as teasers, nothing more... as the full movie will take your breath away. You will practically not notice that you are watching a non-existing world, it is sooo real. Attention to detail is superb. You computer geeks will know what I am talking about. This move was not rushed in the making. No wonder it could not have been done before - not having the proper computing power. The wild life, the jungle, the animals, the Na'vi-s, or the dragon-like flying creatures are all so life-like, they almost pop-off the screen (and in 3D they actually do 🙂 . The sound effects were so well done, that when I saw at the credits that Skywalker Sound was behind it, i could only think of "yessss... now THAT makes sense." Cameron is a visionaire - and again, he delivers, with full blast. A certain character says in the movie that Pandora (the planet where the story takes place) became his real world. My advice to you: let Pandora become YOUR real world for two and a half hours, let it make you completely forget about your life and problems, let it entertain you, move you, let it carry you away. Because THAT is what i expect as an exchange for my ticket. And a few hours ago i got tens of tickets worth of that.

CineLoad on Feb 19, 2010


I.... didn't see it. You know more people went to see the original Star Wars than this. It's just only made more many than Titanic or Star Wars becuase of inflatoin and high ticket prices. Ah, I might still check out that new special edition if it's still playing.

ALex on Sep 8, 2010


Titanic will be the best movie ever! Avatar only has good efects but Titanic has everything and also was made based on a real history!!!

george on Nov 11, 2010

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