Avatar Returning to Theaters This August With New Footage!

July 8, 2010


Some of you may have thought (or hoped that) you would never heard about James Cameron's Avatar ever again, but you were wrong. 20th Century Fox has officially announced that Avatar will be returning to theaters worldwide starting on August 27th next month with an extra 8 minutes of "never before seen" footage added. "Since - and largely as of result of - Avatar's release last December, the number of available digital 3D screens has exploded, and moviegoers who missed experiencing the film in 3D, as well as fans that want to return to Pandora again, will now have that opportunity," the studio said. Avatar is back baby!

Yes, we know that Fox is milking this movie for every penny they can get, between the $2.7 billion it earned in theaters, to the double-dip DVD/Blu-Ray offerings (we still haven't seen a special edition yet), to this new re-release, which I wouldn't be surprised to see happen every year. And you know what, I'm totally fine with all this. I bought the Avatar Blu-Ray (which is in 2D) and tried to watch it, but couldn't get into it. I guess it felt incomplete in 2D watching it on my small screen, so having the chance to see it again in theaters in 3D with more footage, I'm sold. So let the Avatar hate (or love) begin again, as it will be returning to theaters.

For more info on the re-release worldwide, visit the official website:

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I liked it alright in 3D. I mean yes it was immersive, but seeing it on the best LED flat screen at 60 plus inches in progressive scan format tops it. It looks unbelievable, even if it's in 2D. It's the brightness of the image that makes it better, can't wait til the time where we no longer have to wear the glasses to see it in 3D, I know that time is soon approaching(my friend played the Nintendo 3DS at the latest E3 expo and said it was totally mind-blowing)

LINKFX on Jul 8, 2010



ryderup on Jul 8, 2010



JAYC on Jul 8, 2010


Imma see it.

Robbie on Jul 8, 2010


Avatar sucks. That is all.

FancyMonocle on Jul 8, 2010


Boring. After having 10 people say OMFG AVATAR AVATAR AVATAR!!!... then seeing it myself finally... The movie is awfull in everyway. Ok so some 3d was used to make it....was still a crappy movie. and 3D will be fading away in a year or 2 until Avatar 2.. which comes and starts the trend all over again. I would really just like a enjoyable movie instead. 2D or 3D.. Just a good moie would be nice.

moviefan111 on Jul 8, 2010


Pocahontas is space. Stupid, a total waste of time. I prefer the Disney animated version. Other than Serenity, has there even been a good science fiction movie in the theaters for a decade? And don't mention District Nine or Star Trek. Both of those were just awful.

Phantom on Jul 8, 2010


Pretty funny considering that the movie's message is anti-corporation and anti-materialism.

1-7 on Jul 8, 2010


@7 No one cares about your shitty opinion. And District 9 was far better then Serenity.

Neo on Jul 8, 2010


AWESOME!! ive seen it 3 times in the theatre and cant wait to see it 3 MORE times!!!

Logan on Jul 8, 2010


#9. Wow very classy argumentation. You must win many fights in your kindergarden.

Shige on Jul 8, 2010


screw avatar its all about predators!!! ps avatar is not that great of a movie compared to aliens, aliens is the SHIT!

ces on Jul 8, 2010


@9 You obviously cared enough to reply. District Nine was unwatchable. babbling aliens running around and escaping from a shanty town? After arriving in an advanced starship, they allow themselves to be segregated? Pure idiocy. Serenity was entertaining from the first minute to the last minute. If you think my opinion is "shitty" why offer yours in reply?

Phantom on Jul 8, 2010


It had nice effects. Now then, I dont see what that has to do with james cameron, unless HE is an effects technician. story was so predictable me and a lot of people i know had the whole thing figured out from the trailer. i have no idea why anyone thought the 3D was revolutionary. Maybe they're idiots who confuse "effects" with "3D" and just jumped on what others were saying. It was better than most 3D, but not nearly as revolutionary as a lot of you pretend. Decent film, nothing this special, at all.

Al on Jul 8, 2010


doesn't that greedy c***,think its taken enough money already.

deadpool 72 on Jul 8, 2010



flicster on Jul 8, 2010


WOW! You know what this means? By the time they finally get around to the sequel, the world will be so sick of Avatar, they won't care about it! They will milk this cash cow to death.

Deathtoll 2010 on Jul 8, 2010


I gotta disagree. I thought Serenity was FANTASTIC and IMO better than District 9. No disrespect because I thought D-9 was really good. Loved how it transceded its budget with great storytelling and if you think about it, it almost serves as an antithesis of a Big Budget Movie like avatar. I liked both, but I thought Serenity was in a league of its own until the Abrams' Star Trek came out. That was the most fun I'd had at the movies in years. OKAY, now back to Avatar. I thought there was 20mins+ of usable footage with 12-13 that was cut from the final product (??) That's what I'd pay to go see again (Not Just Teu T'say's torch-passing). 8 "movie-mins" is a long time, but I was hoping they'd use more not only to make more money, but to make the movie experience better and the world of Pandora more vast. Might just wait for a director's cut on DVD.

Better than you on Jul 8, 2010


I agree with #17. Let these reaching bastards release that crap movie 8 more times, it's not gonna matter by the time "Shameron" and 20th Centruy Fox unleashes the sequel. He may have broken the cinema record and made astronomical amounts of money, but he failed to produce a REAL, true-grit science fiction following. Let all the sheep revisit Pandora, I'll stay home!

Big Boss on Jul 8, 2010


8 minutes? that's all? pass, the movie was an extreme let down in my opinion...hell Cameron may hae broken records but as Big Boss said he failed to create something that would last the testament of time, Avatar is no Star Wars. I'd rather watch Dances With Wolves or Ferngully again.

Xerxex on Jul 8, 2010


Avatar was the most over-hyped movie I've ever seen. It was OK and watchable, but if you put it up against the greats (TDK, for instance), it does not hold up in any way, shape, or form (except special effects). Even those felt like you were watching a video game 1/2 the time though. Oh and about District 9 - I agree with the fact that it was also overhyped. It was OK at BEST. I wouldn't watch it again. The lead actor was very talented, but the story was pretty lame and could have been much better.

antioch on Jul 8, 2010


If money's all that matters in this boat then I guess they'll get what they want. But the movie is a financial success, nothing more. No gripping tales here.

The Follower on Jul 8, 2010


They had their moment. They took my 20 dollars. Can't we just live in peace now.

germs on Jul 8, 2010


@18 District Nine whole premise was flawed. From there we had cat food loving "prawns" that liked to cavort with Nigerian prostitutes. We had villain suddenly contract an alien virus and start growing prawn appendages? My God, what mess. Star Trek was a rip off of earlier, more entertaining films in that and other sagas. There is two much wrong for a brief post, but I'll mention some. Nero is an obvious Khan clone. Villain who's wife dies and sets out for revenge against a Star Fleet commander he holds responsible for her death, possessing a weapon capable of destroying planets? Familiar? We saw that in 1982. It was called Star Trek Two, The wrath of Khan. A supernova that "threatens the galaxy?" Gosh, like that happens all the time. Red matter you can stick a needle in and use to create a black hole? Golly, containing that stuff must be easy, and why not bother to explain it? Because it too is a crock. Ships that can fly into black holes and travel *back* in time (why not forward?). What a crock of a SF device. Wow, these black holes are really different from the ones we know and love. Where in the Star Trek canon did Scotty ever discover a method of beaming people around ships travelling at warp speed. Never happened, not even in STTNG. Spock nonsensically marooning Kirk on an ice planet when the brig would do? BTW didn't we see an ice planet in Star Wars, The Empire strikes Back? That scene was a sentence of death for an act of insubordination. Good grief. It took the Federation "Armada" mere minutes to reach Vulcan, but Nero's ship seems to have taken days to get there. Huh? An invincible giant ship (remember Star Trek The motion Picture?) that can destroy dozens of Klingon warbirds and Federation starships can't handle a single small ship it had effortlessly captured early in the movie after firing its whole remaining arsenal directly at it? I could go on and on, but this post would take up a whole page. Thanks.

Phantom on Jul 8, 2010


blah blah blah avatar, who gives a crap anymore?

jake the snake on Jul 8, 2010


I don't care what anyone says, I thought seeing Avatar in 3D IMAX was a mind-blowing experience.

az on Jul 8, 2010


Avatar kicked ass. It seems like the only people that disliked that movie are on the internet, or just posing to hate it so they can "fit in" as a hater.OK, that makes no sense at all, but who cares, half the crap people say on these response could be trumped intellectually by a deaf baby spawned from a pink leopard and a bearded mermaid, so let's just see how much this film makes this time around, as i will be pitching in my cash to visit Pandora again, because, believe it or not, they don't care about your internet opinions, just the money in their pockets, and if you have failed to realize that you have already, whether theaters, blu ray, dvd, anything blue pretty much, helped them with their primary priority (cash), then, come on, people.....shouldn't you be the ones hated on???? PEACE!!

Dustin Fuston on Jul 8, 2010


@24 love how you go on and on about movies not relevant to this post, #18 post was his own opinion i dont need to read about yours thanks 8 mins, for another 20$? really ill pass, please get over yourself fox! PS you did take up the whole page

Tom Cruise on Jul 8, 2010


i would NEVER pay to see that over-hyped (and VERY average) movie a matter of fact - i won't be watching avatar (in any form) ever again.

beavis on Jul 8, 2010



Carl on Jul 8, 2010


When will they be releasing the 60 min shorter version with the "never should been shown" footage ?

tester on Jul 8, 2010


Avatar was a good movie to me even though the they stole the story from a kid movie. However, there is no way I'm going to see this movie for IMAX & or 3D prices again for just 8 minutes of footage, no way! In addition, what are people who just bought the bluray disk supposed to do now? A somewhat terrible decision. I'm glad I didn't buy the movie yet.

Black dynamite on Jul 8, 2010


#7 Have you seen Children of men?

Cody w on Jul 8, 2010


fuckin not seeing it! loved the movie but not enough to drop another 13$ on it

DoomCanoe on Jul 8, 2010


I'll definitely be seeing it again in theaters when it gets rereleased. I can't believe the amount of hate in the above comments. This film was responsible for the largest evolution of film in our generation, like color or sound before that. If people don't understand the gravity of what they experienced then I think it's based more on hatred for Cameron then the revolutionary work he produced. I loved everything about Avatar and I'm grateful to have a chance to see it in IMAX one more time.

Peloquin on Jul 8, 2010


#33 Interesting premise. Was it adequately explained scientifically (or even pseudo-scientifically)? In any case, thanks for the suggestion. I'm having a hard time finding any decent science fiction movies made in the last decade. I recently saw "The Road," which is also an apocalypse kind of movie. It was very good. I'm not sure that the apocalypse genre genre qualifies as science fiction, though. You could certainly make that argument if you like.

Phantom on Jul 8, 2010


Movie was kinda bad, but the 3D was outstanding.

Black Smokey on Jul 8, 2010


Phantom "A Scanner Darkly" is one of the best sci-fi films to come out, that and "Pandorum." @Dustin Fuston Avatar was vastly overrated, its was a hollow shell filled with great eye candy, special effects alone does not make a movie. Go watch Ferngully and then you'll see why Avatar is a rip from thousands of other stories. Yes the planet was original, minus the name...but that was it, the rest kinda blew.

Xerxex on Jul 8, 2010


@ Xerxex, although I agree with you on Avatar (and most other things) A Scanner Darkly was good/ok but not great. Great concept/story, fine acting, but I think the rotoscoping (or whatever) hurt it. And Pandorum was mediocre until the end, which was great. Seriously tho, I've actually been waiting for the re-release of Avatar in theaters. BUT 8 MINUTES!!! The movie was almost 3 hrs, and should have been cut 10-15 minutes shorter. All the buildup of a director's cut, plus the BS with the DVD not having any extras... because of hype for the director's cut. No. I've loved every other Cameron film (besides Titanic) and I have to say no. Yes this movie is much better in 3D, and by far worth the extra $3-5, but this is just plain wrong.

Akirakorn on Jul 8, 2010


one thing we finally disagree about akirakorn! lol.

Xerxex on Jul 8, 2010


Didn't see Musical in Pandora

Mybabymovie on Jul 8, 2010


@phantom all your posts are pure, champagne comedy. asking if a sci-fi films plot is "adequately explained scientifically", that is gold! Presumably, your ultimate sci-fi film would be a detailed, 4 hour long discussion and explanation of how to design, build and maintain an interstellar craft. ooooh, imagine the consistency between the theory put forward and the action on screen! we could even have wheddon write some snappy dialogue for it. i smell an oscar!

lebowski on Jul 8, 2010


I'm definitely not going to support this latest money-making scam. Avatar was a good movie and worth watching in the cinemas, but seriously, why would you pay $20 (double the price of normal tickets) to watch it again? (unless you really love Avatar or are really rich)

daydreamz on Jul 8, 2010


@42 I'm not against space opera per se. That's why I didn't take Serenity so seriously, I loved Serenity. A space opera that was incredibly entertaining. No holes that your intellect can decipher. Let me ecducate you on some truly great science fiction, since you are oblivious. 2001 A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Silent Running, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan, Alien, The Terminator, Aliens, Predator, Terminator II, Star Trek VI, The The Undiscovered Country, The Matrix, Gattaca. Those are only a few. Others will add to it. You, however, will not, Avatar lover.

Phantom on Jul 8, 2010


Fuck this news.

Conrad on Jul 8, 2010


An average movie with great visual effects.

get away from her, you bitch! on Jul 8, 2010


8mins is not enough for me to go see it agin in the theater. 18min, maybe, 28-for sure

David Banner on Jul 8, 2010


Talking about Alien, Dr. Grace Augustine should be reborn in a Queen Alien Avatar ha ha!

George on Jul 8, 2010


ehhhh not for me

Yekim on Jul 9, 2010


8 minutes seems kinda small. Wasn't it rumored that the first cut was 3 hours long?

notalent on Jul 9, 2010


serenity was absolute dog shit

Rashad on Jul 9, 2010


thank you rashad. and when did i say i liked avatar? avatar is awful. and seriously dude, that list? sanctimonious much? and christ, those are all good films but every person ever has seen them. quoting them at me like some exclusive list of hidden gems is a joke. Maybe if you'd given me something quasi-interesting like the original solaris or dark city or something. But for real, you come off sounding like such a humorless nerd.

lebowski on Jul 9, 2010


Hillariously, the film hypocritically takes shots at corporatism and materialism. I guess it shows how much integrity the film has.

Glass on Jul 9, 2010


District 9 was awful, a good setup for the first 20 minutes descends into a mindless action movie.

BookWorm on Jul 9, 2010


For another good scifi check out Sunshine. It has elements of horror in it, but I thought overall it was a very well done film. as for Avatar, I'm tempted to give them more of my money. I saw it twice, once in IMAX 3D and once in that fake imax shit with the 20% larger than regular theater screen. Loved it the first time, and when I saw it beign watched on a computer screen months later, I found it uninteresting. So to see it again in its full glory is a tempting offer, as thats the only time I enjoyed the film.

Dave13 on Jul 9, 2010


Rashad, saying Serenity was dog shit flies in the face of reason. Dare I say only an idiot would say that? Opinions are subjective, but that one is total nonsense. Dog shit? Try rephrasing your criticism with specifics, if you are capable. I suspect you are not. As for you Lebowski, your ad hominem attack is laughably devoid of intelligence.I simply asked whether the movie Children of men offered any scientific explanation for it's premise, not some irod-clad. fully explained, theory of how each plot device might work in reality. Go on, based on your reply, I hardly think it is possible., unless you drown yourself in vodka and realize the meaning of the question, Star Trek lover.

Phantom on Jul 14, 2010

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