Avatar Passes $1 Billion Worldwide in Revenue This Weekend

January 3, 2010

James Cameron

He's done it again. The true cinematic "king of the world" has made another movie that has earned over $1 billion worldwide at the box office, only the fifth movie in history to ever do so. Early reports are indicating (via Variety) that James Cameron's Avatar will pass $352.1 million domestically this weekend pushing it just over the $1 billion mark worldwide in only 17 days. I don't think Titanic was even this successful, this fast, which makes me wonder. It only needs $800 million more worldwide to pass Titanic, could it happen? It took The Dark Knight 33 weeks (and a re-release) to pass the $1 billion mark in 2008. This is incredible!

Even at a local theater in Colorado (where I was for my holiday break), Avatar had sold out in IMAX some 58 consecutive times. And it will probably only start to die down tomorrow, once people start going back to work after the holidays. For reference, the only other movies in cinematic history to pass $1 billion are (in order from smallest to largest via Box Office Mojo) The Dark Knight ($1.001B), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ($1.07B), Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ($1.1B), and Titanic ($1.8B). Avatar continues to break all kinds of other records, too, like "the best gross ever for a film in its third weekend."

I don't want to dig up any dirt or start any fights, but I can't help thinking of all those people who thought Avatar was going to bomb just a few weeks ago. In fact, I think there's very few people who actually thought it was going to be this successful. Even I will admit that I was concerned about how well it would do and I thought there was no way it would pass $1 billion, but it did, and much quicker than I ever imagined. I guess we all need to have more faith in James Cameron next time? Despite all the skepticism before Avatar hit theaters, James Cameron has proven once again that he is truly one of the greatest filmmakers of all-time!

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With these good figures he is the master again in the movie making business.

joe_6285 on Jan 3, 2010


Do they factor in the $95.00 admission price theaters charge these days?

Dave Lister, JMC on Jan 3, 2010


too bad avatar had the cheesiest dialogue...

Gary M on Jan 3, 2010


Of course all the haters are going to come out of the woodwork... #3 You mean dialogue as cheesy as "hasta la vista baby" and "I'll be back" and "I'm the king of the world"?

Alex Billington on Jan 3, 2010


I guess James Cameron isn't the "King of the World" but the "Ruler of the Galaxy" next stop "Master of the Universe"? Glad to see him prove all the haters and non-believers wrong hopefully he will make Battle Angel next and prove he is the best for the 3rd time in a row.

Rohan on Jan 3, 2010


Agree with Alex, plus the dialogue I think fits the characters they where jarhead ex-marines and semi-primitive indigenous not some Harvard graduates with pretentious Liberal Art degrees.

James on Jan 3, 2010



xerxex on Jan 3, 2010


Hahaha! Yeah! Eff-U #3

Yekim on Jan 3, 2010


Alex, just to clarify, I'm not hating on Avatar; I haven't seen it yet (I'm waiting for all the little brats to be back in school), but I *am* hating on the skyrocketing admission prices. A matinee ticket is over $7.00 now; and that's a major factor, in reaching these money-making milestones so quickly.

Dave Lister, JMC on Jan 3, 2010


I didn't know a movie could "hit actually theaters." "movies in cinematic to pass" I don't mean to be a smart ass, but when you're finding it difficult to get a job doing writing, especially seeing a site which would be a dream to write for, and you see articles published without even being proofread, BUGS me a lot. Let me write for your site. btw, I hope Avatar remains number one as long as Titanic did. I know that's impossible now, but, it'd be nice. It was number one for what, two months? More?

Ken on Jan 3, 2010


Some people hate things just so they can stand apart. If you really sit down and think about the movie the lines are yes a little bit cheesy and the story really isn't super original but the truth is that the dialog is absolutely fine for this kind of movie and the story is actually pretty good although its not new, most people forget to realize Avatars originality doesn't come from its overall plot. A one paragraph summary would be pretty dull if it was just basics. The things that set Avatar aside is its amazing visual, and smaller more creative ideas. The whole hair connecting into things idea is genius as is the whole Avatar project in general. Also the characters may have not super amazing dialog but they are very well developed as a whole. I believe wholeheartedly that this movie will continue to do amazing and will at the very least become the 2nd highest grossing movie of all time. Remember this movie will probably still be in theaters for 3-5 more months if not more. Even if it doesn't earn 18-25 millions a day doesn't mean that each day won't add a little more dough. I've seen it 3 times now and will probably see it again. I know at least 5 people who haven't seen it yet but are planning to see it as soon as they can. I just can't wait for it to come out on blu-ray with special features.

Dangthing on Jan 3, 2010


well Jan is sorta dead month for good movies so Avatar could sit at #1 for a while.....the word of mouth on this movie has been ridiculous

monal on Jan 3, 2010


I feel that there should be an IMAX to Regular theatre breakdown between the movies. Being that IMAX is a little more but looks amazing, people would gravitate to IMAX 3D more. The Dark Knight was amazing in IMAX, but I felt the second time around I could watch it in a regular movie theatre and not feel that I'm losing the experience. Avatar is all about IMAX3D. Loved it. No complaints here. ALSO - Was Titanic ever played in IMAX?? How much were movie ticket prices when that came out? Should there be a system where it updates/equivocates ticket prices from that year to show a more accurate comparison between how much these movies made???

Nick Sears on Jan 3, 2010


Does this movie potray the U.S. as the bad guy? I also read that its a global warming movie.

Craig on Jan 3, 2010


I agree with #9, do they factor in the cost of the 3D glasses in this $1 Billion? If so, no wonder it would surpass the Dark Knight so quickly? The Dark Knight wasn't specifically in 3D, much less the whole movie, while to watch Avatar you HAD to buy the glasses. To clarify, I loved the movie myself, it has become one of my favorites. Why do you get so sensitive about someone saying it had cheesy dialogue, it seems as if every time there is a post the author gets so rattled up and overly defensive about some comment down here.

Nicholas on Jan 3, 2010


It makes it al lot easier reaching those numbers asking admission prices of EU15,00 a ticket... I rather see visitor numbers, or corrected after inflation numbers. But still... this is very, very impressive. And working at cinemas for 7 years now I have never seen this before in my life. Consider the fact Avatar is no populair history subject like Titanic, or based on a famous super hero a lot of people allready loved, or a sequel from a very succesfull first, or second movie. This is very, very impressive indeed. I'm wondering how James Cameron feels right now... his second film reaching the billion mark, breaking a lot of records. I would be ecstatic!

Rickmeister on Jan 3, 2010


It's proven again that a large group of people don't mind a movie where the story is not top notch. They want to be entertained... Transformers, Avatar. Do I need to say more? Doesn't mean we don't need movies with good, strong, stories.

Rickmeister on Jan 3, 2010


As for ticket prices I doubt there much of a inflation difference between The Dark Knight and Avatar. Inflation should be only compared to older movies which most like will be Titanic since Avatar is headed for the #2 spot. As for IMAX and 3D so what if it cost more that just mean people are willing to pay a premium for the movie cause it good. Thats why other movies like the Dark Knight, Transformers, and Harry Potter which has IMAX or 3D offerings didn't make it. Again, it only comes down to older movies where the technology wasn't available yet.

Avatar on Jan 3, 2010


The story might not be top notch, it might be predicatble, unoriginal, and simple but it was well told story. I doubt visuals alone would have propelled it so far so fast. Just as story is an integral part of a movies, so are visuals, and action which are well done in Avatar. This is a movie, a visual experience is just as much part of a movie as any other part if I just wanted story I would go read a book.

123 on Jan 3, 2010


#10 - My apologies, those were simple mistakes I made while writing and they've all been corrected. #14 - Maybe you should go see it and find out for yourself. Everyone else in the world is doing just that. And, to be honest, it has nothing to do with global warming. I can't believe you wouldn't consider seeing it just because you heard something like that. #9 & #15 - Yes, the inflation argument is always going to be used against every movie that's successful. Gone with the Wind will always be #1 forever, pretty much, but just think it today's world and today's economy, that it is still an incredible achievement for Avatar to make this much money this quickly. It proves that Avatar is one of those rare cinematic experiences that people actually feel the need to see in theaters over and over again. And those experiences get rarer and rarer every year. #18 - Also, the inflation differences between TDK and Avatar are minimal, maybe $.25 if anything.

Alex Billington on Jan 3, 2010


#14: No...the US is not mentioned at all in the movie, but yes, the movie IS anti-conservative, thank god. There's enough rightwing propoganda crap movies and TV shows for you to watch like "24" (biggest piece of crap ever made) and Passion of the Christ (rightwing torture porn for all you sick Jesus loving sycophants who don't follow the teachings of Jesus any more than you righties believe in the Constitution). Oh yeah, btw, global warming IS real whether your fact-challenged brain ever acknowledges it or not.

cintilla on Jan 3, 2010


Yeah, it's better to look at tickets sold vs money earned lately. Especially when you consider the fact that Titanic made that much money when ticket prices for a weekend evening screening were still below $10 in most places and I saw it for $8 back then I think in it's opening weekend. It cost me $13 to see Avatar opening night, and $10 to see it in 3D at 2 in the afternoon. Ticket prices are ridiculous now. Granted, it's a 3D movie and they're charging more for that, but I do think it tends to give more films credit for being more popular than they really are. For what it's worth, I think Avatar is probably the best effects-laden action blockbuster event movie of the year, but it's not nearly one of Cameron's best flicks. I'd say it's actually one of his weaker films, from a story/character perspective. It IS a hell of a lot of fun to wach, tho. "Gone With The Wind" is the real 'highest grosing film of all time' by a substantial margin, and "The Sound Of Music" is the highest grossing film that got a single theatrical release. Granted, this is just domestic gross, not international, but Avatar doesn't even break the top 100 curently. On a non-adjusted list, Avatar is currently at #29. Wikipedia has both lists, but fails to list the adjusted gross for many of the films. Shreck (#100) has an adjusted gross of $339 Million, meaning that it will probably get dropped from the adjusted by the end of the weekend, as Avatar will beat it at that point. It will still be #44 on the non-adjusted top 100, tho. I feel that the adjusted gross list is a much more accurate reflection of popularity and the magnitude of a release. I'll start calling it one of the highest grossing films of all time when it gets onto that list. The non-adjusted list is pretty much worthless. You're just spitting on history and the huge achievements some of these older films made all becaue they were released at a time when the dollar was worth more than it is now. On a non-adjusted scale, the top grossing films are constantly in flux. Every year could potentially upset the top position, simply because the economy is tanking and the dollar is taking a huge shit. It's not a huge achievement for a film to reach $100 million if every ticket costs a million bucks. Means just 100 people have seen it. Making $100 million when every ticket costs less than a dollar... now THAT's a fucking achievement.

Squiggly_P on Jan 3, 2010


#21. One one state today I think it was MN it is -37 below. In Florida it's 20 degrees cooler. Obama returned to DC from the Global Warming Confernece in a blizzard.

Craig on Jan 3, 2010


After opening day and standing i like 1.5 hrs early to get a seat, I've been back twice both times 45 min early and its been sold out, wow.

Richard on Jan 3, 2010


Alex doesn't the film talk about oil and oil is also used in the global warming debate?

Craig on Jan 3, 2010


You know what? I'm rather annoyed at the masses on this site that jump at every chance to hype a film up to a point that it will never live up to, then go for the throat of anyone that claims they felt it didn't live up to the hype, in their opinion (and, worse, often times these attacks are instigated by one of the site's contributing writers). Someone who dislikes something about a popular film isn't automatically a "hater", it may be that they just actually choose aknowledge the faults of films (GASP) even ones they, themselves, admire. I enjoyed Avatar very much, I'm seeing it again this week, but think it has issues. Yes the action and visuals are fantastic for the most part, but the writing incredibly broad (too broad for my own personal taste). It's the mix of great visuals and generic storytelling that is to thank for it's massive success, the broader you reach, the more money you likely will redeem. All this proves is that Cameron is a master of making money, not that he is the greatest filmmaker of all time (I, personally, think he does rank way up there with some of the greatest filmmakers, but acting as if Avatar reaching $1B this quick is somehow proof of that is absurd... Michael Bay has broken many monetary records in his day does that make him one of the greatest directors to ever live?!?! See? Absurd.) So I ask, at least, the writers of this (usually) fine website to not get so injured when someone dislikes a film that you love. It's not like they're attacking you personally, it's just a movie, not a living being. They didn't just shove your grandmother out of her wheelchair. Maybe others will follow your example.

Matt S on Jan 3, 2010


I found this article were Cameron says greed and imerialism tend to destroy our planet and that happens on that alien planet in his movie.

Craig on Jan 3, 2010


the save the planet themes of the movie where so hard to swallow because they came with a human body count. its like cameron had convinced himself that the navi were real and pandora would benafit from people seeing this movie. this thing just felt so anti human beings that it realy killed the other exelent and vastly creative parts of the film saveing the planet is a great message to put in movies just can we do it with out haveing to hate are selves id rather go see fantastic mr. fox again then avatar cause avatar just gives the audiance pretty pictures loaded with overtly prechy ideals and a deep rooted hatered for the human race

rowdy on Jan 3, 2010


#21: The film can be seen as a very 'pro-conservative' movie, actually. Did you miss the 9/11 imagery with the whole 'home tree' scene, and the further offensive actions by the humans (the terrorists), and the NaVi's righteous and justified defense and counter-attack of their land? A very pro-war-on-terror approach, yeah? And how about the fact that the NaVi are very spiritual, while the military are all apparently not... Atheist vs christian / religion? I mean, just off the top of my head, here. You could probably find more such metaphors if you looked for them. I doubt they were intentional. Yeah, the Humans destroyed the world. No kidding. We seem to be really good at doing that in sci-fi movies. Why do people need to project their own political bullshit onto any movie that has war? Further: You're a fucking idiot. The movie is flat-out telling you how stupid you are, and you're not getting it through your thick, stupid skull. Making enemies of people for no reason is stupid. You have made enemies out of half the population of the US based on political opinion. Your 'team' has told you to hate the other 'team' and you just do it. It's all marketing bullshit. The whole political debate in this country has boiled down to this, and it's the number one reason I've seriously considered leaving. You people are responsible for the country being as fucked up as it is. You don't think about things rationally. Your team puts forth some idea - sane or not - and you'll blindly go along with it because it's your team. The other team puts forth some other idea - sane or not - and you'll blindly attack it without any reflection whatsoever. You'll come up with reasons the other guys suck and excuses why your guys should be forgiven for sucking. This is supposed to be a country run by and for the people. It's supposed to be a place where we can all live together in peace and harmony and all that good shit. Trying to cram some unpopular bullshit down everyone's throats while you have a majority isn't the way this shit is supposed to work. I wouldn't mind if I thought he was being 100% for the good of the country, but he's probably just got a lot of friends in the pharma industry that no one's found out about yet. The same way Bush made all his buddies a fuckload of money. The same way most congressmen have all these dirty little charity schemes and shit. They've gotten all of you fucks to sit around yelling at each other over petty shit while they fleece you all. They don't do any work. Have you watched State Senates function? None of them show up. Aides run around voting for all the absent senators, and they vote party line. The fuckers who are supposed to be running the country are out playing golf and schmoozing for campaign funds instead of reading the bills they vote for. Instead of even being there to vote for them. And fuckers like you don't care. You'll vote the same corrupt asshat into office a million times so long as he's got that little "D" or "R" next to his name. Because you don't care. You don't care at all if these fuckers are doing their jobs or not. You just want to 'win'. Whatever the fuck that means.

Squiggly_P on Jan 3, 2010


While I'm glad the movie was a success and I supported Cameron from the beginning, I'm nervous for the future of movies. Right now, studios are looking at these numbers and salivating. This is not a good thing. Avatar was a film that benefitted strongly from 3D. It wasn't a gimmick to use in place of story, but rather was a genuine important factor in creating Cameron's world. For many other movies, that's just not the case. 3D, in many cases, will begin to take the place of storytelling in exchange for visual thrills and explosions. Watch for Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in IMAX 3D everywhere in 2012.

Shane on Jan 3, 2010


@Craig: "...he told the Today co-anchor the plot centers on how greed and imperialism "tends to destroy the environment..." and how the human characters in the sci-fi flick "are doing the same thing on another pristine planet that we've done on earth."" We, on this planet, HAVE destroyed the pristine beauty of nature. We fucking strip mine mountains, plow over forests to put up shopping malls and parking lots. A beach near my old house used to be a wonderful place to swim, but now you can't even get near it. Swimming there will probably give you cancer. There's a lake in New Mexico that also used to be a wonderful place to live and swim and fish, and now nothing lives in the lake. It's dead. There are fucking chemicals and toxic foam and shit washing up on the shore. Pets have died from eating it and drinking the water. They made a documentary about the lake and compared it to the 60's, when it was an incredibly popular vacation spot with lots of young families moving there permanently. Now people have totally fled due to how dangerous it is to live there. We HAVE fucking destroyed this planet. It's not really propaganda. It's the fucking truth. You can't go anywhere anymore without seeing a billion power lines and hacked down trees. Had there not been a national parks system in this country, we would have totally fucked up every square inch of it, forced god knows how many other species into extinction and ruined even more of the beauty of nature. You're just as stupid as cintilla. And, yeah, changing weather patterns... unnaturally cold winters... that's called "Climate change". See, "Global Warming" isn't going to make it 120 degrees in Michigan. It throws things out of whack and alters weather patterns. If you did some real reading into the subject instead of listening to the 'right wing propaganda' you listen you as a replacement for doing the fucking work yourself, you'd have fucking known that by now. Cretin.

Squiggly_P on Jan 3, 2010


Once again shows you that money grossed means nothing. The Dark Knight is ten times than Avatar.

Jake the Snake on Jan 3, 2010


Well done idiots for giving this terrible film (can you even all it a film?) all the money it needed to put another nail into the coffin of true film-making. Avatar is the most bland, substance-free graphics engine I have seen in a long time. Why is it successful? Well, in this day and age, nobody wants to be enlightened - the mainstream audience are nothing more than feeble, self-obsessed consumers who pray to facebook and need their entertainment delivered thin, fast and wholly explained to them. Subtle died a long time ago, but one can live in hope that this atrocious gimmick called 3D and IMAX will soon perish. These stupid image enhancers have no place in film. If the entire world just sat down and read the script to Avatar, without the use of those little plastic glasses and pretty colours, I'm sure the opinion would be very much the opposite.

Dr. Gonzo on Jan 3, 2010


Left out the word *better*

Jake the Snake on Jan 3, 2010


31. Then why bother putting Humans on this planet at all?

Craig on Jan 3, 2010


31. You also wouldn't be typing on your computer without a corporation coming up with it, you also needed money and a job with a company in order to buy it.

Craig on Jan 3, 2010


Another thing that Avatar has been successful at is getting people's butts into cinema seats. What I mean is you are missing out sooo much if you see this pirated or streaming on the net. Which I think was one of the ideas behind 3D... Back to topic. This film is awesome. The story is brilliant, and I feel odd to say I may have fallen a little bit for Neytiri ...eep

BatNips on Jan 3, 2010


#33...mostly agree with you. #31...take all your hippie sh*t...go into your friggin tepee...shut up and sit down. "Climate change" & "Global Warming" is the biggest crock of shite that's ever been created by man. If YOU did some real reading into the subject instead of listening to the 'LEFT wing propaganda' you listen you as a replacement for doing the friggin work YOURSELF, you'd have friggin known that by now.

Felix on Jan 3, 2010


Why does everyone get so up tight about Avatar? I mean it was good (in my opinion) but it wasn't mind blowingly amazing... I'd have to agree with 33 about imax. 3-D just seems to dull the colours for me too much. Also, Avatar may have passed records but if you look at "bums on seats" it's nowhere close... 2's right about that. And everyone? Chillax a bit. It's just a movie.

Will on Jan 3, 2010


Look, guys, Seriously. Why is everyone being such a douche about this. It's becoming impossible to make a comment without having a hundred people jumping down your throat. It's getting intolerable. THIS IS A MOVIE SITE! LETS TALK ABOUT MOVIES FOR FRICKS SAKE.

Will on Jan 3, 2010


With Avatar, I can understand why it's doing so well (with the technology, everyone I talk to say it's the greatest thing (visually) they seen on screen). Why did Titanic do so well? Especially with its foreign gross.... I'm just curious if anyone can explain please email me.

pekpek on Jan 3, 2010


"Despite all the skepticism before Avatar hit theaters, James Cameron has proven once again that he is truly one of the greatest filmmakers of all-time!" This type of thinking really bothers me. Just because something made a shitload of money doesn't mean it's a masterpiece; the two have no relation. Avatar sucked.

James on Jan 3, 2010


@James I agree Avatar isn't a masterpiece but what movies is? Its just opinions. Just cause critics like it doesn't make it so. Just cause you say it is not a masterpiece doesn't make it so either. But in my opinion "James Cameron has proven once again that he is truly one of the greatest filmmakers of all-time!" reasons because I enjoyed it, RT, metacritic, and IMDB gives it good ratings make it more of a masterpiece then a single viewpoint since this is a democratic nation and the majority rules, usually.

M&M on Jan 3, 2010


Squiggly_P did you watch Planet Earth? There is still a lot of beauty on this planet, but for who long is the actual question. But my major problem with Avatar is that if we do indeed find a another life sustaining planet I doubt we would ravage it to death over a mineral. Dr Gonzo true cinema is not dead, the epics of old are still epics today, I know pleanty of people who can discuss Ben-Hur, The Man Who Would Be King, Gone With The Wind, and other such films for days on end, but when a film like Avatar shows up and pushes the limits of special effects of course people are gonna flock to see it. But Dr. Gonzo I get your point, 3-D is a gimmick that will kill cinema, and it needs to be burned out of movies permantely.

Xerxex on Jan 3, 2010


I didn't love Avatar. I actually cared for the visuals more than the story. But you can't deny it's success.

Ken223 on Jan 3, 2010


I dont have the time to read all the responses so I don't know if this case was made yet or not. But considering the average ticket price of admission is $8 and 3D showings on average cost $12 I did some adjusting of my own (know, im not talking simple inflation) According to 20th century Fox the domestic gross of Avatar reached $350 million, and that 75% of which came from 3D showings. So if you temporarily take out the 2D admission price (don't worry I add this 87.5 million back at the end) and take the remaining third (262.8 mil) divide that by 12 to get the number of tickets sold(21.9 million). Then take that number and multiple by 8 (average ticket price) to receive 175.2 million, add that to the 2D sales we took out at the beginning, so we could adjust the 3D prices to 2D prices and Avatar has made 262.7 million domestically. Thats right, if we don't include the price of 3D glasses, Avatar has made approximately 100 million less than Fox is telling us. Now then, of course it is still a hit, and of course that extra 100 million is still made by Fox, but if we want the true number of TICKET SALES not of ticket sales plus 3D glasses its just not the same. $350 Million and $250 million are both extremely different numbers. And lets not forget the true amount that Avatar has made.

Al on Jan 3, 2010


Have we all forgotten why we go to the movies in the first place? How bout to be entertained? Did Avatar do this? For the majority of people, YES. Looking deeper into that is a fucking joke. It is thus far the most incredible visuals on screen and will set the standard for CGI heavy films. If you deny that fact, you are both arrogant and ignorant. As or people tagging it for the story, lets break this down for a moment. If you are trying for box office gold (like Cameron does), how do you introduce a movie that is not a sequel to audiences that already has a strong following? You keep it simple even familiar. This movie has non sci fi fans like myself going to see this movie. There are elderly people and parents galore going. If the plot had been a complicated one, Cameron would have lost a lot of people in that mix. Yes, some of these people are the so called "dumb movie goers" that thought Transformers 2 was an amazing piece of cinematic history. In my opinion, this movie had something for everyone which is why it is so successful. You had amazing visuals, comedy, action, drams, simplicity, and even some complexity. Yes, I loved the movie. I can see its faults though but it did not matter for a movie like this. For a BLOCKBUSTER, everything works well enough for this. I think the movies strongest factor is how Pandora felt like a REAL place that you visited just like Cameron made audiences feel that the Titanic was really there on screen. Lastly, I don't delve too deep into that box office ticket inflation stuff but lets think about it this way. The movie played in regular theaters, 3D, and IMAX 3D correct? That means people have a CHOICE to see it in whatever format they want. If they are dishing out the extra money to see it in IMAX 3D or 3D, that obviously says something about the movie and yes is a factor in its overall success but does not make it lose its integrity one bit. If anything it strengthens it because, yes it is very expensive to go to the movies these days.

Jason on Jan 3, 2010


In regards to the pointless political argument, the film is both and neither. It is Liberal for its environmental message, and its Conservative because the Nav'i didn't sit there like pussies and get killed, they fought for themselves, and for their lives, and that is the Conservative Ideal. despite what people like to think, right wingers aren't all about blowing things up and pointlessly going to war. You may not agree with wars brought about by conservatives but at least give them the respect of why they at least thought it necessary. I absolutely do not agree with most of Obamas policies but am sensible to recognize he has the right intentions. The film is a political mixed pot. Weather Cameron knows it or not.

Al on Jan 3, 2010


i think that this is also a sign that the film is going to be remebered more for its impact then its substance or its origanality what every one is talking about is the fx the charecters are all kind of flat and forgetable except for neytiri there were no real uniqe qualities about any of them and all the other talk on the web is people argueing over the story and themes i havnt herd any people talking about how cool it was that every time a man went to sleep he would wake up as an alien life form i think that this is just another case of great concept, amazeing fx but poor delivery

rowdy on Jan 3, 2010


* "That doesn't already have a strong following" is what i meant.

Jason on Jan 3, 2010


@48 im a conservetive and i realy dont think that liberals would just sit there and get blown away and since when did fighting for ones life become anything less then a basic and reasonable human reaction no matter who you voted for

rowdy on Jan 3, 2010


ALEX! way to stick it to #3 bro. and i hope it brake's Titanic's record, the man deserves the top 2 most money making movies ever... and i hated Titanic

DoomCanoe on Jan 3, 2010


Avatar rocks πŸ™‚

Madnezz344 on Jan 3, 2010


I am so happy for this man, who has the eggs (and the money) to make a cinematic experience to entertain young and old in a new way, he deserves it...want some pop-corn?

pipo on Jan 3, 2010


@ 51 My comment was intended as a rough joke, if it came across as a little rude to anyone I apologize, it was a play on liberals tendencies to not want to fight back in wars of the past 100 years or so. (this of course with the exception of FDR and Kennedy) But I digress, my point was exactly that its a mixed bag, if anything and that politics wasn't as in play as others suggest.

Al on Jan 3, 2010


Military man observes natives. Prepares for coming of Americans. Keeps journal. Integrates with natives. Learns their ways. Begins to love them. Emotionally becomes one of them. Falls in love. Ends up defending them, protecting them against the very military he served. In the end he stays with them and the native he loves. Sounds like Avatar? Yeah, I'm sure it does. It's also Dances with Wolves. Avatar was a solid film with extroadinary CGI and intense action. Let's all remember something though: It's not an original concept. I applaud Cameron for knowing what an audience likes. He definitely goes for that. I for one enjoyed the film thoroughly, but I'm not fooled into thinking this is the pinnacle of film making. This film has be done before, and it was called Dances with Wolves.

Quanah on Jan 3, 2010


Avatar was good...but nothing extraordinary. It got way to much hype and that is the only reason it is breaking records. People are blind. The story is in NO WAY original. Dances with Wolves, the Matrix and Fern Gully rolled into a hip cool new technology. Yes good for him, he has made to HUGE selling hits...but Avatar is nothing special and it sure as hell better not win best picture.

one on Jan 3, 2010


Oh and're an idiot...Cameron is not the greatest film maker of all time, in any way shape or form. What he does is entertain, its not an art at all...his movies are for business, just money...nothing spectacular. Aliens, took it from Ridley of the worst movies ever made, yes it made a ton of money...but no respectable film maker says thats a good movie...bull.

one on Jan 3, 2010


Agree with # 33. It's always a sad day for film when a lackluster movie like Avatar grosses so much $$$. Transformers anyone? Transformers 2? It just encourages hollywood to keep on making the same crap over and over again.

filmfan111 on Jan 3, 2010


Wow, the #1 and #2 movies of all time will end up being very long, exceedingly expensive, extremely average films directed by James Cameron. Guy knows how to make a back, that's for sure.

name on Jan 3, 2010


The only reason it reached this number so fast is because of the ticket prices. Give me a freaking break. #57 is right.

Sarah on Jan 3, 2010


Cameron admitted the film was environmental, he even said the film making process was better for the environment. I think he is possibly a bit delusional. I am looking forward to seeing this either way, I doubt it will ever be as good as Pink Flamingos, but it should be visually enjoyable enough. Popularity doesn't always make something good, the Nazi's and Michael Jackson were both popular in their own way, but both were equally crapola. Although I would pay to see a film where MJ was a Nazi, moonwalking all over Europe and shamoh-ing his way through the death camps. I just hope there are more films like Transformers, because that is some highbrow lefty socialist viewing right there, I'm sick of watching emo arthouse films like X-Files. Yeah..........

Crapola on Jan 3, 2010


I am looking forward to seeing this film. Check out my tribute at: Cheers Steve

Steve on Jan 3, 2010


Yes, Avatar reminded me of many movies, and many storylines I'd seen before. It didn't take anything away from my experiencing though. The Dances With Wolves comparison, as well as the Ferngully comparison are two that I thought of myself. James Cameron took many themes and ideas, and mixed them together into a fantastic movie. Avatar may not of been the most original in concept, but it broke new ground as far as special effects, and CGI. The visuals were amazing. I saw it in 3-D, and loved every second of it. No matter what your taste in movies is, you can't deny Avatar is a great movie. If you really couldn't find anything you liked about it, then you're simply a souless carbon lifeform, and nothing can move you.

TCox on Jan 3, 2010


It's unsurprising, I thought it was an amazing film. Incredibly emotional and literally took my breath away several times.

David on Jan 3, 2010


I didn't feel like reading, but on a serious note, how are profits calculated? IMAX 3d is MUCH more expensive. Some places, one ticket there is like 3-4 elsewhere? This really miscalculates how many people saw. While the money is still good, you could have half of the people that saw Titanic see Avatar in 3D IMAX and money might be the same. Just sayin'... Doesn't mean the movie didn't suck. The truth is, like most, how many of these Big Hitters will be remembered? When it's released in a couple of years will it be a lot? Somehow Paranormal Activity got a $50 DVD special. I was just bored. It was pretty but I can't say it was something special. It was the same as ever other space fighting movie. It Starship Troopers with better graphics.

tra la la la la di da on Jan 3, 2010


Simple question: Were you entertained by this movie? Simple answer: Hellz yeah! Why is everyone getting so uppity? You prefer deep intellectual discourse in your movies? They make a few like that. You want a relaxin' evening where you can put the 9 to 5 BS behind you and just enjoy yourself? They make a whole lot like that, too. Doesn't mean EVERY movie that comes out or is successful has to have YOUR preferred flavor in the blend. Doesn't mean, either, that everyone that goes and sees this are retarded sheep and beneath you. Just means that we've got 15 bucks to spend and a few hours to spare, and BAM, looky' there, ain't that a pretty sight. Don't mind if I see that one again.

TexMex on Jan 3, 2010


#6: Best Comment ever about the dialogue...

Wylles on Jan 3, 2010


nevermind if the ticket price is high than usually....there's still one fact for sure avatar is still the best...Avatar sold more tickets than 1st Spiderman movie...which mean...if we adjust the ticket price according to the Spiderman's...Avatar still making more money than Spiderman....dont just blame on the ticket price....pls look on other fact before throw any judgment.....

safichan on Jan 3, 2010


no one could've stopped it from happening...and i'm sure it'll beat Titanic too....

HellBoy on Jan 3, 2010


I just finished my 5th viewing, and I have a few thoughts for the haters. There _really is_ more to it than you might remember after only one viewing. Is the over-arching story line familiar? Yes. Does the story resonate easily with people? Absolutely. How is this a bad thing? I have to say that it wasn't until the 3rd viewing for me that I was able to really absorb everything that was being presented. The first few times are simply overwhelming, visually. You just have to sit and marvel at that part of the creation. Once you are able to become familiar with the characters, story and visual presentation, you really can start seeing deeper and deeper into this movie. This is beautiful storytelling at its finest. For those who say this isn't "art", you really have no clue what it takes to make a movie. To _create_ (critical word there) a story telling experience like this from your imagination is nothing if not art. It really is the non-creative types that don't comprehend what it takes to generate something from nothing. Just keep consuming and not using your brain for anything other than flipping that burger or turning that grindstone. Be glad there are creative people in the world.

Andrew on Jan 3, 2010


I saw this film just the other weekend and immediately fell in love with the details and story. A beautiful world was created for the very similar yet completely different from our own. My father told me that reviews said that reviews said this movie was all show and no story, but I find him completely mistaken, I was blown away by the Navin tribe that they created for this movie, with a new language and everything. I felt like i was on pandora seeing all of the details, this movie was very worthwhile for all of those who made it or were in it. This movie inspires us all a little bit more to wonder what kind of worlds are out there.

Armani on Jan 3, 2010


I loved Avatar, I was emotionally connected with what was happening. I really cared about the characters, I could draw parallels to places, creatures, and events occuring here on this planet. To all the people who say it has a simple predictable plot, I say your right, but it doesn't make it any less of a film, it made me think, it made me feel that is a hell of lot more than any other film has ever done. If you didn't like the film so what, there seems to be plenty of others who do, I'll probably see it another 2 or 3 times with friends & family. It's an experience, and the 3D expands the sense of wonder & immersion into the world that is Pandora.

Will on Jan 4, 2010


I feel the need to say something, but Im sure someone, somehow will twist it into something its not so they can attempt to insult me and make them feel better about themselves.

Cody on Jan 4, 2010


Avatar has broken new barriers in SFX, Yes I agree. The storyline is not that good though. I was disapointed with the story. In fact i was watching the First Terminator film over the xmas holidays on Tv and i enjoyed that more for storyline aspect than i did Avatar. It had the right mixture of SFX primutive on todays SFX granted. But i still enjoyed it more. πŸ˜‰

Cineprog on Jan 4, 2010


A sad moment in movie history! Made worse by the fact that I gave them $16 plus a service fee to watch that thing in 3D...

Business101 on Jan 4, 2010


People keep mentioning the price of inflation on tickets ($12.00 for matinee at a new IMAX near me), but what people are not realizing is the hard economic times and people are STILL willing to shell out the money. You can't discount the amount of cash it made, just the number of butts put in seats. My opinion on the movie? It was pretty entertaining, but not amazing. I was happy to see it in theaters and feel I would've missed something great in my lifetime if I had not seen it.

L on Jan 4, 2010


I think it's the Leona Lewis song at the end that helped it become so successful. Apparently people bought tickets and just went in to watch the credits and listen to the song in 3D IMAX.

The Incredible Suit on Jan 4, 2010


#76 - $16? OUCH! #78 - the leona lewis song? Really?! It wasn't even good and was only over the credits - should have spent more on the rest of the music and not on that crap.

Will on Jan 4, 2010


Alex i for one have faith in Mr Camerron. He has given us what movies are supose to be, the experience of a movie. And for those of you that are saying that it cost more well you got to seeit in 3d, its like buying a car you can get it plain or pay for the options that come with it. I for one hope it makes 2billion$....

Azzuri2010 on Jan 4, 2010


thank god Avatar beat TDK And no actor died on this movie ( thats why TDK made so much money )

dcrdrdrtfytf on Jan 4, 2010


James always goes the next step and makes the new rules for movies industry, if you remember before any other alien movies there are Alien and Aliens. Before other CG movies, there is the Abyss (actually he used the CG before Terminator 2). For Avatar, just only existing main idea, plot and screenplay are good enough for me because the biggest thing he did (and no one can do like him) is the experience of the new word and the art direction as well, thanks god for sending him to this earth.

Jack Dawson on Jan 4, 2010


I am kinda torn on this film. I find it to be stunningly flawless but the story telling had me cringing. But perhap I have to return to the theater and relax, so that maybe I can enjoy it if ignore both naysayers and worshipers of this film.

Julian on Jan 4, 2010


I guess this insane squiggely person may have like the film better if Nick Cage, or Seth Rogen was in it based on previous posts. Yet again, I could not tell if he/or she even saw the film. I am just happy (AS PREDICTED)

Clover on Jan 4, 2010


....beat the tripe that is "Twi-"lite" and not mentioned in the trades anymore.

Clover on Jan 4, 2010


I was one of who thinked it will bomb, but once I saw it I was amazed. LOVED IT! Great film at any point of view

Rolando on Jan 4, 2010


Actually...actually...i knew it was going to be a succes. Cause i went and seen it two times and encouraged my friends to go and see it, and they also had the best cinematic experience ever. For the past 2 weeks i'm been checking boxofficemojo to see how much money Avatar keeps making, and i was thrilled day by day to see those hundreds of millions stack up. The only movie besides Avatar that made me see it..more than 2 times in a cinema the same week was Gladiator, and these 2 movies will always have a place in my heart πŸ™‚ GG Cameron make a sequel soon πŸ˜›

adrian on Jan 4, 2010


"It only needs $800 million more worldwide to pass Titanic...." Only? $800 million is a lot of money. I'm not sure Avatar will pass Titanic worldwide _ maybe domestically. You need to remember that Titanic relied on like three months of $25 million weekends. It was a long and long slog to the top of the box office chart. During the holidays Avatar averages about $15 million per day. These next few days, as you mentioned, with people back to work, will tell its longevity. I am just glad it will pass the vulgar Transformers 2 for the top movie released in 2009. And, Alex, Cameron does throw in really cheesy lines in his movies. You can't argue that.

SloppyCronkite on Jan 4, 2010


#81 - dcrdrdrtfytf I guess that's why The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is setting the box office on fire right? I think the 3D ticket prices definitely had something to do with it. My theatre had no options for 2D showings.

SlashBeast on Jan 4, 2010


The graphic artists really earned their paychecks! It was cool to see Sigorney as well. However, I wasn't really a fan of this version of Dances with Wolves....

Chad on Jan 4, 2010


#92 yeah but everyone has gotton over his death now plus he's not even in the movie that much, its more j. depp

dcrdrtfytf on Jan 4, 2010


#31, Pull Al Gore's cock out of your mouth before typing. I don't know if you got the memo but climate change was exposed as a fraud dreamed up by control freaks looking to make a profit off of dumb ass's like yourself. Try getting out side of the city every now and again and you'll see all the wild undeveloped land out there, who am I trying to convince? You the same dumb ass that cant see that climate change is the only constant in the world, ever hear of the ice age? Things changed didn't they? Did the dinosaurs drive too many SUV's or do too much strip mining? (a practice that's been outlawed for a while now by the way in the US)

#31 can suck it Hippie douche on Jan 4, 2010


Listen up, all you stupid fucks bashing about politics and climate change, especially you americans. I've been reading to much bullshit about it on this page, where is doesn't even belong. Avatar is pure entertainment, get over it. Don't get me wrong, I love the American country. I've been there many times in my short live, and I love the people. But the idiots who are saying climate change is a propaganda to make a lot of money are fucking retarted. Even if its not true and the world is not warming up, we are consuming all our resources. We are trashing our own planet. A changing climate or not, this world will not be harmed by responsible green behaviour. Leave the goddamn pick-up car at home, and stop wasting drinking water. Don't turn the aircon on 24/7. What the fuck is wrong with you people? Please shut the fuck up, and talk about movies allready. Thank you. Ps: Try and take your global warming hoax stories to the people of the pacific islands and explain to them that it is a lie.

Rickmeister on Jan 4, 2010


I love it, the guy who says "stop talking politics" goes on a political rant. How do you know where anyone comes from? We could all be from different places but you assume that everyone is from America. Typical stupidity from some one who buys into the man made global warming lie. Weather patterns in the south pacific may be changes that doesn't mean its man kinds fault, again weather has always changed you numb nut. And I agree #31 needs to stop blowing Al Gore.

peewee on Jan 4, 2010


If you read my comment properly, which you clearly have not, I am not saying everybody here is from America. You might be right about the weather change. The weather is changing, with or without our help. Though, i guess the answer will be somewhere in the middle. My point is that it will not harm anybody to be aware of your actions, and its effect on nature. And the other point I was trying to make was that this is not a place the discus politics and such. But it's ok, I love you all πŸ˜‰ Lets talk about Avatar.

Rickmeister on Jan 4, 2010


Great. I am glad for Jim. Alex, I totally understand your enthusiasm. And keep up the good work.

Ambient on Jan 4, 2010


It's a great movie and it deserves many, many awards.

Tech on Jan 4, 2010


This is an interesting article on Avatar

G Man on Jan 5, 2010


Oh please, do not even try to compare Arnies "Hasta La vista" with the gibberish they sprout in this flick.

Shige on Jan 5, 2010


I think what everyone needs to do is step back and relize that this more had to make the technology for it before they could actually shoot it. If you think about it this entire movie was shot in a giant green room with an HD camera hooked up to a computer that in real time transformed the room in to the world they lived in and the people in to the Navi. Yes this movies dialouge was weak and overall storyline was ok but i have seen it twice and each time I was in complete awe of the entire filming of it. Thats all I have i just hope all of you can appreciate what they had to do to actually make this movie.

Nick on Jan 5, 2010


this film show the true display of movie making in todays world, the people are the toll of the trade with there viewings figures making avtar one of the best films out there, it may be time to put a levy on these big money making films and use some of that cash to fix up the world..............

ridiq on Jan 21, 2010


Great News! Best Movie ever!!! Thanks Cameron for this masterpiece, however we need to wait like 12 years for another one!

George on Jan 29, 2010


IMAX - I booked to see the film in the BFI London IMAX!!!! TRUELY AMASING!!!! In general I feel that Avatar’s stunning visual effects need to be seen in the IMAX because the technology of the IMAX makes the film makers idea of the film being visually stunning to the audience. He wanted the film to be the most spectacular film to date. At the IMAX the size of the projection really makes the viewer feel like they are a character in the film. Because the screen size fills most of your peripheral vision and there is little dead space of your vision. Also the seats are very comfortable and the sound is crystal-clear and the bass is very vibrating. It’s not over emphasised like home cinema systems. Its state of the art technology that makes the viewer feels like they are in the movie. This is an experience that can only be found at the IMAX.

Wi33er on Feb 2, 2010


#94 - dcrdrtfytf So? Michael Jackson and Bernie Mac were far bigger stars than Ledger yet their last movies didn;t make anywhere near as much money as The Dark Knight did. The proportion of people who saw it for Ledger are incredibly small. The majority of people who aren't completely insane saw it because it was a great movie. Besides, the only reason Avatar is making money is because of it's visual effects, which isn't a more legitimate claim to success.

SlashBeast on Feb 14, 2010


There is obviously a lot to know about this.

wow gold on May 16, 2010

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