Awesome Aerial Dogfights in 'The Red Baron' Official Trailer

January 15, 2010
Source: Apple

The Red Baron Trailer

I'm not sure when or how this movie got made, but you've got to check this out. The only reason I went to see that awful Flyboys movie was for the dogfights. Now we've got a German movie about the greatest WWI dogfighter of all time, The Red Baron, and the aerial fights in this movie look way better than they did in Flyboys. The movies stars Matthias Schweighöfer (seen in Valkyrie) and Til Schweiger (seen in Inglourious Basterds). I'm not sure why they did this, but most of the dialogue in the trailer is in English (I hope it's not dubbed), and it sounds awful. But I suggest watching it for the flying sequences, not the dialogue. Enjoy!

Watch the official US trailer for Nikolai Müllerschön's The Red Baron:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch The Red Baron official trailer in High Definition on Apple

The story of Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the most feared and celebrated German World War I pilot.

The Red Baron is written and directed by German director Nikolai Müllerschön, of numerous made-for-TV German movies including Deadly Measures previously. This already premiered in Germany back in May of 2008 but is just coming to the US this year, oddly enough. It's already available for purchase on Blu-Ray in Germany right now. Indie distributor Monterey Media is just now bringing the film to US theaters but hasn't set a release date for it yet. Stay tuned for updates if you're interested in hearing more about The Red Baron.

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Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....this sure ain't no flyboys!!!!!!!!!! I'm in!

Lazarus from Sparta!!! on Jan 15, 2010


I believe this was released back in 2008..lots of interesting German actors were in's was ok at best...

Christopher M on Jan 15, 2010


The dialogue wasnt that bad, but those aerial scenes look just amazing. Ive also heard in real life though Von Richthofen was actually a ruthless prick. But that aside Im in this looks epic.

Cody on Jan 15, 2010


looks good.

Xerxex on Jan 15, 2010


It's no Hells Angels.

Hughes on Jan 15, 2010


as a sucker for war movies I am in... i wonder if they will have him shot down or the 'conspiracy theory' of the canadian guy shooting him with a rifle from the trenches (or was it a grassy knoll)

Janny on Jan 15, 2010


fell asleep, needs a more convincing trailer

Madnezz344 on Jan 15, 2010


awesome, hollywood needs more aerial dogfighting movies, expensive as they may be if theyre good theyll make their money back tenfold

harrison on Jan 15, 2010


I decided to download and watch it. I was expecting awesome dogfights and well there wasnt any. Every time the action would get going they would cut to the ground after the fight, now this wouldnt of bothered me so much if the acting and dialogue wasnt so incredibly horrible. The actual dogfight time added up to about 15 minutes total. The rest was poor attempts at character development. Seriously I dont know what in the hell the director was thinking, it was the worst pacing in any movie I have ever seen. Instead of showing the deaths of him and his members throughout the film and at the end, They would show them stepping into the planes then BOOM cut to the crash site where some whining violin kicks in along with a showcase of horrible performances. There were moments where even the music would signal the beginning of some epic chase and dogfight to kick in then they would start firing with cringing faces then BAM o wait were in the hospital looking at the bodies and crying. Seriously watch this movie if you want something to fall asleep to. I know one thing for sure, that it was all the directors fault. Simply because actors like Fiennes and Headey usually give decent or good performances, but instead there were some points where they were trying to be dramatic and instead I just started laughing at how horribly cliche and fake it all was. My biggest complaint would have to be not even showing Richthofens death, they showed him getting in a plane then, 2 weeks later, The ultimate WTF?!? movie. Note to the director: Epic violin and piano music during a whole fucking movie does not make it a good movie.

Cody on Jan 15, 2010


Looks good.

Film-Book dot Com on Jan 16, 2010


#9 - That's really sad to hear... Though I'll still take my chances and check it out anyway. I was sold enough to at least give it one viewing!

Alex Billington on Jan 16, 2010


As far as I remember it wasn't really successful back here in Germany where it premiered quite a while ago. But then again, maybe Germans and war movies don't go together that well in terms of revenue 🙂

Felix on Jan 16, 2010


It was released in October 2008 in german cinemas and made about 1,6 Mio at The Box (Admission: 250.000). This is poor. It got bad reviews, I saw it and I am sorry to say that, but this movie sucks. Greetings from Germany.

Hans on Jan 16, 2010


Hey, that's Lena! SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES!!!!! Fine woman 🙂 And no, it's not dubbed. Eager to watch this!

Vitor on Jan 16, 2010


It was released in 2008 in Germany as one of the most expensive productions in german history. I know, the 18 Million Euros budget ist LowBudget for a hollywood flick... And it was a complete desaster at the box office: they catched poor 250.000 people and made only 1.6 Mio Euro. So they recut the german version and added some aerial flights material for the international release. They liked the idea of an international movie, Joseph Fiennes and Lena Headey are part of the cast. Maybe that's the explanation for the englisch recorded lines....

Gerold on Jan 16, 2010


What exactly sold you about this trailer? It wasn't even edited properly. I turned it off halfway through?

hahaha on Jan 16, 2010


Seen it and can't remember it, couldn't have been good=)

Phil on Jan 16, 2010


This looks awesome! I just hope that the filmmakers reembered that the man that shot down the Red Baron was Canadian pilot Billy Bishop.

Big Red Moose on Jan 16, 2010


Isn't this already on DVD in the UK?

John J on Jan 16, 2010


#19 Yes it was released on DVD in the UK on 05 Oct 2009 Also it isn't half as bad as #9 suggests. This new Domestic Trailer isn't that great and like people have pointed out is pretty poorly edited. It's worth watching the two International Trailers which are slightly better.

harv on Jan 16, 2010


it looks like a great story but this trailer is garbage

matthew Hansen on Jan 16, 2010


Big Red Moose are you sure it was Bishop? I remember reading that Arthur Roy Brown, was the man who killed The Baron?

Xerxex on Jan 16, 2010


Saw it , hated it, and we move on.:)

dee on Jan 16, 2010


Awful acting, awesome dogfigts!

Jack McJack on Jan 16, 2010


would have been better if they kept the dialogues in german

bathysphere on Jan 16, 2010


@9: I can see your point, but it probably had more to do with the script and, more importantly, the budget. This was a small film that probably got a really small budget. Way less than Flyboys. The cost of doing effects for dogfight scenes was probably way out of their budget in the first place. What was in the trailer looks like it would be good, tho. I've not seen it yet. I'll probably give it a shot, cause I did like the trailer. It can't be worse than Flyboys. That movie was a massive pile of shit. Even if this does have bad dialogue, I doubt it's as Flyboys. The director is responsible for a lot, but there are things that are just out of your hands when you're trying to direct a high-concept film with a tight budget. Cutting the dogfight scenes from a WW1 fighter pilot film does seem like a pretty stupid move, tho. I'll have to see it.

Squiggly_P on Jan 16, 2010


It was a flop in is boring as hell!

pipo on Jan 16, 2010


Sorry to say Alex, but I saw it over here in Oxford last fall and Flyboys is actually better.

Mark on Jan 17, 2010


it is not dubbed, or at least it's their own voices ....

Bob on Jan 17, 2010


Sorry to hear #9# had downloaded the film to find it very disappointing and not worth bothering with due to bad Director cut of the film. It sounds to me that it was made for German TV and they have tried to make it sellable to a more mass market. 🙁

Cineprog on Jan 17, 2010


saw it a couple of years ago in german, imho really boring movie

LuX on Jan 17, 2010


Hells yeah, I love me some aerial dog fights. But this trailer doesn't really do the film's other plots any justice. Or is that the impresison we are to assume? Perhaps I should hit this up on IMDB.

Adam on Jan 18, 2010


close #6 ,a canadian pilot named Brown was credited with the kill but it was thought that an Australian machine gun team got him when he got too close to the ground.

phandini on Jan 20, 2010


#9, so you downloaded the film. Being film fans should we be seen to be doing this?

John J on Jan 20, 2010


Sorry to burst a few bubbles but imho the trailer is as great as the German trailer I saw a couple of years ago. I have been anxiously anticipating it since I saw the trailer. I see people stating Von Richtofen was a prick but with no details. Everything I've read said he was an honorable man. I can't see the British giving him a funeral with full military honors if they hadn't respected him. His aircraft was also dismantled within hours and dispersed as souviners. Should you check it closely, war is uneven, could it be the movie is uneven due to the nature of reality? At the moment, I can't answer that. FYI Flyboys was the most accurate WW1 air war movie ever made. That is not to say it was totally truthfull. Some of the Camels were not Camels and much was changed for dramatic effect, but, it was still the most accurate. All the caracters were based on actual members of The Lafayette Escadrille, as were their quarters and the aerodrome. The Albatrosses and DR1 in the trailer appear to be quite authentic even though there are no remaining WW1 planes from any country except the Taube, which, I believe, the one that is in a museum was not used during the war. Lastly, it is believed, due to forensic and written evidence that someone on the ground hit Von Richtofen with a lucky shot. It is believed that due to that evidence no one in the air could have shot him

Rittmeister Von Schroeder on Jan 20, 2010


Billy Bishop, though a bona-fide ace, had nothing to do with taking down the Red Baron. An Aussie AA Gunner or rifleman's lucky shot was always the plausible cause of death, especially when he was hit right over Aussie postions and was recovered by Aussie troops at the crash scene. Concerning the slander that Von Richtofen was a prick and a coward, in that it was reported he tried to shoot bailing pilots in their chutes or as they crawled from their downed planes, it's also been reported that he circled some crashed planes to see if the pilot was OK or not and even dropped flares to guide rescuers in, if they could make it. When they Aussies, and some Indian sepoys finally reached Von Richtofen, he was near death and his plane on fire. He is said to have refused aid from the Aussies as it would have put them at risk and even saluted the Aussie AA captain prior to death, which the captain returned. That said, he was recovered anyway and thereafter accorded a good measure or respect by all who dealt with him. Billy Bishop was probably off a-whoring somewhere while this was going on. Or clubbing baby harp seals.

My kingdom for a 60oz of King Cobra on Jan 23, 2010


We've got a review up for it. The Red Baron MOVIE REVIEW:

Film-Book dot Com on Feb 24, 2010


They edited the film from the original version... Monterey Media needs a slap on the wrist, moving scenes around. It's really annoying as many of them clash with the film, and time line.

Lumina on Jun 18, 2010


Wow, I didn't recognize Lena Headey at all. She looks 5 years younger in this than she did in that Terminator show.

Craig Partain on Jan 21, 2011

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