Awesome Official Trailer for Takeshi Koike's Anime 'Redline'

June 14, 2010
Source: Twitch

Redline Trailer

This is for all you anime fans out there. If you're not one, then this probably isn't for you. I first found out about this upcoming anime film Redline, directed by Takeshi Koike, when Twitch featured a wacky teaser for this anime that had a chill jazz song for the music. I waited until this official trailer hit (via Twitch again) to introduce Redline to all of you because this trailer actually makes this anime look truly frickin' badass. Redline is a high-speed, hardcore futuristic racing anime that just looks insane. I've got a soft spot for great anime films and this looks like it'll be fantastic. If it sounds like you'll enjoy this, then check out the trailer!

Watch the official Japanese trailer for Takeshi Koike's Redline from YouTube:

Although it's in Japanese, you can check out the official website for Redline if you want:

Set in the distant future where multi-wheeled flying air-cars replaced today's four-wheel vehicle. Follows the intertwined journeys of competitors in the deadliest car-racing game in the universe - Redline - held once every five years. From up-and-coming Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Koike, who directed that "World Record" short from Animatrix and also worked as an animator on various films. The screenplay was written by Katsuhito Ishii (of Funky Forest: The First Contact, The Taste of Tea). This should be hitting theaters in Japan this year, but it also hit some festivals like the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival. Stay tuned for updates!

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Looks Tight! 🙂

Motherboy69 on Jun 14, 2010


Wish more anime was released in American theaters.

ProMovieBlogger on Jun 14, 2010


I'm with you on that one #2. The last one I can recall that made the theatrical rounds was Kon's "Paprika" and that was probably three years ago.

Jeff on Jun 14, 2010


looks pretty cool. They just came out with Ponyo number 2 and 3. Even though I wouldn't mind them coming out with something a little more hardcore like whats above. I don't think they should be trying to put anime into live action either. Maybe classic anime movies like Akira or Ninja Scroll. But not anime series. If they mess up Ghost in the shell or Cowboy Bebop. I will be pissed. Bleach is one of my favorite animes. I hope they will never make it into a live action. Somethings just need to be left alone.

Tim on Jun 14, 2010



Ambient on Jun 14, 2010


Wow, this looks fantastic. I can't judge a film by its trailer though, that can get me into trouble. I will definitely see it for sure anyway! @4 You think Akira would be good as live action? I've been struggling with this ever since I found out that it was a possibility. On one hand, Akria would make for a really sweet live-action film (if done right), plus, watching the cycle chase in live-action would be kick-ass, but on the other, bigger hand, Akira is my favorite anime film of all time, probably one of my most favorite films altogether. So that's a tough call.

Ian Kuah on Jun 14, 2010


No. All kinds of no.

Nada Nuff on Jun 14, 2010


Looks great. Can't wait to see this!

Ace on Jun 14, 2010


I dont like the look of it

Trey M on Jun 14, 2010


my gosh, I can't express how much I hate anime

antioch on Jun 14, 2010


Any of you guys remember the ZACK HUGH story from the NEO TOKYO anime? You might remember it first aired on liquid television/ MTV back in the day. This totally reminds me of that anime.

Jeffrey on Jun 14, 2010


Well antioch why did you click here? Billington said "if you don't like anime then this probably isn't for you" kinda seems odd that you'd click it. The trailer was pretty cool, you gotta love a good anime. I just re-watched "Blue Submarine No. 6", finished "Cowboy Bebop", and watched Akira again...Redline seems like it has a place between those three anime's. In regards to the Akira and Cowboy Bebop live action films, I want them to succede mainly because I think the two can be amazing on the silver screen. i remember when posted the article about the Cowboy Bebop script where it claimed it would cost like 500 million to make, and I just wondered why not go for it? The script must of been awesome! But I'm also wary of the films going live action because they would put them both in 3-D and ruin it.

Xerxex on Jun 14, 2010


Finally seen the official trailer of Redline and looks cool! I would definitely watch this. @#2: I strongly agree with you. Even Japanese comics take up more and more space on American bookshelves how much more on American theaters.

Mary on Jun 14, 2010


"LEDDDLIIE" looks cool! 🙂

Martin on Jun 14, 2010


neat 🙂 so whens it come out?

DaftPUNKFAN on Jun 15, 2010


@6 Akira would be cool for a live action movie for people who have never seen the anime before. I think with the right writers and director it could be epic. People who are loyal anime lovers like myself would probably be dissapointed at almost anything they would try to make after anime movies or series. Akira was one of my first anime's I ever saw and fell in love with the art work and story of it. I have been hooked since. They have to have amazing cinematography involved to make it as close as possible to the original to make everyone happy. I hope they do good.

Tim on Jun 15, 2010



twittwit on Jun 15, 2010


I'll definitely check it out, "World Record" was my favorite Animatrix short.

floppytall on Jun 16, 2010

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