Awesome Promo Artwork for Marvel's Thor & Captain America

July 20, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Marvel at Comic-Con

Oh hell yes! These two banners, originally referred to as "posters" although they're clearly not official movie posters, have just debuted on Yahoo in anticipation of Marvel's big panel at Comic-Con on Saturday. Marvel has created a poster for Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh, and also Captain America, directed by Joe Johnston. These are definitely not photos from either of the movies, but Drew Struzan-like pieces of artwork created to promote both movies at Comic-Con. We're not sure if these will be given out or sold to the fans in San Diego, but I definitely love the look of both of them. I truly hope Thor fights Loki like that in the movie!

Marvel's Captain America Artwork

Marvel's Thor Artwork

We already debuted a few first look photos from Thor last week (including this one on SlashFilm), to quite a bit of negative criticism, and I have a feeling it'll remain negative until they debut some footage or a trailer. If that happens, I hope it looks incredible, or else Marvel will be in quite a rough situation. I love these two pieces of artwork, they look awesome and I think they're pretty much perfect teasers for Comic-Con, since the Marvel panel is already one of my most anticipated panels to watch this year. We'll let you know if any other cool artwork shows up and/or when the first photos from Captain America hit the web. Stay tuned!

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cap isn't left handed

Janny on Jul 20, 2010


That is EXACTLY the Captain America I want to see! If the movie features Cap like this, even for just a portion of it, it'll be the biggest and best Marvel movie yet.

RC on Jul 20, 2010


That's NOTHING. I've seen all the shots from Captain America where he's fighting red skull in the air and the sky is filled with hundreds upon hundreds of plains. I've practically seen everything on Thor. The frost giants are so cool. Asgard is truly breathtaking. A true homage to Kirby's abstract-ish illustration style when drawing futuristic architecture. Much, much better looking than the ugly, weird city of Helium that Andrew Stanton and crew have created for John Carter of Mars. Granted, the city of Zodanga and all the airships do look incredible. But I think Captain America will completely blow people away. It's not just the 1940s, it's the 1940's of the MARVEL universe.

anonymous on Jul 20, 2010


@4 Do you have anything to back up your claims? I mean.. If they had released pictures of Asgard and Cap where he's fighting Red Skull they would of been promoted on sites i.e here no?

Nitrium on Jul 20, 2010


He obviously works for a Hollywood marketing company or someone related to that industry. Only marvel and marketing companies have seen that stuff and no one at marvel would be stupid enough to talk about company secrets on a website and put themselves at risk like that.

Barfy mcbarfly on Jul 20, 2010


"I truly hope Thor fights Loki like that in the movie!" Spoiler Alert: He doesn't.

graffiti bandit on Jul 20, 2010


They can draw all they want. I've seen the Power Rangers-outfits.. they will not work. Cap America might work, if they get the 40's gritty and cool enough.

ryderup on Jul 20, 2010


... Thor still looks iffy... But man, Capitan America just renewed some confidence in me. That Cap Promo pic looks awesome, Saving Private Ryan meets Marvel... loving it. ...

Mondo Jay on Jul 20, 2010


they look cool, better than any pictures we've seen yet anyway. although i'm reserving judgement until i actually see the films, i am starting to loose faith in Disney/Marvel, i mean apart from the artwork, every picture and bit a news we get is just awful!

Dandoo on Jul 20, 2010


Anyway..I think that you can especulate a lot of things..but nothing is better than sit on your place in front of a Celuloid and see how Cap encourage all the privates between explosions and bullets in the middle of world war 2...or see how Thor fight Ice Giants and another creatures surrounded by Valkyries and another asgardians god dying with the Ragnarok coming true....we will see. Until that, for good or bad, all is just speculation.

Sakyo on Jul 20, 2010


@ #2 what makes you think he's left handed? He's holding the shield in his right....which makes a lot more sense then the gun in the right and the shield in the left. Just me two cents

Luke on Jul 20, 2010


it all comes down to the direction of Captain America, if Johnston delves into the 40's properly then it will be awesome, if not then its up to the writers and actors to do it.

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2010


Thor has no winged helmet in this? WTF?

TediusTed on Jul 20, 2010


what is your problem with Thor people!? what the f... are you expecting?? hahaha it is a THOR movie, how is it supposed to be done? xD

what on Jul 20, 2010


Wow...just to say "Cap isn't left handed" showed me how much bullshit these film makers have to deal with from the fanboys. I couldn't care less if little details are missed as long as it's a spectacular film, and I've followed Cap since I was a little boy.

peloquin on Jul 20, 2010


@#2, actually I think Cap uses his shield as both his primary weapon and primary defense, the pistol is secondary. I'm right handed, I can't throw anything straight with my left hand. But I can still aim and shoot with it when I have to. But if my life depended on a left handed toss.... I'd be dead.

Chris H. on Jul 20, 2010


#15, nailed it exactly. who the fuck cares, and it's obvious he's holding the shield in the proper hand.

Colt on Jul 20, 2010


@ Chris H. Nicely Played, nicely played.

McWilly on Jul 20, 2010


Oh and here is two more pics of Thor. Its the 2nd pic on the bottem of 2nd link.

McWilly on Jul 20, 2010


@what the right way, its supposed to be done the right way.

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2010


Looks effin awesome cont wait to see more

splinter on Jul 20, 2010


@ 2... Um, well if Cap is a much of a super soldier as they say, perhaps he's ambidextrous (that means he can use both hands, just in case you're narrow mind didn't know)... But, what difference does it make if he's left or right handed? It's a movie. Based on a comic book. Reality isn't the issue here. Entertainment is.

nate on Jul 20, 2010


needs high res for my wallpaper

ocp on Jul 20, 2010


people keep talking about these movies' expectations and how they should be done but im interested in the endings of these two movies that pull everything together in the Avengers timeline this is what i mean: most know that at the end of Iron Man 2 we see Thor's hammer in New Mexico and the easter eggs the film left behind with Cap maybe in the arctic and im curious to see how these movies end to put themselves in the timeline, u kno? r we gonna see epic battles over New Mexico and the Arctic between Cap and Red Skull and Thor and Loki or how else might they all end up where they are and how does Thor's hammer get thrown like a meteorite into the desert and where do Cap and Thor end up at the end of their movies to be found again in the Avengers...r they safe but injured, r they lost to SHIELD, r they off the grid thats what i want to see

cooper on Jul 20, 2010


I want to just press play!

Nick Sears on Jul 20, 2010


Im sorry but I see this whole avengers coming together thing like one big hype bomb ready to explode and disappoint everyone. Im not a big comic book fan so I dont really have my hopes up but doesnt anyone else get the feeling this whole project is gonna fall on its ass.

Cody w on Jul 20, 2010


Captain America is so gay......Thor looks cool though

Aimee on Jul 20, 2010


The artwork is very impressive. As an Australian science fiction writer I've also written a lot of Marvel (mainly Thor) fan fiction: You might like to check some of it out. Cheers

David Scholes on Jul 21, 2010


I predict that this artwork is way better than the movies will ever be.

Bee on Jul 21, 2010


@26...I been saying that all might be great for the pre-teens & fanboys but the general movie-going public aint gonna buy it...they both look like high dollar Saturday morning cartoons...and as a veteran, once you spend enough time in a war zone, movies aout war just arent very interesting...JMO

blasphemer on Jul 21, 2010


The two photos looks great.

Fisherr on Jul 22, 2010

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