Big Batch of New Photos from Dwight Little's Tekken Movie!

February 18, 2010
Source: Twitch


Although we showed you an early trailer for this Tekken movie back in January, these new photos are still pretty damn cool to look at. They've been floating around the internet all day today at a lot of places, but I originally saw them at Twitch, although I should point out that io9 has a gallery with additional side-by-side comparisons between the movie and the video game. Here's the thing with this Tekken movie - these photos make it look awesome, or a least like an authentic video game movie. But why do I still feel like it's going to be terrible? I don't know. We're still not sure when the heck this is hitting theaters but take a look anyway!

Tekken Photos

Tekken Photos

Tekken Photos

Tekken Photos

Tekken Photos

Tekken Photos

Tekken Photos

Tekken Photos

Tekken Photos

Tekken Photos

Tekken is directed by Dwight H. Little of Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Marked for Death, and Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. It's based on Namco's popular series of fighting games, which first debuted in 1994. The story will follow Jin, who enters the "King of Iron First" tournament in order to avenge the death of his mother that he blames upon Tekken's powerful and controlling chairman, Heihachi Mishima. The screenplay was written by Alan B. McElroy of Spawn, The Marine, and the Wrong Turn trilogy previously. We don't have any US release info for this yet, but we'll still keep you updated!

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can you say: MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!

Xerxex on Feb 18, 2010



mE on Feb 18, 2010



ben chacko on Feb 18, 2010


Yes, #1 your right. Mortal Kombat FAIL all the way.

mE on Feb 18, 2010


Yes, #1 your right. Mortal Kombat FAIL all the way.

mE on Feb 18, 2010


fail? YES! Better than this? YES!

Xerxex on Feb 18, 2010


Insert sarcastic 'Whooopeey!"

Nick Sears on Feb 18, 2010


"But why do I still feel like it's going to be terrible?" Because they haven't said a word yet.

Nick Sears on Feb 18, 2010


I applaud their costume likenesses, but yeah--this is another Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat in the making. This just goes to show that Hollywood STILL has a long way to go with video game adaptations; they can barely get it right with these graphic novels and comic books, not to mention remakes! They better not touch "Streets of Rage". lol

Big Boss on Feb 18, 2010



Matt on Feb 18, 2010


cosplay on steroid... this is verrryyy badddd...

oot on Feb 18, 2010


id rather watch the worst movie ever made tied to a chair hanging upside down with a set of spikes under my chair incase i try to escape this shit looks terrible even the trailer. they should honestly give up on video game movies unless they get a good director and script. well we all should be thankfull enough uwe boll didnt run tekken over with a crazy train 🙂

Spider94 on Feb 18, 2010


there costumes look like plastic. its like so incredibly fake, like no one in real life would wear something like that. they should have spent some money on wardrobe. id rather just play the game then watch this stinker.

Johnny BeGood on Feb 18, 2010


u guys are lamesauce, this movie is gonna kick ass, just wait..

sho on Feb 18, 2010


Pfft no #16 your "lamesauce" for actually thinking this is gonna be good.....Can anyone say Street fighter all over again?

Cody on Feb 18, 2010


I think people should just enjoy video-game movies for what they are, especially fighting games. To this day I like the first 'Mortal Kombat" movie, and if this is at least as good as that, then that's good enough for me. ---

DRM on Feb 18, 2010


I smell Oscar!!!!

shocked? on Feb 18, 2010


this is going to RULE!!!!!

DoomCanoe on Feb 18, 2010


the 1st MK movie was good cuz they had intense fight sequences & had the same story but improved it. the 1st SF movie was not as good becuz the fight sequences and story wasnt all dat good but at least they had the costumes right and the fact dat its kinda funny now when u see it as a comedy. DBE sucked cuz when we saw the pics they did show ANY form of violence. when we saw the 1st 4 trailers they werent dat good but the 5th was ok. then we saw the movie and NO epicness whatsoever becuz piccolo was barely seen, chi chi and master roshi faught better than goku & piccolo, several reasons. 2nd SF film was stupid as FUCK cuz it was more of a lifetime TV movie. the fights were not spectacular but chun-li vs the street thugs were ok. also, it seemed as tho the director never played the game but at least there was 1 actual street fight hence the name STREET FIGHTER but the movie didnt have the feel and excitement. the TEKKEN film however DOES ACTUALLY show fights and the pix show it. jap trailer better than uk's

supaflyafro on Feb 18, 2010


the trailer made this film look shit,but photo's 1,9 & 10 look alright,8 looks excellent.i wait for the dvd release.



It's being released on DVD and blu-ray through Optimum releases in April.

Link1983 on Feb 19, 2010


Kendo masks and machinegusn look rediculous together lol, but other than that looks like its going well lol

Ricardo on Feb 19, 2010


It's impossible for Hollywood to put out a decent video game adaptation. We will be painfully reminded of this when Tekken is released.

Nada Nuff on Feb 19, 2010


This looks soooooooo bad.

YourGirlfriendLickedMyAsshole on Feb 19, 2010


I'm willing to give it a shot. MK was cheese but good cheese

Vold on Feb 19, 2010


YOU GUYS! wats poppin in ya heads, im gonna spend my hard earned money to watch this skull-cracking fighting movie, all you bums expecting is a "High-class" film when all you wanted is bad ass action from your favourite characters in real life. So all u high-class movie fat-heads can sit down and watch the wall while i enjoy watching some of ma favourite characters kick some serious butt on a screen.

Cronzy on Feb 19, 2010


I grew up on Tekken and I have to say I am very upset by how the movie LOOKS. The trailer was terrible; the costumes look like they were bought at walmart, and most of the actors/actresses look nothing like the characters. I am not asking for Jin to really have Vegetas hair cut but damn can I get some facial recognition? Eddie is by far the best looking. All in all I will see it, if it turns out to have a few good action scenes ill be happy...but I am still expecting a big ol POS.

Jacob Crim on Feb 19, 2010


Nina's cameltoe ftw.

Tom Dearsley on Feb 19, 2010


Jin looks OK. Eddy and Bryan look pretty good. Other chars look like cosplay party. I hope fighting is going to be good.

toxic on Feb 20, 2010


I didn't even have to see any photos or clips to tell you this is going to suck. Not only that, they're about um 10 years too late. Seriously.

My Balls itch on Feb 21, 2010


I'm having a feeling this is going to be better than we all think. Dark and serious.

Random on Feb 22, 2010


at least they can make the correct costume!!! in this case, its way better than recent street fighter and dragonball movies!!! i wish someday some good director can make a street fighter movie with correct costume and story.......

horng on Mar 1, 2010


This game looks awesome. People just don't appreciate it's potential, I know it will be good, I've read and seen videos.

Randomer on Mar 22, 2010


You guys are in for a shock I tell you, it is going to be immense.

Randomer on Mar 22, 2010


For some people like to it so bad your not alone. for others who dilikes because every thing has changed come the storyline will be changed anyway just like the other moives out there you should that its just a moive don't make bad thougts before see in it try seeing it love or hate it. If are all upsest about the coming to the good old usa your not alone the moive will come soon sometime around this could be a summer moive, fall moive, or a winter moive. If you still have problems for this moive because alot has what is the point. I say for all who love it or hate it just see it for yourself then go head start talk tash about if you talk about to early before it comes out they might delay it even more keep thinling about you will slow your own time down alot more. I know you are very impationent about so am I. I also saw the new tekken trail not to long ago this is five time better then the first one go type in tekken trail 2 and see it for self.

biggest tekken fan in the world on Jun 3, 2010


I've seen the film and it's utter crap. It shames the Tekken name.

BlackRoseVale on Aug 15, 2010

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