Big Surprise: 'Paranormal Activity 3' Hits Theaters October 2011

November 17, 2010
Source: Bloody Disgusting

Paranormal Activity

Since the first sequel has raked in $156 million worldwide so far, and it only cost about $3 million to make, it's no surprise that Paramount is eager to get Paranormal Activity 3 off of the ground. It looks like the next sequel will come as fast as the Saw sequels started launching after their Halloween box office success as Bloody Disgusting reports the studio and producer Oren Peli (who directed the first Paranormal Activity) have set an October 21st, 2011 release date for the threequel. Though no details are known about the story yet, the second film offered some hints and possible paths the next installment might go. Spoilers ahead!

Since Tod Williams essentially delivered a prequel/sequel that both showed events before and immediately following the horror of the first film, I think that once again the next sequel will have to go further into the past. Collider came up with a few potential plots (both real and tongue-in-cheek) for the sequel shortly after Paranormal Activity 2 dominated the box office, but I've got my own ideas about where the story should take us. Many people think we should simply go back to when Katie Featherston and her sister Kristi were children and the infamous demon tormented and haunted them in their bedroom. That seems too easy, and somewhat difficult considering video camera technology wasn't all that great back in the day to justify keeping the "found footage" feel of the franchise.

Personally, I don't think we have to go back that far. When the sisters were talking about the strange happenings in the second film, Katie warned Kristi that she shouldn't dwell on them or she'll end up just like their mother. To me, that doesn't imply that she's dead, but that she's likely gone crazy with thoughts of this demon. Since we don't know why the demon suddenly came to Kristi's house, it would be great to have the third film set in a mental hospital where Katie and Kristi's mother is locked up and where the demon begins its aggressive attack on their family.

Think about the possibilities! The hospital would have security cameras all over the place to see the demon in action, and no one would think anything of it if patients pointed out the strange happenings since they're all crazy anyway. There we would see the demon messing with the mother and likely discovering how he comes back to claim the first born son of the family whose ancestors likely made a deal with the devil as hinted in the second film. It would up the ante and continue to tell us more about this demon and his origins. That's my two cents, but we still have to find out who will end up directing it. What do you guys think?

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Meh. Great, another Saw Franchise.

Jaron Kacy on Nov 17, 2010


Unlike saw, paranormal activity is a HORROR movie, and a good one at that. They won't make 8 movies that don't actually tell a story about the main characters and their family. Paranormal activity 1&2 have a great story line, great delivery, and is ACTUALLY scary. I'm a horror movie fanatic and nothing scares me, but this movie is wild. So think before you open your mouth

Mad Hattr on May 14, 2011


wtf no!

A5J4DX on Nov 17, 2010


I didn't care for either of the first 2, so I don't expect the 3rd to be any better.

notalent on Nov 17, 2010


why are you even commenting then.. why would you even come to this website if you don't like the movies? Quit being a vagina!

CARLthedemon on May 14, 2011


By now it's SAFE to say that this is the new SAW franchise

lmao on Nov 17, 2010


Hey Ethan what gives? No hot celeb pic in this post? hahaha

quaked2023 on Nov 17, 2010


Ethan, I agree with your idea. I think that's where they should go since they did bring it up in the film but very quick and quietly. And maybe this time the demon can talk to the mother somehow about the fact that a baby boy hasn't been produced yet. I can't wait. But I see these movies more funny then anything. In the first one when she is pulled out of bed, I laughed so hard tears started to fall. Then when it happened again in the second but with stairs....ROTF LMBO!!!

Chanel on Nov 17, 2010


Hope its in 3D!

abcdefg on Nov 17, 2010


And what about the baby Ethan?

Robbie on Nov 17, 2010



Long Haired Fiend on May 14, 2011


I think he is asking another poster who he knows as "Ethan".

poop on Jun 16, 2011


oops, the author of the article is Ethan. so that's who he was questioning.

poop on Jun 16, 2011


@#5 he's got Natalie Portman in a Black Swan Flash ad, and Emma Watson in a banner... I think he's got it covered. 😉

dRailer on Nov 17, 2010


this franchise sucks. by the way, a third was inevitable.

Al on Nov 17, 2010


...go bite yourself in the back ya fancy son of a narwhal

Your mom on May 14, 2011



Spider94 on Nov 17, 2010


Lol Paranormal Activity 6 : What, you thought this was over?!? Andd Paranormal Activity 7 Jersey shore Edition : We got a Situation

Renee on Apr 2, 2011


as long as there are people willing to pay for this crap - it'll keep getting made.

beavis on Nov 17, 2010


Horror franchises are the back-bone of American cinema. They are always needed and they do us movie-goers the most good. I am also a liar and full of shit.

Cracky on Nov 17, 2010



Renee on Apr 2, 2011


Why are there so many negative comments? As long as the demon remains unknown and keeps terrorising its awesome!!

cool89 on Nov 18, 2010


I agree with #14.

Robbie on Nov 18, 2010


after watching the 2nd film i would have bet my house on this happening

memz on Nov 18, 2010


I agree with #14 and #15. If you post you have probably seen both films.....

migz on Nov 18, 2010


I saw the first and the second the day the second one was out. And I actually enjoyed both of them. So am glad they are making a third one but, I just hope it ends there.

I have no name on Nov 18, 2010


I think the Paranormal Activity movies are pretty sweet actually. They're not too serious all the time but they're still pretty thrilling. This idea for an asylum installment or whatever seems kinda awesome, this could be like a horror franchise that isn't totally retarded like Saw and junk. Or it'll just start sucking and spiral into retarded awfulness from this point on. But, you know, fingers crossed.

Da Man on Nov 18, 2010


#1 My thoughts exactly. The first was good and there was NEVER any need for a sequel, let alone turning it into a franchise like Saw. FAIL!!!

Cruzer on Nov 19, 2010


I actually really enjoy this franchise and thought the sequel did what few sequels do in actually being both a GOOD follow up as well as adding to the mythology behind the story. I love the asylum idea but maybe the third one can be BOTH flash backs and liver in the "now." What if the younger sister sets out to find her brother and aunt documenting it to expose what's happening to none believers. She could visit her mom and maybe she scores (rips off) surveillance tapes by breaking into the archives. we could see her discovering the events with us as we see her mother tormented by the demon. this could have a documentary meets surveillance meets found footage trio combo. Dont know but the fact that lots of people are pondering the possibilities tells me this film is a stroke of spooky genius. I'm 100% down for a third one and psyched that I have something to look forward to next Halloween other than that crap shock fest for brainless idiots of SAW..

Mau-Dee on Nov 19, 2010


Oh, people, do you know Rec movies? They want to make 4 movies. So Paranormal activity can have 4 movies too. Or only 3 movies, it doesn´t matter.

yinloveyang on Nov 25, 2010


'Quarantine' is based off of the REC movies......not paranormal activity....

AKguest on Jul 21, 2011


I´m wondering through. Rec 3 will be about this girl from the past, who was infected as the first person, how are they going to make it? When was the first camera invited?

yinloveyang on Nov 25, 2010


i think it should be about kristi's stepdaughter where the baby is heard crying and katie haunts her

Belfastbecca on Jan 17, 2011


I totally agree with #14.

Abcde on Jan 24, 2011


is the paranormal activity true?

rob on Jan 26, 2011


I'm reasonably sure the father in PA2 was responsible for the demon in the movies. The fact that the daughter immediately assumes someone from Katie's family is responsible cries red herring. After all her dad used to not be rich, and now owns a few Burger Kings, not to mention his insistence that nothing is happening which at a point borders on psychotic.

Ken Brown on Jan 27, 2011


one problem. how did katie get locked up in the mental hospital while being possessed by that demon?

Brian on Feb 23, 2011


"where Katie and Kristi's mother is locked up" I think you read it wrong... he is just saying.. their mother is locked up, not Katie;

Yourvenomouskiss on May 10, 2011


I think it was a great idea and all and that the movie would go down in history. But then they made a second one and now there just pushing it. Kind of ruins the whole thing.

Dan on Mar 7, 2011


One problem with the "Katie in an asylum" idea. The events depicted in the film took place in 2006, but are only being "revealed to the viewer" presently in 2009/10.. And Katie's and Hunter's whereabouts are still unknown. Would have been a neat concept tho, but a hell of a plot hole.

DevilProxy on Mar 9, 2011


No I don't like the idea of a pa3. I think it would end up like any typical horror flick when they keep pushing it.. For example, Blair witch one and then the direction they took with Blair witch 2...

Renee on Apr 2, 2011


Paranormal Activity 7: The Demon goes Hell

Crawfordjk2000 on Apr 5, 2011


I dont agree. Personally, I think it should go into a detailed "Demon hunt" for lack of better term, with the sister of Hunter looking for him.

Hitman21087 on Apr 7, 2011


i actually think your idea is fantastic!! its genius!!

Heymrshesmysister on Apr 7, 2011


I actually liked these movies, the "handy cam" feel is always good to me. I think that idea is OK. I don't know if they can really do a Demon Hunting kind of theme with the daughter just for the whole security cam hand cam feel. I think it wouldn't be bad if they did a sort of "Ghost Hunters/Adventures" kind of thing, with investigators inside the houses being terrorized by the demon. And would LOVE to see Zak Baggins in this movie being gutted... lol, just a personal wish but w/e they decide to do with this third movie I hope they keep the same feel to it.

Nfortin24 on Apr 12, 2011


I believe it would be a good idea to film #3 at the hospital like the director said there would be cameras and one problem if the people in the hospital are crazy how would they know is a demon or not how does kristi get out. Might as well start from the very beggining when the family in their child hood that way it can make perfect sense... remember the 1st and 2nd they complain that it foloowed them when they were 8 and the more they spoke of it the more it got worse... my idea is start at hospital when mom giving birth of kristi then years later when they make a deal with the demon her mom gets crazy kristi get possessed and goes on when the mom and kristi are at the hospital... for advice contact me @

Jvarela94 on May 1, 2011


Everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to movies. Everyone's a top notch critic who tries to value their own opinions as facts. I never listen to any of these self proclaimed critics and I'm my own critic. I personally enjoyed both parts to these movies and I look forward to the third instalment.

Chadwick0211 on May 3, 2011


i like you idea better!

Lmashouf on May 4, 2011


the baby needs to be the demon. i would shit myself.

nichole on May 4, 2011


yea great prediction..

Junior Hernandez on May 5, 2011


 So i love these movies i dragged my parents to them because im 13 and couldnt go by myself but i kinda like the idea with the mother i also wanna know a little about there childhood with the demon

Tange 15 on May 15, 2011


Keen for th third. It can only get better noting progress from th first t second.

Bazinga on Jun 9, 2011


I frankly would love a third. I love the PA Franchise!  😀

shortypenguin on Jun 19, 2011


Very excited. First one had me sleeping with the lights on, second, not so much but am looking forward to the third

Dennisandtami on Jun 21, 2011


Paranormal Activity X Followed by Paranormal Activity vs. The Fourth Kind

Nick on Jul 9, 2011


Loved both on these movies! First one gave me a few more jumps but they both were awesome! Can't wait till october 21st! Paranormal activity 3 here I come!

Blondiebabe5985 on Sep 22, 2011


Mental hospital demons already been done. Don't remember the name of the movie but there was a rabbi and the demon was based off of Jewish folklore

Xsohillaryousx on Oct 15, 2011


I am still wondering about the chick in the first one, she was in the second one and we still don't know what or where she went btw I'm still excited about paranormal activity lll

Abcd1234 on Oct 15, 2011

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