Bill Condon to Direct Both Parts of Twilight: Breaking Dawn?

April 7, 2010

Bill Condon - Breaking Dawn

Just last month, some genuine interest from the previously uninterested may have been created for The Twilight Saga's presumed two-part finale Breaking Dawn as high profile directors like Sofia Coppola, Gus Van Sant and Bill Condon being offered the chance to helm the vampire melodrama. Now it looks like Summit and series author Stephanie Meyer (who has to approve the choice of director) have their top choice as Deadline reports Condon (Dreamgirls) is the leading candidate to direct the finale and may be negotiating a deal which will have him filming both parts back-to-back. If only they could be musicals.

If Condon does indeed end up directing this two-part film, then it will push back what would have been his next project, a project we haven't reported on yet, an adaptation of the Paul Torday novel Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, which he was putting together to be distributed by Fox Searchlight. However, apparently casting has been a challenge for that film as Colin Firth was in and out, along with Rachel Weisz and Kristin Scott Thomas. That's news to us since the last we heard was Condon was looking to shoot his Richard Pryor biopic with Marlon Wayans this fall. Presumably his taking on Breaking Dawn will also delay that film as well.

Though Condon's involvement in The Twilight Saga might make things slightly more interesting, I'd much rather see his Richard Pryor biopic come to fruition before anything else. Cue the Twilight bashing!

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intresting thing these directors are yet talented but are no high profile directors so Stephanie Myer and SUMMIT people can hhace the last call on the movies

X on Apr 7, 2010


They should just let Tommy Wiseau direct Breaking Dawn. "You're tearing me apart Bella!"

Dimas on Apr 7, 2010


I agree w/ #2. Twilight + Tommy = worst movie ever

T on Apr 7, 2010


does this book deserve a 2-part film? i mean the 7th harry potter book, i can understand. that book was loaded w/ details, a lot of locations, and an epic battle scene. i feel like summit is just milking it now

peaches on Apr 7, 2010


@4 Read the book, you might find out.

Classified on Apr 8, 2010


No, 4. This does not deserve two parts. I'm a big fan of the series (I feel like I should apologize for this...) and I absolutely loathed the fourth book. I'd prefer they not make a movie of it at all!

Shannon on Apr 8, 2010


Ok. The answer is this: No they do not need a two part film for Breaking Dawn. !SPOILER ALERT! Nothing happens. Seriously. Nothing happens. My wife roped me into reading these "fluff" books and to give away the entire story. . . . nothing happens. Yes Bella becomes a vampire but seriously, nothing happens. It is a lot of build up to nothing. So boring. The fact that we are still talking about Twilight and Stephanie Meyer is frustrating to say the least. The books ARE fluff. There is no real story. All the characters are so shallow. Talking, talking, talking about what could happen if . . . and nothing happens. So tired of hearing about Twilight. Tyler

thetylerw on Apr 8, 2010


shitty movie and book is shitty on Apr 8, 2010


I agree with #8# Total sentiment's.

Cineprog on Apr 8, 2010


My wife got me to read the books too. I think they were good personally. I think the movies are getting better with bigger budgets and better effects. They are not perfect by any means, but the are just movies. I like them for what they are. I never liked that Pattinton guy as Edward, but they had to get who they could when they started. I can see a natural break in Breaking Dawn where there could be two movies. There is a lot that happens. I do think there are some aspects of the story that could be a challenge translating to film. I do look forward to seeing how they approach it.

The Kidd on Apr 8, 2010


They should just get Uwe Bol to direct. LOL

WB Exec on Apr 8, 2010


oh my gosh!!!!!! why u people hate on this amazing franzize i mean ZOMG oh my god u don't know how bella is riole model to us bella is above than mother terressa cause she is bella bite me edward

twilightfangirl on Apr 8, 2010


The twilight books and movies are great. But the nerds who run this site get more 8 years olds to read it if they say "Cue the Twilight bashing!" Maybe one day they will grow up too. on Apr 8, 2010


This is the same guy who directed a candyman sequel; just goes to show that your movie can only be as good as the source material that it comes from.

Mike on Apr 8, 2010


@13 oh my gosh u are so right i m like why they are so mean and then i m like yeaaaaa they are mean cause they don't understand awesomeness of twilight ummm yeaaaaa like so twilight is like so like awesome book bite me edward

twilightfangirl on Apr 8, 2010


There's only one apropiate director for Breaking Dawn and that is Robert Zemeckis. Think about it like this: Who's the one person Twi Hards wouldn't want as director of Breaking Dawn? Answer: Robert Zemeckis, due to his "creepy" motion capture animation technuques. With Robert Zemeckis' trademark creepy mo-cap style, Twilightmania will die.

Jeeze on Apr 8, 2010


The main problems with Twilight are not from the director but the cast. With some decent leads, it might actually be watchable.

Anomalous Material on Apr 14, 2010


OK wow. The books were amazing, but the last book does not deserve two parts! The last Harry Potter is worth two parts, but sadly two parts is a waste of time here.

jess on Sep 26, 2010

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