Blake Lively Lands the Female Lead Role in DC's Green Lantern

January 8, 2010

Carol Ferris / Blake Lively

Breaking casting news for you on a Friday night. Heat Vision is reporting that Blake Lively has scored the coveted role of the female lead in DC Comics Green Lantern movie that starts filming in March. Lively, who starred in both of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants films and appears on "Gossip Girl", will star opposite Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. Latino Review revealed last month that director Martin Campbell had narrowed down his top choices for the key role to Lively, Eva Green, Keri Russell, Diane Kruger, and Jennifer Garner, but it looks like it's the girl no one was expecting to be cast that landed the role after all.

Lively will play Carol Ferris, the love interest of Hal Jordan who runs her father's aerospace company. She hires the cocky test pilot Hal Jordan who eventually becomes the intergalactic policeman Green Lantern. The role called for a slightly older actress but Lively apparently "impressed the studio and filmmakers with her audition." She also appears in Ben Affleck's The Town and WB "was also impressed with her work" in that. Out of all the actresses in the running, I think Lively is the worst one they could've chosen. Let's hope Campbell can whip her into shape. The role of Sinestro still isn't cast, but we hope it's Jackie Earle Haley.

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she may surprise us. as for Sinestro I torn between Jackie Earl Haley, and of course (with fingers crossed) Mark Strong!

Xerxex on Jan 8, 2010


Big role for Blake. Let's hope she can pull it off. Mark Strong would be cool for Sinestro, but I can go with Haley too.

Nasty Nate on Jan 8, 2010


That's the best pic you could find of her? haha.

craziemutant on Jan 8, 2010


^ #3 - It was from her recent appearance on the Sherlock Holmes red carpet (a coincidence that WB invited her to that? I think not!) What, you don't think she looks good in it? 🙂

Alex Billington on Jan 8, 2010


This better be a joke...

Iron Knight on Jan 8, 2010


This will be a make it or break it role for Lively. Her performance in Pippa Lee was good but a superhero blockbuster will be a totally different challenge! I would've seen someone like Lost's Evangeline Lilly. Lively is good but I'm not too sure about her pulling it off. I guess we will just have to wait and see... As for sinestro Ealy is great, Mark Strong too, lol I saw the pic and I immediately thought of Billy Bob Thornton haha that would be hilarious Maybe Richard Armitage- he plays Guy of Gisbourne in BBC's Robin Hood and looks like a younger Mark Strong

karine ohayon on Jan 8, 2010


I trust Campbell with the decision. The way I look at it is we know what the other women can do, but Lively hasn't really had a chance to show her stuff. Time will tell.

germs on Jan 8, 2010


she is so fine...

Kenji on Jan 8, 2010


I REALLY hope Blake Lively can pull this off; honestly, I think Jennifer Gardner would've been perfect for this role. If Blake doesn't pull this role off, it could be disaster. Let's hope to be pleasantly surprised.

anonymous on Jan 8, 2010


I hate to disagree with you Alex, but Jackie Earle Haley just isn't right for Sinestro. He's a fantastic actor, but I don't think he has physical presence or the right arrogance to play the role. He's a little too short and he would bring a feral quality to Sinestro that just isn't there in the comics. Sinestro is more cerebral and cunning. After seeing Sherlock Holmes I have to agree with #1. Mark Strong would be a much better choice. Jason Isaacs would be a good choice too, even though it will never happen. I don't know, I guess I've just always seen a more classic trained British actor taking on the role. As far as Blake Lively is concerned, I could care less. Carol Ferris is just going to be window dressing in this first movie anyway. She's the Mary Jane to Hal's Peter Parker. If they ever make a sequel with Star Sapphire as a villian then we'll see how good of a choice Campbell has made here. I'll be there opening day whoever they cast anyway........

J on Jan 8, 2010


This is THE worst casting. She is awful. I think Reynolds and Campbell must have tag-teamed her or something, otherwise this makes no sense.

Barrett on Jan 8, 2010


#9 it's Garner. just an fyi lol

mike on Jan 8, 2010


I thought Michel Gondry was directing this? This is going to be more confusing than last years cop mall movies.

Me on Jan 9, 2010


**Should have been Kerri Russell and Bradley Cooper. - Reynolds and Lively will do just fine, but Reynolds was meant for Deadpool and Deadpool alone. GREEN Movie will be great, but not because of the performances.**

J.White on Jan 9, 2010


Or Cooper & Garner for good chemistry.

J.White on Jan 9, 2010


@ 1 & 2 who is mark strong ? what's he been in ?i say HUGO WEAVERING FOR SINESTRO,i don't if this blake lively is the right choice,but i said that about michael keaton playing batman & heath ledger playing the joker & i was wrong so let's wait & see.HURRY THE FUCK UP WITH A TEASER TRAILER,ryan reynolds let's get the ball rolling so you can start shooting DEADPOOL.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Jan 9, 2010


Me Gondry is directing The Green Hornet. #16 Tobi, who is Mark Strong!?

Xerxex on Jan 9, 2010


#13- There was only two mall cop movies. #16- Body of Lies, Revolver, RocknRolla, Sherlock Holmes and a bunch more, he's also in Robin Hood and Kick Ass this year.

People's Champ on Jan 9, 2010


#18 yeah and now theres two Green whatever movies.

Me on Jan 9, 2010


@#3 Agreed! I think it looks like a DMV picture lol

Victor on Jan 9, 2010


r u serious......

kuyhf on Jan 9, 2010


Really no deadpool updates?

meatcarnage on Jan 9, 2010


I really want deadpool more than this project to be honest...

Fisherr on Jan 10, 2010


Blake Lively?? Really??? Wasn't really interested in this movie before, but worst not interested with that casting. This will really be a make it or break it role for her.

M on Jan 10, 2010


I was hoping for Garner. Hopefully she can pull it off, if she does it will be huge for her career.

K on Jan 11, 2010


Why oh why oh why??? Blake Lively cant ACT!! shell probably end up muttering some stuff on screen half heartedly as she always does...Garner would have been better. Also The Green Lantern is quite a lame superhero, lets hope that they manage to spice him up a little, with Ryan Reynolds, that shouldnt be much of a challenge.

Nightshade on Jan 11, 2010


I think it was a good choice. They probably wanted to go with someone original. Garner(I LOVE HER) has done the comic book movie thing twice. They probably didn't want her for this for that reason

KAOZ on Jan 11, 2010


The GL movie is already showing ear marks of being a disaster. Budget issues, moving locations and changing story lines. Hollywood has no clue or idea about the GL legacy and it's origins.

DarkNeo on Jan 18, 2010

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