Bob Stencil at Comic-Con 2010: Part 1 - First Footage is Here!

July 24, 2010

Bob Stencil at Comic-Con 2010

He's back and better than ever - Bob $tencil has returned! His very first video of Comic-Con 2010 has finally premiered and can be seen below. This year, we're featuring a total of 3 videos with Bob $tencil from Comic-Con, in two separate parts, with one final King of Comic-Con video, which will arrive later this week. In this video, Bob chats with fans on the showfloor, interviews Machete stars Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez, and chats with Nathan Fillion from James Gunn's Super. It's another can't miss video with one of Comic-Con's beloved "Geek Gods" himself and only just the first look at more videos to come. Enjoy!

As always, you can find the latest Bob Stencil videos at during Comic-Con 2010. We will be bringing you even more awesome Bob $tencil footage soon, so stay tuned for new updates right here! Ever since he finished flying planes, Bob has been crooning, MCing, and playing and teaching poker in Southern California, Las Vegas and Reno. Every single year he goes to the San Diego Comic-Con to chat with old friends, hit on celebrities, and spread the word on moustache love. He's back again for his sixth year and better than ever! Keep up with all of our coverage as we bring it to you live from San Diego!

Fly High My Friends,

Bob Stencil

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Haha first part with the car that was awesome

Duck on Jul 24, 2010


Dude the old lady totally sounds like Sigourney Weaver. 100%

PK on Jul 24, 2010



Dreckent on Jul 24, 2010


Thank you Bob $tencil for these amazing videos.

Yoji on Jul 24, 2010


Bob $tencil the MAN.

lamar on Jul 24, 2010


This is what I was for waiting for since the beginning of Comic-Con 2010! I loved every second of the video, with the interview of Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez being my favorite part! So, Bob $tencil, you, good sir, ROCK!

Yonix on Jul 24, 2010


Fucking fantastic. This is nothing short of pure genius. Keep it coming, Bob.

Tom on Jul 24, 2010



karub on Jul 24, 2010


Bob $tencil is all of the things I wish to be.

Adam on Jul 24, 2010


what are you all talking about? I'm sure none of you saw last year's comic con coverage, THAT was absolutely INSANE! this one on the other hand, got me really disappointed, looks like he's there against his will. he's laughing, asking normal questions, getting embarassed, what's wrong? did he broke up with his girlfriend or something? the old lady sequence! she was a completly useless nutcase that made him laugh, bob doesn't laugh! people laugh at bob because THEY are embaressed by HIM! not the opposite. I'm hugely disappointed, the teasers were awesome, but the actual video couldn't back that up. he was also embarassed on Hall H, what's up with that?? the bad sundance experience was totally understandable, it's a completly different place, he would be nothing but a jackass acting like he does on comic cons, but man! you're back on weirdo's paradise! loosen up!! what's wrong with you? I only laughed at the car scene, just a few seconds on a 7 minute long video. you can do better, Bob! I trust you!

felipe on Jul 24, 2010



Alice on Jul 24, 2010


I love bob stencil, that's why I used relevant ARGUMENTS to backup my disappointment, you should try that, #11, telling someone to shut up is not an argument, just a proof that you might be retarded or you're 12 tops.

felipe on Jul 24, 2010


"We could rub this terry cloth against this velor and make a fire" "I'll see you in my dreams, seeing me in your dreams" I haven't laughed that hard in a long time...Man I love this guy. It's a shame we only see him once a year these days, he needs to make a vlog every week for fistshoving, er I mean firsthowing.

peloquin on Jul 24, 2010


@ 10...comedy is subjective so I'm sorry you didn't find this video very entertaining. Maybe next time, but it seems like you're in the minority here. It's hard to objectively debate something that's based around personal opinion and the only statistics that can be taken from comedy are the amount of people who enjoy it vs the amount who dislike it. So far it's 10 to 1.

peloquin on Jul 24, 2010


14 - still weak. people may like this video but it wasn't the only point I approached, I made a comparison with last year's coverage. I may be the minority here regarding this specific video, but I didn't see anyone saying that this is better. but this one side by side with last year's, I can see a HUGE difference. It's still my opinion and I can back that up pretty well, you can disagree as much as you like but I have reasons and I want that to be respected. I picked a fight with the idiotic comment right after mine telling me to shut up, you can say whatever you want, but back it up like you did, don't treat me disrespectfully like that one did. your point is valid and I agree with the difference here is big, the subjectivity of comedy, etc. the situation being 10 to 1 doesn't make the video better though, your talking about 10 people, things can be A LOT different if, say, a thousand people commented. comedy is subjective, but don't base the quality of something on 10 comments.

felipe on Jul 24, 2010


I'd give that old bitch a pearl necklace. She's hot. That Ellen girl is a sourface.

BaleHail on Jul 25, 2010


felipe is the armond white of this comment board. so felipe, shut the fuck up.

Hunter Reed on Jul 25, 2010


Actually, I have to agree with felipe. It's still funny, yes, still amusing, and I still love Bob, but it does seem subpar compared to his previous efforts. The simple fact alone that he doesn't even seem to be making an effort to do the classic, raspy Bob $tencil voice, and instead sounds - for almost the entirety of the video - like he's just using his normal everyday voice, gives me the impression (whether it's true or not) that he just doesn't have his heart in it this year. And then, there's the delay for this video's arrival. Usually he'd have a video up the day after (not to mention a video per day), and when that didn't happen this year, I was expecting that the time was being used to do some editing above and beyond what they've done before. Instead, this is possibly the most poorly edited video we've seen from him, with no intro or outro, and some awkwardly long parts. Anyway, even the worst Bob $tencil is still classic stuff, and I certainly still enjoyed it; I'm just hoping the rest of the videos are an improvement, and most of all that his heart IS still in it and we won't be hearing that this is Bob's last comic-con. And just because someone holds a different opinion from yours, don't tell them to shut up. It's ineffectual, reeks of immaturity, and is just plain sad. If you can't deal with people not agreeing with you 100% of the time, you're gonna have some serious trouble coping with the real world.

Hunter233 on Jul 25, 2010


On top of his game!

Nick Sears on Jul 25, 2010


Never gets old, ever

L on Jul 25, 2010


thanks a lot hunter233! you explained the situation a lot better than I did and pointed out other aspects that I neglected, like the lack of intro/outro in a long editing process, it's like it's publishing videos just for the sake of it. but yeah, I still love him and I DID laugh, so I'm hoping for a better, more into it. you talked about his voice, which is something that bugged me but I wasn't sure what it was. that and the dumb humor in the beginning with the hat guy, he was just repeating "why so serious" with an explanation afterwards, like, wtf? we know where that like come from, bob, your classic witty humor always spoke for itself, what are you doing? so, yeah, here's hoping for a better one. he and alex tweeted something about Natalie Portman loving him at the con and saying that he was the best interviewer she ever met, so I'm really hopeful now.

felipe on Jul 25, 2010


+10 Loved it............."I'll see you in my dreams, seeing me in your dreams"

SHANEDAV on Jul 26, 2010


I'm looking forward to the video where he gets in his two part question to Natalie Portman. Hillarious live, and I can't wait to relive it.

AlexBC on Jul 26, 2010


#10 x2. hes totally off his game.. we need more tentacle fucking and less boring awkward interviews!

Sho on Jul 26, 2010


nothing will ever beat the malin ackerman interview if i were a star, the stencil interview would be the only one that i would look forward to buzz i, they want stencil to moderate the panel for thor 2

walt kovacs on Jul 26, 2010


I'm glad I found this, Bob is awesome as always. You guys should really update the page you're pointing too though (/bobstencil), it's still only 2009 videos and the teaser.

Tay on Jul 27, 2010

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