Brandon's Word: Youth in Revolt is Hilariously Infatuating

January 7, 2010

Youth in Revolt

Michael Cera can do no wrong. It's been said that he plays the same character in every movie. It's been said that that character is just him, that he's playing a slightly more or less heightened version of himself every time he's projected on the big screen. Well, to be honest, I don't care. He does it well. He makes me laugh. And he's the OG of hopeless, awkward, geeky romantics. And that sentiment doesn't change throughout Youth in Revolt. Though, it does evolve.

Based on the novel by C.D. Payne and adapted by Gustin Nash, writer of Charlie Bartlett, Youth in Revolt follows the story of puppy love turned intense infatuation and the lengths to which Nick Twisp (Cera) will go to seal the deal. How far does he go? Far enough to create an alternate identity; one that stands in complete opposition to his play-it-safe attitude. A risk-taker. A rebel. A mustachioed menace: Francois Dillinger. Why is Twisp in such need of Dillinger's backbone? For a girl, of course: the beautiful, charming, and completely uninterested Sheeni Saunders, played wonderfully by new-comer Portia Doubleday. To score Sheeni, Twisp needs a revolution. But Francois Dillinger has his own ideas.

It's something to behold when Michael Cera dons his pencil-thin mustache as Dillinger. If for no other reason (and there are plenty of other reasons), Youth in Revolt is worth seeing simply to watch Cera breakout, sharpen his edge, and completely sell a character you've never seen him play before right alongside the character you know him for. The film rests squarely on Cera's shoulders, and he's able to carry it with ease.

But it's Nash's script that is the film's steady foundation. The man just knows the minds of hormone-ravaged teenagers. And he's able to capture the histrionics and extreme depths of inexplicable infatuations. Nash is a writer who strives to make each emotion and action feel real in context, even when those emotions and actions, if transplanted to our real world, wouldn't exactly be real. Youth in Revolt definitely lives in this hyper-reality, more real than real like the memory of an event rather than the event itself. It's a necessity that bolsters the heightened emotions and scenarios throughout the film. Nash's voice is unique, for sure. An amalgam of hyper-literate speech and teenage logic. A voice that perfectly captures the mindset of a teenager so eager to become an adult out from under the thumb of parental control (or any control at all, for that matter). There's rebellion and anti-establishment in every monologue. And while hyper-stylized, it all works in the context of the film, in the world created by Nash and director Miguel Arteta. And it's oh so much more preferable and enjoyable than the stylized dialogue and speech patterns of Diablo Cody's characters.

In short, Youth in Revolt is often hilarious and always smart. Michael Cera is truly brilliant. And the film's supporting cast is phenomenal, including the likes of Zach Galifianakis, Steve Buscemi, Fred Willard, Ray Liotta, Justin Long, Rooney Mara, and Jean Smart (who is incredibly hilarious as Twisp's mother). It's a love story, but only kind of. It's more so an exploration of what it feels like to be fully entranced by puppy love, to be infatuated for no other reason than because it's difficult, it's a challenge, and it's now, inexplicably, a must. To feel the sting of jealousy. And the jolt of love, or something like it. Every emotion rings true. Every action, while outrageous, feels warranted when rationalized by the hormone-addled mind of Nick Twisp.

And Francois Dillinger, well, I think we've all, at one point or another, needed an ascot-wearing, cigarette-smoking confidence engine. If not, then you probably already have a mustache that you're twirling maniacally. Good on you, sir. Good on you.

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Okayyy, I got a bone to pick with you this time. While you're right about Michael Cera really breaking out and kicking ass as Francois Dillinger, that was the only good thing about this entire movie. The writing... ohhhh the writing - it was TERRIBLE! Sure, he puts "angst" into his writing, but god damn the dialogue was awful. I couldn't stand it after 5 minutes. They sounded like 5th graders talking and if that's what your version of "hormone-ravaged teenagers" sounds like, I'll take Diablo Cody any day. No, but in all seriousness, the story, the plot, it all eventually becomes nothing but a dumbed-down throwaway script with dialogue and beats that feel like they were written by someone who has never read a book or watched a TV show or seen a movie his entire life. I really hated this movie and it wasn't because of Michael Cera, it was because of how awful "newcomer" Portia Doubleday was and how downright terrible the dialogue was. I just couldn't stand it.

Alex Billington on Jan 7, 2010


Well, those sure are two VERY conflicting opinions... "like a balloon and something bad happens!!!"

Knawx on Jan 7, 2010


Move along, move along. Nothin' to see here, folks. Alex and I will handle this like reasonable adults: THUMB WRESTLING. TO THE DEATH.

Brandon Lee Tenney on Jan 7, 2010


Hey! can I ref the thumb wrestling!?

Xerxex on Jan 7, 2010


Looks funny, I'm gonna check it out and if it's not good, I can live with it.

People's Champ on Jan 7, 2010


gotta wait to see this one; half way into the book ATM and hate seeing a movie when i'm halfway into the book. So for midnight tonight, it's DAYBREAKERS. An easy compromise, i suspect.

crumb on Jan 7, 2010


1: this coming from the most hyperbolic writer on this site.

Seb on Jan 8, 2010


So Alex what'd you think of Daybreakers in comparison to this then? Trying to decide which to see tonight.

peloquin on Jan 8, 2010


I hate it when the parents fight. Its always the kids who get left picking up the pieces. 🙁

thetylerw on Jan 8, 2010


not to complain too much, but i always found it sort of egotistical to have your comments in bold and grayed background... but I thought it would be the same for whoever the author of the post was... so to see that Alex's comments are still the BOLD, OBVIOUS ones on a post he didn't write, and especially to see that Brandon's comments are just like everyone else's on a post he DID write, is pretty freakin' obnoxious. just my two cents... but wouldn't you agree, Alex, that Brandon's comments here are more worthy of the attention than yours?

Connor on Jan 8, 2010


Soooooooo the movie sucks?

Conrad on Jan 9, 2010


at first i had no intentions on seeing this based on what Alex said about it when he saw it at...Toronto?? thanks to Brandon and the majority of all critics, i am going to check this out. hell it can't be any worse than Daybreakers, i want my 98mins back. working at a theater i can see both of these for free so i will be seeing Youth in Revolt sunday thanks Brandon!

DanielJ on Jan 9, 2010

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