Bruce Campbell Returns with Bruce vs. Frankenstein Sequel!

January 18, 2010
Source: AICN

Bruce Campbell

All Bruce Campbell news is good news! The Chin has just announced on Ain't It Cool News that they are shooting a sequel to My Name is Bruce this fall in Oregon. It's title will be Bruce Vs. Frankenstein and obviously from that title we can discern that he will indeed be fighting the Frankenstein monster. In the first My Name is Bruce, where Bruce Campbell plays himself, the actor is mistaken for his character Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy and forced to fight a real monster - the Chinese protector of the dead, Guan-Di - in a small town in Oregon. Oddly, My Name is Bruce is the only Bruce Campbell movie that I haven't seen.

Campbell sent out this statement to AICN, mentioning that his boss Mike Richardson at Dark Horse would "crush my spleen" if he let's the cat out of the bag. But he said screw it, because "the fans deserve to know."

"So with great trepidation I officially announce Bruce Vs. Frankenstein, the sequel to My Name is Bruce. Principal photography begins this fall in Oregon. I'd like to live long enough to see the cameras roll, so please, for the love of God, do not tell anyone - I can't risk this announcement getting back to Mike! Thank you."

Well it's out there now, sorry Bruce! Since I haven't seen My Name is Bruce yet (even though I own the Blu-Ray), I can't comment on whether or not a sequel is a good idea. But being a die-hard fan of Mr. Bruce Campbell, I do have to say this is exciting news, especially because it means we'll get to see The Chin back up on the big screen again sooner than later. As for that other sequel he's supposed to be shooting, Bubba Nosferatu, we haven't heard anything about it recently. But it looks like that'll have to wait until Bruce Vs. Frankenstein is finished. He didn't mention it, but I'm sure Campbell will be directing this sequel as well.

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Anything with Bruce is pretty cool.

Post Human on Jan 18, 2010


omg bruce campbell ftw.

lego on Jan 18, 2010


Campbell is awesome. I heard he might be doing a movie with Ron Perlman called "The Gatekeeper".

RedRum on Jan 18, 2010


My Name Is Bruce was terrible, absolutely awful. Won't be seeing this sequel.

Adam on Jan 18, 2010


I've never been disappointed by Bruce Campbell before. This IS exciting news.

Casual Reader on Jan 18, 2010


Ups to oregonnnnn!!! ha

zach on Jan 18, 2010


My Name is Bruce is a masterpiece. If you don't get it, you're not a fan of Bruce Campbell. Simple as that. ROLL ON BRUCE VS FRANKENSTEIN! HELL YES!

My Name is Juice on Jan 18, 2010


"at first i looked down on my self for becoming such a well known B rate actor, until i realized that B stands for better" -Bruce Campbell hell yeah

DoomCanoe on Jan 19, 2010


Bruce Campbell is always brill to watch and he was the best thing in My Name is Bruce. However, it wasn't one of his best films, but had a few chuckles throughout it. As for Bubba Nosferatu last I heard Bruce was no longer doing it and Ron Perlman was stepping into the Blue suede shoes with Paul Giamatti as the Colonel - more on that here

Live for Films on Jan 19, 2010


Bruce Campbell is the new Clint Eastwood! Kick - Ass!

Antouine on Jan 19, 2010


@4 Every time I read one of your comments, it's always expressing disdain about everything, no matter what. I'm going to make a movie about oxygen and maybe you'll hate it enough to stop breathing.

Cody on Jan 19, 2010


My Name Is Bruce was made specifically for Bruce fans and no one else, and as a die-hard Bruce fan I had a blast. A sequel, particularly one where Bruce takes on Frankenstein, could be amazing, and possibly even better than the first. Am I the only one who would love to see this turn into a series where Bruce fights all of the classic Universal movie monsters? Also, Bruce leaving Bubba Nosferatu makes me very, very sad.

Gill on Jan 19, 2010


This is awesome, I thought My name is bruce was a great present for all the Campbell fans, and actually enjoyed the film.

Chase on Jan 19, 2010


I completely understand what the intention was with "My Name is Bruce". I get it alright. It's campy and silly. Fine. I love all that shit. My problem is it's terribly bad! Mic shadows in the background, pour lighting, bad editing, bad casting, bad bad bad. And a cast that couldn't act their way out of a paper bag. I mean did they find these guys at the Circle K? With a budget of 1.5m you can actually make a good film. This was not it. Bruce Campbell is famously great at what he does. And he should stick to it and stay out of the directors chair. A film like this can be fun, campy and silly. But a well crafted version would have been more effective.

Bryanmakeup on Jan 19, 2010


I have to agree with #4 and I love Bruce Campbell. The best part about 'My Name Is Bruce' is the line "Can't a guy call his ex-wife at 3AM without it having to mean something?" That, alone, made it worth watching at least once. I'm glad he's got something a little more respectable with his character on Burn Notice. I am, however, anciously awaiting 'Bubba-Nosferatu'. I loved 'Bubba-Ho'tep'. The story was great, except for the mummy part and Campbell's Elvis was great.

twittwit on Jan 19, 2010


Hell Yeah this will be funny as hell

Jimmy Love on Jan 19, 2010


@14 It was supposed to be intentionally bad. That was the point.

Josh Taylor on Jan 20, 2010

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