'Bruce vs Frankenstein' Could Be 'The Expendables' of Horror

September 8, 2010
Source: Hero Complex

Bruce Campbell

Back in January we heard directly from The Chin himself that the anticipated sequel to the cult classic My Name is Bruce would finally arrive in the form of Bruce vs Frankenstein. Though there were some vague story ideas that surfaced back in 2008, Bruce Campbell recently talked with Hero Complex and shot off a whole slew of exciting ideas for this. Essentially, Campbell sees the sequel as The Expendables, or more like the It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World of horror. "I want to get so many horror movie stars that people can’t possibly not see the movie." Certainly sounds like an exciting prospect, but nothing is set in stone. Read on!

Campbell elaborated on some specific actors and roles he'd like to make happen in the film, but once again, these are all just ideas for now, and we all know Campbell loves to talk and talk. Here's what he had to say:

"I want to get so many horror movie stars that people can’t possibly not see the movie. I want to give them other stuff to do. I want to have Kane Hodder be very particular about what he eats. I want Robert Englund to be a tough guy, like he knows tae kwon do or something. I want to find out the hidden sides of all these people. Some will play themselves, some will play alternate characters as well. I may approach Kane Hodder to play Frankenstein. He could be Kane Hodder himself fighting himself as Frankenstein. It could be crazy. It’s a silly concocted story that we hope to do maybe in a year or so. There’s a script, it just kind of blows right now, so no one’s really seeing it. We gotta work on it."

Certainly sounds wacky enough for some horror fun, but it's definitely not shooting "this fall" like Campbell originally mentioned in January. If the script is in that bad of shape, I don't think fans want it to be rushed just to quench their thirst. It would be a real treat to see some of horror's biggest icons together in one fun flick, but I won't hold my breath yet. Campbell likes to talk about his sequels all the time, and similar to the probably never-going-to-happen Evil Dead sequel, who knows if this is ever going to happen either, but we'll be crossing our fingers at least. We'll keep you posted as more information becomes available. Excited?

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meh. We'll see what happens/who cares.

Voice of Reason on Sep 8, 2010


agreed with #1.

Xerxex on Sep 8, 2010


So it'll be a macho 'bear' roidfest of Horror? Cool. I love Bruce Campbell, he's always funny even in no-budgeters so I'll definitely watch this.

Crapola on Sep 8, 2010


Must have Jeffrey Combs

67alecto on Sep 8, 2010


I hope not. The Expendables was terrible.

Craig on Sep 8, 2010


I dont get it... really i cant get it, Bruce Campbell is awesome guy, he is funny and cool, he could play in sooo many main stream movies, there are so many crapy actors that still play in big movies like will ferall or others, or that guy with a beard in las vegas, he act same in every movie, and he isnt even funny

gfdgd on Sep 8, 2010


#1 and #2 you need to be feed to a wood chipper.

Astroboy3000 on Sep 8, 2010


Astroboy3000 did you not read the line "There’s a script, it just kind of blows right now, so no one’s really seeing it. We gotta work on it." um...not really feeling to confident about that, bad script bad movie. The Expendables was a let down, Bruce Campbell deserves the best of the best!

Xerxex on Sep 8, 2010


pshhh make a drinking game out of The Expendables and its awesome. Im also a huge fan of Bruce, but i don't care for this... it just sounds, kinda crappy.... PLUS! i want him to be in Bubba Nosferatu, or evil dead 4! (which i don't think will ever happen)

DoomCanoe on Sep 8, 2010


Sounds good as for a perfect script if there was one here then Bruce wouldn't do the movie, Hes got better taste than that!

Jimmy Love on Sep 8, 2010


Bruce Campbell is Awesome! Bring on the sequel!!!

tivdatsun on Sep 8, 2010



Jon A. on Sep 8, 2010


I both love Bruce and hate Bruce. What the fuck? Seriously, he gets the horror-hounds blood running when he brings this up... but doesn't consider Evil Dead 4? He is an icon, but he needs someone to push him along towards better roles. If he brought Ash back in ANY film, it would be a smash-hit. Do people not realize the massive fan base Evil Dead/Ash has? Christ, it's flabbergasting. And it'll probably never happen. Bubba Nosferatu has Ron Perlman now, DoomCanoe. That ship has sailed.

Cracky on Sep 8, 2010


fck the expendables... this is my kind of movie 😀

dreckent on Sep 8, 2010


@Cracky i know and i love Perlman. But its a Campbell character and i just wish it would have stayed that way. I just don't understand why the guy doesn't give the fans what they want from him. kinda pisses me off

DoomCanoe on Sep 8, 2010


Guys, it's not like Bruce is not doing Evil Dead 4 on PURPOSE. He's more than once said he'd do it if Sam Raimi wasn't so busy. And if you don't understand why he has to wait for Sam Raimi, I suggest sticking your own heads up your ass to keep yourselves quiet.

Syphous on Sep 9, 2010


#1 & #2...who cares??? Bruce fans care...why dont you two turds go see if you can find a copy of "Dude, Where's My Car?" floating around....that should be about your level of entertainment...

blasphemer on Sep 10, 2010

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