Bruce Willis Looking to Retire John McClane After 'Die Hard 6'

October 18, 2010
Source: Showbiz Spy

Bruce Willis

Throughout this year we've reported intermittent updates on yet another action romp with Bruce Willis as Det. John McClane in a sequel that may or may not be called Die Hard 24/7. Though the title and details on the plot are unknown, Willis is definitely coming back for another Die Hard with writer Skip Woods (The A-Team) behind the story. Though some people think Live Free or Die Hard forced John McClane to jump the shark like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, ShowbizSpy (via Screen Crave) reveals that he'll do another sequel after the fifth Die Hard film, but the sixth film in the series will likely be his last.

While promoting his newest film RED, Willis spoke candidly about his age, the chances of him getting replaced in the Die Hard franchise, and his plans for the future of the series:

“In the next few years they could easily find a replacement for me or call the character someone else. But for me, I want to do 'Die Hard 5,' then one final 'Die Hard' movie — 'Die Hard 6' — before finally hanging that white vest up for good. At the moment, I can run and I can fight on screen. But there will come a time when I no longer want to do that. That’s when I’ll step away from the 'Die Hard' films.

Though Willis says Die Hard 6 will likely be his stopping point, it sounds more like he's simply self-aware of his age soon stopping him from intense action. Of course, Harrison Ford is even older than Willis and he's still cracking whips and fighting Russians, so who knows when Willis will stop fighting bad guys. Surely the studio will be interested in keeping the franchise alive as long as they can. Fortunately, it doesn't look like Willis will retire anytime soon as the actor says, "I never thought of acting as work, and I don’t look at what I do as work so I won’t retire.” For now, we're waiting to hear when we'll next see John McClane on screen again, so stay tuned.

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man on Oct 18, 2010


In this new one, he'll meet Korben Dallas, his distant cousin from the future, who will travel back in time to stop the one Mr. Dark from destroying the Earth, Chris Tucker will be featured both in his role from the Rush Hour series, and as Ruby Rhod. Jackie Chan and Milla Jovovich will cameo.

LINKFX on Oct 18, 2010


Dude come on im excited to see another if done right.

SAM on Oct 18, 2010


I really enjoyed live free or die hard, and I totally appreciate Bruce's choice to retire the character. My only request is that he goes out in a massive blaze of glory. If its the last Die Hard he's gotta DIE HARD!

Nick Sears on Oct 18, 2010


About time! 🙂

Adam on Oct 18, 2010


Here's a thought, why don't you retire him right now and then never talk about him, because every movie after the first one was absolutely fucking awful. Just a thought.

Connor on Oct 18, 2010


"Die Hard" is the greatest action movie EVER! "Die Hard 2", well, I can't even remember the plot, I just remember there was some planes, and some things exploded, and these things made the perfect way for the planes to land. "Die Hard with a Vengeance" is pretty cool, even with the totally out-of-place-elegant-british-accent of Jeremy Irons. And I remember having so much fun with "Live free or die hard", (I just had to pretend the over the top surfing-jet-scene didn't happen). Still, I do want to have a couple of movies with John McLaine, his great sarcasm, the jokes in between, the victory over the impossible scenarios, and a lot of gunshots and punches against some very very very bad foreign guys...

leinergroove on Oct 18, 2010


agree with #7

splinter on Oct 18, 2010


"Live Free or Die Hard" ROCKED! It was one of the best action flicks of '07 and of the last 3 years. Action, plot, and acting were all top notch and meshed well together! I'd love to see another "Die Hard"! 🙂

Spider on Oct 18, 2010


Like #6 said, Die Hard sequels have got progressively worse as they go along, so this news is not good news. And Willis looks so bored in his roles these days. I guess he has bills to pay too and loves wearing that dirty wife-beater.

mr. mystery guest on Oct 18, 2010


#9 How!?, The action wasnt bloody at all, and it was PG13 which IS NOT DIE HARD! The acting was OK at best. If its anything like Live free or Die hard ill pass. I want my good bloody vulgar McClane back.

Cody w on Oct 19, 2010


*cough* its called "Nuking the fridge" now, to jump the shark is ooooold 🙂

David Banner on Oct 19, 2010


R rated with a "yippie ki ya mother%^@&er" or don't even bother.

Demtor on Oct 20, 2010


^ Say "Yippie Ki-yay mother fucker" without censoring yourself, or don't bother.

Alex T. on Oct 21, 2010


Bruce Willis should also get a lifetime achievement award for the many great films that he had""

Spray Insulations : on Oct 31, 2010


when i am watching action movies, i really love to see bruce willis in it :*-

Kiersten Blakes on Nov 24, 2010


Legendary John Mc Tiernan is the best chose for another Die Hard movie.pleae do that John...

Ss Pincode on Feb 6, 2011


If they keep makin die hard movies without willis, then they should pass the rains to sum1 else( as diffrent charector), & call the new films DIE HARD presents, to seperate those films from the originals.

Digg on Dec 28, 2012


DIE HARD 6 should be called " OLD HABITS DIE HARD", and if they dont use Willis any longer, thenthey should kill the charector off & take him out in legendary status, & let Detective John Mcclain totally DIE HARD.

Digg on Dec 28, 2012

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