Brutal New Full-Length Trailer for 'I Spit on Your Grave' Horror

August 7, 2010
Source: Yahoo

I Spit on Your Grave Trailer

Anchor Bay Films has debuted a new full-length official trailer on Yahoo today for their upcoming horror remake I Spit on Your Grave starring hottie Sarah Butler. We actually already featured the ass-centric poster for the film a few weeks ago, but I wasn't really that interested in it at the time. However, this new trailer gives us an incredibly brutal, intense look at just how crazy this horror remake will be. I'm not sure I'm any more interested now, but I'm definitely way more aware of the film, and I expect a few of you might just be sold by this trailer. Don't forget, they're releasing this "unrated" this fall, so it will be very intense!

Watch the official trailer for Steven Monroe's I Spit on Your Grave from YouTube:

You can also watch the trailer for I Spit on Your Grave in High Definition on Yahoo

Plot: A writer who's brutalized during a cabin retreat gets revenge on her attackers, who left her for dead.

I Spit on Your Grave is written and directed by filmmaker Steven R. Monroe, a former assistant cameraman who started directing in 2002, mainly making cheesy SciFi Channel thrillers and has somehow squeezed out a feature film that will barely be hitting theaters this time. The film first premiered at the Texas Frightmare Weekend and is being distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment. I Spit on Your Grave will arrive in limited theaters, unrated, starting on October 8th in the fall. You can find more info on the film's official website.

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So Saw except in a cabin with a chick.......Ill pass.

Cody w on Aug 7, 2010


well at least its not another chick just gets merked and her brother takes revenge. and its like a fuck you to raptist, which is always a good thing. But why oh why is it always the backwoods gas station employees? I mean they aren't all bad. All I take from this is, if you're a hot chick don't go through the backroads, cause you will, you will get raped and murdered. so major pass!

Xerxex on Aug 7, 2010


what the hell is a "Raptist"? fuck. Repair typo! REPAIR TYPO!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Xerxex on Aug 7, 2010


That last sequence made me want to protect the twins.

Dravas on Aug 7, 2010


it's not going be as gross as the original.

posssty on Aug 7, 2010


Holy sh*tballs. That was intense.

AJ on Aug 7, 2010


there's 1:19 of my life i'll never get back - hey, after this comes out - does anyone think james cameron will re-release it in 3D? (sorry alex, i say it all in good fun!)

beavis on Aug 7, 2010


yeah...chick gets raped (horrific) and left for dead. But what they didn't that she was on period. You don't mess around with a chick on period...or she will go berserk. And that was the movie's idea. tbh i spit on this trailer, and moving on.

ted on Aug 8, 2010


Ahahahahahahah i rofled @ Beavis! Especially since I just came from bashing on the avatar update/ re release update 😛

zach on Aug 8, 2010


#9 - i think that was my problem too - i just get finished reading about all of james camerons money-making plans, then i watch this putrid, steaming pile of crap. the last couple of weeks there has been some amazing movie news/trailers............and now the scales are starting to balance out with some terrible news and trailers.

beavis on Aug 8, 2010


She turns me on

eeee on Aug 8, 2010


She's kinda hot. The world would be a better place without this tripe.

Eli on Aug 8, 2010


Looks like its going to be gore porn which I can watch but I don't go looking for. The concept certainly makes you want to see them get whats coming to them. The gas station opening suggests there will be a lot of cliche

Aaron on Aug 8, 2010


@ 10 I feel ya man, Im sick and tired of hearing "james cameron is a genius and sooo original" I mean the style of filming/ cameras he used werent even his idea! they were used a long time ago! Gahh thank god for all these super hero movies, great comedies and the Expendables coming out! : D

zach on Aug 8, 2010


ehh.... ill see it

DoomCanoe on Aug 8, 2010


Doesn't have the same feel of the original. Exploitation horror isn't just about making ultra violent movies, it's more about being so far outside of hollywood that you can make something like that and get away with it because you just don't give a shit. Remaking one in the hollywood system is sorta defeating the whole purpose of exploitation. The reason these movies exist is because if you have a camera and live out in the middle of nowhere... well.. what other kind of movie are you gonna make? Go buy some ketchup and a few halloween props and make a stabbin' movie, the more tits the better. You could TRY to make some artsy, intelligent movie, but who's gonna act in it? Your aunt Flo and the dude that works the register at the local Exxon station? Yeah... better make a stabbin' movie...

Squiggly_P on Aug 8, 2010


They should release "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil" in the same weekend.

notes on Aug 8, 2010


xerxex...too funny man...haha

chilin on Aug 9, 2010


The original was great. Gritty. Violent, and yes, sexy... I don't know about this remake...

Telltale Twin on Aug 9, 2010


I haven't seen the original and chances are highly likely I won't see the rebootamakening either. But it does look vaguely interesting in a crotch covering wincing kind of way.

DLM Entertainment on Aug 9, 2010


Blah. I wasn't impressed by the original and this doesn't look much better, either. You would think as a woman stuff like this has a bigger impact on me, seeing how a woman gets brutally raped and beaten by a bunch of guys. Alas, it just leaves me cold. Deliverance, Eden Lake and Funny Games affect me much more than this kind of shit. Well, to each their own.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 9, 2010


Would have been better if I spelt "Rapist" properly, chilin!

Xerxex on Aug 9, 2010


saw the original...don't think I can take seeing this movie twice...once was difficult enough...and no real meaning other than shock value... However, Passion of the Christians will love it when they hide a copy under their bed.

tivdatsun on Aug 9, 2010


....I'll pass. It looks WAY too familiar.

Hey Wowza on Aug 10, 2010


I just saw this movie. It was brilliant. I’m not a fan of movie violence but everything in this movie makes sense. You can almost feel when something in her breaks, when she’s left with nothing but hatred towards her attackers. The remake is 10 times better than the original. In the 2010 version, she doesn’t seduce them in order to get her revenge, she just acts. To some, the movie may seem as a reason for graphic scenes but what people don’t understnad is that rape is not “easy”, it’s not over in 10 minutes and it leaves you broken. I do think that criminals should be punished by the law but I understand the reasons that make a person react in this manner. And to those people that think this movie is feminist, I tell you that you didn’t understand a thing from “I Spit on your grave”.

Kat on Jan 20, 2011

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