Bryan Bertino to Helm New Fact-Based Horror Film 'This Man'

May 5, 2010
Source: Deadline

Bryan Bertino

Lots of people know, especially after last weekend, that Freddy Krueger will haunt your dreams. However, Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures has found a real man who could appear in your dreams, or rather nightmares. Deadline says that Ghost House has slated Bryan Bertino, writer and director of one of my favorite recent horror flicks, The Strangers, to write & direct This Man, a thriller based on a website from Italian sociologist Andrea Natella which documents a small group of people who see the same man in their nightmares that they've never met before. Even more mysterious, the man has no idea who they are. Creepy.

Aside from being a spectacular horror movie, The Strangers also made a surprising $82 million worldwide, and a sequel is apparently still in the works sometime down the road (though Bertino will not direct it). The fact that this new thriller is based on real research from a sociologist makes this way more creepy, and going from his work on The Strangers, Bertino certainly knows how to make real-life scenarios truly frightening. Horror has become such a convoluted genre that it's hard for me to really have any love for it. However Sam Raimi hasn't done the genre wrong yet, so hopefully his production banner and Bertino will deliver another original horror film worthy of praise that puts all those other awful horror flicks to shame. Sound good?

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This sounds pretty cool, I haven't seen a good scary movie in awhile, though I haven't seen the new Nightmare on Elm St. movie. Hopefully this movie is good and actually scares people

Max on May 5, 2010


So I did some looking into this because it seemed interesting. If you go to you can read accounts from various "people" with different stories about this man in their dreams. Turns out though that it's all viral marketing. Andrea Natella is a sociologist, but one that specializes in viral marketing. From "Examining the source code and server information of the website, you learn that is a privately owned and operated server created by a man named Andrea Natella. A quick search for Andrea Natella reveals that he’s a viral marketing specialist working with his Italian based viral advertising agency, The "this-man" phenomena is debunked as a hoax, and fairly easily." I guess now we know what the viral marketing was for...

Jason on May 5, 2010


The hoax that propagates its self through suggestible dreamers? How impressively meta, but how many filmmakers can use such a volatile setting as the mind? I like the idea, but I don't yet have high expectations.

prestron on May 5, 2010


The Strangers was one of the worst excuses for a horror movie ever. This does sound good though.

Geoge's Bush on May 5, 2010


Yea I was VERY disappointed with Strangers. This sounded cool, but too much in the veil of the 4th Kind. And it seems like that's about correct in that the whole dream thing isn't real. It would be really creepy if it was real though.

Dan W on May 5, 2010


The Strangers was fantastic, it scared the crap out of me. I liked it so much because for once in a horror movie the characters acted in the same fashion I would have, I didn't find myself yelling at the screen like usual. The way it ended stuck with me for awhile too because as I said if that had happened to me I would have ended up in the same position as the main characters. It was also the most recent horror film I can remember that didn't use scary music and explosive bass to scare the audience, but rather let the story and characters take care of that. I seriously loved this film and I'm usually not a big fan of horror so if you haters could elaborate as to why you thought it was so terrible I'd love to hear your insight.

peloquin on May 5, 2010


The Strangers was a spectacular horror film?

Hey Wowza! on May 9, 2010



Guest on May 27, 2011

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