Butler, Fox or Farrell May Have a 'Consent to Kill' with Fuqua

March 22, 2010
Source: Deadline

Gerard Butler, Matthew Fox, Colin Farrell

Towards the beginning of the new year, we learned director Antoine Fuqua would direct the spy thriller Consent to Kill based on the 2005 Vince Flynn novel of the same name which follows counter-terrorism agent Mitch Rapp, who's battling a Saudi billionaire, an ex-East German Stasi spy and a husband-and-wife team of assassins, all while dealing with a knee injury. At the time there wasn't any cast, but now Deadline has heard that the producers have narrowed down their top choices to Matthew Fox, Gerard Butler and Colin Farrell for what CBS Films (don't worry, not a TV movie) is hoping will become their first franchise.

Apparently Butler is the top choice being the most action experienced actor of the bunch, however, I'd much rather see Farrell or Fox take on the potential action franchise. Fox will be fresh off finishing the epic series "Lost" and will need to make a very big splash to return to the big screen, while Farrell has had some action experience in the past (S.W.A.T. and briefly with In Bruges). Honestly, I think Farrell is the best choice as a bit more of an edgier actor and has taken on a wider variety of roles with decent results. Of course, he's been around a bit longer, but Fox has never impressed me as an actor with gravitas or a strong screen presence.

However, they could just as easily end up with someone completely different outside of this trio of actors as producers have apparently also talked to representatives for Keanu Reeves and Jon Hamm (a guy who really needs an action franchise or a huge role like Captain America, though that's very unlikely). Either way, this Jonathan Lemkin written script sounds like an intense action flick that could give us the next Jason Bourne in Mitch Rapp, so we're interested. How do Vince Flynn fans like these options for Consent to Kill?

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I would give it a chance if Farrell is starring in the movie.

People's Champ on Mar 22, 2010


Yeah would only give it a chance if it was Farell. Although as a huge lost fan, I want Matthew to have work when it is over, lol. I just don't see him as an action star though.

Mony on Mar 22, 2010


Michael C Hall is better than all these guys. He has a great body too.

James on Mar 22, 2010


Aside from Training Day, anything Fuqua touches turns to garbage. Dislike.

GET TO DA CHOPPAAAAAA! on Mar 22, 2010


Matthew Fox will just be crying all the time and doing open heart surgery, even if it isn't necessary, then fake Locke will turn into smoke and judge poor Colin Farrell. I dunno if Matt Fox will ever escape Jack or the island? 8 episodes to go!

Crapola on Mar 22, 2010


As a huge fan of Vince Flynn's out of the top 3 choice, Butler is the best fit for this role and has the best look for it. Mitch is mid 40's in the book and could pass as middle eastern with a beard. If you haven't read one of Vinces books do it they are great thrillers.

M.E. on Mar 22, 2010


Gerard Butler is the IT guy right now!! Actually, that would be Sam Worthington. But Gerard Butler is next in line and he is perfect for the role! I'd watch any show he makes......except Gamer. LOL

monleo on Mar 22, 2010


I wanna see Colin Farrell do this. If not my second choice would be Gerard Butler. If Fox is in this I wont see it, anybody but Fox he's boring as hell

Sharlto on Mar 22, 2010


I hope it will be Gerard Butler. Someone has to force some more action/thriller roles down his throat so he doesn't have any time to think about making another terrible romantic comedy.

SuicidalOptimist on Mar 22, 2010


If you don't think Matthew Fox has a screen presence you aren't watching Lost! His facial expression are awesome!

carlos on Mar 22, 2010


Personally I hope Butler gets it...he has an awesome screen presence and plays the perfect badass. @4 your crazy Brooklyns finest was a great movie.

Cody w on Mar 22, 2010


I would pefer Fox.

Xerxex on Mar 22, 2010


Butler needs it, he doesn't deserve to fade into obscurity.

silver on Mar 22, 2010


Butler's mediocre. I'd prefer the other two.

SlashBeast on Mar 23, 2010


I would prefer to see Fox, with Butler as another good choice. Farrell...I just cant see. I can't see him as a bad @$$. To me, after watching Lost, I really think Matthew Fox is the best choice. Thinking back to the interrigation in Memorial Day, I can see Fox capturing that cold, do what you have to do, attitude. Mitch Rapp is also very calculated, and really a thinker. That, to me, is closer to Fox and Butler. I will say though, when I think of scenes where Rapp meets with the president / Kennedy, I think Butler does have a little more of the attitude to play the role of putting people in their place and such. But I think it would be better to get the other elements of Rapp right. Sounds like it is going to be Butler anywa, but I would really like to see Fox in the rle.

Jeepguy on Apr 8, 2010


i have read most all of the books and i love mitch's character. he will be ruined if fox or farrell or even worse reeves( that guy sucks) i think it should be butler he has the look, but if not him then for sure jon hamm.( long over due)

michael on Aug 9, 2010


I don't like any of the actor choices...Mitch is a multi-faceted character with many layers and I think the above actors would do him a grave injustice. If I were Flynn, I'd be insulted. Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be perfect for Mitch Rapp. He's been in a few movies, Watchman, and The Losers. He was also the father on Supernatural. What they really need is someone whose ego won't get in the way and I think he would suit the bill just nicely.

Mei361 on Oct 9, 2010


I definitely think Gerry Butler would be perfect. Edgy but with a sense of humor. He also has the screen presence that he needs to play Mitch Rapp.

Suzy on Jan 26, 2011


Suzy......Gerry Butler will be my second choice....after Mark Wahlberg.

Fred on Feb 8, 2011


Suzy....Gerry Butler will be my 2nd choice. Mark Wahlberg is my 1st.

2bigdaddy on Feb 8, 2011


Mark Wahlberg is my choice to portray Mitch Rapp. I am reading Vince Flynn's novels for the second time. I am currently reading Consent To Kill (as you know....since Flynn often refers to previous novels....they must be read in order of publication). Mitch Rapp is THE MAN!!

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2011


I fully agree with your choice! I have read all of Vince Flynns' books and as I have mentioned several times before, Mark Wahlberg is the ideal actor to portray Mitch Rapp because of his brooding face and sharp eyes just like Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. The other three actors, like Butler, Fox and Farrel  are too just too goodlooking. Walhberg was very good in the "shooter", which was directed by Fuqua and I don't understand why he has not considered him in their search for the ideal actor to portray Mitch Rapp.

E. Barangan on Mar 21, 2012


The one person who would fit the character of Rapp is Liam Neison but he unfortunately doesn't fit the look. I'd like to see Eric Bana over any of the current 3. The fact that they are going main stream Hollywood is all ready an indicator this movie will most likely dissapoint avid fans but add one of these horrible actors (butler excluded, but still not the best for the roll) and surely this will be another book to movie injustice. What they should have done is gone to one of the cable channels (HBO, SHO, or MAX) with the script so that they could have done the complete series justice!!! Hollywood has shown they do not know how to do in depth book stories right.

Johnp5813 on Mar 25, 2011


Michael C. Hall or John Hamm

Guest123 on Apr 15, 2011


Why does everyone want an actor who is so OLD?!  All of these 'name-brand' actors are like 40!  Mitch Rapp is like 24!  Give me a flippin' break!

Steve_962 on Jun 18, 2011

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